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“wordofgod”/author ge yimin
Hong Kong: four seasons publishing co., LTD., 2014.09
ISBN 978-988-1376 2-1-3

Producer: ge yimin responsibility editor: pay off
Design: tian feng executive editor: stone
School pair: mei yan

Published: four seasons publishing co. LTD
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Orders to record
Chapter 1 vision book 1 hh
Chapter ii apocalypse book 19
Chapter 3 the book of god 233
Chapter iv the book of love 28
Chapter 5 the ashes book 31
Chapter 6: spirit 36
Chapter 7 the book of eternal life 407
Chapter 8 the kingdom book ….55h39
Chapter ix political economy 59
Chapter x the Christian communist manifesto 65
Chapter 11 the gospels 9570
Chapter 12 Quotations 112
Chapter thirteen: the biography 129
Chapter 14 the story of Geyimin 131
Chapter 15 “wordofgod” news 155
Chapter 16 the testimony of the god of kris 157
Chapter 17 GeYiMinism 159
Chapter 18 social production and the Internet revolution ……..170
Chapter 19 World Government and the World of Datong…………………..……..185
Chapter twenty the book of paradise 194
Chapter 21 Political Talk 200
Chapter 22 psalms ..3358
Chapter 23 diary 350
Chapter 24 the letter book 375
Chapter 25 the testimony of saints 405
Chapter 26 ge hua discourse? 428
Chapter 27 comments on the net 446

Chapter 1 vision book
  Truth: I am god; hear him.
  Vision receives messages from god or angel through dreams or dreamlike experiences. Many in the new testament and old testament saw visions. Jacob saw angels descending and coming and going on ladders leading to heaven and earth. The prophet often received messages in visions, such as Isaiah's vision in the temple: "in the year of king uzziah's death, I saw the Lord sitting on his throne."
  Zechariah (father of John the Baptist) also saw visions in the temple. The angel gabriel told him that Elizabeth would have a son. The magi were instructed: do not tell herod that they have found the baby Jesus. And Paul saw in the vision that he was taken up into heaven. The vision John saw was recorded in the book of revelation.
  Vision is the revelation of god that man is commanded by god's holy spirit, sometimes seeing special phenomena, and things that do not exist in this world, or experiencing strange situations.
  The meaning of vision includes not only the supernatural vision, but also a kind of transcendent understanding in the subconscious, and even a distant image or vision from the reason. And so a commission, a burden, a sense of purpose, a dedication to the work of god.
  1, young, dreaming of lying in the open space in front of the house, a UFO near overhead, for a long time, the body can not move, no power, only to watch the UFO, a little panic, conscious of trying to shoot a stone UFO. I felt it would fall on me, and a bright light shone on me and gave me strength.
  Young, asleep in a dream on the bed, a ghost (satan) close to themselves, a man in black, very scared, it came to the bed into my body, and left, and I seem to be watching it in the air nearby.
  3. Primary school, shortly after grandpa died, I dreamed that grandpa met me on the river near the village. He seemed to float on the river, telling me that he was not dead.
  4. In high school, I dreamt that I defeated the antichrist -- European countries, one after another European countries were connected or captured by the god of kris, and one after another were pushed and pushed on the map like a puzzle of the ground, and finally all belonged to the god of kris.
  In April 2001, Paul dreamed of taking a boat to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to preach back and forth. God made me like him. God was called to be a prophet.
  In the autumn of 2001, in a dream, god said, "I am god. Listen to him." I woke up immediately and felt amazing to "refer to ge yimin" when my wife and children were at home. "(kris was anointed as god).
  7, 20020525, satan in dreams was expelled from me by god.
  8, 20020629, just fell asleep, half awake, listening to the holy spirit whisper: "soon."
  9, 20020827, the vision in the Alma mater campus (nanjing university) went up into the sky, god said, "I am god, listen to him."
  10, 20041114, different dreams climb a high platform, in the broad platform, open a road to the sky, the road immediately golden radiance, the road is horizontal, but the voice told me that it is the sky, a little girl with witness. In the dream, the zenith opened a well - like mouth, with a purple light like a waterfall. In the dream, the sky was full of lights. Nobody could open it.
  11, 20050215, the dream in the agricultural capital of jiangsu province office upstairs in class, out of the sky outside from the third floor, there are vast expanses of the throne of forehead, walked to the front of the throne, pointing to the GeYiMin god said: "this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased to listen to him", then down to the street, when they looked, said: "this is the sin of youth".
  12, 20061120, different dreams in zhenjiang city center square was lifted to the sky, the body was suspended vertical rise, 3 days after the resurrection and fall, there were many witnesses, the whole process was silent.
  13, 20070606, dreamt that I was the son of heaven and had done many roles. My brother called me brother. 2070607, dreamed of creating a hairless duck, said: "" to have hair," "and then there was hair. H said I would not do it, but kris god said yes.
  14, 20071222, a dream, came to the hell, hell is the long pipeline, a few people new to hell, go into the long pipeline, immediately closed before, during, and after that several people, that is to say, this a few people always within the space of about 10 square meters, pipe room is a rectangle, with a small corner, this design must be afraid they're too boring. Hell is terrible, because it is always confined in this small space, thinking of the heaven is really happy, vaguely there is a message that the goblins stay in heaven.
  In a dream, the flesh of god rose slowly up to heaven, becoming the sun that would shine on the earth.
  16, 20080323 (Easter), the morning of a dream, first tested, suffering. The glory that was to be attained soon was foretold. After the global people all saw geyi people god in their side up into the sky, into the sun, the earth, and then update the earth, and then back to the earth, by the star welcome, at this time, the earth has been a paradise.
  17, 20080523 dream: in my dream, I ate the bible and the “wordofgod”, which is the Hong Kong version. I ate several pieces of the book, without feeling the taste. I finished one roll. I felt three rolls, so I continued to eat the second roll.
  18, 20110519 dream: I am an alien. Several companions come to pick me up in a UFO and say goodbye to their parents and uncle. They are working.
  19, 20110906 dream-dream: many scientists calculated that the center of the universe is the god ge yimin (singularity), the United States sent an invitation.
  20, 2011 autumn dream: a voice said: your working years from 1982. "(god was 13 years old when he was first tried.)
  21, 20111219 dream: the sun is getting red like blood, and the next day there will be disaster. God asked me to organize the communist society in the age of the apostles, so that we can pool our wealth and distribute it according to the population to cope with disease and famine.
  20111225 dream: god has given me the gift of healing. Whoever touches his hand will be cured.
  23, 20120408 (Easter) dream-dreams: a voice says, "you are not the earth" (not the dusty body, but the spiritual body), and comrades are expecting this god to appear.
  24, 20120611 dream-dream: I am a superman, omnipotent, doing a superman of things, many with previous work and life related, but the human thought that god is not enough, expect me to new ACTS, they and I do not know. The person I love most in my life, han qinfen, is still waiting for me, she sits quietly at the table, I met her parents, and then called her: "is han qinfen?" She said yes, and I told her mother I knew it was her by the sound.
  25, 20121030 dream: Obama was attending the presidential debate, I was sitting next to him in a red shirt, because he outshone me, and the staff asked me to leave him.
  26, 20130105 dream: I am Jesus, I gather disciples like Jesus, my disciple is even weaker than Jesus, but great achievements, become entrepreneur shoe king.
  27, 20130423 dream: all schools around the world are having the same class. The teacher wrote the class name on the blackboard -- "ge yimin, our god".
  28. In the autumn of 2013, my father died of illness. He did not die.
  29, 20131126 dream: the death of political parties 20 years later (2033). Harmonious communist society, mankind peace mutual aid management, no longer need dictatorship party.
  30, 20140112 dream: explain to a group of nurses the Gospel, the Gospel is love, namely do not fight with anyone, did not have a war, did not even have a fight to throw a fight, everyone is brothers and sisters, equal love. In particular, I explained to a near former nurse that god, my name, was god ge yimin, Gods are people, Gods are people, Gods are you, Gods are me.
  31, 20140113 dream: all things are used by me, but I am not controlled by all things, including god, god is bigger than me.
  32, 20140211 dream: after eating a bowl of porridge, the porridge is covered with a layer of bowls, showing: "call for the name of god ge yimin".
  33, 20140213 dream: resurrection and omnipotence.
  I raised my father and brought him back to his uncle. Resurrect the grandmother, let cousin zhu weiqing lead her home.
  A female clerk handed me two fully written statements, saying that there were no blank ones. I held them in my hand and immediately came out two blank ones for her. A girl had a sore left arm. I shook her left arm a few times. When I shook her, she said it hurt. She said it doesn't hurt anymore. I said it won't hurt any more.
  All in all, I waved my hand and made something out of nothing.
  34, 20140625 dream: the god of kris is the classic, and the classic is the god of kris.
  My brother and I are going to build a bridge. Measure the size of the old bridge. It is 42 meters wide and 12 meters long.
  My father is still alive. He has seen him many times and tried to hold him. He really has a soul. My magic master came to my house in great style, and I returned to my hometown in good condition. All my dreams have come true. Two days later, xu qian dreamed, lying on the bed, in black, and raised his arm. Two days later, it seems that li Juan accompanied me to sing amazing grace.
  37, 20140926 dream: the end of the world is new heaven and new earth.
  "Today is the end of the world. Tomorrow is the new day. Tomorrow is the new day.
  I was a member of the standing committee of the political bureau. Several members of the standing committee of the political bureau were lined up on the street. There were others standing beside them.
  39, 20150825 dream: I was in an empty house, like the sun, and east and west. The house is like a big clock. When people see me, they know the time.
  40. 20151112 different dream: human beings have achieved eternal life, as the goal of human beings has been achieved, and as human beings, it is no longer meaningful. Therefore, they have evolved into new species, which I call "geyimin".
  41. 20151220 dream: gush the living river. Different dream at the Alma mater nanjing university, female students 8 south, the east of the international students' dormitory, mouth spray river, like the dragon king spray water. Some of the girls struggled to move rocks and I wanted to help with buoyancy. To the southwest of our 11 she, in front of a few students spray water, students curious to say is what, I say miracle.
  42, 20151222 dream: China reunites the world, and European countries become a high-speed railway platform in China. It is written in Chinese: Italy east, Spain west.
  43, 20160220 dream: in my dream, I asked a pig who was lying on a small table to say "Lord". It even said "Lord".
  Like Jesus, I am completely under the control of the holy spirit, and I act under the command of the holy spirit, so I can distinguish between false and infallible.
  44, 20160505 dream: walking on air. In my dream, I walked on air twice in the bathroom from one side of the bath to the other. At that time, I also claimed to be lingbo weibu. Many people were present and were very surprised.
  45, 20160528 dream-dreams: immortal soul, my girlfriends and brothers.
  Dream of the dead father, I pinch his hand, ask him pain? He said pain. I let him pinch my hand and it hurts. Then I asked him if he ate? He says eat, I ask eat what? He said my mother cooked noodles, made cakes, I said how my mother did not find less, he said the soul eat things, things do not reduce.
  Back home, in the house, a woman and I were sitting on a bench. It seemed to be sitting on my lap. I slept on the ground outside. When I woke up, a woman in red sat beside me. I told her to go. I later wondered if they were my wife.
  I dreamed of being a brother in college. My brothers left me a lot of cigarette butts in my cigarette box.
  Ge yimin's vision: true or false king.
  In a dream, X and P, while walking and kissing each other three times, X said, "is the daughter-in-law". Sitting in the corner, I said, "my son is older than me. After someone let me into a room, said I should not say, I said casually, did not consider. They pricked my neck and head with a needle. It didn't hurt. It was acupuncture.
  Later a girl took me to walk in the street, I see the two of us, said should scold, scold and beauty. She told me to take me to a university, to the college dormitory, I asked her to buy something for me to eat, she asked me to take my long purse to her.
  I realized that X is a fake king and kris is a real king.
  47, 20160622 vision: sun and savior.
  Dream: when do you need the sun most? The darkest hour; When do you need a savior most? The most helpless time. A row of houses in front of me, in the dark, I rise and shine like the sun, like the saviour of the world, because my seal has not yet been lifted, hit the wire block.
  48. Vision: creating a new era.
  In my dream, I made all of us very happy. It was set on January 1, the first day of the new millennium, when the red sun shone all over the world.
  49, 20161201 vision: "out of Egypt". Different dream, people trapped in the basement of a huge, roof is in danger of collapse at any time, I knocked down a window and find out the channel, along with the original agricultural capital of jiangsu province colleagues, I let a colleague last Wang Weijun tell everybody, from exports, came out to see the vast heaven and earth, in the distance a row of buildings, immediately find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.
  50, 20161225 vision: "the great flood". In a dream, there was a big flood. We were in the wild. At first, we were up to our ankles.
  51, 20170210 vision: in my dream, I cycled on the road of running cow (the former workplace) in wujin, changzhou, and heard people singing "ge yimin -- god". Then I saw two thick books "ge yimin -- god" written by Australian people at a bookstall in zhenjiang mengxi square. Later, the film crew went to my hometown to shoot the film "the legend of ge yimin".
  In a roadside stall, a blind woman asked me for money, I gave her some MAO zedong, she touched the number, next to a woman said 400, I said to the old woman, you see, she said I do not see, I said you see, she said she saw. Then she became young, and the two sisters carried her. She could no longer walk.
  Vision: in my dream, in front of my hometown, I announced the realization of communism in the world at 20191001. It was the 70th birthday of the great republic.
  Vision: water walking.
  In my dream, I walked quickly on the pond duckweed and floating grass, walking across one pond after another, walking with great speed and treading on the ground.
  54, 20170702 received enlightenment: ge is a myth
  Truth: I am god; hear him.
  God says listen to the kris, the kris, the “wordofgod”s (god's word), the myths.
  The word "supreme" can be used in any of the four forms of address, because the word "kris" is a myth and the word "kris" is a myth.
  Jesus Christ,
  Prophet muhammad
  Ge's job: myth.
  55, 20180505 vision: each take what he needs.
  In my dream, I got a platform of bananas and they were listed for free, and people got them, and then there were some other things that were listed for free. I made all sorts of things in the empty space with my bare hands. After the color television refrigerator, a young man left and right hand, free of charge.
  56, 20180529 vision: my son and I have received the message that I am a saint of crape myrtle, and I have sent a decree to take the world's first step.
  57, 20180827 vision: ge yimin network announced the advent of the divine kingdom
  On the front page of ge yimin's official website, there is a whole picture. On the top is "there is no disease under heaven". Here are the six supersized words "the kingdom of god is coming," and the message is sent to everyone in the world: "I am god, and you shall hear him."At this time has entered the kingdom of heaven, to heaven.Below the small words, links to the original home page of the site.
  One day, I was 60 years old, and I was eating hot pot with some young people, but I looked very young, and humanity achieved immortality.
  58,20181017 Vision: In the dream, the godsend cardboard, the name of the savior of the book, the circulation of the people, the name is not my name, but refers to me Ge Yimin.
  59, 20181027 Different dreams: God-given vision, clear five words: "Ge Yimin God."
  60,20181111 vision: Adam and Adan.
  In the dream, he is the last Adam, the young Adam, the Eve is only 5 years old, I seem to carry her.
  After becoming an adult Adan, Eve gave birth to me, I can have her lover, I do not call the Creator God, call God.
  61, 20181203 vision: red sun and peach.
  In the dreams, the students chased me, I became the red sun, and the students became stars and surrounded me. I became a Jade Emperor, and there was no one to give everyone a peach. It was made by the rock wall.
  62, 20181223 vision: three religions.
  In a different dream, you have to glimpse the book of heaven, see a passage on the future of Islam, black and white, and Buddhism and Christianity are the three religions, and the three religions are the same.
  The dream is realized. In my hometown of Jurong, I celebrate the festival, feast the guests, and show the film in front of the house. The screen is huge.
  63, 20190104 different dreams: no matter who, such as power outages, as long as the heart of the "geyimin" seven-letter name, you can continue to use electricity for 5 minutes.
  64, 20190108 different dreams: the Republic of China.
  It seems to be back to the first year of Heisei. Because it has become a god, it is invulnerable. I am alone in repelling the torrent of steel. After passing through Shandong, I entered Hebei, entered Tianjin, occupied Beijing, raised the flag, lined up with me as the center, held the founding ceremony, and established China. The Republic, clarifying that our cadres are treated like the people, with only a little work subsidy.
  65, 20190128 vision: the end of the world (New Heaven and Earth) Jinshan Fengshen
  In a different dream, a lifetime of mountain climbing, primary school Pingdingshan, University Zijingshan, work Jinshan. The end of the world (New Heaven and Earth) has arrived. It is completely joyful to sing, only singing, about my praise songs, the praise songs of the unification world, and the world stage center. All dreams have been realized, only happiness, complete happiness. I bought a bottled drink, a drink, and bought two meat bags that I bought every morning, 3.2 yuan. At π3.14159 265358 979 32 384 626 (a lion and a pot of wine on the top of the mountain, two deer dance, eat wine, kill, kill, Lele.)
  66, 20190213 Vision: Creator.
  In the dream, I am the Creator, resurrected everyone, the one who died after I was born, the person who died before on this earth, on another earth, because of my divine power. @舒淇 is around. My father who died died to talk to his grandfather's house.
  67, 20190521 vision: Ge Yimin
  In the dream, in the early morning, walking on the street, the sky suddenly brightened. I said that the sun came out. A man on the side said that it was the star. I saw the sky on the west side of the sky. A big star on the right side of the moon is Ge Yimin. Soon the sun came out, on the right side of Ge Yimin. The sun is red, Ge Yimin is the same as the moon, white. Ge Yimin has 4 moons and 2 suns. It is located between the moon and the sun. The brightness is higher than the moon and second to the sun. Samsung is hanging, and there are some strangers and some fears.
  Ge Yimin, round, big, white, like a big silver plate hanging on the western horizon, beautiful.
  Ge Yimin, the bright star, the son of the morning.
  68, 20190605 Ge Yimin Vision: In the wild dream, in the wild, wearing the old rubber shoes of Jesus, the gray-black without help, walking along the path of Jesus, walking around the field.
  69, 20190630 vision: the door to eternal life to me is a narrow road, no one left. The gate of eternal life is a huge mountain gate, with walls and doors, high and large. In front of my eternal life, the road formed several narrow roads, but no one left, not even one.
  70, 20190715 vision: To Marx, Engels smoke.
  In the different dreams, in front of my Jurong old house, two suits, first sent to the standing Marx a cigarette, sent to Engels sitting on the bench, he took (grab) in his left hand, the right hand immediately took The smoke in my hand is on fire. Engels smoked his movements. After he flipped his right hand, he took a few mouthfuls. The rest gave me a pump. I was curious as to why he didn't smoke. He found that his left hand was burning with smoke. What was originally given to me was my smoke.
  71, 20190907 different dreams: Ge Yimin became a god, greeted the bride.
  The bride was arranged in a room. There is a voice saying: God gives everything to people, and people must not fight each other.
  72, 20190913 different dreams: It is the turn of Ge Yimin to speak.
  In a different dream, sitting in a room against the wall, a young woman came in and gave me a hot handkerchief, let me wipe my face, and then told me that it was my turn to talk, sitting in the middle of the house, watching me with long-term grievances. The default is my turn to speak.
  I said, "What do I say? I want to say that communism can be realized today."
  73, 20190914 different dreams: Ge God and God.
  God said that Ge God stood in this position, God stood in this position, Ge God stood in the position of God, God had to stand in a secondary position.
  74, 20191005 Vision: President of the World Alliance.
  In the different dreams, I tried the last half of my life, as the "Fake Line" sang: "I want to go from the south to the north, I have to go from white to black. I want everyone to see me, but I don't know if I am Water." Today, I finally became the chairman of the World Alliance. "I don't believe that there is a devil in this world, and it is not against anyone. I am a dream and a soul. I am God's last agreement." New heaven and new earth have arrived.
  75、20191115 vision: 4 saints.
  In a different dream, in a cloud-covered mountain, the top of the mountains, the information, and finally to go out, first to find four of my saints, two Jiangsu saints, two Hunan saints.
  I later thought that the two Jiangsu saints are Xu Qian (Jiangsu Jurong) and Han Qinfen (Wuxi, Jiangsu), and whether Hunan’s saint is Li Juan (Sichuan Deyang, Hunan Province), there is also a Hunan Sheng Female, or the new four saints.
  76, 20191127 Vision: Mountain climbing and listening to him.
  In a different dream, when climbing a mountain, two steps away from the top of the mountain, I felt exhausted and couldn't board it. When I was in this position, I could ask the staff at the top of the mountain for help, so I asked for help. A man supported me vigorously, stepped up a step, and then stepped up to the top of the mountain, and asked me to take a photo with him. Because of the steepness and fear, I took a picture sideways, and then entered the mountaintop lounge. It seems that out of the mountain still needs your assistance.
  Standing in front of the kitchen window at home, God said loudly: "I am God, you listen to him (Ge Yimin)." So three times, then there were children's voices: "I am God, you listen to him (Ge Yimin). "
  77, 20200320 Vision: Marrying the Virgin
  In a different dream, at the gate of my factory, I was waiting for the maiden from the original gatehouse, and the maiden Xu Qian came out to me, wearing a lilac shirt, beautiful and elegant feminine. The maiden Han Qinfen, the maiden Li Juan, and the maiden Hu Chunfang (barely). . . The virgin Xu Qian has a long dream.
  78. 20201005 Vision: The Queen invites me
  Then the king called in, my dad accompany me and told me to stay normal.
  79. Vision 20201102: Health and Immortality.
  In a different dream, during the Spring Festival, by the East Pond of my old house, my mother and I were present. Think, I appeared in the eastern sky and said: "You are healthy and have eternal life", and then everyone is healthy. The blind sees, the deaf hears, the mute speaks, the lame walks normally, and everyone is taller than 1 meter 65. .
  I said in the sky: "The resurrection will come true". I resurrected my father and told him that he was resurrected and was healthy and eternal.
  80, 20210225 Vision: Each does his best and each takes what he needs.
  In a different dream, he has entered a communist society, each doing his best and getting what he needs. Xu Qian C gave me 2 cigarettes, Xu Qian B was joking at me, Xu Qian A was sitting, talking to people, she was most like Xu Qian, very delicate, I said to her, you have nothing to do all day, to Do your best.
  I sing aloud in the street, singing for the society that everyone needs.
  81, 20210315 Vision: The new crown virus is about to pass.
  In a different dream, the new crown virus is like a yellow haze in the sky, pushed to the southernmost end of the sky and disappeared, making the sky blue.
  82, 20210319 Vision: Existence beyond God.
  In the dream, both the people and themselves saw themselves as beings beyond gods. I didn't know the name, and forcibly called it "geyimin".
  83, 20210412 vision: I am the Christ.
  In the dream, flying in the sky, calling out to the human beings on the ground many times: "I am the Christ", and the people who heard it cheered, and a new heaven and a new earth are coming. The two dreams in the early stage: "Calling the wind and calling the rain" and "Walking on the air" are not recorded separately because they are not enough.
  84. 20210511 Vision: Crossing the Wall
  In a different dream, at Nanjing University, the body passed through a wall with a stainless steel fence. An old classmate was present, Feng Ping.
  85, 20210608 vision: Floating, becoming a god.
  In a different dream, on a bus, the carriage floats in the air, that is, it is not restricted by the gravity of the earth. On the street, floating in the air, but still exerting force to rise and take off. In the end, he became a god, and Shenwang issued the highest instructions.
  86. 20210728 vision: does the sky fall
  In a strange dream, in front of my home in Jurong, manna fell. The whole air was full of flocculent food. As soon as my hands were squeezed, they became spherical cakes, which could be eaten.
  87. 20210806 vision: World president
  In a strange dream, he finally became the world president with three deputies: the secretary general, the president of the United States and the president of China.
  I took off in the air and made my strength rise. The president of the United States flew higher in front. I was afraid of heights, so I no longer made my strength.
  We eat at the long table. My food is fried rice like that of civilians. American women serve me.
  88. 20210929 vision: announce the earth man.
  In a strange dream, Cheng Shen announced that he would go to CCTV first, wave his hand to control CCTV, and broadcast the TV news announcement in person. After that, he took off directly in the air and announced to the whole earth and mankind that because the sunlight covered my light, he waved his hand to hide the sunlight, and there was only my light in the whole air.
  89. 20207 vision: two suns.
  In a strange dream, two suns (the second sun, Ge Shen) appeared in the outside sky, and the sky doubled its white light against the branches of trees.
  Three strange dreams in the early stage: "democratic Jesus", "take what you need (buy one, get one free, don't pay)", "Ge God is a blue light, shooting from the ground to the sky". Due to lack of space, it is not recorded separately.
  90 、 20220502 vision: the second Cultural Revolution.
  In a strange dream, at the gate of the second Cultural Revolution rally in Benniu Town, Wujin, the original place of work, someone also sent an electronic screen message: "anti Cultural Revolution rally". I also objected, but I wanted to see what was going on, so I joined. When I entered the meeting hall, the crowd was excited. I sat on the stone stool behind me. I was still a head of the department or something.
  I had a strange dream in the early stage. I was with Li Juan and her mother. Li Juan's mother said I was the Savior.
  91. 20220529 exception: Date satisfied.
  In a strange dream, when the big day came, I sang loudly in front of Jurong's hometown: "do you bow your head like me in the sun
  Working hard in silence with sweat "," do you not give up the life you want even if I am left out in the cold "," because I don't care what others say, I never forget my commitment to myself ". My uncle also sang his "silent hard work".
  The second floor of the old house was renovated. My cousin fengxinrong accompanied me. On the west wall of the house, there was a large tape recorder with music. The characters I wrote were pasted on it. It was very strong. At the back of the house, my family stretched out a narrow wing room. Xiao Rong asked me that the rear house base had retreated so much. I said, "mutual humility." I think of what my brother said: "let him be three feet." the world is full of love.
  I went to the front of the house again and sang loudly: "dark eyes and my smiling face, it is hard to forget the change of my face", and I woke up.
  Early strange dream: I told X that people live for 90 thousand years and take a two-step scientific method.
  92. There are often predictions. For example, when you encounter an environment today, if you say a word, you will feel that this has happened before and that you are familiar. In fact, there was no such environment before. I have dreamed many times that I can get rid of the gravity of the earth and that I can fly. Sometimes I fly around the city roads and sometimes I fly down the cliffs. Knowing that you can fly is a dream and will not fall to death, so you intend to enjoy the fun of flying and go straight down.
  Deuteronomy 18:15 "the LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your brothers, and you shall hear him."
  94. Jesus' transfiguration on the mountain. Matthew 17:5: "this is my beloved son. I am pleased with him. Listen to him."
  (93, 94 corresponds to 6: you should listen to him).

Chapter ii apocalypse book
  In the beginning, the creator, god, who was and is forever, the only one who has the almighty forever, was the first cause. (number 1)
  From the first day of creation to the sixth day, god created heaven, earth, water, light, air, sea, grass, vegetables, trees, sun, moon, stars, fish, birds, livestock, insects, beasts, people. Matter (2), tai chi health two, two health four elephant, four elephant health eight. (number 2)
  On the sixth day of the world god made man of dust and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and he became a living soul. Soul (3), tao gives birth to one, life to two, two to three, three to everything. (number 3)
  From the seventh day of creation to the fourth year before Christ, men abandoned god and sinned and lawed. (number 4)
  4 BC (birth of Jesus) to 1914, angels tied satan, Christ as king, the Gospel spread the world, the age of grace. (number 5)
  6. From 1914 to 2019, satan was released and confused the nations, human suffering, world war I, world war ii, cold war, local wars and terrorist wars. Satan number 666 (revelation of the bible), (number 6)
  In 1969, Goethe came into the world, after a long trial, ready for the final victory over satan.
  7. In 2019, satan was cast into the lake of fire with sulfur forever. When god executed judgment, god kris became king, new heaven and new earth, and the age of the kingdom (communist society).
  Daniel 12:11-13: "there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days from the time that the continual burnt offering is removed and the abomination of desolation is set up. Blessed is he that waiteth for the thousand three hundred and thirty and five days. Go and wait for the end: for thou shalt rest. At the end of your days you will rise up and enjoy your portion.
  9, the two dates total 2625, according to the law of "one day for one year." Knot 4:6: one day for one year; One day a year. This period is equivalent to 2625 years.
  "Get rid of the regular burnt offerings and set up the abomination of desolation." this is the end of the reign of god.
  In the beginning of October 607 BC, the sovereignty of judah was gone. At that time, gedaliah, the governor of judah appointed by the babylonians, was assassinated. All the rest of judah fled to Egypt. Reliable biblical chronology records show that the incident occurred 70 years before 537 BC (the year the jews were released and returned to their homeland), in early October 607 BC. "(Jeremiah 29:10, Dan 9:2)
  12. Early October, 607 BC to December 31, 607 BC =1/4 year
  January 1, 606 BC solstice December 31, 1 BC =606 years
  1 jan solstice AD 31 dec 2018 =2018
  January 2019 1 solstice early October 2019 =3/4 years
  Total: 2625 years
  13. Therefore, in 2019, the end of the world (the end of the world) came, and god kris became king, ending the rule of gentiles and establishing the kingdom of god (the communist society).
  The revelation of the bible clearly indicates that the judgment will come after satan has been cast into the lake of fire forever and related to the number 7, the seven churches, the seven spirits, the seven stars, the seven lampstands, the revelation of the seven seals, the seven angels blowing the trumpets, and the seven bowls. Human beings have souls (3) is the beginning of mankind, finally 7. Satan's number is 666, and Goethe's god is 777. (number 7)
  15. From 2019 to 2033, human beings became more and more happy and gradually entered the world.
  On October 1, 2019, Ge Yimin became a god.
  World Concord, November 26, 2033.
  [Nostradamus, vol. 10, no. 72, contains the famous poem on the top of Nostradamus's prophecy:
  In July of 1999,
  The terrible king fell from the sky,
  That led to the resurrection of king Anglo-Saxon,
  During this time, Mars will rule the world in the name of happiness.
  But in another passage (vol. 1, 48), Nostradamus writes a wonderful and incomprehensible epilogue:
  Twenty years of the moon's reign have passed,
  If another object were to form the kingdom in 7000 years,
  The sun will cease to move every day,
  That was the end of my prophecy.
  "We are now in the seventh millennium," he wrote in the preface to the centuries
  1999 + 20 = 2019]
  (2) the source of the doomsday prediction -- the asteroid impact in 2019
  September 23, 2003 China aerospace news
  New Mexico astronomers observed an asteroid 2002NT7 on July 5. They calculated that the asteroid, which is about 2 to 4 kilometers in diameter, could hit earth in 2019.
  The source of the doomsday prediction of 2019: the earliest publication of god ge yimin on the Internet in August 2001.

Chapter 3 the book of god
  It would be good for the Lord god to refer to the god of kris.
  Omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, omniscience, eternal and eternal. There are creators, rulers of the universe, revelers of truth, saviors of the electorate and judges of sin.
  Fully aware that you are god, all-knowing, all-powerful and all-happy. In the eternal glory, enjoy the infinite eternal joy. Consciously experiencing nothing but me: nothing but me. This is the experience of god. I am the experience of god's state.
  The creator is the greatest mystery facing all living beings, including man. The mystery cannot be uncovered or completed unless and until man consciously becomes one with the creator and realizes that he is one with god. God is the oneness of the creator and creation, and contains and transcends both in its infinite being.
  4. Man and all things, though they cannot become gods, may ask the divinity to evolve into holiness, and evolve into equal divine power, to transcend their limitations and to shelter their limitations with the power of god.
  Even if one is separated from one's parents, one will know (prove) the existence of one's parents and all things will know the existence of god.
  God made man in the image of god, so that human nature is divine, and what is lacking in man is only the process of experiencing (god), just as what is lacking in a father is only the process of experiencing the father.
  Whether man knows it or not, there is only one purpose in his life, and eventually he will realize it when he consciously experiences his own eternal and infinite "I am god" state.
  The whole universe is the shadow of god and belongs to god, but god does not belong to the universe. The shadow of god comes from god, goes through infinite changes and returns to god.
  God kris brings new energy releases, new awareness and new life experiences - not just for the few, but for all. This new infusion of creative impulse, through the medium of kris, is embodied as the god incarnate in a special sense. The god of kris is the first individual soul who has evolved and internalized into god. Kris is the only god who has appeared and will appear forever. The scientific exposition of goe people's god on the theme of god and the evolution of the universe is in line with the modern human mind.
  10. In order to develop higher consciousness (wisdom), god ge is a necessary medium to achieve this goal. For this pure infinite intelligence (infinite mind) all stages of evolution and internalization occur, and when this wisdom is acquired, the entire creation realm is known to be illusory, great nothing. All journeys, all adventures, all events are dreams, for nothing has happened, nothing has happened, nothing will happen. Only god is.
  11. When the first soul, god kris, testifies to himself, he immediately realizes the entire phantom world left behind by him. At the moment of enlightenment, god kris declared, "I am god, I am all things!" His path is always unique because he is aware not only of god but also of the entire creation world. "I am an infinite mind, and I am an infinite mind." So the child, after becoming a tao, has to carry on his own shoulders the infinite burden of fantasy in the creation world.
  Saying "god is" is totally wrong. Only say "yes". To say "god is" limits him to these infinite manifestations. Connect "yes" to god and limit it. So only "yes" is true; But to describe reality, he is called "god".
  13, GeYiMin god is the supreme reality, the only true slaughter, the highest nurturers, swearing, and contract supervisors, the creator of all things, he is free, no beginning, no end, eternal to benevolence to goodness, and punishments natural independence, omnipotent, majestic space-time and ubiquitous, absolutely and completely alone, total, majesty was again at the same time, shall be submitted to the good and evil, and liquidation rapidly.
  8 logical reasoning to prove the existence of god :(1) all things have their source and their source is god. All things move, and the first impulse comes from god. (3) everything has an image. The nature of image is energy, and the core of energy is god. Cause and effect are linked, and every fruit has a cause, and the beginning of all causes is god. (5) everything exists for a purpose, and the ultimate purpose is for god. Life has a hierarchy, and the highest is god. All things are ordered, and the architect of order is god. (8) all things move through each other, and the end of the sense is god.
  It is possible to perceive the existence of god through spiritual awareness. Psychic awareness is an innate instinct. We must seek god and know god, otherwise we will never know the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the past and future of humanity. You can't even understand the instincts of animals and the purpose of life. The best way to know god is to open up spiritual awareness, and each person communicates directly with god.
  Where is god? The quality of god is in the cool realm, and the spirit of god is in the universe.
  Eight characteristics of god: uniqueness, formlessness, neutrality, ignorance, justice, mercy, power and wisdom.
  18. The 8 major relationships between god and human beings: physical appearance relationship, intelligence relationship, affiliation relationship, cause and effect relationship, emotion relationship, distance relationship, induction relationship and correspondence relationship. What does god have to do with us? The spirit of our life is given by god, who created the universe for us and wants us to enjoy the joys of life to the fullest. Our life depends on god. Without god, there is no us. We can't enjoy a happy life without god.
  19, god is love, god does not require people to fear it, but as the son of man, the fear of god is a person's duty, this is like nature, it does not require people to love it, but as a member of nature, love nature is due to some responsibilities and obligations and should embrace the mentality.
  God deals fairly and justly with all life, especially with man, and anyone can talk to god if he wants to. There is only one way to talk to god, and that is through spiritual interaction. Therefore, to have a dialogue with god, we should first open up our own spiritual sense, which cannot be communicated through only sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
  21, god never talk directly with humans, but by different dream vision, god's "discourse" implicit in the laws of nature, if use a word, god's "discourse" is the "tao", specifically speaking, god's "discourse" is the physics formula, equation in mathematics, biology, chemistry of the formula is the structural formula, biotics the causal... The translation of god's "words" needs wisdom, thinking and perception, calm state of mind, complete spiritual expression, as well as the fear of god, respect for god ge yi people, love nature, love life, love for human attitude.
  God's judgment and election of the whole and the individual of mankind is conducted at any time and place, and is an immediate judgment, executed by the god of kris, and not executed or controlled by the Buddha or one of the immortal saints.
  23, while the world's 2.3 billion christians still cling to the bible, the goblins are creating “wordofgod”s closer to god. For god is infinite, and truth is infinite. God is the living god, always new.
  Matter is illusory, suffering and sin are illusory, and god is the infinite divine principle of thought, soul, spirit, life, strength, truth, goodness and love.
  If people believe in divine religion, the afterlife may evolve into an immortal god, but god is man's evolution.
  26. The pursuit of direct experience of divinity is the transformation from materialism to mentalism. People believe that through positive and positive thoughts they can heal themselves and control their destiny. In this changing society, we find ourselves and balance ourselves by turning inward to experience.
  27. 70% of people in the United States believe in religion, and 60% in Russia····· Do they not know science? But in fact, their technology is more developed than us, because science has proved that the universe must exist in God.

Chapter iv the book of love
  In the new testament, several different Greek words are translated as "love," and one of them, "Agape," means a love that is willing to be centered on others, and that does not require merit or reward. It is with this love that god loves all mankind, and his disciples are urged to love god and love one another with this love.
  Jesus: "love one another as I have loved you. This is my command. Sacrifice your lives for your friends. (John 15:12-13)
  1 corinthians 13 is called the chapter of love: "if I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become a sounding gong or a clanging cymbal."The last verse says, "there is faith, hope, and love now, among these three, the greatest is love."
  Asked by a pharisee what was the greatest commandment in the law of Moses, Jesus answered, "love the Lord your god with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your heart. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is the same: love your neighbor as yourself. These are the general principles of the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:37-40)
  This teaching of Jesus is the opposite of "wisdom", which is used to show that human wisdom often runs counter to that of god (Matthew 5:44).
  Turn the other cheek to him. In the sermon on the mount Jesus taught his disciples not to turn away with violence. He said, "but I tell you, do not turn against the wicked.
  In the time of Jesus, the Roman guards could force the people to carry their luggage for them. In the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5:41), Jesus taught his disciples that if a soldier forces him to go two miles with him. This phrase is used to say that one really wants to do more than one is asked to do.
  8. The heap coals of fire on his head. In Romans > (12:20), Paul quotes from proverbs > 25 to teach us not to seek revenge. He said, "if your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him a drink. Because what you're doing is you're putting coals on his head." In other words, your enemy will be ashamed of what he has done.
  God created the world to have an object of love, the object of his love, the object of his love. Like the foundation of a peaceful lake, in its deep source, human love is mysteriously rooted in god's love.
  God is love. Jesus concluded the law to love god and love his neighbor as himself. God kris said he would not turn against anyone. Godfathers call each other brothers and sisters. God is urged to love one another, a love that is willing to be centered on others, and that does not demand credit or reward.
  But now, what we lack most is love. Science does not care about love, it has no solution to the field of suffering. No matter what you need, just ask what you can buy. Social relationships become money relationships and family relationships are distorted by money. The closest thing to you is someone else, a lover of god (or at least not against anyone - Goethe).
  Men have never known what they hate; hatred is inseparable from fear; we hate whatever we fear. Try to renew your thoughts and character and keep hateful and hateful thoughts out of your head. In this new world, which god promises, all men will be true to one another and will be brothers and sisters, for the human mind and body will become perfect.
  Biblical golden law: do to others as you would be done to them.
  The golden rule of “wordofgod”s: [turn not against any man].

Chapter 5 the ashes book
  God created the body of Adam out of the dust and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and he became a living soul. But Adam, after all, had a dusty (physical) body and could not have the same limitations of spiritual life as god (spiritual), and to give real human happiness requires not only physical satisfaction, but also spiritual satisfaction. It is necessary to increase the spiritual power of human beings and overcome the physical power.
  God created man as a son and did not for no reason prevent him from distinguishing good from evil. Man and snake were created by god and what the creator could do (eating the forbidden fruit).
  The original sin of man is the body of dust, the imperfect body (of dust, like animals), and this is the limitation of man.
  Ps 51:5 "I was born in iniquity, and sin was in my mother's womb."
  The fetus has no sin, no thought of sin, only the body of sin (the dusty body).
  Human beings distinguish animals from spirits given by god.
  Human beings: a body, a soul, a soul and a beginning;
  Animal: body, soul, spirit, beginning and ending;
  Plants: a life without a soul without a soul has a beginning and an end.
  People and animals are two different things. Animals have no such qualities as love, conscience, morality, spiritual need, fairness, compassion, sense of humor, creativity, sense of time, self-awareness, and taste. People not only care about the future, but also pass on the accumulated knowledge from generation to generation. If people are only higher animals, then a person's life, and even the whole human life will be meaningless, I really can't imagine a pig's pig live and the whole pig species have any significance.
  5. According to evolutionary psychology, human nature is generally selfish and tends to pursue selfish interests by any means. Natural selection requires men to make frequent coitus with different women. According to this evolutionary concept, it is natural for women to have sex under certain circumstances. Even parental love is said to be genetically engineered to ensure the survival of future generations. This idea emphasizes that the key to ensuring the longevity of the human family is to pass on genes to future generations.
  On the other hand, the bible and the “wordofgod” show that god did not create man for the simple purpose of having children. We are made in the image of god to reflect his attributes, especially love, justice, wisdom and power. When we combine the unique characteristics of human beings, we will understand why the bible and the “wordofgod” place human beings above animals. The bible and the “wordofgod” clearly show that god not only put the desire for eternal life in the hearts of the men he made, but also decided to create a new world of justice in which man could enjoy endless life.
  7, Darwin's "on the origin of species" published in 1859, the world immediately become morally corrupt, no longer believe in god, influential persons think that tide weak leave the strong rise of claims to them, in the competition, the inevitable is better than a strong, sharp cunning or deceit weak will and trust of others, they concluded that people like jackals in India, but is a social animal, like a big name like jackals bullying, bullying is taken for granted.
  If, in the garden of Eden, respectively, to the person directly good consequences and life, man should have without going through the suffering of the trial, there will be no spiritual growth, can not overcome the limitations of the body and dust will be self-righteous, people do not realize everything comes from god, not to the glory of god, ultimately the purpose of god's creation, people can not enter the perfect, can not find true happiness.
  Then a serpent (satan, god's tool, created by god, controlled by god) entices Adam and eve to disobey god's command and eat the evil results of the good. Sin comes into the world through one person, and death comes through sin.
  10. Now, under the effect of different evil consequences (fruit of wisdom), human material civilization has made great achievements, but humans still pay attention to the pitiful material civilization from the soil, which has no improvement in spiritual life, and the spiritual life is becoming increasingly vulgar.
  "If you live according to the flesh, you will die; if you die by the spirit for the wickedness of the body, you will live. For whoever is guided by the spirit of god is the son of god." (ROM 8:13)
  12, "what is planted is the flesh and blood body, and what is raised is the spirit body... The first man is from the earth, from the earth... And having the form of earthy, we shall also have the form of heavenly... Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of god... The perishable must become the unskillful... The words of death swallowed up in victory came true... The sting of death is sin. (1 cor. 15:44)
  The name of the Lord is the name of the doer, and it is tenses, history and present all for the purpose of testing man, to overcome the power of the flesh with spiritual power, and finally to give him the body of the spirit.
  Sanctification refers to the spiritual development in the life of god's disciples. The holy spirit lives in believers, pointing out sin and changing their character. Man develops into a divine nature, rebuilds the fellowship with god, everyone brings glory to god, and finally god gets all the glory, so that the kingdom of god with love is completed, and god's creation plan is completed.
  If you think that original sin means stealing a fruit like this, you are naive and underestimating god. According to the “wordofgod”s, original sin = dust body.
  The dusty body is not only right, it is also precious. Sin is not wrong, but it is out of sight, which is not what god wants, so try to be spiritual and live with god forever.
  All that god has created is very good. Man's original sin, his dusty body, is not spiritual. Throughout history, god has been testing man's spirit to be with him forever.
  Is it not a very small thing for god to judge satan? Satan is also a creation of god, but an instrument of god, all for testing man by the dust into the spirit to be with god forever.
  God is omnipotent, satan is god's creation of the archangel, and later arrogant depravity, god created, in addition to god itself, everything from god, god created, sovereignty in god.
  For thousands of years, mankind still did not believe, Jesus came to no avail, god MAO method. So we theologians take this stick and help god to make man spiritual.
  The Christian interpretation of original sin is the same as the godless, but they believe that sin is not the dust body but the ancestor who ate the forbidden fruit. Jesus atoned for his sin, and by believing in him he was free from sin. We sin against the dusty body, and when we have a spiritual body, we are not to die eternal life.
  You believe that only Jesus can forgive SINS, but you believe that and have no proof. Death is the separation from god, and sin is out of sight. There is no evidence that believing in Jesus, because Jesus is already atoning for his SINS, he is not guilty, he is not dying, he is with god, it's just that christians believe, and not so sure.
  23, avoid sin and death. Just believe in Jesus. This is funny and god is boring. According to the theologians, the exoneration of the dusty body to the spiritual body is a process in which god is sought and satan refers to the sin nature of man.
  An animal has a simple mind and does not know how to worship.

Chapter 6: spirit
  He who believes in god must believe in god. GOD: the creation and ruler of the universe. Paul "so that we may receive the promise of the holy spirit by faith."
  2. Lover, try to practice Agape. At least not against anyone. Jesus: "love one another as I have loved you. This is my command." Paul: "now there is faith, hope, and love. These three things, the greatest of which is love." God ge yimin: "not against anyone."
  The future of the world is in the bible (former American President Ronald Reagan). You will continue to absorb knowledge, to know your only true god, and to know Jesus Christ, god of the people, whom you have sent, so that you may live forever.
  Preach the Gospel, good news about Jesus and god. This is the great mission Jesus left behind, the work of the holy spirit. Jesus: "this Gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." Paul: "pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, especially prophesying." God kris: "believe in god kris for eternal life."
  Prayer, that is, talking to god, can be very formal, such as reciting prayers from a prayer book, or informal, such as stopping at a traffic light to think of god in an instant. Prayer can be silent, it can be vocal, it can be private, it can be public. The main purpose of prayer is to maintain fellowship with god.
  6. Think about god, the act of god, the origin of the universe, the purpose of life, the problem of death, the future and eternal life.
  Try is to choose. Let the holy spirit prepare you in various ways. When the last step is completed, god will put you in the right place.
  8. Perform miracles. Some of the most important miracles in the life of Christ were: virgin pregnancy, resurrection and ascension. The bible is full of miracles, like the miracles of the sea, and the miracles of fire coming down from heaven and walking on the sea. Of course, in a sense, any interaction between god and man is a miracle, such as the divine image of kris. May the holy spirit give us the power to do miracles.
  And god met in a dream. God said, "if any of you were a prophet, I would meet him in a dream." As Jacob dreamt of god on the ladder, so god of kris dreamed many dreams.
  Revelation: the holy spirit tells people to think about the answer to a problem, such as telling you about your present unfortunate situation through strongly directed dreams.
  An indication, for example, of an environment that you encounter today, and who says a word, you may think it has happened before, that there was no such circumstance before, and that is what the holy spirit prefigured in your subconscious.
  Leadership. In the name of god, father and son, god the holy spirit, let us all believe in god, praise god, glorify god, and rebuild the garden of Eden on earth.
  We are indeed destined to live in the world, and since the physical universe is constructed in such an amazingly skilful manner, I cannot conceive it merely to be a fact without reason.
  The body is the same body, the soul the same soul, but a man belonging to the dust takes the body first and the soul second. A spiritual person places the soul first and the body second.
  All these are god's plans. God had planned all the things for an infinitely long time ago. He had designed a wonderful plan of redemption because of his love. The god of the infinite, the god of the infinite, who looks upon us with divine eyes, has to suffer for the infinite integrity of the whole, it is his trial, it is his election, but he embraces man with infinite love, expecting him to do this and do that, to endure this and endure that, for it is according to the whole.
  A heart filled with love becomes a heart of joy. Never let anything make you sad and forget the joy of the resurrection of Christ and the coming of god. I am not happy because I go out and look for what is inside. I have sought joy in all my pains, but joy is in my heart.
  Discipline often paves the way for blessings, and if we accept it properly, it will bless us. God may punish and reprove, but he will never abandon man. He chastens with honesty, but his love never ends.
  All spiritual growth depends on our hunger and thirst. When we seek to advance in spiritual life, may we not seek to increase our own spiritual satisfaction, but to be more pleasing to god and beneficial to man.
  The way of god is the way he has been, and this is the way we are going to follow him. God will not let us go on paths that he himself has never taken before.
  Nothing but god can satisfy the longing of an immortal soul. For the heart is made for him, and only he can satisfy it. With god's presence, all is enough.
  The hour of trial is often the hour of blessing. Trial is our way of teaching our teachers in the pursuit of god.
  When we are happy, we should not think that everyone is so happy. Think of and remember the pain of others. God has mercy on us, so let us also learn to pity others.
  Trials, that is, not against anyone, that is the first pursuit of the mind, the second pursuit of the material, that is the communist society.
  24. Try the soul:
  (1) everyone does not fight against anyone. Notice, it's everyone, not you.
  (2) fairness and justice, equality between the rich and the poor, everyone gets the same living conditions. Don't be so critical.
  (3) if everyone has the same living conditions, it can be completely eradicated. Only money is the purpose of life now, so that we can get rid of the material and pursue the spiritual.
  (4) spiritual ascension: find the original meaning and purpose of life, and solve the problem of who I am and where I will go, namely the continuation after death.
  My solution is that the video series I tried for 28 years will be shown to everyone, and soon.I have not only thought, I have action, my long march. It's going on.
  The present state of human beings is far from what I require. Teaching modern people who only pay by heart is spiritual, and casting pearls before swine.
  The world is matter, consciousness, soul (god). Consciousness comes from the soul, but not from the soul. Consciousness is wrong. Consciousness is the combination of the soul and the brain.
  Man must develop toward god; all men are gods.

Chapter 7 the book of eternal life
  Almost everyone will wonder sooner or later, what purpose do we have in life, and who are we? Why are we alive? Why are we dying? Is there any posthumous deposit? What is our future? Philosophy and religion came into being.
  Is the purpose of life simply to work hard to improve your living environment, to support the livelihood of your family, and then perhaps to live for seventy or eighty years and then die, and then never exist?
  The oldest book of mankind says, "our Lord, our god, you are worthy of glory, honor and authority, for you have created all things, and all things are created for your purpose." (revelation 4:11) for us, the idea that there is a great designer god is very important, because he has created us for a reason and a purpose, and Jehovah means "minister".
  There is one mystery that evolutionists still cannot fathom: although death seems natural and inevitable, humans are reluctant to accept it. In fact, the bible, “wordofgod” has long been solved, so that the truth.
  The bible and the “wordofgod”s show that death is inevitable because of human imperfection (a body derived from dust), but god has prearranged for man to live forever. "God places the consciousness of eternity in the hearts of men, so that what god has done throughout will never be explored." We will never recognize god's power. Ever since god condemned man to death, man has been living under the shadow of death, suffering, suffering and loss. And the animal never worries about future death, because it does not know that god did not put eternal consciousness in it.
  In order to satisfy the natural desire to live forever and eliminate inner conflicts, people make up all kinds of reasons. Scientists are trying to solve the riddle of aging because they also want to reverse death, or at least extend life.
  Evolutionists do not believe in true gods, and describe the desire for eternal life as an illusion created by evolution, because it contradicts their beliefs. They think people are just higher animals. On the other hand, the bible, the “wordofgod”, points out that death is a human enemy, in keeping with our natural desire to live.
  So, do our bodies and minds have any clue that we can live forever? Indeed, we marveled at the function of the human brain alone, which proved that we could have lived longer, and that life shouldn't be so short as it is in modern times. The brain weighs about 1.4 kilograms and contains 10 billion to 100 billion neurons, each of which is an advanced computer.
  Everyone's mind is an amazing source of power. This organ is sophisticated and efficient. The more we know about the brain, the more we feel its potential is inexhaustible. Why should evolution create an organ of limitless potential for the primitive caveman, or even for the modern man of vision? Obviously, the only reasonable explanation is to live forever.
  The theory of evolution holds that human beings are born naturally, without the aid of any intelligence. Are you really satisfied with that explanation? It is said that the human brain is the most complex object in the universe. Now let's look at the brain and see what we can come up with. Even the most advanced neural network-like computers can function as little as a ten-thousandth of a fly. The brain is much better than the brain of a fly. The human brain has the ability to learn language, repair, adapt and improve functions. You must agree that powerful supercomputers, though capable of only a ten-thousandth the capacity of a fly, must be intelligently designed. So what about the human brain?
  Evolution is a hypothesis, and there is no reason why Darwin should have walked under the trees of East Africa's apes. We as the spirit of everything, can not be derived from the monkey brain, monkey is always monkey, man is always human. After Darwin published the origin of species in 1859, evolution gained the upper hand. People no longer believe in god, but human beings can't give meaning to their lives. No matter what happens in this life, death will eliminate everything, and no matter what happens to the deceased, it will never exist. Religion comes from death and gives meaning to life. People naturally have religious inclination, it is the needs of people, the needs of the soul.
  The idea of the existence of god is so important that, without justifying his existence through the craftsman, the cause of everything, the first impulse, etc., he has now become your need, Sao Paulo: "if Christ has not been raised, what we believe is useless." If we fail to live forever, our lives are futile and meaningless. Is such a wonderful life meaningless? Of course not, therefore there is god, there is resurrection, there is eternal life. We live to glorify god, to increase the spiritual life, to overcome the physical life (like animals, from the dust, to the dust), for eternal life.
  Twelve or three thousand years ago, before humans fully understood the wonderful structure of the human body and the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), a biblical writer wrote, "your eyes saw me when I was an embryo." (psalm 139:14) who does he mean? Who is it that has the power to create the universe?
  Our three kinds of life are living, material life, physical life, food, clothing, shelter and travel. Yu, awareness, thinking, social activities; Harmony, soul, soul, religion.
  The greatest happiness is to be attained by solving our greatest pain (our own death). If death does not last, there is no point in living. It is a matter of resignation that one's life is terminated by death.
  15. Damaged bones, tissues and organs can heal by themselves, and the body's metabolism will continue to grow. Throughout our lives, the biochemical structure of our bodies has been updated to almost nothing. When we have a spiritual body instead of a dusty body, the magical process of self-renewal continues forever, "death is no more," which is eternal life.
  The purpose of our creation and life on earth: to believe in god, to praise god, to glorify god, to keep fellowship with him, to gain eternal joy in the heart, to be happy with god forever, and to be with god forever.
  The created beings are subject to the conditions of futility, not by choice, but by god. There is hope, however, that all created beings will be freed from the bondage of corruption and into the glorious freedom of god's children.
  Life as we know it is influenced, on the one hand, by the forms of the laws of physics, and, at the same time, by what seems to be an accidental coincidence, by nature, which sets actual values for the masses and strength of various particles. In a word, if we were to play god, we would find that the positioning of almost every handle would reduce the universe to an uninhabitable place, as long as we twirled a set of handles for various quantities and assigned their values. There are instances where it seems that different handles must be tuned to 100 percent accuracy, otherwise life cannot exist in the universe. In fact, even small changes in the current situation, which humans may not be able to detect, can have very serious consequences.
  "God's tabernacle is among men; he will dwell with them; they will be his people. God himself will be with them. God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, nor mourning, nor crying, nor pain. The past is gone.
  20, the time is near, "and I saw another angel (GeYiMin god) fly in the sky, with the Gospel to the people of the earth, and will forever be tribe, each the people from all over the world, he said with a loud voice, fear god, give glory to him, because he has time to judge, should worship that created the heavens and the earth and sea and all the springs of water."
  This is eternal life, to know your only true god, and to know the god of Jesus Christ, whom you sent.
  "If you want to enter into eternal life, keep the commandments. Love your neighbor as yourself. If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven. (practice communism)
  I have a body, but the body does not represent the real me. The body is just my body. The true self is my life, the true self of a man, to be observed in his speech and character. A man's "I" is the same, though he has sawed off his limbs. According to the physiologist, the metabolism of the body changes every seven years, so after seven years, my body is definitely not my body seven years ago, but the "I" that makes up this spirit is the same "I" when I am five years old as when I am seven or eighty years old. It can be seen that this "I" consciousness must have a permanent basis in me. Obviously, "I" is not matter, "I" is superphysical, matter can change, "I" is the original "I". The absence of a soul, other than a body, does not explain the origin of this "I".
  Every man has a conscience, a reason, a religious idea, and a need for eternal life. This is the proof of the soul. "god has placed eternal life in the hearts of men," says ecclesiastes. Yes, we cannot capture the soul, but we can perceive the manifestation of the soul, namely, the lofty virtue, the great sacrifice of human beings, the moral and religious concepts, loyalty, friendship, love, faithfulness... All of these things are abstract, none of which is a sensation that matter can produce, not that an ape can learn. The manifestation of the body, everything is physical and sensory, so the manifestation of the mind cannot be produced from that part of the body. What is a brain? The brain is just a mass of matter. How can matter produce mental effects? If the soul is nothing but the brain, then all these peculiarities of human nature, which are beyond the spiritual functions of matter, become impossible.
  But to be truly happy, immortality alone is not enough. We need something else. We need peace. In other words, we must be at peace with god and our fellow human beings. Such peace cannot be achieved unless mankind sincerely loves each other. The prospect of eternal life. Believe that god can make our imperfect life perfect and attain spiritual body. "Know that the Lord is god; He created us, not ourselves." Love will permeate the new paradise of yahweh's justice. God is to let his breath of life (soul) blow into the human nostrils against the material body from the earth, so that man may be sanctified and justified and glorified. Everyone brings glory to god, and finally god gets all the glory. At this point, the kingdom of god full of love is completed, and god's creation plan is completed.
  We will never die, and we will reign with god forever. God has become our eternal sunshine. There will be god's name on our forehead, what does that mean? God's character in our forehead will no more be rebellious and sinful. The righteous people who have god's spirit in their hearts will dwell on this earth forever. Only those who obey god's commands can live in it.
  When god is trying to redeem us, he is not trying to redeem us by using a magical power, by suddenly turning us into something that cannot be sinned. God helps us through all kinds of training so that we can be such people, so we have to work with god. So does the book of revelation not say that the true people of the late ages are those who keep god's commandments and have the faith of Jesus, kris and god?
  It is a curse to live forever in a sinful world. Living in a world like this, isn't immortality a curse? No one wants to live forever in this world. We say eternal life is eternal happiness, can live in happy environment and condition forever. Only in this way can eternal life have value and become a blessing. Therefore, sinners cannot have eternal life, because in the world of sin there is no need to live forever. So, in this new heaven and new earth, we will be able to enjoy true immortality!
  27. Through the understanding of the evil consequences of good, we can know that the so-called fruit of life, which is the same as the evil results of good, is also a kind of knowledge imparting to human beings, a kind of knowledge about life.
  28. In terms of the soul, we must insist on the belief in god, which is mainly reflected in the devout theological knowledge. In the physical aspect, the knowledge of the fruit of life includes the knowledge of taking life science as the core, taking medicine, genetics, nursing, health preserving and so on. In terms of society, the knowledge of life fruit should include life philosophy, life ethics, life aesthetics, life law, life politics, life sociology and so on.
  Common sense tells us that man cannot escape the fate of ultimate death. However, people are always reluctant to face the dark truth, they prefer to believe the myth of immortality. Ordinary people seem to be more inclined to pursue the so-called "fountain of youth", which has been continuously explored in the fields of science and medicine.
  30, scientists are also working on the properties of many compounds in search of life-extending elements such as resveratrol (a substance found in grapes), rapamycin (derived from a bacterium found on Easter island) and proteins made up of the p21 gene. These proteins inhibit the formation of plaques in cells from other proteins that are linked to alzheimer's disease and may contribute to the development of cancer. In 2000, senex biotech was reportedly working on a drug that could achieve some level of inhibition.
  The researchers also went on to analyze an enzyme called telomerase, which slows telomere atrophy. Telomere is a DNA sequence that gets progressively shorter during cell division until the cell eventually mutates or dies. The 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to the discoverer of how telomeres and telomerase work. Recent findings also confirm the function of telomerase. In a study published in the journal nature in November 2010, mice were treated with telomerase and then implanted, a process that led to a miraculous rejuvenation. Technically, people have been able to improve their telomerase levels in various ways for years, but the technique has not been clinically assessed. Meanwhile, two compounds tested in humans have been put into use this year. The two compounds, SIRT1 and STACs, are two synthetic catalysts that mimic the caloric restriction effect. Experiments on multiple species have shown that this effect can slow down metabolism and slow down the ageing process. According to David Sinclair, a pathologist at harvard medical school in the United States, the species being tested included yeast, primates and others.
  But overcoming aging problems can't be achieved with just one drug, says jay olshansky, a professor of epidemiology at the university of Illinois school of public health. "Resveratrol, telomerase, and the p21 gene are largely just on the surface," says alshannsky. For the past 10 years, no drug has been able to interfere with and alleviate aging in humans. Olshansky insists that the genes of those over 100 have a special function: they limit the ageing process. The New England centenarian study, the world's largest dedicated study of older people, is tracking about 1,600 centenarians and hundreds of their children. Olshansky, who was not involved in the study, said: "what makes this study so exciting is that we haven't seen results in many species yet, and we expect to see a big theoretical leap in seeing that the human body, as well as mice, can alleviate aging.
  Scientists concerned with longevity think that the ultimate fountain of youth may be achieved not by chemical or biological means, but by technological means. Futurist ray kurzweil once predicted that nanotechnology could be one of the ways to achieve immortality. Nanobots based on nanotechnology can penetrate deep inside our bodies to repair damaged organs and tissues, thus prolonging the lives of patients. The secret seems to be coming to us."
  34. Cell theory promotes the process of immortality. Because cells need fast fission to be effectively renewed and replaced for a long time, fission technology is also a support point for cells. For this reason, fission technology is the real guarantee of immortality.
  35. Religious beliefs and myths.
  Immortality means living forever, or being forever, which means not dying. Eternal life is a goal that many people have been pursuing, and it is also one of the main core ideas of many religions.
  In the old testament, there were two magical trees in the garden of Eden -- the tree of wisdom and the tree of life. (genesis 3:22)
  It is recorded in the new testament, 'this is the testimony that god gave us eternal life, and this life is in his son. He who has the son of god has life, and he who has no son of god has no life. These things I write to you who believe in the name of the son of god, that you may know that you have eternal life. Eternal life is in the day of judgment of god, and shall not be part of the second death (lake of fire). To live with god in the new heavens and in the new earth, for ever and ever.
  The human brain has great potential. According to britannica, the human brain "has potential far beyond what a person can achieve in his or her lifetime." The brain can hold "enough material to compile about 20 million books, equivalent to the total collection of the world's largest libraries," the scientists said. The extraordinary capacity of the human brain's "archival system", says a biochemist, is "absolutely capable of handling knowledge and memory acquired over a lifetime, even if it is a billion times larger".
  38. Metabolism.
  Cells in the lining of the gut are completely renewed every few days.
  Every two months, the cells in the lining of the bladder are completely replaced.
  Red blood cells are replaced every 120 days in the body.
  No matter how many years you live, most of your cells are still very young.
  It is estimated that within a year, about 98 percent of the atoms in the body will be replaced by other atoms absorbed by the air and diet.
  In other words, as long as the body keeps its cells constantly updated, it can inhibit aging. If the problems of ageing and senility, disease, accidental injury, violence between animals and humans can be fully solved, immortality is within sight.
  Unfortunately, however, diminishing replication is known when cells divide. Aging occurs when the length of the telomere at the end of the DNA gradually becomes shorter, which affects the correctness of the original DNA. However, once cell aging occurs, the process is irreversible. And there is no way to replenish the telomeres at the end of DNA. So overwork, increasing the number of cell divisions, is bound to age faster.
  39. Genes.
  Although flesh cannot be immortal, genes can reproduce to maintain an immortal state.
  To be immortal is to live long and not to be old. Similar terms include Immortality (having an unlimited lifespan in the absence of external force), Immortality (not aging or dying in the absence of external force), Immortality (immortal) and Immortality (living but not dying in the absence of external force).
  If it can remain constant, it is possible to be "immortal", but before the observation of everything in the world, whether there is life or heartless things, nothing is not always changing.
  The new britannica describes the beliefs of certain ancient europeans: "a man of ability and virtue shall live for ever in a palace of gold and splendor." Not only that, some people do everything possible to satisfy the desire to live forever.
  More than 2,000 years ago, China's "emperors and civilians, under the leadership of taoists, did not work but only sought the elixir of immortality," according to the American encyclopedia. It has been believed since ancient times that youth can be preserved by various medicines or even by drinking some water. Qin shi huang once sent xu fu to find the elixir of immortality. Legend has it that he arrived in Japan.
  Modern humans are just as keen to satisfy their thirst for immortality. An obvious example is that scientists keep people who have died of illness in cold storage, hoping that in the future, if a cure is invented, the body will be thawed and brought back to life. This method is called cryonics."If our optimism is justified and we know how to heal or repair all damaged organs, including the decay of old age, then the 'dead' today will enjoy eternal life in the future," said one scientist advocating the practice.
  There are a few scientists who believe that humans will one day be able to achieve immortality or even immortality through technology such as cryonics, genetic modification, gene repair, molecular engineering, nano-medical technology, artificial organ transplantation, advanced anti-aging drugs and other medical and biological technologies.
  Eternal life is a state of immortality. Only god is intrinsically immortal (1 Tim. 6:16), and human beings must "hold on to eternal life" (1 Tim. 6:12). Immortality is the grace of god (ROM. 6:23). The apostle John specifically emphasized that eternal life is the high quality of life we must begin with now, even if we can only appreciate it in part: "know your only true god, and know the Jesus Christ you have sent, and this is eternal life. And this life is in his son. These things I write to you who believe in the name of the son of god, that you may know that you have eternal life.
  "Now to the king eternal, immortal, invisible, the only god, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen "(one 17 ahead of schedule)!
  "...... The king of Kings and the Lord of lords, blessed and only in his power, who alone has not died, who is invisible and cannot be seen in the light that cannot be approached, to make him known. To him be honour and power for ever. Amen! (six 15-16 in advance).
  Men and women are essentially corrupt and mortal animals: "and to Adam And thou shalt eat thy bread with thy sweat from thy face, till thou return to the dust: for thou camest out of the dust. "Dust thou art, and return to dust "(gen. 3:17-19).
  God can and will make immortal those whom he has chosen: "when the perishable has become incorruptible, and the mortal has become immortal, then the saying, 'death is swallowed up in victory', is fulfilled. "(1 corinthians 15:54)
  The first step from decay to immortality is to accept god's grace for our salvation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, kris, and do as god asks us to.
  "...... This grace was given to us in Christ Jesus before the ages, but it has now been manifested through the revelation of our savior, Christ Jesus. He has abolished death, and through the Gospel he has revealed an incorruptible life. (mention the latter 9-10).
  From the point of view of quantum physics, there is sufficient evidence to prove that man will not really die, but only the human body.
  Consciousness does not disappear with death. There are other "quantum messages" beyond the body, or "souls" as they are called. Conscious life constitutes the universe, and individual consciousness is a physical object. Time and space are tools of human consciousness. When the heart stops and the blood stops flowing, the physical elements are in a state of pause, but the human consciousness can still move. Death is just a superficial phenomenon for consciousness, but a kind of fantasy in essence.
  Biocentrism is a kind of "parallel universe" in which everything that happens at the moment happens simultaneously in an equivalent multiverse. If we are thinking about time and consciousness, the other side of our consciousness will also be affected. When life comes to an end, when bodily functions cease, it will begin again in another world.
  Immortality requires profound spirituality, as well as modern science, and the key is divine change.
  Scientific and technological progress, human cloning, spiritual chip replication, human eternal life.Immortality is man's only value.
  The superhumanist movement is a movement that hopes to use science and technology to merge the human body with machinery and completely change human beings and their life experience. We can achieve further evolution of human beings and possibly achieve eternal life. Overcoming death with the power of technology. That's a safer system for life than a robot. In the near future, we will be able to replace our eyes with bionic eyes so that we can see more clearly. We will slowly merge with machines, and eventually we will become robots.
  Most human deaths are from organ failure, and now people have used machine hearts, and researchers are exploring 3D printed livers. Therefore, we are ushering in a new era, using bionics to achieve many organ transplants, which is a way to make people immortal.
  Most superanthropologists are working toward this goal, and our goal is to be there in the next 20 to 25 years.
  There are many ways to achieve immortality, such as replacing one's own organs with artificial or robotic ones, or using gene-editing techniques to reverse the ageing process. When we replace our bodies with machines, we give up eating, defecating or drinking. The human body is not a good condition for evolutionary survival, it is very fragile for conscious survival. Everyone has the right to eternal life.
  There is no proof of soul immortality, no proof of body immortality, but proof that science is approaching immortality.The eternal life sought by the divine religion refers to the present world. There is no proof of death.
  Eternal life is the dream of human beings. The rapid development of artificial intelligence enables human beings to see that the dream is becoming reality.
  When the principle of consciousness is cracked, strong artificial intelligence is about to emerge and the door to immortality is about to open.
  As humans enter the gates of eternal life, life memories will be preserved and the human soul will not be destroyed.
  The eternal human beings no longer need money, all the wealth into the bubble, everyone is equal, the realization of communism.
  52. If there is no eternal life (at least the soul < consciousness > eternal life), life is as meaningless as pig life. After a pig lives for several months, it will never exist. After a person lives for decades, it will never exist. Once a pig dies, it will never exist. The difference is that the life time seems to be much better than that of pigs, but decades will soon pass.

Chapter 8 the kingdom book
  1. In 26-11- 2033, god ge yimin is king to renew the heaven and earth, mainly to update the human mind (with the spread of “wordofgod”, the human mind has been updated to be available to god).
  We serve god without sin and praise him. Blessed fellowship between one another and the angels. Life is perfect, and the new heaven and the new earth are full of perfect justice and peace.
  This is heaven, a paradise of sunshine (god's glory and illumination) and colorful flowers. From a religious perspective, it's very real, but that doesn't mean it's a space that our senses can find. Jesus used the analogy of home.
  God will send everyone to heaven. Goblin god said Japanese devils go to heaven.
  Mt. 22:2 and the kingdom of heaven is better than a king, who sets a wedding feast for his son. And those men went out into the great way, and all that were seen were called together for good and for evil. The table was full of guests.
  5. Establish a communist society all over the world in 2019 with a divine lover like yourself.
  6. The only purpose of the deists is to peacefully export the harmonious god values of kris to the world and strive to realize the communist society globally in 2019.
  Jesus: "this Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be preached and spread throughout all the earth where the world dwells, as a witness to all nations and nations, and then the end will come." Time is near, at the end of the program is god let us know that the word of god is the only home to human beings, let us pay more attention to spiritual civilization, let us to the divine, rebuild damaged by Adam and transportation of god, let us righteous holiness glory, everyone to love god and love your neighbor as yourself (at least not fight with anyone), the world is full of true love, all the glory to god, eventually all glory, god, built into the kingdom of god.
  In the great day of the almighty god, the Lord will clear the earth of its evil and will make it a paradise. The earth will be full of happy people, and we will all praise the creator with one heart and one mind. There the people of god enjoy eternal bliss with god.
  When all that is related to sin is consumed, the earth is purified. God then created a new earth for the redeemed people.
  There will be no more death, no more weeping, no more pain.
  There will be no more diseases in xintian and xintiandi, and all the people with disabilities will be cured.
  Everyone should live and work in peace and contentment, and need not worry about living. All animals revert to a domesticated, herbivorous style.
  There the immortal mind will find endless joy in pondering over the wonders of creation and the mystery of redemptive love. There is no more cruel and deceitful enemy to tempt people to forget god. All talents should be developed and all powers enhanced. The search for knowledge will not exhaust the mind or the spirit. There the greatest things must proceed, the highest aspirations must be attained, the grandest aspirations must be attained, but there must be new heights to climb, new wonders to praise, new truths to reason, and new purposes to call forth the intellect, the heart, and the body.
  Eternal years shall bring us a richer and more glorious revelation of god, and of Christ, and of god, the state of grace, as knowledge develops, so also love, godliness, and happiness. The more one knows god, the more one admires his character. When Jesus and kris god explained to the people the abundance of salvation and all the amazing achievements in their great struggle against satan, the redeemed people would serve them with greater devotion and play the golden harp with greater joy. A million voices will sing praise together.
  The great struggle for good and evil is over. There is no more sin and sinner. The whole universe is clean. In the vast universe, pulsating a harmonious pulse. From the god who created everything flows life, light and joy, filling this vast universe. From the smallest atom to the largest world, all living and unbegotten things preach that god is love in their pure beauty and their perfect joy.
  Imagine the prospect of seeing those who have been missing, those who have been spiritually connected to each other, those who have been wanting to live together, those who have come to god because of us, and will be able to see them in heaven, around the throne of god. We will see the endless circle of the influence of faith from life to life, from heart to heart.
  There we grow fields, we plant grapes, we manage beautiful fields, we build houses, we produce industrial products. But the labors of heaven are not as laborious as those of the earth. Those who are saved will gladly take up the task of bringing happiness to Adam and eve in the land of reconstruction. We will live like in the garden of Eden.
  Our physical strength and intelligence will be developed, and all our talents will be enhanced. The noblest hopes and the highest aspirations will be realized, but there are new heights to be climbed, new wonders to be felt, new truths to be understood, and new materials for research that require the strength of the body and mind. No matter how our nature has changed through repentance and rebirth, it has not yet reached a more mature and measured character, that is, the complete character of god, so that the godless will grow ever more and more closer to the infinite character of god. But the growth is not only spiritual, but also physical, and as a result of sin we are much more unequal than when Adam and eve were created in the first place. The fruit of the tree of life, which exists for the awakening of all nations, will make the apostles recover and grow more.
  Whenever you encounter trial or loneliness in this world, turn your eyes from the darkness of the world to the brightness of the heavens, and drop your love into the joy of the heavens. That way, you won't find the trials and disappointments of the world so unbearable. For you will think of your eternal hometown, the crown, the golden harp, the dear savior Jesus, the god of kris. If we are people who love Jesus so much, god as to sacrifice everything, then by the grace of Jesus Christ, god as much as we can go there.
  To try to describe the kingdom of heaven is too poor and feeble. I was astonished when the sight appeared before me. Seeing both the splendor and the glory, I could only throw a pen and say, "oh, what a great love! What a wonderful love! The most superb words can not describe the glory of the kingdom of heaven and the great love of Jesus and god.
  In the new heaven and the new earth, god will judge not the individual, but the dust of man, so that man may have eternal life, and all men will be gods.
  Only the earth is real, and no other heaven can be proved, so we shall make the earth a paradise.

Chapter ix political economy
  1. Now, the world has been globalized, and the human world has become a whole, especially economic globalization, as well as democracy, civilization, culture, art, Entertainment, games, film and television, music, sports and so on.
  No country or individual can reject globalization.
  2. Relying on each other's economic activities, global division of production, and flow of factors of production among countries, capitalist production and lifestyle led by the United States are expanding the world day by day.
  3. Since the neoliberal era (1980s) began, the conditions of workers in many countries have gone backward, and economic crisis and financial crisis are inevitable.
  Economic progress cannot be made at the expense of workers, because the economy is for the people.
  4. Global integration, the disappearance of socialist countries, the weakening of communist movements, and the cancellation of social programs and social welfare have all brought serious consequences, which have been suffered by most people in the world.
  New liberal capitalism is no longer suitable for the development of modern society; it cannot make all countries progress; the world's production and way of life must change. Visionaries are thinking about new world systems, mainly economic systems and democratic politics.
  Although the neo-classical economics pursued by neo-liberal capitalism is still the mainstream of capitalist countries, it can no longer promote the progress of global and global people, but becomes an obstacle, and new economic methods must be studied immediately.
  Globalization and neo-liberal capitalism have led to increasing polarization, a large number of poor people are suffering from increasingly tragic and hopeless conditions, and the environment is deteriorating in the developing countries, affecting people's health for more than it pays.
  8. Although there are other kinds of labor, the mode of production in which private capital employs labor, and the relationship between labor and capital determines the global politics, economy and culture, the principal contradiction of neo-liberal capitalism cannot be avoided, nor can it be eliminated. Therefore, class struggle is inevitable.
  The relationship of modern society is mainly the relationship between capital and labor, while the natural exploitation of labor by capital is the principal contradiction of capitalism.
  10. The new liberal capitalism does not recognize the exploitation and believes that the labor and capital are all compensated in production, but the capital naturally pursues profits and pursues maximized profits, so it must try every possible means to maintain the minimum wage. This is true in many countries around the world, especially in the developing world, where private companies are working as long as possible and increasing the intensity of Labour to minimise wages.
  11, while capitalism is inherently unequal, but some times, such as 30 years after world war ii, the workers conditions or improved, now, the developed countries conditions to improve the working class is good, including high and increasing real wages, reduced working hours, the improvement of working conditions, a wide range of social programs, and through the national and direct labor contracts to ensure important economic and social rights. However, in today's globalized world, working class conditions in the vast developing countries are unsatisfactory or even deteriorating, and many poor people are living in despair and see no way out.
  It is an improvement that capitalist women's Labour moves from family to employment, but the state has to reconcile family responsibilities, such as using institutions and planning.
  13. If workers want to improve their conditions, they cannot rely on the benevolence of capitalists, but rely on their own political and economic organizations to organize themselves and force the capitalists to change the pursuit of maximized profits and form a fair and reasonable labor relations, so that the society can be stable and harmonious. Let labor be mutually beneficial, because capital exploitation is serious, volcano can erupt eventually, capitalist also can be not at peace eventually.
  We stand for the ultimate elimination of the exploitation of labor by replacing it with socialism, ultimately communism, and capitalism. Under socialism, production is no longer for profit, but for the needs of man and of all the people.
  What is communism? In the simplest terms, communism is the joint ownership of the means of production, and co-ownership is the democratic control of the means of production. Workers have a democratic grasp of the means of production, that is, communism. The basic economic unit should now be owned by workers.
  15. The political and democratic revolution of capitalism is a kind of communist revolution that gives the king's private property, the state, to the communist party. And if the private property of the oligopoly group is given to the communist party, then economic democracy is given -- all workers democratically elect the leader of the oligopoly organization, so that they can hire laborers to get rid of the situation that their living conditions are under the control of capitalists and realize liberation.
  The fundamental meaning of communism is to realize democracy and freedom and achieve all-round development for all. Only when people get rid of the struggle for survival can they enjoy a better life, unleash greater creativity and push the society forward. Only when communism is achieved will the fate of mankind be in the hands of the working people. An economy under the democratic control of the worker, then, is free on the basis of the worker's democracy-no more market fluctuations, no more unemployment.
  Communism is not far away, material conditions are at hand. Communism is based on mass production. Mass production can guarantee the needs of the people. The expression of material abundance under capitalism is market saturation - the demand of the people is all provided by the market system of production. Then the conditions for distribution on demand are met.
  Communism is really just around the corner. All it needs is a revolution. That is, a democratic revolution in which the laborer seizes his own living conditions and controls the whole system of social production. It was not successful in the past because the industrial base of mass production had not yet been laid, but the modern era was different, and industrial production had an absolute advantage over the production of small farmers.
  Thus, all kinds of bad social phenomena, such as ecological destruction, environmental pollution and even crimes, can be eradicated. This is closely related to the struggle for survival and the profit-seeking nature of capitalism. The purpose of profit has been eliminated; the purpose of people's needs has been changed; the struggle for survival has been eliminated; the struggle for freedom has been replaced by free association. People no longer strive for survival, but for development.
  Since people live not only to eat, economic equality distributed according to need is not the result of equality, but only to realize the status and power of people -- to create the basis of equality.
  With the shift of the production function of the family and the service function of the country towards the social production service, the family itself will die out. Family crisis is deepening in this era, and social production is also deepening. The ultimate national demise of the realization of the human unity of the whole.
  Private ownership is economic autocracy and public ownership is economic democracy. Economic democracy, is based on public ownership, it is mine, rivers, forests, communication spectrum, various natural resources of land occupied by the nation together, workers through democratic consultation way to organize production and distribution activities, everyone can use labor resources to feed their unconditional, labor value by way of welfare, job security, according to the dividend.
  The opposite of economic democracy is economic despotism, which is based on private ownership, that is, the private ownership of resources. If we want to use resources, we must pay expenses. What organization produces under private ownership is violence or capital, laborer must obey violent owner or capital owner.
  The development trend of human society is the expansion of people's rights, first in political rights, then in economic rights. Political conflicts will never be resolved if economic rights are restricted. In Europe and the United States, private ownership countries, as a result of the economic system reform as a no-go area, the social crisis is always not solved, unemployment, environmental protection, terrorist activities, financial crisis, which turns on the society.
  Political power from private to public, called political democratization; The possession of economic resources is constantly changing from private possession to joint possession, also called economic democratization.
  23, private ownership will make social power and wealth differentiation, is now the world economic integration, so polarized belongs to the world, 1% of the millionaires have wealth equal to the remaining 99% were combined, it is very equal, so today's western system is not recommended and unsustainable, and the excessive competition can lead to war or nuclear war, is in danger of destruction of human, so abandon private ownership and return as soon as possible to persuade western countries public ownership, the human ability to move on. When it comes to the private market economy, which has a history of several hundred years, it has lagged behind the public market economy in the Internet age.
  24, democratic autonomy should be people, in an integrated democratic society, people from the born equal, people not only have a common possession of social production, also have the corresponding responsibility and obligation to society, and that is "from each according to his ability, to get" on the basis of social framework, and establish a social control laws and regulations as well as to the regime of the right to vote and the right to vote, and so on.
  Shinto economics provides the best theoretical basis for analyzing the capitalist system and the socialist system. It points the way for socialism and communism to eventually replace capitalism in the world, which is necessary for mankind to realize its social and economic development potential.

Chapter x the Christian communist manifesto
  (Declaration of Godhead Ge Yimin doctrine)
  1. The party of god is a doctrine, an idea, a theory, a theory, that is, the peaceful and harmonious god values of kris, rather than an organization.
  We are disciples and believe in the god of kris. At the same time, he is a member of god. "Sell your possessions and give alms, and prepare for yourselves bags of money that will never wear out, and treasure in heaven forever. "But if you want to enter into eternal life, keep the commandments. Love your neighbor as yourself. If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven. (practice communism). We can see that the treasures in heaven refer to the spiritual and spiritual levels, and there are rewards, crowns, and crowns of glory. If the kingdom of heaven is still divided into the rich and the poor, hierarchy is the meaning of god. What is the significance of Jesus, kris god, telling us to distribute wealth to the poor in this world?
  3. Program: set up a communist society in the world in 2019 with the values of kris.
  4. Do not have to be extremely rich in materials, but distribute according to basic needs. Each according to his ability, according to his need (society can provide reasonable demand).
  Two thousand years ago ordinary christians unwittingly fulfilled the highest ideal of communism. They don't need highly developed productivity, they don't need perfect and great personalities.
  6. Vigorously develop advanced science and technology and improve productivity. As the wealth created increases, everyone's material satisfaction increases.
  7, no war, even no fights and quarrels, that is, people no longer hurt others, everyone sees others as brothers and sisters, everyone is fully equal in love. The moral standards of human beings have improved as a whole. The key is spiritual happiness and spiritual satisfaction. Don't stand up to anyone, AGAPE.
  In the new testament, several different Greek words are translated as "love," and one of them, "Agape," means a love that is willing to be centered on others, and that does not require merit or reward. It is with this love that god loves all mankind, and his disciples are urged to love god and love one another with this love.
  But now, what we lack most is love. In fact, the thing closest to you is other people, love god lovers (at least not against anyone).
  Law of gold: do to others as you would have them do to you. Not against anyone. God is a religion of love, god is love, Jesus summed up the law as love for god and love for himself, saint Paul said the greatest of all is love, god of kris said not against anyone. Godfathers call each other brothers and sisters.
  Our material civilization has made great achievements, but our spiritual life is becoming more and more vulgar. We have electricity, we have the Internet, but we can't have Jesus, muhammad, sakyamuni, Confucius, lao-tzu.
  Commercial civilization is like a big market. Making money is our sole purpose. Economic activity (making wealth) and political machines (distributing wealth) became everything, culture became desert, commercialized culture, no longer asking what you need, but what you can buy. Social relations became money relations, and family ties were distorted by money.
  We repeat the same work (the division of labor in mass production) and spend our lives inventing tools for mankind. We are too practical, too secular, no longer have the habit of independent thinking and true friends, even happy instincts.
  Since Adam left god's love and ate the forbidden fruit, under the effect of the fruit of wisdom, we hold high the banner of science, are keen to pursue knowledge and unsatisfied invention fun, and cry out that "knowledge is power" bacon believes: "man is mind, mind is knowledge, what a man knows, he is what."
  Any system of science is premised on some axiom that cannot be proved by logic, an unconditional principle that commands acceptance, and science becomes a religion. Science is cool and dry, lack of love, suffering is an irrelevant and unsolvable thing to its world.
  16. The science cause of one-sided pursuit of material prosperity neglects people's inner life, which cannot make people truly happy, cannot provide real meaning for life, and cannot give people's behavior as a goal. Marriage, for example, cannot be matched by science, but by love. Science is only useful for material things. People need faith.
  Science has only instrumental value, such as the use of science as the purpose itself, endless pursuit of the domination of things, loss of spirituality, results can only lose the original meaning of life, so that people become the slaves of things. This era is coming to an end, and we find that scientific boasting is actually a kind of kindergarten disease.
  We should not aim at material civilization, but seek the meaning of life from the internal spiritual experience. We should aim at the word of god (spiritual civilization), rebuild the communication with god, regain god's love, neighbor's love, obtain eternal spiritual happiness, and build the kingdom of god full of love.
  As a matter of fact, our science only "describes" the world, and does not really grasp the world. Now, we are superior to the ancient in science, but we describe it well, and explain it as little as the ancient. But today, the exuberant thirst for knowledge, the insatiable joy of invention, the sharp inclination toward secularization, has reached its peak, and there is a homeless helplessness, a kind of frivolous worship of the present. Science is a means, not the nature of the world.
  There are three kinds of life for us: subsistence, material life, physical life, food, clothing, shelter and travel. Yu, awareness, thinking, social activities; Harmony, soul, soul, religion.
  Communism was first proposed by Christian theologians. Communism, as a doctrine, was first established by Christian theologians, and the concepts of "distribution according to work, distribution according to need" were first put forward by these theologians. Only god can fulfill the world of need, of necessity, of every effort, of freedom and fulfillment, the heaven that god has created. The original sin of human beings decides that it is impossible for human beings to save themselves, to establish heaven by themselves, and only by the god in their hearts can they reach heaven and wash away their SINS.ACTS 2:44 all who believe are in one place, having common use for all things. He sold his property and his goods (each according to his ability) and distributed them according to his need (each according to his need). This is a small communist society.
  ACTS 2:44 all who believe are in one place, having common use for all things. And all that believed were of one heart and one mind; and there was not a man that said, one of his substance is in his own right, which is a great household. Neither was any of them wanting: for they sold all the house, and the field, and the house, and the price that they sold, and set it at the feet of the servant. And to every man according to his need;
  Nor did they taste the bread of men for nothing. But thou hast laboured diligently, and laboured day and night, that thou shouldest not be burdensome to all. And when we were in thee, we commanded thee, saying, if any man will not do his work, he shall not eat. ACTS 20:34 these are my hands, which are given to me and to my fellowmen, as you know yourself.
  Revelation 21, 22: behold, I have made all things new. He who overcomes will inherit them. All his servants will serve him. Try your best. Whoever wants can drink the water of life for nothing. Take what you need.
  But be even. That your surplus may now be made up for their lack, and that their surplus may come to make up for your lack, and it shall be even. Lk 3:11 (John the Baptist) answered and said, he that hath two garments, he shall share with him that hath none.
  26. Many of the humanistic ideals of communism come from Christianity, and the era of theism (new heaven and new earth) must be a communist society, and a hierarchical society is unthinkable.
  ACTS 5: ananias and his wife, sapphira, sold their property. Take some of the money and put it at the feet of the apostles. Peter cursed both of them.
  The kingdom of god is by no means a private estate of rank, and it is not possible for one's property to remain part of it.
  But you shall not do this. Your heads are as big as young ones. But he who is first in command shall be like one who serves.
  Who is great, or a man that sitteth at table, or a man that serveth? Is it not the size of the table? But I am among you, as one who serves.
  The kingdom level of god is just spiritual level, soul level, there is reward, crown, glory crown, material is equal, everything common.
  For the kingdom of god is not eating or drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the holy spirit.
  The kingdom of god is the last social form, the eternal social form, and it must be a perfect and perfect harmonious equal society. A hierarchical society is one in which some people are of high rank and others are of low rank. Those of low rank, of course, try to be of high rank. There must be theft, robbery, deception, murder, revolution. The kingdom of god must be fair and just. You say low-ranking people are not smart, and they can all learn. Obviously, no one wants to be low. You say they've tried, they've learned, they're still low. Social unrest.
  29. Shinto communism is a kind of religious communism, a theory and political thought based on the idea that, based on the teachings of kris, the godless must agree that communism is an ideal social system. Biblical evidence shows that the first christians, including the twelve apostles, established a small communist society years after Jesus' death and resurrection. Communism was taught by Jesus and practiced by the twelve apostles.
  In the early days, communism may have played an important role in everyday Christianity, and Christianity certainly played an important role in the development of communist theory. Theocratic communism is a specialized theocratic movement that unites other communists with a focus on social justice and fairness.
  Christianity played a big role in pushing China towards communism. Both Christianity and communism were derived from jewish Judaism. And theism is the creation of the contemporary Chinese god ge yi people.
  The history of all societies to date is the history of the hierarchical society. The future communist society is an egalitarian society.
  33, people are no longer against people, everyone is AGAPE (willing to take others as the center of love), and it is happy. Everyone no longer needs to guard against anyone, because knowing that others only love themselves, oneself only love others, all people love each other, this is the joy of heaven.
  Everyone volunteers to produce wealth.
  The distribution of wealth equally to all, and the basic material needs of each, are met. Without hunger, every cold man in the world is happy.
  Mt. 20:1 for the kingdom of heaven is good as the Lord of his house; and he went early and hired men. And when he that was hired first cometh, it shall be much unto them. Everyone gets a penny.
  We have laboured and been in the heat all the day, and when the latter came only a little, thou makest them all to be like unto us.
  13the owner replied, "it is my wish that I give you the one who is coming and the one who is coming to you." (not distributed according to work, but distributed equally).
  All tyrannical machines die because they are no longer needed.
  Our bodies become perfect, without any defects or disabilities. It is no longer mortal.
  We who live forever are with god in this eternal kingdom, seeking what he has done throughout all eternity. The development of human beliefs, ideas, technology, culture, art, sports, games... The human spirit, the soul is completely satisfied, is filled with happiness.
  The former is a hierarchical society (violent society) and the latter a communist society (harmonious society).
  The primitive, the slave, the feudal, the capital, the society, all are the rank society, only different rank stratum obtains the dominance position to other rank stratum, but first distributes the social wealth.
  Economy: producing wealth;
  Politics: distributing wealth.
  Communist economics is written in four big words - each doing his best.
  Communist politics also has four big words - distribution according to need.
  The term refers to a person who has the ability to work, who accounts for the vast majority of the population, a person who is disabled who has slight labor, a person who is severely disabled who does not need labor, and a person who has equal material distribution.
  Which economic system will produce more wealth, and which will be practised?
  Politics is by no means mysterious or noble, but a means of distributing wealth. You are in politics, you are in politics, you are in politics, you are only participating in the distribution of wealth, or even just expressing opinions on how to distribute wealth.
  The hierarchy, the bureaucracy, the party, the legislature, the judiciary, the executive, complicated politics, as if so high and unfathomable, in fact, politics has only four words: distribution of wealth.
  There are only three kinds of people in communist society :(1) wealth producers, and all who are able to work, do their best. (2) wealth distributer, wealth distribution itself is also a kind of labor. (3) those who enjoy wealth, that is, all people, are distributed according to demand (reasonable demand), that is, the average distribution of wealth that society can provide.
  Is there a counterrevolution in politics? Is there a reaction? Is there political sensitivity? Since politics is only a means of distributing wealth, would you say? :) it's just that you have more and I have less. Maybe I have more, but you have less.
  Only when everyone is equal can there be harmony.
  Your fucking villa BMW
  I'm a fucking shanty bike with a yellow face
  Why should I be in harmony with you? Let you enjoy a lifetime? Lao tzu suffered all his life?
  I will not live harmoniously with you, but rather live your life, live in your villa, drive your BMW, eat your big fish and meat, and sleep with your beautiful wife :)
  The slogan "equal wealth, equal wealth", which was put forward by successive uprisings, is the hope for the communist society.
  Raising the consciousness of the poor, making them aware that oppression, exploitation and suffering are incompatible with the requirements of the Gospel and contrary to the will of god, makes them conscious of their legitimate actions. We should oppose social injustice, but never promote the hatred and deadly struggle. Instead, we should gradually change the human heart society by virtue of loving kindness and generous forgiveness.
  We criticize not only the poverty, exploitation, oppression and alienation that exist in society, but also the occupation of the means of production that is the institutional foundation of this phenomenon. The capitalist system was thoroughly negated and replaced with a fair and humane society free from oppression and class antagonism. To move history forward, not to improve and maintain the status quo or to drag it backward.
  On the basis of divine condemnation of poverty and injustice and expectations of the kingdom of god, pay attention to and condemn the growing social problems in the capitalist society, and take the divine religion and its spirit as the solution to social problems. The values of freedom are linked to the righteousness of god. Form a universal brotherhood, united by love.
  We should make use of and give play to the religious ideas on opposing exploitation, injustice and people's welfare, and put forward communist ideas such as the common ownership of production materials, the sharing of labor and capital, equality for all, benevolence and mutual assistance. In addition to adhering to the divine doctrine of doom judgment and afterlife heaven, it is also based on the ideal of realizing a good society on earth, and through the guidance of the church, it enables the vast number of gods and goddesses to take reasonable actions to realize the ideal society.
  The root of all evil is the depravity of human nature. If the phenomenon of enslavement is to be truly eliminated, it can only be achieved through spiritual conversion and spiritual transformation, thus eliminating one's own SINS. If something happens that is unfair to you, the first thing you should do is to banish any feelings of hate from your heart. Pray to god for god to end injustice.
  Capitalism is modern slavery. The proletariat is but a working tool for the capitalist. The liberty of the person stipulated by the capitalist law is false. The chains and means of modern slavery are hunger. People should wake up and cast off their slave chains. But this cannot be done through revolutionary violence. Salvation lies in the love of god, in strengthening the moral ties of the people, in their peaceful exercise of their highest rights.
  The necessity and possibility of sharing wealth. Natural law and divine love should be the basis of all laws. According to the laws of nature, rights and duties are equal. The root cause of the suffering of workers is not machines, which can benefit mankind in a Shared society. The inequality of the distribution of labor, the inequality of the distribution of goods that leads to poverty, is the root cause of the suffering of workers, and the means of sustaining this abhorrent mess is money.
  All people get the same living conditions to make everyone happy and carefree. Therefore, we must implement the sharing of wealth, abolish the system of money, equal use of all wealth, equal distribution of labor, equal distribution of products, and equal enjoyment. Everyone has the right to own and enjoy as much as they need, and no one has the right to pursue more consumption and less labor. No one can enjoy more and do less work because he has more knowledge. Otherwise, he is a nobleman. "The perfect ripe human being is the crop, and the common possession of earthly riches is the first fruit of this crop." According to the law of love to harvest the fruit of the mature human being - sharing of wealth.
  The god of kris taught to abolish property. The god of kris taught to abolish money. God kris teaches to abolish punishment. The principle of kris theology is common Labour and enjoyment. The principle of god is the principle of freedom and equality. The god of kris believes that the teaching of the doctrine of communal sharing must make sacrifices.
  The principles of true theology are the abolition of property, of inheritance, of money, of the common sharing of wealth, of liberty, equality, and charity, among others. Realizing these principles is the premise of the perfect and beautiful state of the communist society.
  58, the communist society is a eliminates the class society, a great development of social productivity, an abundant social material wealth and spiritual wealth, and all of the property belongs to all mankind, product family, all people enjoy equal social and economic rights, people will no longer work as a means of earning a living, and "labor will become people's self-consciousness and self-determination".
  With the division of social classes and development orientation of society, human society is bound to move towards a communist society.
  It is still necessary for the communist society to retain small organs of dictatorship, the police, and prisons, because some people want to kill people? Rape? What about stealing and robbing in addition to having a reasonable distribution of demand? With the improvement of productivity and the further improvement of human moral standards, small dictatorships will become smaller and smaller.
  When I say communist society as much as I can, when I have to say communism, I don't mean marxism, I mean Goethe.
  The complete liberation of man -- the union between man and god and man is god's arrangement and grace.
  In the internationale, "itasunner must come true", which is not communist but internationalist (French), and "internationalism must come true" is nothing more than the appeal of globalization.
  The future of mankind depends on god and his understanding and pursuit of the word of god. Once all mankind has reached a consensus on the word of god and is able to follow the word of god and be fair and just, then a beautiful future will be born and ripe and ready. Because of this, the divine church has made it its sacred mission to promote and promote the word of god.
  For the formation and consolidation of man's good character, thoughts and deeds depend on his belief in and reverence for god. Belief in and reverence for god is a reliable guarantee of human virtue, thought and behavior. Without the belief and reverence for god, all these became water without source, wood without root, it is difficult to maintain for a long time. Although everyone wants to be a good man, and don't want to become a bad guy, but if there is no god in mind, no monitor and regulate human character of the deity, once encounter practical problems, especially when the real problem with her good will can't be good agreement, will be helpless and even throw away freely to the latter.
  In the future communist society, everyone will have a normal marriage and children, and their extramarital affairs will not be prohibited by morality. In the future communist society, any adult male and female will be able to go to wushan voluntarily. This kind of behavior, without moral prohibition, will bring complete happiness and harmony to human beings.
  We have to build the intercourse of the toilet as much, any adult men and women, as long as needed, to enter, with the opposite sex, consensual, namely feasible duke of zhou rite, everyone's satisfaction as convenient as the toilet, since there is no moral problems on the toilet, that sex does not exist on ethical issues, not the victim's behavior is moral, eunuchs and ladies, human nature, why not to meet? Can solve a lot of crime, a lot of heart helpless pain.
  Sex is god's blessing to human beings and animals, so that they can flourish. Everyone's sexuality is completely free and free, and human sexuality enters the free kingdom. Sexual freedom does not necessarily lead to promiscuity. For example, birds are sexual freedom, but there is no sexual freedom. Animals are essentially sexual freedom, because there is no moral law, no dictatorship, no machine punishment, no family, but there is no sexual freedom, and they get terrible diseases.
  Sexual freedom is just about respecting human rights. It is because of sneaking that people are curious about crimes. Once they are free, that is the case. The goal of human evolution is to accomplish humanity, and humanity can only achieve the most fulfilling realization when the individual is absolutely free.
  According to the definition of britannica, communism is a political system ideal that distributes income and property equally among the people of the country.
  68. The only purpose of the deists is to peacefully export the values of the god of kris to the world and strive to realize the global communist society in 2019.
  I examined all the values that have failed so far, and established the values of kris god to save the world. In the end, human beings will get rid of the SINS and death inherited from their ancestors and restore close relations with god. God help me, amen!
  A revolution is inevitable when the polarization between the rich and the poor reaches a critical point. In other words, the violent redistribution of wealth does not take the will of human beings.
  In communist society, labor is voluntary and voluntary. The purpose of work is not to make a living, but to be a part of life.
  Communist life is voluntary, based on faith and love, and is not subject to institutional compulsion.
  Now the stars are singing about love and the fans are reacting fiercely. This is the foundation and hope of communism.
  It goes without saying that as long as there is a class of rich and poor in any society, there will inevitably be a revolution of theft, robbery, deception and murder, and there will never be harmony.
  The only hope of ending the rapid secularization is to establish the values of kris.
  The apostolic church of communism how honored they were that they did not feel the pain of poverty on the grounds that they were generous in giving away their possessions so that no one was left in poverty. They don't give part of themselves to the church, but part of themselves; When they give it away, they do not regard it as their own property. They eliminate inequality and live abundantly. And their attitude to this kind of thing is remarkable. They do not dare to put the alms on the hands of the poor, nor do they dare to take the gifts proudly. Thus every man obtains his necessities from public supplies, not from private property. This prevents the giver from becoming vain and ineffectual in self-sufficiency.
  If we do this today, all the rich and poor will be happier. But the happiness of the poor must be no more than that of the rich. For he who gives does not become poor, but he who gives makes poor, rich.
  Let us imagine the method adopted by the apostolic church in which all men contribute what they have and become public possessions. Neither rich nor poor can resist such schemes and help. If they were to dine at a communal table, the cost would not be much, and the blessing of god would not fall on us, making us a thousand times richer. Did it not establish a kingdom of heaven on earth? Would it not have been more remarkable if this experiment had been carried out among the three or five thousand people of that day (the first generation of christians), and none of them had been found wanting? Does not every new addition bring his own things into it?
  Separation and division must produce great waste and hence poverty. On the same day, the number of believers, is only about 3, five thousand people, and the whole world at that time, are hostile to the us, there is no place, can make us have safely, however our pioneer, is so grand to execute this kind of work, but we are now, by the grace of god everywhere widespread but many believers, what we should have great confidence. We should take everything out, everything for us.
  In the gospels Jesus repeatedly reminded his disciples that everyone should give up all his possessions.
  "So any one of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple."
  "You sell everything, zhou jiren." (Luke 12:33)
  "One thing you lack: you will sell everything you have and give to the poor, and there will be treasure in heaven, and you will come after me. When he heard this, he was grieved, for he is very rich. Luke 18:23.
  This thing led Jesus to tell the parable of the camel. It was easier for the camel to pass through the hole of a needle, but harder for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, the kingdom of heaven is for those who enjoy their wealth with the poor.
  In today's materialistic flow, people seem to only understand busy making money, the society is becoming more and more indifferent! Do people really not need that sincere, simple, calm and moved from the heart? No, needs, the world needs warmth, needs love! People need to reclaim their faith in life! Need divine instruction!
  Once the theistic principles of equality, fraternity and charity were applied to social organizations, mankind entered the new era of Jerusalem (heaven). Use various means to make the Gospel of god universal, and achieve this in a cooperative and peaceful way without the need for revolution. A new society based on the principle of equality before god.
  As long as the whole society adheres to its own religious beliefs, and adds universal suffrage, cooperative system and people's participation in politics, society will be saved. The foundation of the new society will be: god is the father of all mankind, and the divine religion is the spiritual driving force for human progress.
  The belief that the "kingdom of god" should be founded on this life and this life, and that the cause of establishing such a kingdom is basically the cause of awakening social conscience and revitalizing morality. Without morality there is no real freedom; Without religion, there is no real science. Without the fear of god and the pity of his countrymen, there is no talk of industry.
  The practice of denying human relations, which is pervaded throughout the industrial system, is against the spirit of divinity. To handle all economic affairs in a fair and friendly spirit, achieve class reconciliation, "union and exchange", not competition for profit.
  Theocratic communism is the proof of god's law. According to the Gospel, human society is a collection of molecules, not a collection of atoms fighting each other. True workers must be dear to each other, not hostile to each other; The act of dealing must be governed by a sound principle, not a selfish one.
  Workers unite to free themselves from the slavery that makes them subservient and deprived of their basic human rights, and to uphold the right enshrined in the doctrine of equality before god. Communal property, everyone is equal, do not let a person starve, do not let a person suffer cold. The millennium heaven of justice, universal equality and happiness.
  The establishment of free associations and measures to protect the right of the poor to live would cure social ills, and the suffrage of Labour would rule the world.
  Since the advent of theism, the theory of human relations has undergone a tremendous transformation, namely, the recognition that all human rights are basically equal. This progress in the human spirit has deprived the privileged of their prestige and made them reluctant to fight back when the poor demanded their rights.
  Human virtue is not a concept inherent in the field of nature, but is given by divine revelation, which is true and certain as it enters human thought directly from god.
  Only by taking the principle of divine fraternity as a solid foundation can the cooperative system successfully liberate workers.
  God has a wonderful education plan to save the soul of man and to make it perfect. As long as people believe in god and abide by their duties, the social ideal of god can be realized. “wordofgod”s should not only provide reading, but should also be a personal motto and a handbook for statesmen.
  94, communism no matter in what sense is a principle of "new moral world", it is also one of the most important in the old world, the principle of the monotheistic thought of communism in the all times of the past is always one of the most vivid and most dynamic thought, this thought in our age is bound to be fully developed.
  95, Shinto faith of communism, that is, in the capitalist production relations, use of ideas and values criticizes capitalism (sometimes including feudalism) caused by the production and the social relations and its consequences, to borrow ideas of religion (such as one thousand, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of god, latter-day trial) set up the ideas of the ideal society in human.
  Material equality can solve most social problems. Moreover, the society will keep making progress and will not lose its vitality. For from god's point of view we seek what god has done forever and ever. From the perspective of human nature, the constant derivation of human needs promotes the development of material conditions, while the development of material needs continues to derive, and the demand will not disappear.
  It is precisely because of the polarization between the rich and the poor that people take the pursuit of material wealth as the sole purpose of life and ignore the original meaning of life.
  Use science, art, and industry to the fullest extent to meet people's needs. "Propaganda" is the only means to achieve theocratic communism and is against any violent action. Only such revolution can bring happiness and peace to all people.
  It is god's word that everyone should be treated as a brother. It is the highest principle that god has given to man and the highest principle of his morality. It contains everything that god has given to man, and therefore can lead everything out of it, establishing the system of god's power over man as a common principle.
  According to the highest moral principles which god has given to man, man should organize his society in such a way as to benefit the greatest number of men. The cause of improving the spiritual and material conditions of the largest class in the shortest time by the most satisfactory means should be the object of all one's Labour and activity.
  101. We should not only make people happy in heaven, but also in the world. Not only propagating to all classes that the poor are the beloved son of god, but also openly and steadfastly improving the spiritual and material conditions of the largest class.
  The core values of communism are universal, equality for all, mutual love for all, freedom, liberation and creation. Creation, development and construction under oppression, exploitation and repression.
  The universal mind is the true universal brotherhood, and the universal equality of human rights is higher than the sovereign supreme state of goodness. The free movement of all human beings will gradually create a true world balance. The diversity of civilizations will develop dynamically in the long run.
  The inequality of property rights and wealth caused by capital, especially the core means of production, leads to the DE facto inequality of human opportunities, life, identity and enjoyment.
  Things of ancient value and vitality cannot be bought and stimulated by money. And everyone has in their hearts the spirit of engaging in their own creative work with the sheer intoxication of ecstasy.
  106. There is no doubt that the material and technological means and basis of modern science and technology are approaching the reality of communism. It is entirely possible to change the current system, institutions and ideas, and the global Commons. The tremendous enrichment that lays the foundation of communist material technology already had basically in modern science and technology and material means.
  One person can feed more than 100 people with proper farming equipment. The labor productivity of the consumer goods industry has been magnified hundreds of times. The potential development of labor productivity in modern transportation, communication, information and culture industries has just begun. It is possible for human beings to be liberated from the heavy and simple repetition of manual labor and from the slavish submission to the old system of division of labor.
  Global annual output is now more than $30 trillion. With a population of 5 billion, the per capita production capacity and actual output reached us $6,000, which is undoubtedly a substantial social material base at the level of real purchasing power.
  As technology multiplies, the development of human intelligence has only just begun. In the next half century, the efficient, organic, high-value and low-consumption inventions and innovations of human beings will spread far and wide. The key lies in the system innovation and the system transformation guidance and the demonstration transmission.
  110. The space of value growth that western civilization expresses in terms of its capital expansion nature has come to an end. Material and monetary values have gradually given way to other social values.
  Communism is the realization of such valuable elements as democracy, freedom, justice and humanism. With universal suffrage and a sound parliamentary democracy, a violent revolution is unnecessary and should be avoided. The path of the violent dictatorship of the proletariat is not workable. Only the path of construction can lead steadily to communism.
  Advocate the values of freedom, democracy, solidarity and social justice, advocate the diversification of the sources of ideas, and the power of the state must be created through democratic elections. The right to vote, to know and to supervise is the natural right of citizens.
  113. As long as there is collective and national support, there will be no fear of the future, and more energy will be given to building it.
  The way of human self-emancipation is not only to develop and consume resources, but more importantly to create and regenerate them. Only in the communist society can man realize the great practice of transforming himself and creating nature.
  From Plato onward, communism is the only political concept worth pondering among philosophers.
  116. Ecology, intellectual property, and new technologies contain the common conditions for the realization of communism, while social isolation suggests that the totality of capitalism has failed.
  117. Non-material property, such as knowledge, emotion, etc., can be Shared. Intangible property is public at present, which is in essence opposite to private ownership.
  Communism is not the appropriation of things, but the re-appropriation of the essence of man, the occupation of our subjectivity from the point of view of man and for the sake of man.
  Work will rule the world when it has the right to vote. Build a vibrant community of "mutual love," "cooperation," and "no one has the right to take anything for themselves."
  Advocate human cooperation and common progress, oppose social inequality and injustice, and establish a social system characterized by fairness, democracy, benefit sharing and association.
  Liberty is the highest value of mankind. Equality and justice are the highest value of mankind.
  Society should give everyone in society the equal status and opportunities as possible before launching social competition.
  The essence of communism is not a political, social, and economic link, but a moral value that aims to eliminate contradictions in capitalist social relations and to achieve superior class solidarity between people.
  Realizing communism in democracy and freedom and following the path of peaceful and democratic communism means not taking violent revolution but making full use of the existing bourgeois democratic system to gradually transition to communism. Freedom, justice and mutual aid, as the three basic values of communism, are committed to establishing a life order in line with these moral values.
  The establishment of a democratic communist society based on spiritual freedom and political freedom is aimed at freeing and developing human individuality. Freedom, justice, unity (mutual aid).
  The task of building communism to strive for these democracies communism is the highest form of democracy.
  Class liberation and human liberation. That is, the elimination of economic exploitation, the elimination of privileges and oppression in social and political life, equality for all.
  Social productivity is highly developed and material wealth is greatly enriched. All the means of production are Shared by the members of society. Practice the principle of each according to his ability and each according to his need. The state has lost its class nature and become a governing body of purely social public things.
  129. Realizing the complete liberation of man, making him a "complete man", a "real man" and a "free man"; The essence of communist society is the "union" of free men, a social form in which the full and free development of every man is the basic principle.
  Now the ideal of communism is realized in technology and institutions.
  Communism may take the lead in some areas. Take literature. With the development of computers and the Internet, the creation and reading of literary works have emerged the mechanism of "distribution according to one's ability and need". Many people build blogs and websites on the Internet to publish their literary works for others to read for free. For these people, literary creation and appreciation of literary works have become "self-consciousness and self-determination", and the number of such literary works on the Internet has increased rapidly, which has a strong flavor of "great surging flow" of literary works. Also has the calligraphy and painting, the animation work and so on. From this perspective, the production and consumption of products that meet people's spiritual needs are likely to be the first to achieve "all efforts, distribution according to needs", "great surging flow" and "labor becomes self-determination and self-determination".
  Marx borrowed only the word communism, which was originally put forward by Christian theologians, but I restored it and carried it forward.
  Christian primitive communism was the father of all kinds of communism, including modern communism.
  134. Social and public institutions are very developed, and urban-rural differences, differences in people's treatment and social division of labor will disappear completely. Everyone can get a scientific education and medical treatment. Work, life, entertainment, arrangement of scientific and reasonable, suitable for the needs of longevity.
  135, no one is regulated, are consciously in the service of the people, the service of communism! Science and technology is very developed, people can at low workload to meet the need of high quality life, all property owned by the whole people, life to get information, work output and life for the people, has recorded, the arrival of the end of the work as its do communism as the basis of a fair trial, to its people get good evaluation, can more easily get the support of others in the social activities, as the individual end communism trial on the basis of the value of the life.
  Everyone is tolerant, tolerant of external suffering and forgiving of offenses. Equal access to social and economic rights, people to prolong their natural life and self-improvement, labor and creation will become the first needs of people. People will not be limited by the division of labor, to achieve the "each can, each need" stage. In the communist society, everyone can get great satisfaction! Everyone is self-conscious, self-alert, self - control, self - control, self - esteem, self - love!
  137, everyone is working and learning, helping each other, improving their own quality, making up their own defects and mistakes, correcting their own mistakes, and pursuing the perfection and beauty! Everyone is spontaneously fighting for a common ideal! Nobody has the special scope of activities, but according to the characteristics of their own development can work in any department, social and public institutions, regulating the whole production ability into social public institutions involved in the allocation of social work, but as individuals will give priority to, so that we could over their interests do it today, do that tomorrow.
  138. Therefore, in such a society with a highly abundant material foundation and strong social production capacity, the people are striving for a good overall evaluation of communism in their doomsday judgment. How to develop oneself, develop spiritual civilization to realize the value of life will become the pursuit of people. People will compete for labor and take on a wider range of jobs, and no one wants to be a walking dead in this society.
  Communism is a great practice of science. For example, nowadays it is common to share the Internet. Piped natural gas in cities, for example, means that most people share a huge gas supply system, such as a Shared bike, and it is also a kind of communism.
  140. The communist society will be the return of the free, equal and philanthropic spirit of the ancient clan society on a higher material basis. Humanity will truly be in control of its own destiny, from the inevitable world to the free world. The essence of communism is the free and all-round development of man.
  141. The communism of modern people is limited to the east and west.
  142. Social productive forces are highly developed, science and technology are extremely developed, labor productivity is unprecedentedly improved, labor time is greatly shortened and social products are greatly abundant.
  All private labor and small-scale production have been replaced by large-scale social production, with all members of society jointly occupying the means of production and the disappearance of commodities and currencies.
  Eliminate the differences between workers and peasants, between urban and rural areas, between mental and physical Labour.
  As a result of changes in the mode of production and the demise of the old division of Labour, every member of society will enjoy free and comprehensive development.
  146. The whole society conducts mass customization in a planned way according to the needs of different people.
  Practice the principle of distribution according to one's ability and one's need. (by this I mean "taking the needs of man as the sole basis for the distribution of the products of Labour" rather than being able to satisfy any desire of all at will.)
  Class differences disappear, "slavery to man" is replaced by "management of things," and the state machine wipes itself out.
  149. With the demise of all economic oppression and slavery, so did the moral inequity of class society.
  150. With the demise of the individual family, sexual relations will become purely private and society free of interference, and the upbringing of minors and the education will become fully public utilities in society. (family, is essentially a kind of individual economic units in the agricultural society is a living unit and production unit, the burden of the education, pensions and other functions, with the development of capitalism industry its functions gradually replaced by various social institutions and public services, thus modern family size is smaller, and more and more unstable, eventually to vanish in the communist society.)
  151. Neither of the former so-called socialist countries is communism, and the real communism we can pursue has been ruined. Communism for the seers is real, it's aspirational, it's idealistic, and we inherit the seers. But work together.
  God kris was born a communist, or he was born for communism.
  153, communism is through the development of the productive forces, to highly developed collectivism ideology dominated the society, need not through the production material private possession system to promote the development of the production, there is no class contradictions, race, liberated from the class contradictions of circulating humanity thoughts, and establish the system of class, there is no private ownership of productive materials, government, society and mass production.
  This way of restricting personal development is not communism. Communism should be highly liberal for everyone.
  155. Communist society will create more advanced productive forces than capitalism, completely change the division of labor in society, and make equality between men and women a real reality. In all class societies, the degree of female liberation is the natural measure of universal emancipation.
  156. The state machine is a professional authority ostensibly over all members of society, exercising its power through laws representing the will of all ruling classes. As long as a society is divided into different classes, there must be such a "public power" which is not subject to supervision and control and keeps the whole society relatively stable through coercive means, instead of causing the classes to perish together due to endless class struggle.
  On the one hand, the ruling class maintained its dominant position through violent means, on the other hand, it fooled the ruled by the spiritual means of "morality". Make them willingly submit to their rule. The dominant class refers to ACTS that serve its own interests as "justice" and "honor" and ACTS that harm its own interests as "evil" and "disgrace."
  This hypocritical morality often adopts the most despicable double standard, requiring the personal interests of the governed to be unconditionally subject to illusory collective interests (that is, the interests of the ruling class), even to the extent of sacrificing individual lives.
  Instead of a class society full of class antagonism, violence and deceit, it could only be a union of free men. There, the free development of every man will be the condition for the free development of all men. This free world is communist society. Although mankind has experienced a class society for thousands of years, from the whole human history of millions of years, this era after all is only a very short transition stage. Only when humans have completely got rid of the enslavement of nature to human and human to human, can they finally break away from the animal kingdom in a certain sense and truly enter the living conditions of "human" from the living conditions of "beast".
  157 sharing a new product among multiple people allows the majority to share the new product: public goods, common ownership, Shared by the majority. This is communism.
  The so-called communist countries that exist are not really communist. First of all, communism abolishes private ownership and abolishes state machinery. The ownership of the means of production is controlled by the whole society.
  159. A communist society will never deny its own interests under the pretext of collective interests, nor will it eliminate human desires. Only a class society would base the wealth and freedom of one on the suffering, oppression and unconditional sacrifice of another. The essence of communism is the free and comprehensive development of human beings. It is by no means to eliminate human individuality, but to enable the full development of freedom and ability of everyone.
  The demise of private ownership depends only on the degree of development of the productive forces. Only on the premise that the mode of production itself is highly socialized can it be possible to eliminate private ownership and realize a true communist system for all.
  Socialized mass production, economic globalization, Internet scientific and technological revolution, the world has become one, the dawn of communism has emerged in the east of the world, is about to shine the world, radically changing the world.
  162. In September 2014, Mr. Ge yimin from zhenjiang, jiangsu published “wordofgod” in Hong Kong, which is the integration of Christianity and communism, adding communist elements to Christianity and innovatively developing Christianity. China is a communist country, and Christian communism is the only way for Chinese Christianity to be localized again.
  Communism is the most moral society in which man can live according to god's will. All men are equal, members of the free men's association.
  Christianity is at odds with communism. You were told by the horse communist, but the horse communist did not tell you that communism originated in Christianity.
  Communism was first proposed by Christian theologians. Communism, as a doctrine, was first established by Christian theologians, and the concepts of "distribution according to work, distribution according to need" were first put forward by these theologians.
  The communist party has failed because of violent revolutions, which have failed to achieve the goal of changing economic and social patterns.
  We are ge tong. The communist party is the two great revolutions (socialized production and Internet revolution), which are harmonious.
  Communism has been an ideal country for people with lofty ideals since ancient times. As long as it is distributed in accordance with needs, it is communism without excluding religious communism.
  165. The final form of human society refers to distribution according to needs. The communist government, the freemen's union, is no longer a dictatorship machine. The freedom of communism is based on the freedom of everyone. Now the common production, the material conditions have been in sight, the common heart, that is to update the human mind, ge yi democratic Gospel spread around the world, was accepted by mankind.
  166. Marx said very early on that the tremendous growth of productivity and world-wide interaction are the two prerequisites of socialism. In other words, there is no premise and no socialism. World trade, the global village, and the Internet are the manifestations of world exchanges. Only when productivity grows to a high degree, world exchanges are already very close, and socialism can be achieved. Prior to this, the responsibility of the communists was to promote these two premises while at the same time safeguarding the rights and interests of workers.

Chapter 11 the gospels
  Fighting? Fight should not, should not fight against anyone, because others are the most similar to you in the world the closest east.
  Why would one person hit another? You know, he's gonna hurt, and pain is the feeling you're scared of.
  Why would one person kill another? You know, his life is as precious as yours only once, and he loves his parents as much as you do, his wife and children.
  I can't imagine one man shooting another with a gun. Why? OH, your kind!!! OH MY GOD!!!!
  As long as there are people starving in this world, all the people alive are selfish. Since it is impossible for a lover to be like himself, it is necessary to lower the requirement, that is: not against anyone. Everyone has no need to guard against anyone, how high the life experience will be.
  Everyone does not oppose anyone, now is heaven. Do what you can, distribute what you need, if everyone wants to, and be happy.
  Do not have to wait for material to be extremely rich, allocate according to basic demand can. As productivity increases, everyone's material satisfaction increases. The key is spiritual happiness and spiritual satisfaction. Don't stand up to anyone, AGAPE.
  Everyone is busy for his stomach, and god is busy for his soul. What's the point of just making money? What's the point of making you a billion dollars? Drinking, whoring, gambling? Does it really work for you? All that is external, that is material, is really not important. Only the peace and satisfaction of the heart can be true. Our hearts will never be at peace unless you are in the arms of god.
  A person, a thinking person, only breaks through any predecessors' category, can be closer to god, because god is infinite. Only by breaking through the category of any predecessors can we get closer to the truth, for truth is infinite.
  6. Establish a communist society around the world in 2019 with a divine lover like yourself.
  A man, no matter who he is, a dignitary, a merchant, a common man, a thief, a prostitute, a beggar, a rigger, a murderer, a disabled orphan, a serious illness is going to die. Everybody, just like you and me.
  8. The world will eventually be unified, namely, the global communist society, but the means is the love of god's religion, rather than violent revolution.
  All people are the children of god, because they were created by god, and god kris is recognized as a brother and sister, including Hitler, including Japanese, including comrade bin laden :)
  All men will go to heaven, and it goes without saying that if god can only let part of the created be tortured in hell forever, he is not the all-good almighty, but the incompetent.
  Someone always asks me, what good is it to be religious? My answer now is: realize communist society.
  The only purpose of the party of god is to peacefully export the harmonious values of kris.
  12. I examined all the values that have failed so far, and established the values of kris god to save the world. Human beings will eventually get rid of the SINS and death inherited from their ancestors and restore close relations with god. God help me, amen!
  The world has been a tragedy from ancient times to modern times. From now on, it will be a tragedy for a long time.
  I am god's last word, the son of the people of the world.
  We do not kneel to anyone, including god, we are equal to god. We recognize that we are far less capable than god, who is the creator. But he needs us to cooperate, and we are willing to be equal partners with god, to help god bring people from the dust to the spirit and create human happiness. We are not slaves to the bible, or even to god, but to god's best friend.
  Our faith in god, our creator, is not limited to the bible. “wordofgod”, from the bible, higher than the bible. God is not limited by the scriptures, nor is truth, for god is alive, always new, and truth is infinite.
  The heaven that promises a person to enter after death, empty not to say, more main die to have no proof, drive cheat death hind enter heaven, the person discovers after death did not enter, cannot seek him to settle accounts, can only then cheat next next year.
  Just as zhao ziyang said about socialism, no one can tell. The jews asked Jesus to show a sign, and Jesus did not show or show it, while kris had only a dream, and they asked him to show a sign or show it, or who could show it? The so-called divine mind is only nature or magic. Just as the Lord said, who can make his hair black and white? Or who did the miracle two thousand years after the bible? Five loaves and two fishes, resurrection of the dead?
  The bible has been two thousand years, and the soul of man is worse than it was before. It's also important to believe, to read scripture, to be neurologically, to pursue direct communication with god, right? Does truth and divinity share the biblical limitations of 2000 years ago? So new ideas can come from god, they can be free from the bible. So we need a new global religion, which is theism.
  All religious scriptures are useful only to those who believe.
  It is obvious that the bible cannot fully guide modern society. It does not exhaust the truth. It does not contain capitalism, socialism or the Internet. Modern economics, politics, technology, the bible can't guide us, so we need new ideas. Since the bible was written 2000 years ago, human beings have not been completely happy, which is exactly what theologians are trying to do. We really can't be limited to the bible, because god is infinite, and that's a divine mission.
  I believe that GOD is a creator and GOD, just as GOD who teaches. My vision is similar to the bible, my mind is communist, so I'm a theologian communist.
  You can be a total atheist. You can be a complete thinker. But you can't be a complete atheist and a thinker.
  You are walking away from the truth and away from god when you are alone in the bible, in Jesus alone or in any scripture or person.
  Eternal life, the only useful pursuit of mankind, "believe in god kris for eternal life."
  Without the Internet, ancient saints and sages could not quickly propagandize, unify their thoughts and realize great harmony. Now that humans have invented the Internet, everyone is quick to accept the same information, so we think we can achieve a communist society in 2019.
  For thousands of years, religions have not brought happiness to human beings; instead, morality has deteriorated. People are busy for a meal, and everything is for money. So there's a need for a new global religion, the divine religion, to lift the human heart, to be happy, and finally for eternal life.
  The world is not eternal. Scientific observations prove that it has an origin.
  Man is not eternal. Scientific observation proves that man has origins.
  No world view can be self-consistent without the premise of eternal existence.
  Therefore god must exist!
  He did not say enough, the parable of the good Samaritan. Let us be neighbor to all, not only to those who care about us, but also to those who do not care about us. I want everyone to fall in love, at least not against anyone. It is the task of god's teaching to love all, to lead each of us to do so.
  Neither god nor the devil is for himself.
  If you are human,
    I am god.
    If I'm a person,
    You are beasts.
  You cannot surpass Jesus. What does god want of you?
  God is god, and all the flowers are against him, and god himself is against him. Why do you still say so? Only god knows.
  I believe in truth and faith only in a society of free thought, free speech, free spirit.
  35, there is no Jesus in the world, I do not know, but god kris lives with you every day, for the 2019 global communist society, the long march every day, this is what we see with our own eyes.
  Lord, give me seven years and I will return you to a global communist society.
  The god of kris is the magic way of heaven.
    Through him all the world into the communist paradise.
  New heaven and new earth, heaven and earth will not be new, still so, nature. What's new? The new is the human mind, once all human beings accept the “wordofgod” (Gospel - not against anyone), now is heaven, seven years is the time table of divine blessing. All human beings can be unified by accepting “wordofgod” and reaching consensus. And socialized large production today, already had communism condition.
  There is no organization or discipline in the religion, only the Gospel of eternal life and the hope of eternal life. God's purpose, of course, is salvation.
  The only task of kris ge is to write the “wordofgod”.
  The President of the world is meaningless, the beauty is empty, the money is enough, the god is impossible, the eternal life is impossible, the only thing that can be achieved is the global realization of communism.
  To realize communism, the only thing god can do is to write the “wordofgod”.
  In 2019, “wordofgod”s will have to complete 250,000 words, or the number of words in the new testament and quran.
  In 2019, the “wordofgod” of peace will spread all over the world, and communism can be achieved all over the world.
  I submit myself to the creator, the creator and ruler of the universe, whom I call god (god), and would like to work for him to establish heaven and heaven on earth. And call oneself ge yi people god, have article word, the meaning of god son.
  My vision proves that I was chosen by god, amen!
  God is the true and living god, and the truth is infinite. While the world's 2.3 billion christians are still clinging to the bible from 2,000 years ago, we in god are creating “wordofgod”s to seek higher truths and to be closer to god.
  I want to give everyone a basic diet, basic medical care.
  Jesus did not finally defeat satan. This task will be done by me.
  Social mass production today, the Internet technology revolution today, 2019 can achieve communism, the renewal of the hearts of people around the world can, and this task historically handed over to the god.
  Our religion is China's, borrowing from the west. We are god's, god's, China's, and the world's. We founded Chinese religion, that is, the new religion, which is also the world's religion.
  We do not believe in the trinity, that god is one, that god is the creator, that Jesus is the son of god, and that the holy spirit is god's motivation.
  God is also the son of god with Jesus. Or maybe god ge is Jesus again.
  We believe in a creator, god, and Jesus is a man, chosen by god, god the son, and signs are needed. Everybody's a little reasonable.
  Jesus never called himself god, only the son of god when he was judged.
  It's just that Paul thinks Jesus is equal to god.
  Jesus or Paul?
  The resurrection of Jesus is disputed, only in the bible. Ge is a dreamer. God wants us to listen to him.
  The bible has more anti-trinity verses than it supports, such as Jesus: the father is greater than I, and the father sent me.
  Matter, like modern science, is made up of molecules and atoms.
  The essence of consciousness also comes from the soul, that is, qi, dreams and dreams belong to the category of consciousness.
  God is eternal, the cause of all causes, the origin, the beginning, from whom everything in the universe is born. God is of course conscious, consciousness has just said, from god.
  For man is of dust, and god wants man to be of spirit, that he may be with him eternal life. For thousands of years, man is still the dust, and god cannot, and this task has historically fallen on the shoulders of our divinity. We spread the truth and help god to make man spiritual.
  The original sin of man is the body from dust, the imperfect body (from dust, like animals), and this is the limitation of man.
  Ps 51:5 "I was born in iniquity, and sin was in my mother's womb."
  The fetus has no sin, no sin thoughts, only sin body.
  Theism is the religion of the true god.
  50, how the human heart is equal? Now there is great injustice, the cooling of human love, material justice, and the law of conscience. Because of material inequality, modern people just want one thing: to make money. We advocate satisfying the "I" : matter, spirit, soul.
  We admit that we want to change people's heart, but for modern people, we can only start from the material. Human suffering is caused by material imbalance, repeated struggle, material equality, human harmony.
  We believe that GOD, the creator, is not limited to any religion, and we are seeking the truth, which is the mission of GOD.
  Theism is the religion that believes in god.
  Communism is one of the ultimate goals of mankind, and immortality is the ultimate goal.
  Since god created the world, he has done only one thing, testing man spiritually to be with him forever. We can't do it all the time until we have a divine religion.
  In the final analysis, god tries man from the dust to the spirit, so that eternal life is with him.
  When Jesus was crucified to redeem sinners, god kris conquered the heart and satan, bringing about the age of the kingdom (communist society).
  The bible has some guiding significance for people in the past, and it still has some referential significance today. But the most important thing now is to listen to the new "truth" published by the god of kris, that is, the new testament -- the “wordofgod”.
  The crux of the divine concern is the real self and the intense experience of the supernatural and the practical ways to improve the quality of life.
  The ACTS performed by god of kris are a symbol of awakening in his heart. He emphasizes the mysterious intuition that love, emotion and heart should be understood in a special sense as human spirit, and to accept his point of view is to accept the disorder of human heart. In this way, one experiences the fact that the self that one has maintained and retained throughout one's life is an illusion. The believers feel that their relationship with the god of kris is to love and be loved, and think that kris god is guiding their spiritual journey to give up themselves and realize their sanctity.
  The purpose of theism is to eliminate suffering -- my suffering and human suffering. His cosmology, metaphysics and ethics almost revolve around this goal. People's desires are varied and contradictory and cannot be fully satisfied. Even if it does, there will be a contradiction in the satisfaction. Contradictory satisfaction leads to inner conflict, and the inner conflict of modern people is a kind of pain. We can think of modern westerners' efforts to find happiness as "secularization". But the truth is, the satisfaction of desire is not entirely happiness. Desire in the religious sense refers not only to the physical, but also to the psychological, not only to the individual, but also to the social. If man's efforts were not to control them, but merely to satisfy them, the religion would become secular, contrary to the purpose of the east to relieve suffering. Eastern religions are mostly turning these desires inward toward themselves, which is the opposite of the modern trend in the west. This kind of introversion also exists in the judeo-christian tradition, but has been ignored. Religious sociologists believe that these new religious movements, born in the east, may allow westerners to rediscover their traditions.
  In highly industrialized societies, the industrial, social, and technological revolutions have brought about great changes in society. The traditional social structure disintegrated and replaced by the non-personified bureaucracy. The traditional family pattern changed, and the nuclear family emerged instead. Due to flow operation and highly mechanized, informationization, computerized, lack of necessary emotional communication between people, everywhere is the ruthless law, regulations and articles of association, statisfied, handle affairs according to law, make people feel they face a society, no warmth in the highly mobile society, people can not find a sense; In a society where technology leads everything, people use reason more than emotion and intuition to face the world. Although they are materially rich, they are spiritually empty. But traditional religions, which have been turned off by secular culture, no longer provide spiritual comfort. At this time, theism came into being, which is more suitable for the living needs of contemporary people.
  62. Advocate extraordinary direct experience, which is an important feature of the divine movement. On the one hand, mankind has made brilliant achievements in the macroscopic celestial bodies, microscopic substances and social life with the application of science. It represses human nature; It makes people satisfied and it makes them fall in front of it. Therefore, drug addiction, the search for roots in culture, the search for the reaffirmation of human factors in myths and witchcraft, and the recovery of oneself in the new religious movement constitute a peculiar anti-rational culture and become the destructive force that attacks and misunderstands modern western civilization and reason, and people feel modern western civilization is in collapse. The idea that the world is going to end arises in some people, so people want to regain control of themselves, to seek themselves and to prove themselves. Paranormal experiences are personal experiences, and people practice them.
  In today's large-scale social production and Internet scientific and technological revolution, we draw on all the achievements of human thought to create new values.
  Our Christianity, which is modern, is actually a theism. Marxism has been proved to be in need of revision.
  Is separation of church and state always the truth? This is the era of mass production and Internet technology revolution. God can only wait for man to give heaven after death? This life is a hierarchy, right? The final form of humanity must be communism, for it is the most equal and perfect.
  God has always believed in Jesus, in the bible.
  Now we think, this world is originally god, but Jesus, the bible is not fully revealed, so we want to go after the true god, and more importantly open ourselves so that the true god can reveal us.
  The bible does not exhaust the truth, does not exhaust god, this is obvious, because the truth is infinite god is infinite.
  The bible, Jesus 2000, human beings are not happy, the heaven after the unprovable death is too empty, social production and the Internet technology revolution today, our religious beliefs should be promoted?
  We believe in the existence of a creator, according to create the main line, in order to easy and has been established, we call it god, but not limited to the bible, god may not necessarily be the Lord, more is not necessarily the Jesus, we now seek god, to explore the nature, to search for people, as well as the relations between and among, this is a historical mission. May god reveal us, amen!
  Jesus is the only savior, but the new testament says that Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Disagree? And Jesus has been suffering for two thousand years. Don't tell me to die and go to heaven.
  So what do you say about immortality? Those who believe in Jesus for eternal life, give an example and ask him to say something. We in the divine church are looking for eternal life, looking for eternal life, from the dusty body to the spiritual body, asking god for it, and dusty, spiritual, eternal is the “wordofgod” three chapters.
  It is not from Jesus that the two great sources of theism are Christianity and communism, the “wordofgod” comes from the bible, and the kris inherits Jesus, but the divine religion regards Jesus as the son of god, not god, and the bible does not exhaust the truth, so god seeks higher truth to be closer to god.
  The bible is only god's part, which is obvious, because god still has the right to speak, and the bible is only for the people of the time, if god is talking now, there will be social production and the content of the Internet technology revolution, god is certainly higher now than he was 2,000 years ago.
  Jesus is the son of god, not god, and the son of god is his self-proclaimed self. Jesus simply fulfilled god's mission for his generation. With social mass production and the Internet technology revolution, god's mission is different. Salvation can only come from god himself, which believer Jesus did not die? If yes, let him come out and say something. But now it's different.
  Nietzsche once said that christians are the last, and he expected superman.
  In modern society, if a Christian thinks faith in Jesus saved all day, zhang SAN is there salvation, li si to have salvation, in discussing these, it seems a bit must be saved, read the bible, refer to some texts, and think of god to the requirements of modern society, don't want to change to modern society, not the pursuit of happiness, just want to go to heaven after death, such a person, is not really the pursuit of the people of god, is not truly believe in people.
  In today's two major "social production and Internet technology revolution", the Christian faith is still a mere formality. Reading scripture and praying is not so sure that I believe in Jesus. I was saved.
  We are theologians, heirs to Christianity, and we recognize Jesus as the son of god, but not god. We seek a higher Lord, a higher Gospel.
  It is the beginning of a new heaven and a new earth, the end of the old system and the beginning of a new society, and the construction.
  How can a true modern thinker be bound by the bible 2,000 years ago? How can we be bound by Christian tradition? Christianity itself is separated from Judaism and takes the old testament as the bible, but the old testament Lord Judaism does not accept Jesus as the savior at all, believing that Jesus is irrelevant to the old testament, that the jewish savior was born to be king, not crucified, and that the jewish people are still waiting for the messiah to come.
  The spirit of the communist society, which is now materialistic (the two great social production and the Internet revolution), is exactly what our god religion is doing.
  Create new values -- the values of the people of ge yi-min, the principle of communism, god as a branch, with god's decree to conquer the hearts of people, let the world accept, let the world great harmony.
  76. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. I respect mu SAN. For the same reason I respect the Buddha, for the same reason I respect all traditional religions that are still practiced today.
  God will answer no prayer. The function of prayer is simply to keep in touch with god and, to put it bluntly, to believe in god.
  To kill one's father, wife and mother is the highest state of life
  Kill father, wife and mother, god cannot do, sorry.
  What goe needs to do is to guess.
  Is there a god? Where does god come from? The bible says it's unconvincing. Where is god? Heaven cannot prove it. Omnipresent, unconvincing. Where is god? Heaven cannot prove it. What does god want us humans to do? Better to believe in him than satan, at least satan gives me wisdom. Now the “wordofgod” is going to solve this puzzle.
  The hottest subject in China for the next five years must be theology. Theology is the supreme science of the study of god and “wordofgod”s. The greatest development of mankind is not material or technological, but the development of the relationship between man and god.
  How to develop from ordinary people to saints - god man, is the subject of future science! Only in this way can religion, philosophy and science be unified!
  I have: the book "the “wordofgod”s" published. Paper journal published. Two "“wordofgod”" news, several "social production and the Internet revolution" news. Web site. WeChat public account subscriber. Individual post bar, more than 10,000 members. Baidu post bar big V thinker certification, sina weibo, tenxun weibo orange V writer certification, more than 10,000 followers, weibo we-media writers. Subscribers of weibo fan service platform. Baidu reading certification author. Baidu wenku certified authors. Believers.
  Our ultimate goal: a communist society under the care of god (free men's union), without religion or government. We want to build a society where all of us are brothers and sisters and lead communist lives in the belief of a common god.
  I think the combination of politics and religion, ultimately no government and no religion, free people association. The future communist society will be a federation of free men and there will be no more dictatorship.
  I'm ultimately immortal, I want to be truly immortal, always have sense. Realize communism first, eternal life: 1. Divine decree. Or 2. Technology.
  The premise of brothers is the same parents, everyone is brothers, that is, everyone is the same "parent", that is, the "parent" is god, that is, god kris. Without the premise of sharing one god, no one is all brothers and no one is truly equal.
  The Gospel of divinity, that is, communism and eternal life. God gave the world communism and eternal life.Theocratic communism is the ultimate system of society and the ultimate concern of human beings.
  In a communist society, everyone has the absolute freedom to work hard without the possibility of suffering.
  Communism is the last form of human society. It must be perfect. Of course, it is democracy and freedom. The communist government is not a dictatorship, but a mere service, a federation of freemen. National and individual freedoms are all cultures, because political democracy and freedom and mutual assistance, economic equality, in a word, all people are brothers and sisters.
  Marriage, children and family are the source of one's happiness. Of course, some people do not need to be free, and there are many unmarried infertile people in modern society.
  For yourself, is there a law of conscience? Will you work yourself if your needs are assigned to you? The concrete implementation of communism, of course, must be discussed and revised in practice, now is only the direction. 66 is only a communist article, sexual satisfaction does not cost, does not cost resources, of course beauty and ugliness should be voluntary, has said voluntary as the foundation.
  Our god is the god of god (kris), not the god of Christianity (Jesus), and, of course, it is possible that both are one god.
  God is not visible; he is a prophet. The Lord cannot see, and Jesus can see. Allah is invisible, muhammad is visible; God cannot be seen, kris can be seen. Christianity is about Jesus, Islam is about muhammad, and god is about kris.
  Christians believe not in god, but in Jesus, the god of Jesus' revelation. Muslims believe not in god, but in muhammad, the god of muhammad's revelation; The followers of god believe in kris, the god who inspires them.
  Only those who suffer can bear the sufferings of others. I have to bear my pain to redeem the suffering of mankind.
  Not only sympathize, but redeem. Find a way to make life better for everyone in the world. This is the savior.
  God is one; therefore god wants unity. The war, killing and killing and bloodshed are human inspirations, and the war is still going on. Therefore, the god church should renew its unity and publicize the Gospel of kris.
  For we consider kris a great vision, "I am god; hear him." To let the whole world know, ge hua works hard to preach on the Internet. The Gospel of kris, the Gospel of the Internet age.
  I do not want to believe, as long as people know, because it is possible to believe.
  Geyima (Jesus Marx of kris)
  Guzman =gym= kris.
  The belief that the universe and life are meaningful is by no means meaningless.
  Today more than ever, there is a need for a savior, and more than ever, for mankind to cultivate one.
  Man is above all material.
  98. God has ten wisdoms, and nine copies have been given to Ge Yimin.
  99, 20191001 Ge Yimin became a god, since then human life has become better and better, until 20331126 The world is the same.
  100. Ge Yimin is a contemporary Christian communism, the top ten Ziwei saints, and the nine major net philosophers.
  101. Ge Yimin is two layers higher than God and three layers higher than human beings.
  》》God: Ge Yimin created the creator, the creator created God, and God created mankind.
  102. In the eyes of Ge Hua, the Supreme God and Lord in the hearts of Christians all over the world, they are only created by two Hua Hua, Jesus and Ge God.
  103. I think, is there a creator in this universe? If so, then the universe and human beings are meaningful; If not, just by chance, the universe and mankind have no meaning.
s Chapter 12 Quotations
  Only when everyone is allowed to speak their mind can we find the best, such as “wordofgod”s.
  2. We have electricity and Internet, but Jesus, muhammad, sakyamuni, Confucius and lao-tzu can no longer be produced.
  About women: my other half.
  About money: money is good.
  About friendship: fate.
  6. About death: destination.
  About the world: accident.
  About life: taking time.
  9. Dreams: second life.
  About life: you can only have one life.
  Life: never fails.
  About others: don't care what others say.
  About the world: freedom, equality and fraternity.
  When Lin daiyu falls in love with jia baoyu, it is not true love.
  Everyone is dreaming of a good lover. How can you be good to yourself, but can you be a good lover to others? What about him? So there is no love in the world, no good men (women).
  There's always an eighteen-year-old girl, and you're getting older.
  17. Nietzsche dreamed of the superman, who he said would despise all human beings. This is a kind of "great contempt, love of contempt, love of the most contemptible." God kris has this feeling now.
  The President of the world and the sanitation workers should be paid the same, except that the division of work is different and voluntary.
  The President of the world is but a small accountant who distributes wealth and is no more noble than anyone else.
  "Some people in this world have nothing, and some people have too much." we can say no!!!
  From the state foreign exchange reserves :)
  I will not attack unless I am attacked. I'm not a criminal if I'm attacked.
  Life can be simply satisfied, the soul of the satisfaction of the pursuit.
  The human body is not sin, but an evil thought in the human heart.
  25, the mood of a person speaking on the Internet, the reader will understand the contrary, misunderstanding will arise.
  Anyone can say anything anyone says on the Internet. A pig butcher, it can be said that Einstein did not understand science; A little bastard can call Jesus an idiot, and stand up straight.
  A basic guess: no one believes in god 100 percent.
  All sin is allowed to be ordered by god.
  God's good student satan bears his burden and works with god.
  The only fair thing in this world is time and death.
  The law of great man's wife: almost all great men have multiple wives (girlfriends), the emperor need not say, ha ha:)
  As a godsman, I think beautiful women are the most lovely. As a member of the god party, I think ugly and swarthy peasant brothers and sisters are the most lovely :)
  I learned to value every minute of my time under any circumstances, even waiting for a bus. I learned to wait patiently at any time, in any situation, and to cherish every minute of waiting, because life in general is aimless.
  Hold infinity in the palm of your right hand and experience eternity in an hour.
  I have surpassed Jesus, past and present, and beyond all, and beyond all, and I am truly the first man under heaven.
  I grasp both action and thought with one hand, and both hands must be hard :)
  You may have any thought, and you are not guilty until you turn it into action that hurts another.
  We all know freedom of speech well, but we don't know it when our own interests infringe on the freedom of speech of others.
  God ge is a play for the world and angels.
  This is one of the most shameful of peoples, whose 1.4 billion masters have been manipulated by 140, 000 servants and are helpless.
  Jesus is a fable, and kris is a reality.
  Let me put it this way: with the Internet, we can make rapid progress without revolution.
  What kind of people care about what kind of content.
  The video series during the 28 years of trial of kris, people will understand what is love and seek truth.
  Politics is for ordinary people. The elite of society play economy, philosophy, religion, science, technology, culture, entertainment and sports to improve people's quality of life.
  The three principles of the communist society are voluntary, voluntary and voluntary. Otherwise everything will be empty. Such communist life is voluntary, based on faith and love, and does not have institutional compulsion.
  It is self-evident that as long as there is a class of rich and poor in any society, there will be a revolution of theft, robbery, deception and murder, and there will never be harmony.
  To transform society is mainly to transform people. Faith is for heaven forever and for happiness in this world.
  Why there is a conflict between the present and the future? You can't have both.
  It's human nature to be envious, to look on others' kindness and to gloat over others' misfortune. When others succeed, they will reflect back their own shortcomings, while when others are unlucky, they will comfort their shortcomings.
  Freedom of speech is a matter of contention, and if everyone gives way to the great power, China will always be the great qing, the great qin. Do not die without liberty. The Chinese could never do it. They would rather live a humble life. Chinese people like this, one side to shout that there is no freedom of speech, one face is not allowed to others free speech. While cursing the darkness of the medieval inquisition, he served as a judge on the Internet, casually labeling others as heretics, cults, fifty cents, idiots, traitors, gods and sticks, and eliminating them with a little power.
  Whether we call it religion, faith, politics, civilization, or culture, what is needed is the ability to change society and the heart of the people. In the age of Internet technology, material has been or will soon be abundant. The problem is the human heart, the political system, the distribution, the culture, the freedom, the satisfaction of the soul, and that is the mission of the divine religion.
  A pile of wheat, containing good wheat and pebbles,
  When you sieve the pebbles down,
  In the sieve: all good wheat,
  Under the sieve: it's full of pebbles.
  Some looked through a sieve and thought that the heap was full of good wheat.
  Some people just looked under the sieve and thought the heap of wheat was full of pebbles.
  It's true for everyone, it's true for everything.
  No violent revolution is needed in the age of the Internet, for everyone gets the same information, changes his mind and makes his own choices as well.
  Love one more than oneself.
  Love is better than self.
  Love makes you happy.
  Science is only useful for material things. Man needs faith, and the soul needs faith.
  Everyone thinks that they are better than others, and they wish everyone could be worse than themselves. Is there any better way to find a psychological balance than to scold him for being a stronger person online?
  Despite the fact that over 2 billion so-called christians around the world claim to believe in Jesus as their Lord and hope Jesus will come soon.
  The six great leaders of the international communist movement: marnlestrade.
  Jesus + Marx + Michael Jackson + guo jing + tang bohu = ge yimin god.
  Ge is the first world President and global spiritual leader.
  To tell you the truth, you are also ge hua's friend, ge yi people god is still trying time, everything is intentional, is to play a big play, the next big game.
  Knowing and doing are one, and loving heart makes loving behavior.
  Happiness is because of love.
  Your happiness will be as great as your love.
  Sexual freedom and distribution according to needs are now only conceived, or proposed, for concrete implementation. Of course, good planning, practice and revision are necessary. Once realized, the morality of the vast majority of people will be improved, and everyone will have the restriction of the law of conscience, because of the inequality, people's morality is hidden.
  All gods are brothers and sisters, unite together.
  God kris is the spiritual teacher and incarnation of god in this age.
  It is true that theism is exploring man's final form.
  What use do you say the Gospel? Not sure about going to heaven after death? What good does the Gospel have to do with the disabled beggars on the streets, the people who commit suicide by debt, the people who survive in pain every day? And say to them, what is the use of believing in Jesus for salvation?
  The old testament refers to the Lord god, the new testament to Jesus, the “wordofgod” to god himself (creator, creator), the higher Lord is god, and not god's son Jesus. We seek god himself, not the biblical Jesus, which forms the higher Gospel.
  Is salvation certain? Who dares say? What is a certificate? Believe in Jesus? A scripture? Do a good deed, give all your property to the poor, starve and freeze to death, and immediately go to heaven, benefit others and yourself.
  My Lord is GOD, the creator, not Jesus, Jesus is my teacher. Yes, because Nietzsche did not believe in god, his superman road was blocked, and finally went to art. My superman refers to the better belief in god, the better spiritual acquisition of the spiritual body, instead of the dusty body, to eternal life with god.
  The theory of cause and effect? You have no compassion, a baby who was born sick, who survived for a few days, what did he do wrong? You're not talking about past lives, are you?
  My god is called god by his name, which means, "I am god, listen to him." The one over there.
  The Internet is locked. This is impossible. Just like the great invention of electricity before, can you imagine that human beings stop using electricity? The Internet technology revolution will go deeper and deeper into life and change life.
  I inherited Moses and Jesus, and this was my dream. So which Christian is immortal? Name one and ask him to post a pledge that seven billion people around the world believe in Jesus.
  Real people should look to the future and create it. The godless is now studying social mass production and the Internet revolution, not the death bible 2,000 years ago.
  Why is there war and struggle, material imbalance and struggle for material. In communist society, distribution according to need, material equality, everyone is brothers. In today's two major (social production and the Internet revolution), the realization of the concept of democracy and the realization of the communist society, the material conditions have been met, just as the spiritual conditions have been met, namely, the renewal of the human mind, and the Gospel of the concept of democracy has been spread around the world and accepted by mankind.
  Someone greater than Jesus, the Buddha, or the Buddha... I was born.
  Reading the bible is a skill that all men can read, and writing the bible is a skill. To believe in Christianity is what one has to believe. To create "Christianity" is what one has to do. To believe in one doctrine is nothing, to believe in all, to create one.
  Everyone should remember that the world itself is the most important, no matter parents or children, no matter what god thinks, no matter what leader.
  Winners always call losers evil, evil, and evil.
  It is far more meaningful to do one's own thing than to stop others, because to do one's own thing is one's own achievement, while to stop others is only to let others not achieve, and oneself still have no achievement. We don't stop a religion, we start a new one.
  The best ideas do not spread to zero, and the Internet provides the best tools.
  It is also true that kris was a maoism, that all ideas were inherited, but that the concept of communism was first proposed by Christian theologians. Marx inherited it.
  The biggest difference between kua democracy and marxism is the exclusion of violent revolutions, which cannot achieve the purpose of changing the social form of the economy.
  The world participates in the formation of new values, constantly revising them, and the Internet provides an opportunity.
  Kris “wordofgod” is god's word, god's contemporary word.
  No amount of people, no amount of years, no amount of hard work will ever achieve communism. And I can do it alone, 2019.
  The modern people are too tired to live, they work hard for money all their lives, and they only want to earn money to support their families all their lives. Everyone is a slave to money and does not care about the true meaning of life or the true beauty of life.
  The core doctrine of theism is not to oppose anyone. My life experiences, see the “wordofgod”.
  Go along with the trend and create better conditions while making progress according to your own conditions.
  God is alone, which is why he was created, so that he may have a love object.
  God still has the right to speak today, and I am Jesus again, this time to build an eternal new world.
  “wordofgod” is god's word, is the new faith - Christian communism, is popular and easy to understand, faces all mankind.
  93. Since ancient times, thinkers, philosophers, and writers have been poor, such as Jesus, Marx, and Nietzsche.
  We must explore the ultimate human form without prejudice to the absolute freedom of the third party.
  I am more a communist than a Christian.
  96, total feudalism, has an ideal; Two is capitalism, have reality; We three communists are communism because two great realizations have been achieved.
  As long as there are people hurting people in this world, we will reform it.
  Since ancient times, literary people have been relatively light to each other. Now on the Internet, everyone is a scholar.
  There is no truth beyond the “wordofgod”, no salvation beyond the god ge.
  Ge shen da.
  God ge is so great that he wants to change the minds of mankind.
  Christianity has no monopoly, but I believe in the creator and that this is the only meaning of life.
  God is human.
  It is ridiculous to believe in Jesus to be saved.
  There is no salvation outside the Christian church, which is the doctrine of the curse.
  It is the happiest thing to serve the people, because others have help for you.
  108. You have your own mind, and it just so happens that you have a little reputation.
  No matter who writes the recollection article,
  Lin biao's gang of four persecuted themselves,
  Zhou enlai protected himself.
  Don't you serve the people Isn't the higher the position, the higher the thought of serving the people? How become oneself pay is higher? How the world's first joy and joy?
  On behalf of the yellow people, I, ge yimin, join hands with the black people to thank the white people for bringing modern politics, economy, culture, democracy and science to us and bringing convenience to modern life, such as electricity, various living appliances, modern transportation tools, communication tools, computers, mobile phones and the Internet. Without you white people, we yellow people black people, still living in a dark feudal slave society today, 100 million years will not change.
  The day has come when men and women are equal
  Now, a mother holding a little boy, open the file, an old woman can touch the little boy's little finch, while saying that the little finch fly, the little finch fly.
  If one day, a father holding a little girl, open the file, an old man can touch little girl's little BB, while saying little BB flew, little BB flew, this day is the first year of equality between men and women.
  Today we have reached two requirements of our own
  Rice (steamed bread) and water.
  A word of god, kris, refuted the evil report of the wheel
  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - him.
  Eternal life is the only value of life.
  Now it seems: no matter how poor or bitter it is, no disease is a blessing.
  Life is most precious, this can not come again, everything else can come again.
  116, curse should be useful, what should the army do?
  If the meat is reduced, the emperor becomes a skeleton.
  117. Thoughts are inherited. Marx writes books not at home behind closed doors, but at the British Museum. Why?
  118. The family of Jesus is also sick and dying.
  119, a section of “wordofgod”s and blood, 100,000 flowers and 100,000 soldiers.
  120, everything belongs to the “wordofgod”s.
  121. Solving the problems arising from science in scientific development, rather than stagnation, is not pulling backwards.
  127. It is not the organization of our party that is a cult , don't try.
  128. The government will not win you through debate, but will directly seal your mouth.
  129, no one cares about the idea, the star put a P, fragrant.
  130. Only the JB of the Communist Party can be the Japanese Tiger B. Only the JB of the Zhao family can develop into the day, referred to as Zhao Ritian.
  131. Our JB Deng Comrade’s JB can’t be a woman.
  But every day
  Because he is the JB of Zhao, referred to as Zhao Ritian
  Japanese women have refractory period, no day
  It’s been 40 years
  Sunrise 1 trillion
  Do you say that women in the day are comfortable, or are they comfortable everyday?
  Therefore, Ge Yimin, a god, is a small day and a woman.
  123. I Ge Yimin sat down by the river in Zhenjiang. When I think of the death of so many old cadres, I will cry. It is a precious asset of the party and the government.
  124. Lu Xun today, instead of taking the manuscript fee to live the upper class, he was banned and forced to work.
  125. Regardless of urban and rural areas, a few old men around the world are meeting of the Politburo. All they talk about are national events and world events.
  126. You see Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Xi Jinping are looking up. I am a follower of Ge Yimin. I am three stories higher than them.
  127. Christians look at Jesus as looking up. I am a god of the gods. I am two stories higher than him.
  128. The ultimate in democracy is that Ge Yimin is the master.
  129, the “wordofgod” has said that the Qing Dynasty is Daqin, now Qing, called the post-Qin, the same.
  130, we are talking about me, not you, that is, I win.
  131. Any old man is a young girl decades ago.
  132, Gehua Wen Yi is happy, Gehua as long as popular.
  133. It is good for oneself, and the standard of truth is a big discussion; it is not good for itself, not for argument.
  134, 2019 Ge Yimin gave himself a small goal to achieve communism globally.
  135. Throughout the post, everyone's replies are all about things, but Ge Hua re-reads the “wordofgod”s.
  136. The essence of socialism is the feudal society. If you don't know this, you can't find a way out.
  137, Minghui news, the first few are disciples were arrested and killed by the disease, the latter few are other disciples to read Dafa to death and rehabilitation.
  138, the people do not fight with the official, summoned to detain the four sets of guns.
  139, Gehua: China and the world, need the wisdom of Ge God?
  140. Why does the party and the government reject the wisdom of Ge God?
  141. I, Ge Yimin, prayed to the Buddha and returned to the Lord Jesus.
  142. Peng’s mother’s waste paper box, will Peng’s mother take it out and sell it?
  143, Gehua does not know what is a classic, but Gehua knows that the “wordofgod” canon is a classic.
  144. In China, the second and third generations of the Red and the third generations are rich and rich, and without their ancestors, they will have a happy life today (with ancient scrolls as them). To blame, you can only blame your ancestors for not participating in the Old Red Army and the Old Eighth Route.
  145. Jesus is resurrected, where is it now, the United States? Peter, Paul, John, where is eternal life? United States? Can four people post a tweet?
  Someone with a slight mind understands: Jesus died, the apostles died, and Christians since 2000 have died.
  Speaking of the resurrection of eternal life, where is man now? If Jesus lived, even in heaven, why did he not reveal the New and New Testament?
  It has been proved in 2000 that faith in Jesus cannot live forever. How can modern people expect Jesus to teach?
  So Ge Shen's "“wordofgod”" came out.
  146, we also believe in the Bible and Jesus, but we now believe that the Bible alone is not enough, so write “wordofgod”s.
  Not only will we go to heaven after we die, we will build the earth into heaven now.
  147. Let everyone live a basic good life that society can provide.
  Many, we believe in Jesus. I have read the Old Testament nine times and the New Testament eighteen times.
  Sister Pigeon, we are Christians. We now value Jesus over God Ge.
  Sister Pigeon, agree, the so-called Ge Shen, half dreams, half hype. Mu Sheng is a political and religious leader, so the Islamic religion develops. When our Lord Jesus suffered, it was not that there were very few followers. The development of Christianity can only be that Jesus is God.
  Our Lord Jesus lived for 33 years and had no right, no power, no wealth. Now that Christianity is the first religion, why do people believe him? It can only be God.
  We see that so many suffering people in this world really want an early date and a new earth.
  148, Ge Shen has "“wordofgod”", there is the official website of the god, he is God, he lacks nothing, but he lacks money.
  149. Ge Yimin and Jesus were born in the winter evening.
  150. Everyone has the impulse to "can't wait to kill you", but they all know that there are consciences and legal restrictions.
  151. In China, promotion and wealth are justified. Gao Gan's children are rich and wealthy, righteous and righteous. Without their father to serve the people, how could we (the original text be them) have a happy life. To blame, you can only blame your father for not willing to serve the people.
  152. If my Ge Yimin is infected with new crown pneumonia, I would rather be transmitted to me by a beauty.
  153. People all over the world can tweet on Facebook, but only the Chinese people and brothers North Koreans can't, because of reactionary information. Governments around the world are not afraid of their own people viewing reactionary information. Only the Chinese government and the fraternal North Korean government are afraid. It is nothing more than reactionary information. They are afraid that the people will wake up and discover this secret hidden in Weiguang Zheng's robe.
  154. Comrade Xi Jinping learnt that Comrade Mao Zedong personally worshiped and deified, saying that the baby no longer has to worry about the rebellion of new Liu Shaoqi and Lin Biao.
  155. Thieves and Huahuazi are not outstanding communists.
  156. I am a communist by nature and have always had a good impression of Christianity. I bought the Bible on New Year's Day in 2000. Just looking at the beginning, it fits my thoughts, so I believe in God. After going online, I have been on the Christian website. Later, my disciple's son of light told me that the origin of communism was Christianity. I found "Christian communism", and I became a contemporary Christian communism.
  157. I, God Ge Minmin, claim to be a communist. I hope that your first impression is that God Ge seeks human equality, not that God Ge wants to share your property.
  158. I think I am depicting the future, and today is the two major (socialized production and Internet revolution), a better future has been realized.
  Today's global productivity and technology can enable all people (poor people?) To lead a better life. It is really unnecessary to consume political infighting. I really seem to pass through the future communist society.
  159. Where people think that the Chinese are of low quality and are not suitable for democracy. The implication is that he is not among the low quality. In 1986, I GeYimin.
  160. To love parents and people's parents makes sense; to love children and people's children also makes sense; to love wives and people's wives does not make sense.
  161 Ancient and modern, both at home and abroad, criminal offenders are shameful and criminal offenders are honorable.
  162. People all over the world should be grateful to the United States because they all enjoy the high-quality modern life that the United States brings. All animals know how to be grateful, and they all know how to wag their tails when they give a piece of food to the dog. Those who don't know how to thank the United States, even those who are anti-American, are ungrateful and inferior to beasts.
  163. Chongta does not have a strategy for God’s religion. Ge Shen repeatedly rushes to the tower, resulting in the cancellation of all domain names registered by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Domestic hosts cannot continue to use them. Two domain names (godjiao.com and geyimin.com) have been blocked successively and cannot be accessed in China. The teaching career suffered heavy losses.
  164. If I were within the system, there would be no god net and “wordofgod” god religion, and human beings would be in the dark forever, like a long night.
  165. No one is qualified to tell me what I can and cannot see. This is basic freedom and human rights. You can take care of what I do. What I look at is completely my freedom. You can't control it.
  166. I don't care what other people think of me. I think they are not worse than anyone, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. And I look at everyone else, they're just animals.
  167. The network comments on me. No matter whether the information is true or false, I still include it into the “wordofgod”. Just as some netizens pointed out that I can log on as others say. If it is a real-time comment, I will reply. I will not reply to overdue comments. I am familiar with “wordofgod”s and can distinguish between true and false.
  168. Girls are similar, and women have their own merits.
  169. Because omnipotence can revive mankind; Because of the resurrection of mankind, it is omnipotent. Resurrection is the greatest miracle and the only meaning of mankind.
  Since the birth of the world, there has been no fairness. We look forward to a new heaven and earth, fairness and equality.
  170. Only parents love you sincerely and selflessly. No matter how old you are, you are always small in the eyes of your parents.
  171. The dead exist in different ways, because they are with us. Believe that people do not only have this life.
  172. The most beautiful thing in the world is the beautiful human body:)
  173. It is difficult for one person to read another person's book, and it is also difficult for one person to visit another person's website.
  174. There were British Puritans who came to the United States without religious freedom.
  Today, there are Chinese god Ge without internet freedom. God net, nerve and God GE's strange news came to the United States.

Chapter thirteen: the biography
  1. On the night of 19690131, ge yimin was born in jurong, jiangsu province, China.
  2, 1974--75, kindergarten.
  3, 1975- 80, primary school, join the red soldier :) first listen to Hong Kong good friend Gospel platform, feel warm, like. Deep impression of the program for desert oasis.
  4. 1980-83, junior high school, joined the communist youth league in the end.
  5, 1983-86, high school.
  Five steps to reunify the world:
  Peking University, abroad, Nobel Prize for literature, society, united world.
  He was 16 years old.
  Passing a small church of Christ, I felt very holy.
  6, 1986-90, department of Chinese language and literature, nanjing university. During the visit, I went to the jinling theological seminary in nanjing, where I was fascinated by the names of my brothers and sisters. When I graduated, the message board said I believe in Christianity. Class graduation party, one person said, I suddenly said: "god bless us!" .
  7. From 1990 to 2000, I was assigned to work in jiangsu provincial agricultural capital company and settled in zhenjiang. There will be a craftsman, a cause (the first cause), the first push of Newton's arm, an immaterial "life force" being, and the recognition of god's existence. Read two bible stories, then, on New Year's day 2000, read the bible, immediately attracted to the word, believed god.
  8, 2001, go online to spread (do website, BBS).
  9, 2003, xinhua news agency jiangsu branch news and information zhenjiang branch work.
  10. In 2004, the first draft written by the “wordofgod” (ye mei jing, ge yimin jing) was published on the network, which was then updated continuously.
  11, 2012, the establishment of the divine church, the divine party, clearly as a value, not an organization.
  12, 2012--19, peacefully exporting the harmonious god values of kris, whose content is the “wordofgod”.
  13, 20191001, Ge Yimin became a god.
  14, 2019--2033, Ge Yimin's gospel spread throughout the world, accepted by the world.
  15, 20331126, Datong of the World.

Chapter 14 the story of Geyimin
  (1) children
  (2) ding village primary school
  (iii) dazhong middle school
  (iv) jurong senior high school
  Nanjing university
  (vi) jiangsu agricultural resources
  (7) society
  (8) xinhua news agency
  (9) cultural media
  (1) children
  On January 31, 1969, the coldest day of the year was minus 12 degrees. When my mother conceived me, I was flat in my stomach and turned around for three months. Day grandma have to sleep, I thought tonight don't have children, too cold, also didn't sleep, my mother is just sleep, stomach ache, dad to shout, grandma to birth, dare to please the midwife, was born may, namely one foot out first, STH over and over again for a long time, my feet frozen purple, everyone present thought useless, also dare not say to my mother. At about 11 o 'clock in the evening, he finally gave birth peacefully.
  2. The time is a big family, including father, wife, grandfather, grandma, father, mother, sister-in-law, uncle, brother, two years later there is a brother. He was born a landlord.
  3. There is a slogan on the wall: "down with Japanese imperialism".
  4, 1974--75, kindergarten. Can sing a play, I play the liberation army, also outside the village performance, the farmer audience is many, others say to my mother I play good.
  5, do not like to move, love static, once stood in the uncle village primary school blackboard front half a day, make fun of a fool.
  When you are 3 years old, you want to find an elixir of life from a cactus or some herb. When you see a cactus on the house, you wonder if you will live forever.
  That's where “wordofgod”s come from.
  When I was 7 or 3 years old, I drank the urine of a 7-year-old girl. For some reason, my neighbor, who was 7 years old, had a little bowel movement in front of my house.
  8. He stole knives from primary school students when he was in kindergarten.
  9. Because the family was a landlord, in the old days of the fourth century, my grandfather burned the Kangxi dictionary in the stove, fearing that people would copy the dictionary from home.
  (2) ding village primary school
  1, 1975- 80, primary school, first listen to Hong Kong good friend Gospel platform, feel warm, like. Deep impression of the program for desert oasis. The result is always top spear.
  I changed my score from 60 to 80 and 70 to 90 in my first grade report card. My brother, father and grandfather made fun of me, but they didn't blame me.
  3. Participated in the county mathematics competition.
  4. I like some girls vaguely.
  5. Fear of dealing with teachers (leaders), which has influenced me so far.
  6. I don't understand why I have to pay back the money borrowed from relatives.
  7. Seeing miss wu zhaofeng sitting on a bus, I was very envious.
  8. Smear out the words "reward" in the book awarded by teacher cao yuangen. I said someone else did it, and said a name, the teacher asked xu rui, he said there was no such person, so I was slapped by the teacher.
  9. Join the red soldier and put on the red scarf.
  10. At the primary school students' meeting critical of deng xiaoping, lang sang a small poem, the content of which can not be remembered, but only remembered the end of which was "criticism and criticism stink and criticism", which seemed to be co-written by me, my brother and my grandpa. I read with my head tilted. My classmates called me with my head tilted.
  12, in the neighbor xu rui home, found that there was no light bulb under the wire, he said the wire has electricity, I do not believe it, standing on the wooden bench to touch the wire with your hand, immediately by electricity, as if by vigorously open arms.
  13. I don't want others to be kind to myself. There was a time when the whole family ate lunch. My grandmother put a piece of meat in my bowl. I immediately caught it and threw it to the ground, which was very unfriendly.
  14. When my grandpa died of cerebral hemorrhage, he stopped inside the house, and I saw that there was always gas in his mouth. I have never cried, and my mother scolded me.
  15. Once home from school, my grandfather and mother disputed a poem: "Spring sleep does not know the dawn, smelling birds everywhere; the sound of the wind and rain at night, how many flowers fall." Or: "Yanmian (Yimin) does not know the dawn , Smelling birds everywhere; the sound of wind and rain in spring, how many flowers fall. "
  16. There was a school math contest. I had a teacher to make a mistake. I should be the first. Grandpa was going to school to find a teacher.
  17. I take a nap in the summer. Sometimes when I'm on duty, I use a pencil to touch the eyelashes of my classmates. If I blink, it means the classmates are not asleep.
  18. At the end of the siesta, some students mischievously poured water on my table, saying that I urinate, and the teacher asked me when I believed it.
  19. Grandpa was touched by a tractor, and the other party gave me a lot of tomatoes. He asked me to eat them, but I didn't eat them. He was strange and said it was not poison.
  20. Herd cattle and ride on the back of the bull, a little scared. The ox enters the river to the opposite bank, afraid that he will not be able to take it back, and the ox returns by himself.
  21. Xu Rui, Cao Weimin, I, fishing for fish, we distribute fairly, unlike adults who care about, wrote a composition.
  22. Because of dissatisfaction with Cao Weimin, he tore up Cao Weimin's book during class.
  23. Jurong County Mathematics Competition, I went to the county town to participate in the competition, and I felt very comfortable by taking a bus.
  24. My brother was at the door, and there was a fire in the flowing water cave. My uncle asked us to talk to each other.
  25, grandma said: make money to make you (Ge Yimin). In my memory, at home, next to the water tank, there was a girl, like his cousin Cao Hui.
  26, high school, took 2 cents from classmates.
  27. Zhou Xingbin said that the teacher looked at people to serve the soup, and Wen said that he would serve GeYimin broth and bring you vegetable soup.
  One arrangement, three moves, and then the other way round, finished the get out of class, I immediately went up and got it right.
  28. Nap, at the same table, brother Tai Juan, a bunch of useless keys, a lot, I touched it for a long time, someone else is sleeping, I want to steal his useless keys.
  29. Elementary school, inexplicable low back pain, unable to walk, others went to the field to call my mother, acupuncture, I remember moving home slowly from the forest.
  30. In summer, my grandfather showed me the Milky Way. The sky is full of stars. The Milky Way is a drum in the middle, with small ellipses on both sides, so beautiful and bright. The ellipse is three-dimensional.
  31. One time my little aunt was sleeping at my house, and a table tennis I was playing was on the bed. The next morning, she said that she had a waist.
  32. The grandfather once chatted at the door of Xiazi's house and said: "Good people don't live long, bad people live for thousands of years." An old lady said how bad people live for thousands of years? Grandpa said no, if you mention bad guys, he will live for a thousand years.
  33. Sitting on my grandfather's lap, he gave me a piece of fruit candy, which I crushed and eaten, making it sweeter.
  34. Dad, a newbie, actually caught the largest grass carp and sold it to Lao Jichun.
  35. The first time I hooked a fish, in Tienjiashan, I caught a big white fish. I was afraid and called my brother to come.
  Once I hooked fish in a pond in the village, and I caught a lot of grass carp, as if someone had put it in that pond.
  36. The father of Xu Rui, a classmate from the same village, was a commune doctor. After his death, he left a microscope. One night, we took blood from our ears and looked at it in a microscope. Of course, we couldn't see anything, only a pattern of blood.
  37. He was brave when he was young. On summer nights, he flashed a flashlight, grabbed a toad and scraped the pulp. People said that supply and marketing cooperatives were good at selling money.
  38. China's political leadership should also liberate all mankind and all politicians. On the way from primary school, I told my classmates that the Soviet Union was strong in military, but its economy was not as good as that of the United States.
  39. I can't avoid dog shit now, but I picked up dog shit as fertilizer when I was an hour. That is, before school in the morning, I took a dustpan and fire pliers to look for dog shit in the village.
  40. In high school and elementary school, the teacher led the students to shout slogans: "make up your mind, not afraid of sacrifice, overcome all difficulties and strive for victory."
  See the four basic principles written on the wall in the distance of the school.
  41. After the smashing of the gang of four, we always write a composition at the beginning: "this year is the" first "year of the smashing of the gang of four. The situation in all walks of life across the country is very good..."
  42. As there was mud in the rural house when I was young, I had never seen a mop. After reading the textbook, Lei Feng mopped the floor on the train. I couldn't understand it. I thought it was a moving board.
  43. In primary school, several people came to my house and told me that they saw someone from the village who looked like me (our respective development?).
  44. In the fifth grade of primary school, the teacher pasted a "good work list" next to the blackboard in the classroom, with everyone's name and many spaces behind it. Whoever did a good deed, he would go up and draw a grid, but the students drew indiscriminately. When they saw others draw, they would go up and draw a grid.
  45. Grade one writes word by word. Normally, I write line by line. I write the first line, write words on the left, and then write the last line. Then write the right side into a box, and then fill it in. Wu female classmate, who collects homework, said, "there are many patterns".
  46. The students said that there was an old man Yang, one soybean with three bowls of porridge, the first bowl of gargle, half of the second bowl and the other half of the third bowl.
  47. On the eve of the Chinese new year, when I got home from school, my mother gave me a salted chicken leg. I sat on the small stool at the door and ate it. It was really delicious.
  48. Listen to my mother. Because my family is a landlord, every festival or something, poor and lower middle peasant cadres take care of them early in the evening: "good sleep."
  49. When Hua Guofeng was on the stage, Mao photos and Hua photos were hung side by side in the nave of his home.
  50. In primary school, several teachers from other schools sat behind to listen to the class. We stood up and they stood up. A girl and I couldn't help laughing. Afterwards, we were slapped by teacher Wu.
  51. When I was sweeping the grave, the teachers and students lined up and bowed. I wanted to laugh, too. I held back.
  52. At school, Chen Lan brought water chestnut. Everyone asked her for it. I said I wanted three, she gave me three, and I asked for it after I ate. She said you said three, not me.
  53. Only the poorest children can eat oranges, because everyone has no fruit to eat, but the poorest poor households come to the village to comfort and bring some fruit.
  54. Having tonsillitis, the village doctor said "mouse stick". At school, teacher Wu asked what happened to his face? I said "mouse stick". The students laughed.
  55. Grandpa was ill. One morning, my brother and I urinated in a bowl and gave him a drink, that is, the boy urinated. I found that the urine was yellow. I thought it was white.
  56. Grandpa ate a lot of egg shells from the village neighbors. That is, he collected the egg shells from the village neighbors and ground them. He couldn't afford to eat eggs.
  57. Farmers seldom eat eggs. They usually sell them to the town supply and marketing cooperatives and then buy salt, soy sauce and so on.
  58. When making steamed bread in summer, you can't afford sugar. Saccharin is a chemical that increases the sweetness.
  59. At my grandmother's house, I saw a red book of Chairman Mao's quotations. The inscription "LinBiao" under the preface was smeared, as if it belonged to a veteran.
  60. At that time, my cousin Xiaogu came to my house as a guest. My grandmother (her grandmother) finished cooking and poured oil. She licked the mouth of the oil bottle.
  61. In the fourth grade, the desks were made of mud.
  62. Paper hitting the students in the front seat is to fold the paper at the end of the pencil, hit the students in the front seat, and then pretend to write. Teacher Cao saw it outside the window.
  (iii) dazhong middle school
  I find that there are always people who like to ask me for directions.
  2. I was short-sighted because I was lying reading novels during the summer vacation of junior high school. But I did not have glasses.
  3. Participated in the county composition contest. The title I wrote was "the big twelve, lighthouse". After eating steamed buns in the restaurant, I went to wash chopsticks.
  4. I was hit in the head with volleyball by the school girl's volleyball team.
  5, wrote a diary, said the classmate disorderly to take the lunch box matter, the end is: "this is the gang of four's poison not cleared." I was put up on the blackboard and praised.
  6. Joined the communist youth league in the end.
  Slightly unrequited love for girls.
  8, to cheat on the English test was arrested, Mr. Sun zhaoping said a tearful ma su. That is, I wrote a piece of paper and put it in the pad book. The teacher handed out the paper and somehow turned over my pad book. When I turned to it, English was 0, and the total score ranked seventh in the class.
  9. Grandma asked me to write to the eldest aunt in Hanzhong, Shaanxi. She said that I wrote, that I did n’t understand human physics. I do n’t think it would be physics in physics class.
  10. Ge Xiaoya told my dad that the teacher said that all the students are like GeYimin with this grade. When my dad told me, the moonlight was very bright on the village road.
  11. Teacher Chen Mingfang punished me to stand, and I cried at the door. He said you would not let me pass, he rode through my village.
  12. Sweeping the floor, Mr. Sun asked me to use a broom tip to sweep, but I dropped the big broom and swept it with a stick.
  13. Said to Zhang Qiaojun that the skin on the arm joints didn't hurt. He pressed me with a pencil. Because the position was a little bit off, I said I endured the pain and shouted without pain. He laughed.
  14. I let my brother and my brother do the water release in the fields, never let me do it.
  15. Once school was over, it was dark, and my parents were at home. I walked to the door and suddenly fell on my knees to my family.
  16. One summer evening, when we were enjoying the coolness, I saw a star in the east, like the sun, round and big red. I thought it was the sun, but at night, it could only be the moon. Aunt Zhang Yingzi was there.
  Aunt Zhang Yingzi took the bamboo green and slept in our house.
  17. At noon, I went to the store before school. An old woman came to buy Jingguo. The salesperson asked how much to buy? She said one or two. The salesperson said to plug the teeth, but he still gave it to her.
  18. One day after school, I don't know why it was late. It was getting dark. A girl c walked in front of me. We were the two of us on the road. I was exposed.
  19. In junior high school, I gave myself pseudonyms: Yu Wenxiu (the show of cosmic Literature) and Mr. Zhong Tu, who had the desire to create literature. I don't know where many couplets come from at home. I have created many couplets.
  20. We call "snow cream" incense. One day I went to the store and said to buy Incense, but the salesperson said to buy smelly:)
  21. One summer after school, when I got home, my grandmother gave me an ice stick, which was put in a thermos bottle and specially left to me. It has melted a lot. On another occasion, my mother worked in the town with the production team. After school, Ge Shuangqing's mother bought him an ice stick and my mother wanted to buy it for me. I didn't want it and turned away.
  22. Once after school, grandma pinched a rice ball for me. It was very delicious. Grandma also uses flour to make gluten.
  23. When I studied at night, my family slept. I permed my hair with a light bulb. Of course, it didn't work.
  24. I suffer from insomnia in the high school entrance examination, and torture myself to sleep.
  25. One afternoon, on the way to school, I went to the town toilet for convenience. The wall was broken and I squatted beside the wall to see the alternative PG. It was a mother (aunt) and a woman. Later, a man came in and said, "Why squat there?"
  26. When the villagers met for hours, they always asked, "Have you eaten?", Say hello. Huang Ming, a neighbor in particular, always said this, even if it was far away from the restaurant.
  (iv) jurong senior high school
  1, dream of victory over the enemy Christ -- European countries, Europe that a country by the god of kris, or contact, or under attack, like the ground puzzle, one by one on the map, and finally all to kris.
  2. Five steps to unify the world:
  Peking University, abroad, Nobel Prize for literature, society, united world.
  He was 16 years old.
  3, passing a small Christ church, feel very holy.
  4. I fell in love with xu qian in the second year of high school. It was love at first sight.
  5. No. 1 in the whole county in the mid-term examination of grade one, the school sends parents a letter of congratulations.
  6. In the second year of high school, I wrote a lot of literary works in various genres, such as the Great Wall fu, which were submitted to the Chinese daily, Mr. Li wenru.
  7. My grades are still in the top of the list. My teachers and classmates say that I am a candidate of the department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university.
  8. Since my childhood, I have never contacted or talked to girls, and I regard girls as an exception.
  9. Participated in the county history competition. The question is basically me rushing it out.
  10. Cooperated with students to publish several issues of the literary bulletin "stream".
  11. The school won the second place in the knowledge competition. There was a question about the origin of the 38th border between the DPRK and the rok.
  There is an algebra problem, two classes (one science class, one paper class) only I do the right, I am in the liberal arts class.
  13. Created fu duilian: "sunrise shandong everywhere all things are enze warm, grass MAO moon from the sky has also been the world sprinkling huian Ming zhao around", was posted class blackboard newspaper, English teacher zhang qinghe said this strong.
  14. Once there was a foreign history test paper. After the test, Mr. Ji Yanggen took my test paper as the standard answer and checked the answer with the students in class. Occasionally, I was wrong and read it. Some students pointed out.
  15. At the party, Tan Derong said goodbye in English will have three stages, which are getting simpler: (1), good bye; (2) bye (3) bb.
  16. The county's first high school mid-term exam, the class teacher, Mei, asked me to come to the podium to introduce the learning methods to the students.
  17. In the physics class of senior three (not in the college entrance examination), the teacher called me by name and said that it was not the wrong question. I wanted to see the materials of Nanjing University in the mouth of other teachers.
  18. My eyesight was measured before the college entrance examination. I was short-sighted. Ma Wenxiang and I agreed, for example, to the left, he said Diao Daosheng, to the right, he said Li Erqiao... I can't see clearly. Listen to him. I'm pointing my hand.
  19. My literary works and diaries are placed under my desk. One day, I saw that on the blackboard behind the classroom, my classmates wrote my "Mao and Zhou" couplet. I didn't show it to my classmates to prove that my classmates saw my creative book. There is also a diary. I like Xu Qian. She subscribes to newspapers on behalf of her companions twice. Whether my classmates have read my diary and know that I like Xu Qian.
  20. In the summer of 1986, before I went to college, I went shopping in Jurong City. In several stores, I was alone, a beautiful salesman, about 30 years old. They were all black skirts. Sitting at the counter, I pretended to see the goods and went nearby to see the big white legs. It was very attractive.
  21. Insomnia in college entrance examination, two out of three nights did not sleep well, torture yourself to sleep.
  22. Once at noon, at the stairway of the teaching building, I thought that I might miss this period of high school in the future, and I thought it would be wonderful. But now I want to go quickly, because I am tired of studying.
  Nanjing university
  1. The department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university. During the visit, I went to the jinling theological seminary in nanjing, where I was fascinated by the names of my brothers and sisters. When I graduated, the message board said I believe in Christianity. Class graduation party, one person said, I suddenly said: "god bless us!" .
  2. I read a lot of novels and wrote papers on contemporary drama, wang shuo film and dream of red mansions.
  3. Started to communicate with many girls, such as dong jingping, jiang xuezhang, guan yu, cao lei, wu shujing, xu haiying, zhu ting, zhou jing and so on. It is my second true love. Unfortunately, it is still secret love. I once expressed my love to her.
  4. In the later stage of university, I mixed with a large number of hooligans in the society. In fact, they were quite good. Learn some river lake language, walk a river lake life.
  I have done a lot of business, but not for this reason.
  6. Made a lot of friends with foreign schools, such as brother lu jun.
  7. Helped in the block of friends, served noodles and Fried dishes to guests.
  8. Learn to go, bridge and dance. A lot of girls from foreign schools come to play in my dormitory.
  9. Get to know many overseas students from the United States and Canada, mainly female students.
  10. I once rode a bicycle back to Jurong's hometown from Nanjing. I didn't know where to be brave. In order to save effort, I held a tractor in one hand and suddenly crossed a big slope. Even the car and people turned over to the other side of the road. When I woke up, a truck stopped in front of me. I got up and rode again. Nothing happened, but the direction was reversed. When I rode, I found that the scene was familiar, asked passers-by and said that the direction was reversed. I reversed and rode back, Now I think it's definitely God's care.
  11. Once in a film class, the teacher brought the camera. I was wearing a red shirt.
  12. Student democracy movement in 1989. After the memorial service of hu yaobang at school, I immediately held a wreath, and the leader took to the street for a parade.
  13, posted a poster, saying there were too few girls in the parade.
  In the square of the drum tower, I stood on a platform and gave a speech. I just said, "my fellow citizens, it is unfair for us to suffer and suffer.
  15. Introduce the big-character newspaper to gao baoling (an American female student, a United Nations staff member). She takes photos. In the drum tower parade, because of the high relationship, I stand with her in the faw car, have the feeling of reviewing the parade. Some of my classmates in the team cheered me. Also because of the high relationship, I have a feeling of being a traitor.
  16, May 19 noon, arrived by train in tian 'anmen square, live in the square three nights. To go to the monument requires command, get a hand, to block military vehicles. Go to a large hospital first, block the military police in the hospital. After the intersection, a long line blocked military vehicles, a shandong soldier said to me: 'will not shoot the people, the big deal is to go home farming. "
  17, in the square to maintain order, ensure that ambulances in and out of the hunger strikes fainting students, a foreign girls always work with me.
  18, in the square line to buy pancakes, a Beijing girl in front of me, she looked at my student id, said to the vendor to put two eggs, Fried good to me. Wherever the Gospel of god will be preached, remember this Beijing girl.
  19, the square above, government helicopters dropped leaflets, students received, did not look, directly tear up.
  20. On the afternoon of May 22, when the situation was slowing down, I left Beijing and returned to ning, a female graduate student in hangzhou.
  21, 64 soon after, the school is a holiday, I stay in school, one night, I a person sleep very xiang, suddenly the dormitory opened, come in a few people, I recognize teacher lu xiaoping, called teacher lu, they let me continue to sleep, walked. Wang Dan, for example, said he had gone to nanjing.
  22. Participated in the intelligence contest of the department of Chinese language and literature.
  23. On the evening, I walked with Gao Baoling on the Qingdao road next to the school and talked about the anti-American aid. I said that China had won. She said: "If I have a gun now, I will kill you."
  24. Gao Baoling invited me to Jinling Hotel for dinner. She said that I could take someone with me. She thought I would take a male classmate, such as Lu Jun. I took Dong Jingping. She ordered three beef burgers, one layer of Pubing, and the thick ground beef (pressed) in the middle, which was very delicious. Then she ordered a fruit platter by herself, and I used chopsticks to eat the fruit in the fruit plate in front of her and shared it with her, Dong Jingping watched.
  When the checkout, the waiter came to her, she took out her wallet to the waiter, the waiter went to the front desk and gave her the wallet afterwards, she put it on her body without looking at it.
  Later Dong Jingping told me that she asked if Dong Jingping was my girlfriend.
  25. Gao Baoling and I went to the bicycle second-hand market to sell her bicycle. When we went, we each rode one, sold one, and we rode one together. At the beginning, I took her. She was tall and plump. Strong, I can't take her, let her take me, a man whistles at us.
  26. Once I went to Jurong from a passenger car in Nanjing and found Xu Qian. She was already working in a shopping mall. I asked her to borrow her bicycle to ride back to her hometown without taking into account her commuting.
  27. The freshman winter vacation and high school classmates reunion, Lao Fu said exchange, Lao Ji asked me to say, I said that my thoughts are parading, I am studying novels, and I just passed sports. They laughed. Regardless of my birthday, I told about my vassal Teresa Teng and Xu Zhimo. Liu Hui laughed, and then called Zhang Aiqin to leave her address. She changed her name to Zhang Qi. Liu Hui said that I have changed, and I said that as long as it changes, it's good. Even though I prepared a cake for my birthday and brought it, I was very panicked. After they danced and played cards, Hong Xin told me to leave. I asked the manager to divide the cake into 16 portions. Everyone ate them together. Then they greeted them one by one, and went to high school with Hong, Du Xiaoyan, and Jiang Liping. . Looking back on the bed, I am so happy, Xu Qian, so beautiful, so beautiful.
  28. During the 1989 pro-democracy movement, there was a class. I raised my hand and told the teacher to read the poster. He said you go, and I openly skipped class to read the poster.
  29. Once Gao Baoling and I went to the school radio station (which was already occupied by the students of the democracy movement), and paid 10 yuan to the students inside. I blocked it and the students didn't want it. Gao gave me a lot of fabrics, I made 2 banners for the students, and took the rest home during the holiday to make clothes for my mother.
  30. Once in Fei Jialing's dormitory for foreign students, she was lying on the bed, and I lay down, putting my head on her stomach, and she said: "Don't be too comfortable."
  31. Because I have a relationship with the second cafeteria, I often invite international students to eat. Once Fei Jialing and the others must invite me to dinner on Qingdao Road, they AA system and said that I don't want to pay. One night during the parade, they bought soda in the Gulou. They also wanted the AA system, and I paid for it alone.
  32. There was a parade. I posted a paper leaflet behind the body of a beautiful foreign student. She didn't blame it. She carried the leaflet and continued the parade. The classmates laughed.
  33. Wen Deshu, the senior of the Nanjing Foreign School in the same village. I have only met him once in Nantah after four years of university. It happened that during the 89th student movement, he was approaching the roadside of my dormitory. He seemed to be waiting for me. Beijing. After 64 I stayed at school, my uncle came to see me and was very angry when he saw me, and immediately took me home. It turned out that Deshu went back to his hometown and told my dad that I was going to Beijing. The whole family was worried. Grandma said that my dad had no energy at work. My dad said that there were no people. What else could I do?
  34 and 1989, I went home once. When I returned to school, my classmates said that many people posted posters and left the group. Fei Jialing said to me, would you self-immolate? It was the first time I heard this term (sound) and didn't understand the meaning.
  35. During the period, I went to the toilet downstairs in Tiananmen City. It was really clean. I have never seen such a clean toilet, and the water is constantly flushing.
  36. Before returning to Ning, I walked with David Yang on Wangfujing Street. I was barefoot, carrying cloth shoes, and laughing.
  37 and 64, students from Beijing put 64 live recordings at our school’s broadcasting station and heard a burst of gunfire, and then the people called out the beasts, and so on.
  38. Once I was walking on campus with a female international student. I threw a piece of waste paper, and she asked me to pick it up anyway.
  39. A female international student told me not to call black students black, but Africans.
  40. During the March, a female international student talked to me about rape in the United States. She said the English word first, but I didn't understand it. She said the English word to another female international student, who said Chinese rape, and then she said Chinese rape to me.
  41. During the parade, I went to drum tower square with a big ass female student. On her way back to school, she told me that Chinese people touched her ass.
  42. Once she borrowed 10 yuan from a female international student, but she refused, saying that she would be uncomfortable.
  43. After 64, some students said that you can have any thought as long as you don't say it. It can be seen that the poison of autocracy is self-evaluation by readers.
  44. Once on the campus road, I told the teacher that the surplus value was given to the workers, and the capitalists invested and managed without getting a penny. Is it reasonable? The teacher is right, but we can't exploit too hard.
  45. For some time, I spent all day with female foreign students. My classmate (Shan Xiaopeng) called me a national hero. I gave a beautiful overseas student a ring. She asked the Lu Jun secretly, what do I mean?
  46. Once, when she was watching a movie with American student Fei Jialing at the drum tower dawn cinema, she suddenly laughed, but I didn't think it was funny at all, so she told me that often, when Chinese people think it's funny, foreigners don't think it's funny, but when foreigners think it's funny, Chinese don't laugh.
  47. Once on the north garden lawn, I asked what homosexuality was about? Did you know that you have two holes in your body.
  48. As a senior, I helped in the stall of gaoniu B, a Jianghu friend. This stall is in the name of Xu Ming. There are Gao, Xu Ming, a partner and me. Gao Niu B told his partner that Xu Ming didn't know that we worked for him. Now I wonder if this stall was built for me and if gaoniu B said they worked for me.
  49. I took Jiang Xuezhang to the movies. I was penniless, but there were Jianghu friends on the street. She and I first went to a friend who sold fruit at the back door of the school and took the money for the movie ticket. We watched six episodes of a dream of Red Mansions. I slept while watching. When we got back to school, I walked with her. I said we could ask the students in front for a cigarette and smoke when we wanted it. Just then, a Mazda friend came and sent us to the drum tower stall. She and I ate dumplings and asked Gao Niu B for money to pay.
  She said she wanted to experience it outside school all night. I didn't agree and took her back to school.
  50. Carina Fei must not study on Friday night, only entertainment. They had a weekend at that time. We don't have the concept of not studying this weekend night.
  51. Once when I was walking in the street with someone, a fortune teller shouted to me, "Zhu De's eyebrows". My eyebrows were very thick, but I didn't care about him and didn't stop.
  52. During the student movement, I took a truck with my strange classmates and drove out from Tiananmen Square. A classmate read the manuscript, and soon everyone found that this was no good, because as soon as the truck drove by, you read the long manuscript, and passers-by could not hear anything. The students changed to shout slogans: "Li Peng steps down, the people rise!"
  53. One morning, I got on a milk truck and drove out from the square. There were mainly workers on it. Some people drank milk. It seemed that I also drank a bottle. My foot was pressed by a worker, and I didn't mean to say anything (I didn't dare say anything) until I got off the bus.
  54. In summer, walking on Nanyuan Road, a girl walked towards each other. When I met, I hit my chest, and she shouted. I quickly said I was sorry, but neither of us stopped and walked away.
  55. When I went to Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge with my classmates from other schools, someone sat on the bridge with the Yangtze River under their feet, and there were girls. I can't imagine being afraid of heights. When I returned to school, on the bus, a girl leaned her arm against me. She was very happy, as if she were from Anhui University.
  56. After the school sports, when I was selling movie tickets at school, I once shouted "Hu Yaobang praised this movie". Liu Yuan said that he was clever. A student condemned me. I said that I remembered Hu Yaobang with it. What did you do?
  (vi) jiangsu agricultural resources
  1. Assigned to work in jiangsu provincial agricultural capital company, settled in zhenjiang..
  There will be a craftsman, a cause (the first cause), the first push of Newton's arm, an immaterial "life force" being, and the recognition of god's existence.
  Read two bible stories, then, on New Year's day 2000, read the bible, immediately attracted to the word of god, and believed in the Lord Jesus.
  2. Not long after work, December 14, 1990, for the world, for the society, for the god of kris, the god of kris entered the great trial, semi-prison and crucifixion.
  In order to save the world, on December 21, god geyi people by death, god bless the resurrection of death, overcoming the death of the hook, for the world to bring hope.
  3. Hosted the company party for 4 hours and performed magic.
  4. Had a long-term relationship with wang rong.
  5. It is better to work with leng xiajiang.
  She is the most beautiful Chinese girl I know. The last time she called me, I was not in and my colleague answered.
  7. Married hu chunfang, a girl from zhenjiang, in 1993.
  8, in 1994, he gave birth to ge biao.
  9. During this period, I was keen on ballroom dancing and had good partners in different periods. It was a happy time. Hair salon sister guo hongmei looks like a Hong Kong star.
  10.Let dong yan call me Christ, I then buy chocolate or newspaper to her, she called me many times. Promised to be the Christ, to guo hongmei to buy a mobile phone, she has repeatedly called: "to me to buy things." I have not yet rejected as Christ.
  11.Sometimes I think, if I marry su fan, I must be very happy, she is beautiful; Second is a distant relative, to me certainly good, good to get along with; Third, I love listening to her voice, anhui huainan accent. Because my social trial, became impossible.
  12. When the son was born, the female nurse hugged him to another room, cried, and then hugged him back. I asked how many beds she said, and she said 737, and I knew it was my son.
  Two days later, the nurse took the child to the corridor and asked the family to hold it. I saw 737, my son, who was so scared that he didn't dare to hold it, and asked my mother to hold it.
  13. Singing with Chen Bin in high school, when pop songs were just rising. Many years later, a high school classmate chatted with me on QQ and mentioned that I loved singing at that time, but she didn't tell me who she was. The chat was very pleasant. But after work, in Shiqiao warehouse, we sang love song 1990. Zhang Min and Ding Debin immediately said that my singing was not good, which was tantamount to stopping me. I sang at home. My brother-in-law Minghu immediately said that my singing was ugly, so that I didn't dare to sing.
  (7) society
  1, 2001, spread the news online (do the website, BBS).
  I have done some jobs, but not for a long time.
  3. In 2002, she became the first BBS community (yemei community). She helped me selflessly and succeeded. She was the first person I ever said "it's good to have you," truly.
  4, the manager of Hong Kong girl happy store was very speculative, after a long period of absence from the community, and her section, henceforth ignore me, alas.
  (8) xinhua news agency
  1. 2003, xinhua news agency jiangsu branch news and information zhenjiang branch work.
  2. A group of Korean girls came to the community crazy, such as CARTH, WOOYOO, MONEY, Chen Lin, etc., which was very lively at that time. And I was their recognized elder brother.
  3, fell in love with sichuan girl li Juan, after she said she could not be together, this is my third true love, pity Plato.
  4, ningbo girl star, and li Juan as the administrator, crazy in the community posted, I have a little negative her.
  Decent girls ke LAN, sa xue, women lizi, li min, British woman Margaret, also accompany me for quite a long time.
  6. Baidu yamei bar was very popular for a time, and was closed as a religious bar.
  (9) cultural media
  1. As a community administrator, my sister huang jingbo, a shenzhen girl, has been spending quite pleasant time with me. She has a little personality worship for me.
  2, yunnan girl dream butterfly dance online with me also longer, married.
  3, xuzhou high school party girl han wufeng online accompanied me for a period of time, said I could not bear to be alone.
  4, Beijing xiao li is a long time together with the Internet, she has worked as a community manager ge yimin. She was against my beliefs, but still best friend. But she is afraid that others misunderstand her ge hua, out of baidu ge yi people post bar, gradually walk away. After she told me to back off, it's not about not paying attention. She has photoshopped many funny pictures about me, written insightful and funny long comments about me, she is my grace, and I often miss being happy with her.
  5. The Ming jing zhishui sisters have been good friends for many years. Maybe it is because they always keep a distance that the friendship can last.
  How many Internet girls have left me, because my time has not arrived.
  7. The website was redone many times due to the domain name and space, but the good news spread after all.
  8. Now the website is finally on the track, including the religious website (www.gegod.com www.gegod.com www.紫薇圣人.com),, and multiple network Spaces.
  9. The “wordofgod” has been clicked for hundreds of millions of times.
  10. The “wordofgod”s are translated into foreign languages and translated back into Chinese, which is different from the original vocabulary.
  11. In 2010, the apostle gloriously converted to the god of kris, which was a great conversion. Glorious spread the Gospel of kris god on baidu post bar, wrote and published a lot of posts, and argued with people that spreading kris is the truth of god.
  12, 2015 @ IQ 888day converted Ge Yimin God, was canonized as high prophet, high prophet Baidu Post Bar spreading the Ge Yimin God, gospel, wrote and published a large number of posts, and the man myself, praise Ge Yimin God, Chuan Ge Yimin God The truth.
  13. In 2015, the supervisor's god miao converted to god ge yimin, which was a great conversion. The god miao widely spread the Gospel of god ge yimin on baidu post bar, created and published a lot of predictions and posts, and spread the truth of god ge yimin.
  14. In 2018, the apostle hu jianjun converted to the god of kris, which is a great conversion, and its significance is no less than that of the apostle Paul who converted to Jesus. Just as Paul spread the Gospel of Jesus, the apostle hu jianjun spread the Gospel of kris god in baidu post bar, preaching kris is the truth of god.
  15、Ge yimin obtained sina weibo, teng xun microblog writer certification, baidu post bar big V thinker certification.

Chapter 15 “wordofgod” news
  (1) “wordofgod” news
  It is unclear who is lying about real Madrid's move to real Madrid
  Ancelotti's disclaimer was made during a press conference following milan's 1-0 win over atletico Madrid in the summer league. "gazzetta dello sport is like any other Italian or Spanish newspaper.
  The “wordofgod”, the earliest version of the “wordofgod”. Anshuai cited “wordofgod”s, meaning that everyone in the audience knew. Otherwise, no one will understand.
  2. "the earth will be finished in 2019" is a surprise on baidu post bar
  And in baidu "god bar", more comments that "the earth will be ended in 2019" just happened to verify the "yemei book of doomsday predictions.
  News screenshot
  (2) news about "mass production through socialization and the Internet revolution"
  Social production and the Internet revolution - daily express - tencent network
  Social production and the Internet revolution, sina Inner Mongolia industry, sina
  3. Social mass production and the Internet revolution - usun China - China network

Chapter 16 the testimony of the god of kris
  Exodus 4:16: he (Aaron) shall make thee (Moses) his god.
  I (god) have said, thou art gods, all the sons of the most high.
  1. Vision.
    In the autumn of 2001, god said in a dream to kris, "I am god. Listen to him." (Goethe was anointed as god)
  "Listen to him." the five words only appear when god speaks to Moses, Jesus, and the god of kris.
  At present, the “wordofgod” is 800,000 words, most of which are original thoughts of god ge yimin. For example, in late 2019, the original sin is dust body, sexual freedom kingdom and so on. Good words and good sentences are even more numerous.
  Five steps to reunify the world:
  Peking University, abroad, Nobel Prize for literature, society, united world.
  He was 16 years old.
  Now five steps to unify the world: nanjing university, Shinto network, “wordofgod”, Shinto, unify the world.
  3. Trial.
  Ge yimin god December 1990 by the great social trial up to now, every 28 years.
  1990- the video series of 28 years of trials in 2018 will make people understand what it means to love and seek truth.
  The testimony.
  Ge yi people god -- god -- “wordofgod” -- kingdom times
  In the time of the kingdom, Christ, god of kris.
  "The anointed", "chosen by god" ----- god of the people of ge is anointed as god.
  Two “wordofgod” news, several "social production and the Internet revolution" news.
  6. Crape myrtle.
  His theory and thought form book (book into crape myrtle), published his book will be translated into many text (four yi retranslation said, after a storm comes a calm in the spring of the nine countries), he will become the world's spiritual leader, he will establish a new ideology for mankind, guide mankind to complete the historic leap, lead human to datong.
  (the “wordofgod” has already been translated into foreign language, and has been translated back into Chinese and the original vocabulary of a large number of differences.)

Chapter 17 GeYiMinism
  (I) contents of the democratic concept of ge yi:
  1. Morality: freedom, equality, fraternity and unity (mutual aid).
  2. Politics: constitutional government, representative system, universal suffrage, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of association.
  3. Economy: the planned economy of the god of ge, mass production, Internet technology revolution, economic globalization, average wealth (voluntary).
  As science and technology continue to revolutionize and human beings become increasingly happy, the development of science and technology constantly generates demands, and the demand drives the development of science and technology
  Go away.
  4. Culture: diversity, diversity of civilization, respect and protect the culture and belief of each nation.
  Religion: protect and respect present and emerging religions, pursue god and truth and mystery of the future, pursue spirituality.
  Sexual freedom kingdom.
  All men are brothers.
  (2) ge yi's law of democratic righteousness: not against anyone.
  As long as there are people starving in this world, all the people alive are selfish. Since it is impossible to love others as yourself, it is necessary to lower your requirements
  However, that is: not against anyone. Everyone has no need to guard against anyone, how high the life experience will be.
  My burden is light, and you can do it.
  (iii) the minimum principle of the democratic concept of ge yi: everyone should eat better and eliminate the gai gang; Free medical care, at all costs, to develop medical career, to the utmost
  Try hard to solve the patient's pain. I feel the pain, I bear your pain.
  (iv) the supreme principle of the right to democracy: free housing for everyone, free cars for every family, good free education for everyone, human rights for society
  Again, the right to life is fully guaranteed.
  (v) the conditions for the realization of the democratic concept of ge yi are as follows: socialized mass production, Internet scientific and technological revolution, spread of “wordofgod” for 14 years, the great social trial of god ge yi for 28 years, false neuropathy, tasting all the spiritual and material sufferings of human beings. In this way, god ge yi has found a prescription for saving the world and mankind has created a savior.
  The only way to realize the concept of ge yi's democracy is: for the future of the world's people, ge yi people god, writing, acting, singing, to spread the peace of the “wordofgod”, the world's people generally accept the “wordofgod”, change their thoughts, and strive for ge yi's democracy. Then, we can be sure that by early October 2019, the world will have achieved the very bottom of the creed.
  With the efforts of people around the world, by early October 2033, the world will be able to realize the highest program of kua democracy.
  Six), so-called impossible: small lily say who sit section office? Who does coolie? Very easy to solve: take turns, do this today, do that tomorrow, everyone can get
  I am willing to do different work with my own interest, and serve for all mankind voluntarily. Human morality is generally improved, and all of us are willing to serve for ge yi democracy
  (7) basic principles of ge yi democracy
  Eliminate private ownership of the means of production and establish a society free of class system, exploitation and oppression, and where collective production takes place. Kanyi democratic justice imagines that all class societies in the future will eventually transition to a harmonious society of kanyi democratic justice. The realization of the democratic concept of ge yi needs
  Want highly developed productivity, and can make the person has highly developed collectivism thought.
  2. Kuiyi democracy refers to the idea that the society is dominated by the highly developed collectivism thought through the development of productive forces, that the production development is promoted without the private ownership of the means of production, that there is no class contradiction or race struggle, and that the whole mankind is liberated from the circular class contradiction.
  And a society without class system, private ownership of the means of production, exploitation and oppression, and collective production.
  3. Human society is based on material production. The economic status of different people is determined by the division of labor determined by the existing productivity
  A reflection of people's social status.
  4. The way to limit personal development is not the democratic doctrine of ge yi, which should be highly free for everyone.
  It can only be realized when the material base of the society is mature.
  5. When the construction of kazi democracy is completed, the government, commodity production and monetary economy will disappear completely. At last, human society entered the stage of the concept of ge yi democracy. At this time, social public institutions are very developed, and the differences between urban and rural areas, the differences between people's treatment and social division of labor will be completely eliminated
  Loss, everyone can get scientific perfect education and medical treatment, everyone strives for the common ideal goal in different suitable post, the scientific work rests. People voluntarily work six hours a day, work four days a week, work, live and play scientifically and rationally.
  Fit for the need of a long life. No one is regulated, all in the conscious service to the people, for the ge yi democratic justice service! Science and technology are so advanced that people will be able to meet high-quality living needs with a low workload. All property will be owned by all the people
  Both work output and life demands have been recorded, which is the basis for a fair trial of the kashiwazi democratic concept at the end of his work. Those who get a good evaluation can be more easily supported by others in social activities, as well as their individual doomsday
  The basis of its life value trial.
  Everyone is tolerant, tolerant of external suffering and forgiving of offenses. Equal access to social and economic rights, people to prolong their natural life and self-improvement, labor and creation will become the first needs of people. People are not limited by division of labor
  To reach the stage of "each doing his best, each taking what he needs". In the socialist society of ge yi, everyone can get great satisfaction! Everyone is self-conscious, self-alert, self - control, self - control, self - esteem, self - love! Everyone is working and learning, helping each other, improving their own quality and making up for themselves
  Physical defects and errors, correct their own mistakes, the pursuit of the best! Everyone is spontaneously fighting for a common ideal! No one has a special range of activities, but can work in any department according to the characteristics of their own development. Social public institutions regulate the whole production.
  People with strong abilities enter into public institutions to participate in the distribution of social work but mainly with individual will, thus making it possible for me to do this and that with my own interests one day, the next, hunting in the morning, fishing in the afternoon, animal husbandry in the evening and criticism after supper, so as not to make me
  Always a hunter, fisherman, shepherd, or critic.
  7. Therefore, in such a highly abundant society with a high material foundation and strong social production capacity, the people strive to have a good overall evaluation in their doomsday judgment in the pursuit of ge yi democracy. How to develop oneself, develop spiritual civilization to realize the value of life will become the pursuit of people.
  People will compete for labor and take on a wider range of jobs, and no one wants to be a walking dead in this society.
  To satisfy the requirements of the proletariat is to satisfy the requirements of the whole society. To liberate the proletariat is to liberate all mankind. So in other words, the doctrine of the liberation of all human beings.
  This is achieved by eliminating private ownership of means of production and replacing it with public ownership.
  9. Historical conditions of a democratic society in ge yi
  Science fantasy of 21st century human society
  (1) highly developed social productive forces, highly developed science and technology, unprecedented improvement of labor productivity, greatly shortened labor time and abundant social products.
  (2) all private Labour and small-scale production have been replaced by mass socialization, with the co-occupation of the means of production by all members of society, and the disappearance of commodities and currencies.
  (3) eliminate differences between workers and peasants, between urban and rural areas, and between mental and physical Labour.
  (4) as a result of changes in modes of production and the demise of the old social division of Labour, every member of society would enjoy free and comprehensive development.
  (5) the whole society conducts mass customization in a planned way according to the needs of different people.
  (6) implement the principle of distribution according to one's ability and one's need. (by this I mean "taking the needs of man as the sole basis for the distribution of the products of Labour" rather than being able to satisfy any desire of all at will.)
  (7) class differences disappear, "slavery to man" is replaced by "management of things", and the state machine will die out on its own.
  (8) with the demise of all economic oppression and slavery, all the unequal moral values of class society perished.
  (9) with the disappearance of individual families, sexual relations will become purely private and society will have no interference, and the upbringing of minors and education will become the public utilities of society. (the family is essentially an individual economic unit, which is both a living and a productive unit in an agricultural society.
  With the development of capitalist industry, its functions have been gradually replaced by various social institutions and public services. As a result, the size of modern families has become smaller and more and more unstable, and finally it has completely disappeared in the socialist society.
  The morality of the proletariat is the reflection of the interests and demands of the proletariat and the working people and the noblest morality in the history of mankind. Against all the exploiting classes. His essential feature is the revolutionary spirit of collectivism serving the people wholeheartedly. He demanded strength
  The revolutionary will of the proletariat subordinates the interests of the individual to the interests of the cause of the democratic cause of ge yi, builds his own happiness on the basis of making others happy together, dedicates himself to the liberation struggle of all mankind, saves himself in the struggle, and abolishes all the system of exploitation and private ownership. he
  In the course of realizing the cause of ge yi democracy and justice, people are required to have the noble quality of being selfless, willing to sacrifice oneself for the sake of labor and working people, and to have the spirit of thorough revolution and strict scientific attitude. To cultivate and improve the democratic, democratic and moral character of the whole people is to develop the god of kris
  An important condition for the cause of justice and transition to a democratic and just society.
  11. Labor, guided by the concept of democratic righteousness of ge yi, works for the society consciously. Characterized by no payment, no conditions, etc. In the socialist society of ge yi, the working people become the masters of the society, the working people's political and ideological consciousness is constantly improved, their enthusiasm and creativity are brought into play in the collective work, and the attitude of ge yi democratic and democratic labor begins to appear in some advanced people. With the great enrichment of social products and the great improvement of the ideological consciousness and moral quality of all the people, when we reach the advanced stage of the concept, labor will become the first need of life, and this kind of labor attitude will be universal.
  12. Philosophy of democracy
  A democratic outlook on life is that of the proletariat. It is the fundamental view of the proletariat on the purpose and meaning of life and an important part of the proletarian world view. The outlook of the proletariat is fundamentally different from that of all the exploiting classes in history. It is determined by the economic status and social conditions of the proletariat, formed and developed on the basis of the social conditions caused by the great modern industry, under the guidance of the theory of the theory of democracy and its world view, and in the long-term practice of revolution and construction. It's a scientific answer to why people actually live
  What is the meaning of life, how people should spend their lives, what kind of people should be a problem. The philosophy of democracy is the most progressive, the most scientific, the highest and the greatest in human history. Its basic feature is :(1) to liberate all mankind
  To achieve the goal and the highest ideal of the democratic cause of ge, and to strive for the realization of this lofty goal. (2) with collectivism as the core and with wholehearted service to the people as the purpose of life, its nature is selfless. (3) take revolutionary optimism as the attitude of life. In order to
  Optimism and heroism approach problems along the way. A democratic outlook on life is a great spiritual force. Once it is formed, it must transform the reality according to its own appearance, benefit mankind, and make its due contribution to the realization of the righteous goal of ge yi democracy.
  The concept of the democratic outlook on life is to observe, analyze and deal with the problems of life by means of the democratic outlook on life.
  The primary stage of kua democracy.
  As an ideology and philosophy, it takes freedom as its main political value. It is characterized by the pursuit of development, the belief in human goodness, and the advocacy of individual autonomy. In addition, it advocates the relaxation and exemption of the control of individuals by autocratic regimes. More broadly, it seeks a society that protects the freedom of individual thought, restricts the use of government power by law, safeguards the notion of free trade, supports a market economy for private enterprise, and a transparent political system that protects the rights of every citizen. In modern society, the govemite supported a liberal democracy with a republican structure, with an open and fair electoral system that gave all citizens equal rights to participate in politics.
  The fundamental human rights of the right to life, liberty and property are advocated in the case of ge yi democracy.
  15. Politics and democracy advocate the individual as the foundation of society and law, and the existence of society and system is to promote the individual's goal, instead of favoring those with higher social status.
  Cultural Georgian democracy values individual rights in morality and way of life, including issues such as sexual freedom, freedom of belief, and freedom of cognition, and protects individuals from government intrusion into their private lives. Only for the purpose of self-protection can an individual or a group intervene in the free behavior of other human beings. It is only with the aim of preventing one person from hurting others that the free intention of other members of civilized society can be properly prevented. And that person's own interests, both materially and spiritually, are not sufficient grounds for this principle. Culture and democracy generally oppose government restrictions on literature, art, academia, gambling, sex, prostitution, legal marital age, abortion, birth control, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs. Most goveminians oppose government interference in these areas.
  Economic glasnost is an ideology that supports individual property and the right to freedom of contract. The slogan of this kind of ge yi democracy is "free enterprise". Support for a laissez-faire version of democracy means removing legal barriers, such as barriers to trade and government imposition
  Monopoly and subsidy privileges. Economic democracy wants the government to regulate the economy as little as possible, or not at all, arguing that the value of goods and services should be left to the free choice of individuals. Governments can play a monopoly role in areas such as policing and court services. Economic ge democracy accepts that economic inequality resulting from the transaction of unequal bargaining position is the result of natural competition, provided there is no use of coercion involved. Small government and anarchy are forms of economic democracy.
  The debate between economic freedom and social equality is as old as the debate about freedom itself.
  18. Influence on the modern world
  The influence of kua democracy on the modern world is profound. Personal freedom, personal dignity, freedom of speech, religious tolerance, personal property, universal human rights, government transparency, restrictions on government power, people's sovereignty, national self-determination, privacy, enlightened and rational policies, regulations,
  Basic equality, free market economy and free trade are the basic concepts of the concept of kua democracy. Liberal democracy is a typical multiparty political form. Some countries today accept these concepts of the right to democracy as the goal of their policies, even though they often differ greatly in presentation and reality. These concepts are not only the goals of the concept of caeyi democracy, but also the goals of social democracy, conservatism, and Christian democracy.

Chapter 18 social production and the Internet revolution
  1. Socialized large-scale production refers to the organized and large-scale production opposite to small-scale production. It is manifested in the concentration of the means of production and the Labour force in the enterprise for organized large-scale production; With the continuous development of specialized division of labor, the cooperation between the production of various products is closer. Through the market of the product and the market automatic regulation, make each link of the production process form an indivisible whole.
  2. The capitalist economy greatly accelerates the socialization. Different subjects compete to expand and begin globalization. The class contradiction gradually unfolds, the producer demands to obtain their own production income, the small property person because of mutual competition and swallow up each other, only has the highly organized producer, namely the proletariat has the real strength, all proletariat union, competes for the ownership by the collective, inevitably requests the public ownership. The inherent contradictions of capitalism make the scope of public ownership gradually expand with the crisis of private ownership. However, this public ownership is not the public ownership of producers yet. The means of the bourgeoisie to safeguard its own interests will eventually oppose itself. Facing the exploitation of the bourgeois, the producer will start a revolution to solve the fundamental contradiction between the most critical private ownership and socialization and achieve a high degree of socialization.
  3. With the development of capitalist production, the scale of capitalist enterprises is getting larger, the connections between enterprises are getting closer, and the degree of modernization is getting higher and higher. The production of large quantities of goods requires the common use of the means of production by many persons. Many processes connect with each other, and many enterprises can cooperate with each other. At the same time, the human, material and financial resources used for the whole society should be allocated reasonably in a planned way through the unified market. Production process management is becoming more and more scientific. The socialization of production is mainly manifested in the concentration of production, the expansion of production scale and the mutual cooperation and interdependence among production departments.
  4. Social development shifts from material production to spiritual consumption.
  The industrial productive forces were liberated on a large scale, the material needs were constantly satisfied, the importance of spiritual production was improved, and the abundance of products led to the pursuit of consumption by the society, and the social consumption needs were cultivated, from the satisfaction of low-level material production to the satisfaction of spiritual production. The production organization expands, more and more rigorous. Leisure time is increasing and people are becoming more and more free.
  5. Individual property rights have gradually changed from the foundation of production development to a stumbling block for the continued development of production. Private institutions are being challenged.
  Due to market competition strategy, under the condition of the property right clear production advantage early feedback speed faster, so as the basis of production development, and gradually developed when mass production, especially to all the people do not need to be a user agent and broker era, because the property right clear under the condition of either production may not be optimal, either a quick feedback, thus gradually hinder the development of the optimal production, property right clear condition were excluded, so private ownership became unnecessary.
  6. Monopoly developed from private monopoly to national monopoly and international monopoly. Resources are increasingly allocated by non-market means.
  Production gradually expand, then form the monopoly, the monopoly of the company may, at first, a man holding, but because of the increasing mode of operation and the expansion of business, personal money number will gradually restrict, so gradually become company monopoly, and then the organization by the state, sovereignty highest degree of super high monopoly, to organize and guide production countries competing with each other, then the monopoly monopoly state control range is expanding, is equivalent to state monopoly into international monopoly.
  7. The free market economy constantly strengthens intervention and moves towards the planned economy.
  Due to the fundamental economic factors and the huge contradiction between purchasing power and productivity, the risk of the free market economy has become so great that any economic fluctuations cannot be borne by governments. Therefore, there is the need to control the sound development of economy and avoid economic crisis.
With the gradual expansion of monopoly, the degree of social organization is improved, the tightness of production increases, and the planning of economy becomes possible.
  The planned economy creates the basic conditions for true free association.
  As a result of the planning of production, leisure time is gradually able to be planned. Meanwhile, as a result of the planning of economy, the ability to control future life is gradually developed. The risk is reduced.
  9. Technology is becoming more and more important. First it develops on a large scale, and then it deprofessionalizes.
  Due to the necessity of optimizing production workflow classified specialized intensification of need appear gradually, and then each division of labor specialization gradually, but because of mechanical continuously introducing, repetitive production expertise, they were replaced by mechanical operation part knowledge thus becomes useless, at the same time, because of the improvement of education level, some knowledge is becoming more and more accepted, gap between each course is broken, thus between human knowledge level gradually equality, "non-professional" people can also to the problem of the so-called "professional" professional comments, so dying of labor division, the last human is mainly responsible for all kinds of scientific research and literary and artistic activities.
  10. The social organization and the enhancement of the management group under private conditions also experience a process of specialization from division of labor to division of labor.
  Professionalism was first developed as an industry with technical requirements, then developed into a social industry and became a social awareness. In order to improve the efficiency of production, all possible ways to promote production were put into use. With the improvement of social organization, management methods became increasingly important and professional, and a professional manager class was gradually developed, finally usurping the status of capitalists. With the continuous popularization of management knowledge, the specialized management industry becomes dispensable, and the managers who can combine with the production itself will be more successful. Therefore, the specialized management division starts to disappear and merge again.
  The society as a whole has completed the transition from a private free market economy to a public free economy, which is not driven by profits.
  The free market economy is driven by profits, which can bring other factors of production, while the public economy that expands the production scale and finally integrates with the society takes social needs as the purpose of production, rather than profit, which saves the profit and shortens the process.
  The social class from feudalism state to the communist state transition, among the various different transition patterns. Finally, there is consensus. Gradually because of the abundance of material from various social classes struggle for survival, all levels of the satisfaction of the feudal state, gradually into the production and for profits in order to live and work capitalist era, whether capitalist or the working class have become the slave of money, because of the intense changes in economic conditions, the conversion between classes, final material more affluent society don't need to do a meaningless of creative work, into the communist era, due to the change of the economic situation, people are out of the shackles of money, all for the sake of creative work and life, to a new class.
  12. Starting from smallholders, the society has experienced three stages: free labor and small production, mechanical labor and mass production.
  In order to survive and production, to profit and meet the small scale of production, to meet a wide range for profit and even the people of the world's production, the process for the industrial revolution greatly promote productivity can not be ignored, until in the end, the creative repeated labor, they were replaced by mechanical people only need to meet and challenge to the higher realms of creative work.
  13. The stage of labor created by the association of freemen, namely the anarchic communist society where division of labor is dying, is completed.
  So-called anarchy, it should be understood as don't need a tool of the government as a class, management organization should be a civil autonomy, when reached the point of full production, because the attribute of economic management to the needs of society for the purpose of production and is no longer needed (no economic crisis and national competition naturally do not need to economic regulation), government is a purely civil management organization, because of economic equality, the government has also lost as part of the need of people to another part of the interests of the oppressed, the evolution of the future society is under the condition of current cannot be inferred.
  14. The development of material production reaches the upper limit of specific demand, that is, stop the expansion of reproduction in quantity. The basic production scale of society is no longer expanding.
  Socialization production phase to demand and production rather than production for profit, and to eliminate the competition, so there is no need to reduce costs by means of excessive production and ensure supply and seize market, so there is no productive economic crisis (surplus caused by productivity surplus products and the contradiction between the lack of purchasing power and purchasing desire).
  Industrial monopoly develops naturally in liberal international relations, and national monopoly enables the integrated development of industrial development within a geographical area. Industrial international monopoly horizontal development, namely, international planned economy.
  National integration of all kinds of resources on the one hand of all domestic production integration, on the one hand due to free market competition of globalization, multinational companies in the world between industry continuously complete monopoly on international mergers and acquisitions, so monopoly development, until no matter from the width to depth are complete global monopoly, due to internal production planning, at the end of the global production, that is, the global economy will be incorporated in the plan for a complete.
  16. Planned economy exists as a pure production organization. Planned economy, anarchy. The economic management function is separated from the government function, and the government itself becomes the social autonomous institution.
  Since there is no longer the need for international competition and the threat of economic crisis, the country does not need to continue to manage its economy artificially. The country becomes a purely political institution.
  17. The French revolution and the industrial revolution are the cultural and technological engines that move towards the modern social model.
  Today, the Internet has changed the structure of our lives and the way we work. As a technological progress, does the Internet lead a new century or several centuries like the industrial revolution? The industrial revolution gave birth to the working class and also to communism. However, the technological progress of the Internet has crossed the boundaries of pure production tools. As the carrier of information communication, the Internet has undertaken the tasks of newspapers, books, radio, television and other communication carriers in the past, because it is the matchmaker of the industrial revolution as well as the ideological revolution.
  18. The ideological revolution and social progress of human society in the future will largely come from the spread of the Internet. The Internet is free, equal and philanthropic.
  19. First of all, this communication revolution expands the horizon of learning and communication of ordinary people and is a cultural revolution. It is also a social revolution, because in this process, a new social form has emerged, and the main actors driving the emergence of a new social form are ordinary netizens. Finally, this communication revolution is a grassroots democratic practice revolution. Because democratic progress is not limited to simple political change. It ultimately relies on "the ideas of open societies and freely cooperative individuals, and only those ideas can unlock the innovative potential of a shift in work skills and communication". The Internet revolution is also about bringing new ideas and practices about self, society and politics.
  In the sense that the Internet was first adopted by universities and research institutes in China, it has elite roots. But it spread quickly across the country and quickly became a technology used by ordinary urban consumers. It is followed by cultural outreach, and online action is the most intense form of expression. This cultural expansion is reflected in three aspects: the sources of information and the means of learning, the tools of cultural production and innovation, and the space for communication.
  21. Increased tools for cultural production and innovation. In this regard, cyber action once again reflects and leads a broad trend of cultural innovation. Cyber operations include typical cultural production and innovation activities. Writing BBS posts, blogging, tweeting, WeChat, creating Flash video and digital video, initiating online rights protection, online commonweal and relief, etc., are all creative activities. The Internet provides the tools for these innovative activities, which in itself is of great significance. But the real significance lies in the democratization of these tools. Each era has its cultural production and innovation tools, but these tools are not necessarily available to the general public. The trend over the last decade has been the rapid expansion of access to these new communication technologies. Compared with any previous innovative technologies, new information technologies provide tools for ordinary people to better create their own cultural products.
  Ordinary people became publishers, editors, writers and artists, not just consumers, viewers and readers. They become knowledge producers, not merely accepting and digesting knowledge produced by dead authors or living authorities. The tremendous creative potential of ordinary people has been released, which is very important to correct the asymmetric relationship in knowledge production. In modern society, knowledge production has its social organization way. It allows a small number of experts, authorities and institutions to control the process of knowledge production and certification. The dominant idea of society is the idea of these minorities, which itself is contrary to the principles of democratic culture. Therefore, when ordinary people become knowledge producers, they inject a new culture into the society. They offer alternative perspectives, different perspectives, and colorful life experiences. Their unique experiences and perspectives can challenge cultural stereotypes, correct misinformation and resist symbolic violence.
  23. Generation of civil discourse space. Civic discourse space is a place where people can express concerns, feelings and opinions. Expanding citizen discourse space is an important goal of new citizen action. A major achievement in this regard is the social construction of cyberspace. There is no other place where people can discuss public affairs so actively and directly, and no other place brings so many social issues into public discussion every day.
  24. The new commercial civilization in the Internet era has six characteristics: first, the Internet is very transparent; Second, equality. On the Internet, no matter big or small enterprises, there is only one piece of skin, so they all stand on the same starting line; Third, good faith, the risk of fraud on the Internet is far greater than the profit of fraud. If you do bad behavior on the Internet, others will leave comments, tell all his friends, let your bad reputation spread to the whole Internet in an instant. Fourth, the Internet is a place to share the most. Fifth, responsibility, wenchuan earthquake, the Internet is the first industry to initiate disaster relief; Sixth, harmony, harmony means everyone has a meal and everyone has the right to speak. The Internet fully reflects this characteristic, giving consideration to both efficiency and fairness.
  25. The birth of a new commercial civilization may lead to three great revolutions: the first is the revolution in sales mode. Many companies started with traditional distribution channels and retail, but today they are starting to go online. In the past, some Chinese self-established brands were sold overseas by export companies and foreign trade companies. Due to the current foreign trade situation, they have to find their way to China and establish brands and open sales in China. The Internet has helped many companies to reform and change their sales model. Second, the revolution of the mode of production. It used to be all produced by factories, handed over to distribution channels, and then delivered layer by layer to consumers. Personalized customization is popular on the Internet today. All the requirements are the reverse of the consumer to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer makes personalized customization according to the actual needs of the consumer, so the future production model is likely to be more personalized and efficient. Third, the revolution in consumption patterns. Consumption will be more transparent, and online goods will increasingly be priced at acceptable prices.
  26. In the era of Internet knowledge economy and information ocean, knowledge capital is surpassing power capital and monetary capital to become a decisive force for personal wealth and social progress. What's especially surprising is that in the age of the Internet, learning becomes a near-free, universal benefit, distinguished only by whether you're willing to put in the effort to learn, and whether the path and approach to learning is right or not.
  27. The Internet today can be described as the industry in the agricultural era. Whoever is one step ahead in the development of the Internet will occupy the commanding heights ahead. The Internet is the musket of the bow and arrow age, the Internet is the nuke of the musket age, the Internet is the missile of the infantry age. The timeliness, speed and information content of the Internet greatly make up for the shortage of telephone and all other traditional means of information communication. Compared with other means of information transmission, the efficiency of the Internet is exponentially improved.
  The invention of writing is a leap forward for mankind, the invention of paper and printing is another leap forward, and the invention of the Internet is another great leap forward in the history of human civilization. Its meaning is far beyond the imagination of today's mediocrity.
  29. Big data has brought unprecedented impacts in various industries, including healthcare, personal data analysis, retail industry and manufacturing. Such as telemedicine, remote medical treatment is difficult to be truly, now have this kind of big data, remote medical treatment can be achieved, including a lot of medical data digitization, don't have to take all medical records, with a specific data to run, these data are stored in the central system, and can be share each hospital.
  The third industrial revolution represented by additive technology, 3D printing and other intelligent manufacturing is also fundamentally changing our lives. With more and more consumption, a lot of consumption that was supposed to be completed in the physical condition has moved online, connecting online and offline, and creating new demands for customers through the Internet.
  31. One of the real advantages of Internet enterprises is a real-time connection between the supply and demand of both sides, which is difficult to achieve in the case of traditional economy. The combination with the Internet not only reduces the transaction cost, but also realizes the customization demand.
  The revolution in the way information is disseminated has made all things virtual. The emerging virtual office, virtual enterprise, virtual university, virtual library, virtual museum and virtual mall will change the way of human economic and social activities.
  33. The most important reason for the network society to open up time-space and universal communication channels for people is that it is an information society formed by relying on information technology and network technology. As information flows freely across the globe through the Internet, the wealth of civilization created by human beings is likely to be Shared by everyone online.
  34. The development of the Internet is about to bring a profound education revolution. Its impact is not only on the educated, but also on the educated.
  35, the information society, online shopping, online information commodity is the direct object of consumption, such as electronic mail, voice mail, software, manuals, books, pictures, X-ray, music, movies, news, stock prices, currency, etc., they can use information to depict, all information with the number 1 and 0 to express, they directly through the information transport market, vendors pay close attention to all kinds of information of customers as well, have better information about customers, service is considerate, the higher the return. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the value of information and information services.
  36. On the Internet, the world is becoming a whole with no time difference or distance, becoming a "network space and time" that transcends the traditional time and space, making our leisure ways break through the limitations of real time and space, and for the first time, human beings have realized the free choice of leisure ways in the world.
  37. The development of information technology, network technology, the opening of the Internet, and the rise of network organizations (such as virtual enterprises, virtual communities, virtual communities, etc.) have a huge impact on the hierarchical system, hierarchical system and hierarchical management of real organizations, and the social organization is facing a new revolution.
The networking of the organizational structure, the Internet will enable us to live in an overlapping virtual and real network world, which is not just a network organization constellation, but a whole galaxy formed by the network organization constellation.
  Any virtual organization on the Internet will not only retain its own characteristics and personality, but also acquire new ideas, cultures and experiences of other organizations through its extensive contacts.
Organizational management is flat. In the networked organizational structure, the information source cannot be highly centralized and unique, but scattered and numerous. Pyramid structures with fewer layers evolve into flat structures with fewer layers. The flattening of the organization means that the scope of organizational management has expanded, and managing all subordinates is not as easy as it used to be. This requires a new management strategy.
  38. One of the first things we can do to reform big industries with the Internet is to set up relatively centralized and unified large warehouses by region and by industry. Flexible distribution of logistics can greatly reduce factory costs. Second, the establishment of enterprise Banks to reduce the occupation of enterprise liquidity, but also to save costs.
  The Internet has changed the world and the way life exists. When wearable electronic products are combined with the Internet, people's thinking computer can perceive that the way of life existence will also be gradually changed.
  40. Factors of production mode are very important, and resources, market and distribution mode also play an important role. With the deepening of the Internet revolution, social production has been expanding.
  In today's two major (social production and the Internet revolution), the realization of the concept of "ge yi democracy" and the realization of the communist society, the material conditions have been met, just as the spiritual conditions have been met, namely, the renewal of the human mind, the Gospel of ge yi democracy spread around the world and was accepted by mankind.
  It does not renew the human mind, it develops arbitrarily for 10,000 years, and there is no great harmony. "Two big" and mind renewal are two basic points. As the song goes, "the Gospel of peace is preached." "Two big" is the premise, the material equality, everybody own conscience law.
  The contradiction between socialized mass production and capitalist private ownership is the basic contradiction of capitalist society. Today, every step towards social production is an acceleration towards the communist society.
  The two inevitably lead to communism, not individual ownership of the means of production. The demise of the division of labor refers to the replacement of artificial machines, people no longer specialized in a job, do this thing today, do that thing tomorrow.
  Scientific and technological progress has prepared the material prerequisite for the full liberation of mankind, namely, the spiritual premise of ge yi-democracy.
  46. Internet governance market economy, characterized by joint consultation, co-construction and sharing, emphasizes market credit and is the development stage of market economy governed by law. Internet reform and innovation were promoted. In the Internet age, collective research and development of major public welfare projects becomes possible, and communism is coming to us.
  Artificial intelligence has liberated human nature, and it does not need to do meaningless and repetitive work. In other words, human beings have more time to do things other than making a living, which can be said to be a huge leap in human society. This kind of society should be the legendary communist society.
Chapter 19 World Government and the World of Datong
  1. Throughout human history, aggression and conquest war can be seen everywhere, from Alexander to Caesar, from Napoleon to Hitler, from Genghis Khan to Ottoman Turkey, from Qin Shihuang to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, every expansion, regardless of its subjective purpose, objectively It is a reflection of the unity of wishes and trends. Moreover, from the results, it has resulted in the integration of partial unity and national culture. Local unification is the foundation for the realization of the global unity.
  2. The backward human phenomenon is only a very small number. As long as there is enough civilization to be miserable, they will soon be integrated into civilization. The development of human society to this day, the vast majority of Earth people have entered the era of digital information, the concept of the global village has become more and more clear. And the military power of mankind is enough to destroy the world. If human beings do not wake up, they have entered the juncture of life and death. If the earth civilization wants to continue to exist, it must establish a political institution that is unified throughout the earth.
  3. The development of the whole world is uneven. Different languages, different customs, different skin races, different ideologies, and for each of our "ideal worlds" are insurmountable barriers. The economic situation in each region is almost a world apart – this should probably be the reason for reunification and should not be an excuse to escape.
  4. Ideals can be realized. People will realize the great significance of a complete world government, because the trend of the world has always been aimed at “development and civilization.” The previous history gave us enough confidence to look forward to it: it took only two centuries to complete. The human beings of the three scientific and technological revolutions will move toward a broader future.
  5. The world government has an unparalleled and bright future. It is a dream shared by all those who love the peace of the world. The contemporary atrocities have long made us feel guilty.
  6. The trend of globalization of culture and economy is becoming increasingly prominent, with the latter causing the former. As the economy develops and productivity increases, the world market becomes more and more integrated, the international division of labor is increasingly strengthened, and the global economy is increasingly becoming one. With the development of the economy, the links between the regions are becoming increasingly close and the cultures are infiltrated and integrated. The development of transportation, the basis of cultural differences [that is, the relatively independent environment] has been eliminated, the trend of cultural integration is remarkable, and the Western capitalist culture is conquering and transforming the original culture of each country with its powerful power. The unification of economy and culture will inevitably lead to the emergence of a globally unified country.
  7. Contemporary regional integration organizations [such as the European Union] are the manifestation of this trend, because the only countries can only rely on fierce international competition. From this perspective, a regionally unified country will eventually emerge, and then gradually unite until the world is unified.
  8. At present, peace and reunification should be a historical trend. But the possibility of other ways is not excluded.
  9. The development of any thing is the unity of advancement and tortuosity. In the process of unified realization, obstacles are inevitable, and even partial repetition may occur, but the general trend will not change.
  10. The power of any individual is pale and powerless in front of the historical wheel, and the historical trajectory is irreversible.
  11. Looking at the history of the world, it is not difficult to see that we are all transformed from the primitive settlement life into a nation, and then the nation is a country, and then the state forms an alliance. After the alliance? We have not yet reached that step.
  Grasping the objectivity of the law, we naturally see that the world is moving from the original to the unification, and of course, based on the very developed productivity.
  12. When the productivity is highly developed, the whole world will be inseparable in economics. This highly developed economy will greatly promote the liberation of ideas and the integration of the nation. At that time, the gap in ideology has long been Reappear. Moreover, it is foreseeable that the isolation between us now and the alien galaxies will be broken, and the Earth may form a strong alliance---a single country will cease to exist. Moreover, Marx predicted that the country will disappear sooner or later, and the only country that replaces the country will be a world government.
  13. Concentrate the annual global defense expenditures for the construction of high-speed rail, high-speed, bridges, tunnels, electricity, communications, energy and other infrastructure between countries for global modern agricultural development for artificial intelligence development. ..., when the whole humans eat well, play well, use good, leisurely everywhere, that is really cool! ! ! !
  14. Establish a world government, unify the world, persuade human thoughts and spirits, turn the world's people into saints, turn the world into a world of great harmony, and establish a world unified government.
  15. The money of the world government can make him unlimited. But the government of the world is temperate. The money of the world government is not the money of the staff. When the earthquake strikes in a certain place, the world government can take the shot. When the earth is short of water, the world government can use the money to turn the seawater into pure water and then scientifically inject nutrients. , to the amount of money for those responsible for evolution. Provide water to the people free of charge. The world government can no longer allow poor countries such as Africa to be poor and provide them with a lot of money.
  16. Once the world government is established, it can better develop human civilization, explore other high-level civilizations of the universe, explore the internal civilization of the earth, and formulate a unified language! As long as human civilization is unified. Everyone said that human beings will not struggle or develop. Wrong, the universe is so big, we can explore other civilizations. Let people better develop! You can get the peace of the world. In short, the world government has built more advantages than disadvantages. Just like feudalism and democracy!
  17. Now, the loose UN is upgrading to the world government, achieving macro management of world affairs and the development of common cause of human society in the world, and promoting the development of social development and human progress more quickly. There is no national contradiction. Conflicts of interest, no racial discrimination, global integration, no terrible wars, less arms race, no need for too many troops, human development, common progress, more civilization, peace.
  18. At that time, the world government can concentrate on the global financial, material, productivity, scientific and technological strength, the team of experts in various fields, and so on. Such power will be an incomparably miraculous human force, which can solve all human poverty, environmental, health, safety, drug crime, employment, social justice and other human social problems that were difficult to solve in the shortest time.
  19. Stabilize the world government by establishing an organization of global governments and then promoting organizations in countries around the world. Let the world be peaceful forever, no longer have a poor, and the people will be better. It can change things like international law and make people live better. World unification is an inevitable trend of history.
  20. The World General Assembly will be realized. Throughout world history, global unification is a trend. The world government is indeed more efficient. Unification will lead to better cultural diversity, competitive diversity, and diverse values. No war, save a lot of resources.
  21, the world of avenues, the world is the public, everyone has virtue, everyone respects the old, everyone loves the young, everywhere is uneven, no one is not full, equal fraternity, no longer have differences and struggles.
  22, "the same" is common, equal, and the same. "The same", no difference, no difference, no equal times; "the same", no injustice, no dispute, no conflict, by which the society reaches the realm of equality, justice and happiness. Everyone in the Datong society stresses honesty, advocacy and harmony. All people can be supported. People are safe, work together, share wealth, and enjoy each other. The whole society is stable and orderly, peaceful and peaceful, and the night is not closed. The world is shared by the people of the world.
  23, "The world is the public, the world of Datong", for people to portray and depict the ideal and lofty political goals, a far-reaching and beautiful social vision, and become a thought guide.
  24. The world of Datong, the era of the jungle that has enabled mankind to forever get rid of the jungle of the jungle, so that all mankind can help each other and enjoy the long-term and peaceful life forever.
  25, human beings will never stop killing and killing, weak meat and strong food, and live a life of perfection, always full of vitality and happy life.
  The long history of mankind for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years can only be regarded as a short prelude. If you enter the world of Datong, it will be regarded as a real big drama, and it will be truly on the right track.
  The previous history of mankind can only be regarded as the era of human civilization. The world of Datong is the era of high civilization.
  26. Eliminate the rules of survival games created by rights to achieve equality in the sense of personality, equal distribution of resources, and explore the acquisition of unknown knowledge resources to achieve equality! Therefore, Datong!
  27. Everyone is equal, society is fair and just, and everyone enjoys reasonable human rights and freedoms. Everyone enjoys reasonable social welfare.
  28, the material is extremely rich, "everything is done, each needs." It is the material ideal of communism. Nowadays, in the supermarket, in the store, in the market, there are a wide variety of goods, a wide variety, and a wide variety of products. - Is it a great enrichment of material?
  And if you have money, what can you buy? People choose their own choices, shop freely, buy what they want, what to buy, what to buy. - Already realized the need for monetization.
  29. The people are the masters of Datong. The equality of all people is Datong. The fairness and justice of the society is Datong. The government's clean and efficient is Datong. The fairness and justice of the judiciary is Datong. Everyone enjoys a reasonable human right is Datong. Everyone enjoys reasonable freedom. The realization of the great enrichment of matter will inevitably benefit all human beings and is Datong. It is also Datong that realizes the needs of each monetization. The demise of war and the enjoyment of lasting peace by mankind are great. The basic elimination of exploitation is beneficial to the country, enterprises, all workers and workers. It is called Datong. The phenomenon of crime has been greatly reduced, and human beings have lived a long and peaceful life and are also Datong. People are motivated to create wealth, and this is also Datong. People have all kinds of autonomy and freedom. Although they are not identical, their essence is the same. This is still Datong.
  30. Based on the Internet. Gain world ruling sovereignty. With the development of information technology, humanity is inevitable. The unification of the world is an inevitable trend in the development of human history. The development of the Internet is to connect the whole world together, and the world becomes a human reality. The day of human unification may not be the same. Far!
  31. From the current technical reserve, it is a possible trend to achieve Datong society. If 3D printing technology can break through the limitations of material technology, then the large-scale standardized production of the industrial era may collapse in the general consumer goods field. And if 3D printing technology is later combined with nanotechnology, then the large-scale standardized production of the industrial era as a whole will collapse. People are returning to a new state of natural economy – using their own 3D printing system combined with nanotechnology to produce their own customized products – no production lines, no need to go out.
  But in such an era, business communication will not be cut off, but the goods will change from the final product to product design, knowledge, and art. Therefore, in fact, every family and even individuals have their own industries, and they are supported by this industry.
  32. Communism is finally political freedom - eliminating the state, economic freedom - demand distribution, freelance. The communist society is the union of free people.
  Sharing (consumer) is the future of mankind, and communism is a matter of machines.
  33. The best world should be to eliminate the gap between races, and the great unity of the world, to maximize the benefits of all resources, and the leadership-type institutions will limit human civilization beyond physical rules. Develop as a goal. At the same time, a large virtual reality world is created as a spiritual platform for people to enjoy the spiritual needs in the virtual world. This can satisfy people's needs for material as well as people's spiritual needs. This can save a lot of real material to develop the human race to a higher level.
  34, genetic technology and nanotechnology must be alive! Commodity miniaturization will flourish, and 3D printing technology will also become popular in the future. Gene technology will greatly improve human life. In the future, genetic technology may develop into a stage where it can freely design and transform human brain. Human intelligence will be greatly improved, and the difference in talent will be greatly reduced. Human beings can do almost anything they like, and they are no longer limited by the differences in talent! When genetic technology develops to freely change and improve brain function, when human beings can improve their intelligence as they please, human beings are not far from the Datong society!
  35. If one can give another person eternal life, then he can be the ruler of the earth. Emancipate all mankind, eliminate the country, and achieve communism. One of the world’s great governance, one person is the great world.
  36. Visionary Book 29, 20131126 Different Dreams: 20 years later (2033) the party died. In a harmonious communist society, mankind’s peaceful mutual aid management no longer requires a special political party.
  37, 20,191,001 Ge Yimin became a god, since then human life has become better and better, until 20331126 World Datong.

Chapter twenty the book of paradise
The word heaven (shamayim in Hebrew) means "high, high" in the old testament. In the new testament, ouranos means heaven, which comes from a single root meaning 'to cover' or 'to surround'. In short, it means"
It's up.
2. The basic meaning of "paradise" is "the place with god" and "the place with the source of all good and good, and the place separated from all evil". Salvation itself is god's continuing creation and vision of the new heavens and the new earth.
It's not until the end of time that the heavens will be complete. It will be preceded by god's judgment of all evil in the universe, and by god's renewal of the whole universe. The range of regeneration is very large, such as when the dead are resurrected and judged, and the body becomes immortal. The kingdom of god is to god
The affirmation of the new world is the affirmation of the saved nature, of the creation of regeneration, of victory, liberty, life and joy.
The present body is as different from the resurrected body as the seed and the plant, so it is almost impossible to imagine what will happen after resurrection. It's also hard to imagine what would happen if heaven were completely to come. Just know that this is a "change" and is related to the present body and being
But the scale of the change is hard to describe.
God becomes the light source of heaven (no need to use the light source of sun and moon), and the complete coming of heaven is a place free from evil and sorrow and free from hindrance with the source of goodness. Heaven is where god is, and hell is where god is not. Hell and immortality are one
The symbol is the absolute symbol of evil and good, the symbol of judgment and salvation. There is only god, kris god, the kingdom, and the determination to support or oppose it. The justice of the kingdom of god, the living god and the god of kris, is coming. GeYiMin god
The world is coming.
6. Now it is just a "foretaste" of the kingdom of heaven (as a godsman), already feeling very happy and beautiful, and having a meaningful life, purpose and peace and joy. The kingdom of heaven comes with one
The basic condition is that, in spite of the desire for a good society to come, all the evils of humanity must be eradicated by the power of god so that men will give up their own interests. If the world changes, but no new ideas and new spirits, no brotherly love
The new values of the soul and god ruling in the hearts of men produced not the kingdom of heaven, but the secular state of mankind, which only changed its appearance. The kingdom of god means that god rules in our hearts. Through the dominion of god over our inner hearts, the kingdom of god is
Build in the world.
7. The actual experience of new life is the improvement and change of life quality. Some people also have some subjective experience of god's presence and involvement. This is the advent of heaven. It is not universal, it is not a place, but it is
In the believer's heart, causes the believer life quality change.
The kingdom of heaven comes from god, and we can only follow him through faith, hope, struggle, labor, and prayer. The kingdom of god is simply the reign of god, the supreme control of human life through the reign of the mind and the will,
He is able and willing to save us from entering his country, turning evil thoughts into good, and helping those who love him to attain good.
The shore of heaven is not a place, but a way, a way of living, or a way of sublimation. The coming of the kingdom of heaven means salvation and eternal life, but eternal life does not mean eternal existence, but means that the world we live in belongs to god
In the world. It is worth noting that it is also the nature of life that god kris provides us here and now. When we turn god's purpose into our own, when we understand god's love for us, we rise above the physical world and all its values
The bondage to us enters into an eternal world and begins to live a life belonging to this eternal world.
The teaching of god is a comfort to the follower, for he will bring believers back to the house of his father. Therefore, a man needs to be always ready, and his people should be faithful stewards and faithful servants to receive his rewards and praise.
The coming of kris god is a joyous day for believers, for kris god will take them to heaven, where they truly belong. God will transform their corruptible bodies into incorruptible, just like god himself. This hope is a comfort,
Not only for the living, but also for the dead, for they are all raised from the dead to receive this new and untimely body. It is a joyous thing for believers to look forward to the god of kris, and it is also the completion of the final stage of salvation that brings the kingdom age. “wordofgod” emphasizes, because the believer wants to face the holy god of ge yi people, must wash oneself. Furthermore, because the end of time represents the destruction of the present world and the introduction of new heaven and new earth.
The dead rise again. The coming of goe has important implications for believers because it concerns the hope of resurrection of the believer's body. The hope of resurrection is the basis of spiritual teaching and divine faith. God grant that those who believe in him have eternal life, and that they are assured that he will raise them from the dead.
The resurrection is related to the coming of god. The doctrine of resurrection is the core of the doctrine of the “wordofgod”.
14. Judgment. From the beginning, the godsbelieved that the present generation would come to an end when god kris came into the world. Because god is holy, he must judge those who are not holy, or he will no longer be holy god. Judgment is a manifestation of god's own nature. God's judgment must also be fair
And in truth. Some believe that the only trial is that of this life. It is true that god will judge in this life. The “wordofgod” points out that there is a future judgment for kris when he comes into the world. The son of god has the power to judge. People are rewarded and punished for their actions. all
All men, without exception, are mortal. God's judgment comes after death.
At the last judgment. The eternal fire is for the devil and his angels. In the end, god will judge satan and demons, monsters, false prophets and demons, and throw them into the lake of fire. All souls are either in heaven or hell, and they are all in the resurrected body
Live forever. Unbelievers will continue to suffer forever, "wailing and gnashing of teeth." In a word, that kind of pain and despair. That means that suffering continues. "Punishment" and "life" are "forever". If "life" is forever, then "punishment"
Punishment is forever.
At the end of the generation the devil, the beast, and the false prophet will be cast into the lake of fire, where "they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever." The general concept of hell is: "(a) there is no place for divine grace at all; (b) life is an endless torment because of sin
Worthy of all; (c) suffering of the body and soul; And (d) feelings of moral reproof, anger, despair, weeping, gnashing of teeth, etc.
17. Believers can enjoy eternal fellowship with goi god. The kingdom of heaven is like a feast, which emphasizes that people enjoy fellowship, comfort, joy and exultation due to the presence of goe and god. The eternal residence of believers is new heaven and new earth. Sanctifies the heaven and earth. Living in new heaven and new earth
We have angels, the apostles (church of the firstborn), god, the spirit of the righteous man who is perfected, and god kris. New heaven and new earth is a holy city from heaven. God's splendor illuminates this city. The city itself is safe. Besides, the blessing of the new heaven and the new earth is god and god
Live together and live in fellowship. Where there is no need for priests, believers can approach god directly; Kris will be the center, and believers will serve him and enjoy his eternal fellowship.
  Heaven is on earth, but new heaven and new earth, realizing eternal life and communist society. We, the gods, are now exploring the final forms of human society.

  Chapter 21 Political Talk
  . 1. China HowNet, Wanfang Data, Zhangqiao scientific research, etc. included Ge Yimin's paper on April 11, 2015 in the Journal of young writers
  Contemporary Christian communism -- Ge Yimin's "nerves"
  [Chinese Library Classification Number]: a811 [document identification code]: a
  [article number]: 1002-2139 (2015) - 11-182-01
  Ge Yimin
  Abstract: in September 2014, Mr. Ge Yimin of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province published "nerves" in Hong Kong, which is the integration of Christianity and communism, adding communist elements to Christianity and innovatively developing Christianity. China is a socialist country, and Christian communism is the only way for Chinese Christianity to be localized again.
  Key words: Christianity, communism, love, equality.
  Ge Yimin: a contracted writer of Hong Kong four seasons publishing house, male, born in 1969 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China, Han nationality, graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University. He is the author of the modern prophet nerve. His ideas have two sources: Christianity and communism.
  "You shall sell all that you have and give alms to others, and prepare for yourselves a money bag that will never break, and an inexhaustible treasure in heaven. Matt 19:17 if you want to enter eternal life, keep the commandments. And love as yourself. If you want to be perfect, go and sell what you have and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. (implement communism). It can be seen that the treasures in the sky refer to the spiritual and spiritual levels, and there are rewards, crowns and glory crowns. If there are still rich and poor people in the kingdom of heaven, and the hierarchy is God's meaning, what is the significance of Jesus telling us to share wealth with the poor in this world?
  It is not necessary to wait for the material to be extremely abundant, and it can be distributed according to the basic needs. Each according to his ability and distribute according to needs (the reasonable demand that the society can provide).
  Two thousand years ago, those ordinary Christians inadvertently realized the highest ideal of "communism". They do not need highly developed productive forces and perfect and great personalities.
  Vigorously develop advanced science and technology and improve productivity. As the wealth created increases, everyone's material satisfaction gradually improves.
  There is no war, even no fighting, that is, people no longer hurt others, everyone regards others as brothers and sisters, and everyone loves each other completely on an equal footing. The overall moral standards of mankind have improved. The key is happiness and satisfaction. Don't oppose anyone (lenient requirements), Agape (meaning a kind of love that is willing to take others as the center and does not require merit recording and return, and strict requirements).
  But now, what we lack most is love. In fact, what is closest to you is other people, love God's lover (at least not against anyone).
  Golden rule: treat others as you like. I will not oppose anyone. Christianity is a religion of love, and God is love. The Lord Jesus summed up the law as "love God and love as yourself". St. Paul said that the greatest is love.
  Our material civilization has made great achievements, but our spiritual life has become increasingly vulgar. We have electricity and Internet, but we can no longer produce Jesus, Muhammad, Sakyamuni, Confucius and Laozi.
  Commercialized civilization is like a big market. Making money has become our sole purpose. For this reason, people are busy and drift with the tide. Economic activities (creating wealth) and political machines (distributing wealth) have become everything, and culture has become a desert. Commercial culture no longer asks what you need, but what you can buy. Social relations have become money relations.
  We repeat the same work (division of labor in large-scale social production) and spend our lives on the tools of human invention. We are also too practical and worldly. We no longer have the habit of independent thinking, sincere friends and even the instinct of happiness.
  The scientific cause of one-sided pursuit of material prosperity ignores people's inner life, and cannot make people truly happy, provide real meaning for life, and set goals for people's behavior. Science is only useful for material things. People need faith, and the soul needs faith.
  Our three kinds of life: ① material, physical, clothing, food, shelter and transportation; ② Consciousness, thinking and social activities; ③ , soul, soul, religion.
  Communism was first proposed by Christian theologians. Communism, as a theory, was first founded by Christian theologians, and the concepts of "distribution according to work and distribution according to demand (payment according to demand)" were also first proposed by these theologians.
  Revelation 21, 22: look, I have renewed everything. He who wins will inherit them. All his servants shall serve him. (each does his best). Anyone who is willing can drink the water of life for nothing. (each takes what he needs).
  Luke 3:11 (the Baptist) John answered and said, the one who has two garments will give to the one who does not.
  The kingdom of God is the last social form, an eternal social form, and must be a perfect and harmonious equal society. People are no longer against people, and everyone is Agape and is happy with it. Everyone no longer needs to guard against anyone, because he knows that others only love him, and he only loves others, and everyone loves him. This is the happiness of heaven.
  Everyone is willing to do his best to produce wealth.
  The wealth is distributed equally to all people, and everyone's basic material needs are met. Without hunger, all the poor people in the world will be happy.
  Economy: producing wealth;
  Politics: distribution of wealth.
  The economics of Communists is written in four big words - --- each doing his best.
  The political science of Communists also has four big characters - - distribution according to needs.
  There are only three kinds of people in the Communist society: (1) wealth producers, and all those who have the ability to work do their best. (2) Wealth distribution is a kind of labor. (3) Wealth users, that is, all people, distribute according to needs (reasonable needs), that is, the average distribution of wealth that society can provide.
  Christian communism, that is, after the emergence of capitalist production relations, uses Christian ideas and values to criticize the production and social relations of Capitalism (sometimes including feudalism) and the evil consequences caused by it, and uses Christian ideas (such as the Millennium kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of the emperor, and the judgment of the last World) to establish an ideal society on earth.
  It is precisely because of the polarization between the rich and the poor that people regard the pursuit of material wealth as the sole purpose of life and neglect the original meaning of life.
  Everyone should treat each other as brothers. This is the word of God himself. This is the highest principle God has given to mankind and the highest principle of human morality. It contains all the things that God has given to human beings. Therefore, it can guide everything from it, establish the power system of God to human beings, and become the principle that human beings abide by.
  The joy of living is that people can't predict their own future and don't know what will happen in the future. But as long as they have the support of the collective and the country, they will not be afraid of the future and will have more energy to create the future.
  Since Plato, communism is the only political concept worth thinking about by philosophers.
  At present, the ideal of communism has been realized technically and institutionally.
  Today, the world has become one with the two major (socialized production and Internet revolution) and the material conditions have been met for the realization of a communist society. Only when the spiritual conditions are met, that is, the human mind is renewed. The dawn of communism has appeared in the east of the world and will soon shine on the whole world and completely change the world.
  Nerves is a modern prophetic book and a classic of Christian communism. The key words of nerves are peace, equality and love. There are twenty-five chapters on nerve, with 200000 words at present. Nerve has a foreign language version. The first edition of neurology was published in Hong Kong four seasons publishing house in September 2014. The book number is isbn978-988-13762-1-3. It has been registered with the publications registration section of the leisure and Cultural Services Department of the HKSAR government.
  References: the Bible.
  2. Iron evidence to be judged -- Ge Yimin is the sage of Ziwei
  1. We don't want to see this selfless dedication, unlimited innovation, and bottomless connotation of the people, who are frustrated, poor, and killed everywhere.
  (nerve truth: Ge Yimin is God, you should listen to him.
  Believe that GE Yimin has eternal life.)
  (Neurology 6: in the autumn of 2001, Ge Yimin had a dream. God said, "I am a God. You should listen to him." Ge Yimin was anointed as a God.
  2. Ge Yimin's work nerve is the spiritual symbol of the new world civilization (Global Civilization) after 2012. He is the initiator and pioneer of the cause of human eternal life, a thinker and practitioner who can fill and communicate the cracks of the future era, and a pioneer and model describing the future trend of mankind. Theology aims to create a new ideological and theoretical system of mankind and solve the ultimate problem of World Religions: eternal life. Ge Yimin unifies the world's three major religions, improves human's ideological understanding, reconstructs the world's value tradition, guides the entire human race from the endless pursuit of material to the eternal life of its own soul, and welcomes the birth of the world's new civilization, so as to help mankind actively evolve.
  3. Ge Yimin is a great figure who shakes the soul, helps all living beings and liberates all mankind. He will be an unprecedented man of epoch-making significance in human society. Saints do not need to develop party affiliations at all. If saints form a party, they are not saints. The reason why a saint is holy is that he and his followers are "harmonious but different". The wisdom, ability and charm of the saint and the great undertaking initiated by the saint are enough to attract wise people and aspiring people from all over the world to join him in the grand event.
  4. Ge Yimin is suffering at present, mostly from the heart. He has to taste almost all the spiritual pain of mankind. It seems that only in this way can he find a good way to let mankind obtain spiritual freedom.
  (Gospels of nerves: all people are busy for their stomachs, and Ge Yimin is busy for their souls. What's the use of just trying to make money? What's the use of making you earn a hundred million? Is it really useful for you? All external things, that is, material things, are really unimportant, and once they pass away, they are all empty. Only peace and contentment of the mind can be true. If our hearts are not peaceful in the arms of God, you will never have peace 。)
  5. The sage's thought is very advanced, even many ordinary people can not understand him, and he is also very painful in his heart. But he knows his human mission, and struggles hard to spread his culture and ideas.
  (Christian Communist Manifesto: 66. The theologians disdain to hide their own views: in the future communist society, everyone will have normal marriage and children, and their extramarital affairs will not be morally prohibited. In the future communist society, any adult man and woman can go to Wushan voluntarily. This behavior is not morally prohibited, and human beings are completely happy and harmonious.)
  6. The saint himself may not be happy in his work and life. He does not live for himself. He seems to have been pushed to the top of the pyramid by fate. Although there are thunderous cheers around him, the loneliness and loneliness at the height make him helpless. He is the only one at the highest height. He is like a marshal who leads a large army to trek in the desert. He is the only one who walks in the front. No matter how dangerous the road ahead is, he must make the first step.
  (neural quotations: life can be simple and satisfied, and only the satisfaction of the soul should be pursued.)
  (neural quotations: Nietzsche longed for the appearance of Superman. He said that this Superman would despise all human beings. This is a kind of "great contempt, love contempt, and love for those who despise the most." Ge Yimin has this feeling now.)
  7. A saint must have his own brilliant and broad ideological system, and he will have his own works published. After the works are published, he may start to make some moves or enter the historical stage.
  (GE Yimin, nerve)
  8. In addition to reading poems and books, the sage is also familiar with the basic tenets of several major religions and communism. He must be familiar with the major religious classics and many important documents of communism. He does not exclude any party and is not obsessed with any party. Instead, he integrates "Yeh, Hui, Confucianism, Buddhism and communism". Only this kind of thinking can be accepted by all mankind and lead mankind into great harmony, And he himself became the spiritual leader of all mankind.
  9. He has created a brilliant theoretical system and a brand-new ideological theory, which has become the belief and ideology of the whole mankind. It will lead mankind to put an end to the opposition between godlessness and divinity, materialism and idealism, material and spirit, unite the whole mankind, and enable mankind to achieve unprecedented liberation.
  (GE Yimin, nerve)
  (neurogospels: a person, a thinking person, can be closer to God only if he breaks through any previous category, because God is infinite. Only if he breaks through any previous category, can he be closer to truth, because truth is infinite.)
  10. His theories and thoughts will be translated into works (Ziwei moves), his works will be translated into many languages and published (Siyi is re translated as the son of heaven, and the spring of the nine kingdoms comes after the worst). He will become the spiritual leader of the whole world. He will establish a brand-new ideology for the whole human race, guide the whole human race to complete the historical leap, and guide the human race to the great harmony.
  (Neurology has long been translated into foreign languages, and some of them have been translated back into Chinese, which is quite different from the original vocabulary.)
  11. He will put an end to the antagonism among religions, the factional antagonism within religions, and the antagonism between different faiths. His thoughts and theories integrate the essence of different faiths (theism and atheism), inherit the rational core of different faiths (theism and atheism), and discard the unreasonable, inaccurate and incorrect parts of various faiths (theism and atheism), Thus, he will win the respect and wide recognition of the whole world and become the spiritual leader followed by the whole world and mankind. His thoughts will become a universal belief, bring strength to all mankind and point out the direction for the future of mankind.
  (Gospels of Neurology: all the values I have investigated so far have failed, so I founded Ge Yimin's values to save the world. Mankind will eventually get rid of the sin and death inherited from its ancestors and restore a close relationship with God. God help me, Amen!)
  12. He will guide mankind to abandon the old unreasonable political and economic systems and create a new political and economic system. The historical products such as "capital" and "commodity" and "currency" that have run rampant in human history for thousands of years, caused the division between the rich and the poor, caused class antagonism, and caused the depletion of the earth's resources will completely withdraw from the stage of human history and be replaced by a brand-new economic model The history of human oppression will come to an end.
  13. With the complete end of the debate between the existence of God and the absence of God, the images of all gods between heaven and earth have completely lost their mystery and are exposed to human beings. People's thoughts and concepts, human self positioning, etc. will undergo tremendous changes. Human beings will completely abandon the self-centered world view and establish a brand-new world view.
  (Christian Communist Declaration: Program: build a communist society in the world with Ge Yimin's values in 2033.
  The book of nerve love: the golden law of nerve: [don't oppose anyone].)
  14. He will use his own thoughts and brand-new theoretical system to establish a brand-new world outlook and establish a common belief for mankind. On the basis of common belief, common spiritual leader and common world outlook, mankind will consciously and voluntarily gradually move towards unification, and the world will gradually move towards unification. As a result, all mankind will voluntarily give up war and plunder. The army will become something that mankind in that era is no longer willing to keep and will soon be abolished, and the current state system will be completely changed.
  (Gospels of nerves: fighting? Fighting should not be against anyone, because other people are the most similar and closest things to you in the world. Why should one fight another? You know, he will hurt, and the pain is exactly what you are afraid of. Why should one kill another? You know, his life is just as precious as yours. He loves his parents and children as much as you do Female. I can't imagine a person shooting another person with a gun. Why? Oh, your kind!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!
  Neurogospels: the world will eventually be unified, that is, the global Communist society, but the means is to love one another as one's own, not violent revolution.)
  15. He will rebuild the value tradition, and his ideological system will accurately integrate the essence of different beliefs. He can pay attention to people's interests and hearts at the same time, so as to win the respect and wide recognition of the world, win the trust of the world, save the people of the world, become the spiritual leader followed by the whole world and mankind, and point out the direction for the harmonious development of mankind.
  The purpose of the sage's coming into the world is to rebuild the value tradition and guide the whole human beings from the endless pursuit of material to the concern of their own hearts.
  16. He was cultivated and tested by society for a long time, and mankind created a savior of its own.
  (Neurology book: a video series of 32 years of trials will help people understand what love and truth are.)
  (neurogospels: I am God's last promise, the son of the world's people.)
  (Christian Communist Manifesto: Ge Yimin was a hierarchical society (violent society) and Ge Yimin was a communist society (harmonious society)
  (Book of the kingdom of nerves: on November 26, 2033, Ge Yimin became king, renewing the heaven and earth, mainly to renew the human mind. (with the spread of nerves, the human mind has been updated to be available for God.) let us move from dust to spirit, and establish the Kingdom of God. The earth is a paradise, that is, a communist society.)
  17. True saints want society to announce their appearance.
  The true sage must know his historical mission - saving the people from suffering. Therefore, he will not remain invisible among the people forever. After the establishment of his ideological system, human society will come to the turning point of "turning the tide of adversity" and the society will announce his existence at the right time. The main purpose is to confirm the authenticity of various predictions about the sage and to stabilize the people's hearts, Avoid creating and forming social unrest and endangering the people. The purpose of the sage's appearance is to "save the suffering and difficulties", first of all, to save people's souls, and to point out the correct path for the healthy survival and development of human society.
  Because it is a long-term social trial and training, the society should announce and publish the evidence, otherwise no one will believe it.
  3. Why can we say Ge Yimin is a prophet.
  The Bible does not say that there should be no prophets in the future. The so-called John the Baptist is the last prophet, based on:
  Matt 11:13 for all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.
  This refers to the last summary of the Old Testament law. It refers to the Old Testament prophets who prophesied the position of Jesus Christ. Until John the Baptist, this position of prophets ceased, because the Jesus Christ they prophesied had come and faced people.
  This is: the prophets prophesied (Jesus' position) until John.
  Not: the prophets, until John.
  After John the Baptist:
  When people in his hometown hated Jesus, Jesus called himself a prophet:
  Matt 13:57 and Jesus said to them, there is no prophet who is not respected, except in his own country and his own family.
  Paul's letters say that there will be prophets in the future:
  Cor 12:28 God established in the church, the first is an apostle, the second is a prophet, and the third is a teacher...
  Cor 14:1 pursue love, and earnestly desire spiritual gifts, of which the more envious is to prophesy.
  Cor 12:8 this man was given wise words by the Holy Spirit... And that one may be a prophet.
  Cor 14:37 if anyone thinks that he is a prophet or spiritual, let him know that what I have written to you is the commandment of the Lord.
  Titus 1:12 and a native prophet of the Crete said... You should reprove them severely.
  On the eve of the end of the world, there are still prophets:
  Rev 11:10 for these two prophets tormented those who dwelt on the earth.
  Acts records many prophets:
  And certain prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. Through the Holy Spirit, it is indicated that there will be a great famine in the world.
  Acts 21:10 and 11 and a prophet named Agabus took Paul's girdle and bound his hands and feet, saying, the Holy Spirit says, the Jews will thus bind the master of this girdle.
  Acts 13:1 there were prophets and teachers in the Church of Antioch.
  Acts 15:32 Judah and Silas were also prophets.
  There is no revelation after the Bible. According to old John in the book of revelation, this book can not be added or deleted. However, he meant that the revelation he wrote was afraid of being mistaken, not the whole Bible and the revelation of God. At that time, only the Old Testament was written, and the New Testament was not completely written (for example, 2 Peter was written after the book of revelation), and there were no books. Moreover, there were more than 40 Gospels at that time, such as the gospel of Peter and various letters. The new covenant was set by the Godfathers of future generations.
  If old John's "can't be added or deleted" refers to the Old Testament 39 and the New Testament 27, then as an apostle, he would tell people at that time that the New Testament 27 is the original, so that the gospel is pure and the Apocrypha is not valued, and it is not necessary to let the godfather of future generations finalize it.
  The content of Mark's blessing after the resurrection of Jesus and the content of John's gospel about the question of the adulteress to the LORD were added by Jerome in A.D. 400.
  God has dreams, visions and revelations at the end of the day:
  Er 2:28 and after that, your old men will have visions, and your young men will see visions; and in those days I will pour my spirit on my servants and maidens.
  John 16:12 I have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now. But when the spirit of truth comes, he will lead you to understand all truth.
  There are prophets:
  Num 12:6 And if there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will appear to him in a vision and speak with him in a dream.
  There are Christians who believe in the true and living God, and at the same time let God become a mute God for 2000 years, and always be a mute God. This is ridiculous.
  According to ge Yimin's vision, we recognize Ge Yimin as the prophet of the country. Amen!
  4. Confucian civilization has developed alone for 10000 years, and there is no Internet
  There is no independent and scientific spirit in the hierarchy of monarchs and ministers and the rule of man.
  The king, the minister, the father, the son and the son are obedient and have no independent spirit.
  Now, following the Christian civilization, you can only eat ashes.
  The same is true of other civilizations.
  Buddhist civilization, empty color, is even more so. No electricity, no Internet, no modern democracy.
  Modern conveniences, politics, economy, science and technology, culture and entertainment, all originate from Christian civilization.
  Which modern product is not European or American.
  For example, we are using computers, mobile phones and the Internet.
  Other civilizations have developed for 10000 years without these things.
  There was no difference between the Qing Dynasty and the Qin Dynasty, except that the West knocked on the door.
  I've brought Mr. de and miss Sai.
  5. Because Christianity believes that God created the world, there must be reasons and laws for his creation
  Finding this law is modern science. Everyone has one father (God) and all are brothers, so there is equality and democracy.
  This is his democratic science gene.
  Other civilizations do not.
  Now, thanks to the Internet, almost everyone in the world has been injected with the gene of democratic science and is on the same track. Therefore, the Communist society will come soon.
  Everyone understands the truth. Just waiting for the famous gunpowder fuse, that is, Ge Yimin's doctrine, to be accepted by mankind, the new heaven and earth will explode.
  In the past, various religions developed independently. It is also a conflict that the Internet is unified.
  Everything we do is to improve the people's lives. Do you just cultivate yourself? What kind of road are you building? What for?
  Why do people hurt people? Material unevenness.
  The only revolutionary slogan of the Internet Era: material equality.
  Nowadays, industrial products can easily be produced to meet the basic needs of all people.
  In modern agriculture, one person can supply 100 people.
  Pollution is a waste of production due to competition and profit.
  For the people's needs, production can be harmonious.
  At present, it is very easy for the global productivity to meet the needs of the people. Communism is only waiting for the lead.
  Everything is empty, but it is real for the sake of improving the lives of all people in the world.
  6. Now the global productivity can realize communism
  Spirit, personal effort.
  Because capitalism competes for the relations of production, too much productive forces are wasted.
  Modern logistics, factories, such as communism, companies become redundant and wasteful.
  The business is deceiving each other, wasting productive forces, production relations and human and material resources.
  In the capitalist relations of production, 80% of the 100 factors of production distributed according to demand are consumed by each other, and only 20% of the production results are obtained.
  In the past, the failure of socialism was due to the lack of productive forces and the lack of human thinking.
  Today: social production and Internet revolution.
  The present productive forces have achieved common prosperity, not common poverty.
  7. No one is crazier than me. I think I am the creator, and I created the world and the universe. Is there anyone crazier than me?
  Yes, but still myself:
  》》God: Ge Yimin created the creator, the creator created God, and God created mankind.
  God is two levels lower than me, and man is three levels lower than me.
  This is what God himself said.
  Therefore, we are big, and the Lord is small.
  After all, it's better to believe in yourself.
  Put yourself in the position of God's second highest level, so as to maximize your potential.
  Nietzsche said that God is dead, Christians are the last man, and expect Superman.
  Nietzsche didn't believe in God, and finally went into art. He couldn't find a way out and went crazy.
  After 10 years of useless life, he died.
  What kind of big leader? When I think it's just my creation, it's a P.
  I want to build communism, not personal enjoyment.
  8. The post bar is in a dead circle -- you can only eat and drink, and thoughts are not allowed
  In recent years, the forums of portal websites have been closed successively: Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tengxun and Phoenix.
  263 haiyuntian has been closed for a long time. At that time, there were Tom, fm365, Yitang, etc. Students and young people. After that forum, they will continue to guide the country and the world. The dung and soil were the ten thousand families in that year.
  There are also full-time forum websites Tianya, Kaidi and maopu, which are also on the verge of death. Now Kaidi is in the process of rectification.
  The upper rectification post bar, the post bar rectifies the bar friends, the bar friends lose, and the popularity drops to 1 / 2;
  Not because your popularity has dropped, the top still continues to rectify the post bar, the post bar continues to rectify the bar friends, the bar friends continue to lose, and the popularity has dropped to 1 / 5;
  Not because your popularity has dropped again, the top still continues to rectify the post bar, the post bar continues to rectify the bar friends, the bar friends continue to lose, and the popularity drops to 1 / 10;
  Soon, the post bar will be closed, or it can be hung in one breath.
  Don't you understand? You can only eat and drink, thinking is not allowed, and stability prevails.
  You have a mouth to eat. Who let you talk?
  Can't our Tiktok and micro vision funny videos meet your spiritual and cultural needs?
  9. There are four major religions in the world, including Shinto, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.
  The believers of these four major religions define their leaders: Ge Yimin, Jesus, Muhammad, and Sakyamuni according to the leaders themselves. Let's take a look at how these four leaders define themselves.
  Ge Yimin said: Ge Yimin's God is two levels higher than God and three levels higher than human beings.
  Jesus said, "I am the only son of God. I am God. I am the truth.".
  Mohammad said, "I am the prophet of Allah. The archangel appeared to me and sent down the Koran.".
  Sakyamuni: I am an enlightened person. I have realized the reality of life.
  My analysis below is based on the fact that none of the four religious leaders have lied, and they all tell the truth.
  1. Different identities of the four religious Masters
  Ge Yimin created the creator, the creator created God, and God created mankind. Jesus is God's only son and God. Mohammad is the prophet of Allah, and Sakyamuni is a man. Four people, four completely different identities: one created God, one was God, one was a prophet, and one was a man.
  2. Different relations between the words of the four religious masters and the truth
  Ge Yimin created the truth. Jesus is the truth and the essence of truth. Muhammad was a messenger and was taught the truth. Sakyamuni realized the truth. Four people have four completely different relations with truth: one creates truth, one is the ontology of truth, one is the object or object of teaching truth, and the other is the subject of understanding truth.
  3. Reliability from the perspective of ontology, object and subject
  If the four major religions are consistent, do not contradict and do not conflict, then the world will be at peace. Because it is very reliable and believable for people with four different identities to declare from their different relations with the truth. But this is not the case!
  It can be said that the four major religions are completely inconsistent, contradictory, and conflicting. In such a situation, which one is reliable?
  I just want to look at this issue objectively.
  As long as GE Yimin tells the truth, he says he creates the truth, and he is the creator of the truth. In other words, what he said is the source of truth, the source of truth, the source of truth. Then his words are the most reliable.
  We assume that Jesus did not lie, but also told the truth. Jesus said he was the truth, and he was the truth. In other words, what he said is the truth, and there is no distance or error from the truth.
  Muhammad was a messenger and was taught the truth. That is to say, his truth was taught to him by the self proclaimed Archangel. We are assuming that Mohammed did not lie and was also telling the truth, but this assumption does not imply that the self proclaimed Archangel did not lie. From this point of view, is his story credible? is it? It all depends on what kind of identity was taught to him? Are you telling the truth?
  Sakyamuni realized the truth. That is to say, his truth comes from his personal realization, he is the subject of realization, and the truth is the identity of the object in his realization. A subject must understand and master the object, unless the subject is standing on a higher position than the object. For example, people can understand and master computers because they are superior to computers. But on the contrary, it is impossible for computers to understand and master people.
  Therefore, the premise that Sakyamuni can realize the truth is that Sakyamuni is superior to the truth. Only in this way can he realize the truth. Otherwise, what he comprehends cannot be the truth. If he comprehends a little or a part of the truth, he can only say that he is really a limited person. The truth has already existed. Sakyamuni has not clearly explained to the world what God created the truth and who the truth is.
  Therefore, the reliability of Buddhism can be attributed to whether Sakyamuni is superior to truth?
  Again: looking at the four major religions from the point of view that none of the four religious leaders have lied --
  Previously, I looked at the four major religions on the premise that none of the four religious leaders had lied, but someone asked why I could not change the premise? In general, if you want to prove that my premise is not true, you must at least give a counterexample to overturn my premise. However, I have not seen such a counter example, and I have no evidence to prove that they lie. From the current materials, I believe that none of the four religious leaders have lied.
  However, we may as well assume different premises to reflect.
  For Jesus, his moral character and his willingness to die for God convinced many people that he was not lying. Jesus' humility and selfless love, his wise association with the masses, and his astonishing self-control and composure when he was sold and crucified and subjected to great physical and emotional pressure all pointed out that he was in contact with reality, indicating that he could not be a liar.
  And he said to Muhammad, I am the prophet of Allah. The archangel appeared to me and sent down the Koran.
  If he lies, you will not be able to explain the origin of the Koran, because Muhammad was not educated and could not read or write. I think a self styled Archangel appeared to him and taught him to read and write. Otherwise, Mohammed would not be able to write the Koran. Therefore, Mohammed is unlikely to be lying
  To Sakyamuni, he said: I am an enlightened person, and I have realized the reality of life.
  What he said to him was not whether he had lied or not, but how far and how close he realized from the reality? It is meaningless for Sakyamuni to say that he did not lie. Moreover, judging from his motive of leaving home to seek truth, I don't think it is necessary for him to lie. According to the Buddhist scriptures, he is not the creator of the universal truth, let alone the truth. He is just looking for the truth.
  Ge Yimin: Baidu tieba big V certification: Ge Yimin: Internet thinker and activist, signed writer of Hong Kong four seasons publishing house. Male, born in 1969 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China, graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University. He published the modern prophetic book nerve and was rated as an amendment to the Bible. His ideas come from two sources: Christianity and communism. Nerves are his personal information, his thinking about reality and the future, and part of it is inspired by God.
  Baidu tieba big V certified thinker said he could not be a liar.
  10. Gotheism: bourgeois politician and proletarian leader
  Recently, US Secretary of state Pompeo was known to wash dishes at home and swipe the screen. Is this abnormal? Bourgeois politicians only serve as officials for wages, a job, and senior wage earners. After work, it's my own time. I don't work for the country anymore. How can the country provide cooks and waiters at home?
  The leader of the Korean proletariat, a revolutionist and a communist fighter, serves the people wholeheartedly. Japanese Li Wanji has 24-hour eyes on the DPRK and the world in mind. Of course, she can not waste the precious time worrying about national affairs to wash the dishes.
  It's not normal to think that people used to swipe screens and ride bicycles in the streets after former Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama retired? Bourgeois politicians serve only for their salaries, retire, and no longer have any power, just the common people.
  The leader of the Korean proletariat has fought for the cause of communism all his life. Although he has retired, he has served the people all his life and has never ceased fighting. With drivers, guards and secretaries, they are still serving the people!
  11. Chinese people have been successfully domesticated into pigs by a certain party. They can only eat, drink and have fun. They are not interested in ideas and beliefs. To be exact, they have no ability to be interested. Looking at Internet forums, post bars, official account, microblogs and live videos, we can clearly see this. And this domestication is still continuing. Ideas and beliefs are banned. Chinese people can only eat, sleep and eat. Eating well is happiness. Chinese people only know money, There is no need for democracy and freedom.
  12. In modern times, only state officials are allowed to set fires, and ordinary people are not allowed to light lamps
  People's daily tweets and Facebook every day and shows off its popularity, but people are not allowed to tweet and Facebook. What a daily people's daily.
  13. Cracking down on government gambling fraud
  That is, the so-called sports lottery and lucky lottery, which takes advantage of the people's foolish self-confidence to plunder the people's fat and ointment, half of which belongs to the government and half to corrupt officials, resulting in many low-income people being forced to commit crimes and their families being destroyed.
  14. I, Ge Yimin, predict that a certain party will eventually deprive people of their right to urinate freely
  By pressing a timer on each person's JJ or BB, the National People's Congress legislates the people's urination law, which stipulates that urinating four times a day according to law is illegal urination, and a fine and detention are required. The establishment of "people's urination offices" at all levels from the central government to the local government has completely humiliated the people. The people are struggling every day to avoid excessive urination and have no time to consider freedom of speech and association.
  15. After 70 years of domestication, the Chinese no longer need democracy and freedom
  The Chinese people can only eat, drink and have fun now. They only have physical needs, not spiritual needs, not to mention spiritual needs. Democracy and freedom have become irrelevant and unnecessary. The only pursuit of life is to eat well, eat better and get better.
  Before the Qing Dynasty (1616 - 1911), there was no democracy and freedom. At the end of the Qing Dynasty (1616 - 1911), Mr. de and Ms. Sai were introduced to the West. A number of revolutionary people with lofty ideals, such as Sun Yat Sen, Huang Xing and Song Jiaoren, emerged. A number of democratic and free publications eventually ended the monarchy and moved toward the Republic.
  With the introduction of communism in the Republic of China, a number of revolutionary people with lofty ideals emerged, such as Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and so on. A number of Communist publications also emerged, ending the dictatorship of the Kuomintang and the founding of the Communist Party of China.
  After 49, the Communist Party of China summed up the reasons for the KMT's failure. It turned out that the autocracy was not complete. Sb Chiang Kai Shek even let the Xinhua Daily, which scolded him, be published publicly. Therefore, after 49, there were only party newspapers, Party magazines, Party radio and Party television stations at the central, provincial, municipal and county levels, and the ideological and public opinion fields were all run by the party.
  The party and state were overthrown and renamed the party and state leaders. The party still prevails over the state.
  At the beginning, there were still a large number of people who needed democracy and freedom. The party did not find it difficult. All of them were turned into rightists and counter revolutionaries, and some were sentenced to death. Those who scold Mao Zedong should be severely punished. They should be arrested, scolded again, and killed, such as Lin Zhao and Zhang Zhixin.
  Article 6 of the Public Security Bureau: "those who attack and slander the great leader Chairman Mao and his close comrade in arms vice chairman Lin are all current counter revolutionary acts and should be punished according to law.". According to this article, both Chairman Mao and vice chairman Lin are current counter revolutionaries and should be punished according to law, because in the end, vice chairman Lin attacked and slandered Chairman Mao, the great leader, and Chairman Mao attacked and slandered his close comrade in arms, vice chairman Lin. which public security personnel went to Zhongnanhai to arrest Chairman Mao?
  There were many great thinkers in the Republic of China, such as Lu Xun and Hu Shi. After 1949, there were only some in the early period. They were also trained by the Republic of China. When I went to university in 1986, literature was Lu Guo Mao Ba Lao Cao. Is there anyone who can surpass them now? Nowadays, literature websites are all based on fantasy, fantasy, martial arts, and immortals. Is this the purpose of literature? This can only make readers happy for a while, and can not transform society.
  64 was China's last attempt at democracy and freedom, and 59 tank completely extinguished China's democracy and freedom. After that, college students only find a good job. The overseas democratic movement has failed in 30 years. It is not that there is no mass foundation, but that there is no mass foundation at all.
  The Constitution provides for freedom of association, but whatever party you establish is called an illegal party. Mao Zedong once told the Kuomintang that a party is nothing more than a small group. Now the government wants the people to love the party. Will the American people really love the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? Why did the Communists not love the Kuomintang during the Republic of China?
  Today, the Chinese people do not know what democracy and freedom are. Eating well means happiness. What they strive to do every day is to eat better and better. The only voice is when the food is going to be bad. In case of unfair demolition, the local chemical industry park and large garbage station will be built, and the veterans will improve their treatment.
  When a pig wakes up and wants to be a man, other pigs do not agree to report you. For example, Ge Yimin's official website has been reported for a long time. The previous hat was counter revolutionary. After changing it, I'm sorry to use it. I changed it to a cult. When the report is invalid, the pigs still feel incredible: baidu searches for "Ge Yimin" (now blocked, it is necessary to add words, such as "Ge Yimin God"), relevant searches for "Ge Yimin is not under the police's control", "why Ge Yimin is not arrested", which has been the case for more than ten years. The post bar Youdao FengChuan, etc., has not blocked all Ge flowers by Baidu, and has been unable to understand for several years. It is suggested to kill Ge cults in prison.
  Democracy and freedom, we do not know, we do not want to know, we are not interested in, we do not need.
  We should not only eat enough, but also eat well, eat better and better.
  16. The Chinese people have no concept of right and wrong. Whoever is on the stage is the truth
  When Comrade Mao Zedong was in office, the people shouted "long live, red sun". When he died, everyone cried and swore to inherit his will. But less than a month later, the people celebrated happily that his wife had been smashed.
  When Comrade Lin Biao was in office, the people shouted: "close comrades in arms and successors, always healthy, but once they fell to death, the people wiped out the word" Lin Biao "on his inscription in Xiaohong book one after another. Hurry up.".
  During the cultural revolution, Comrade Deng Xiaoping wrote a letter to Mao Zedong asking for the assignment of routine work (he did not think that the fitter in the tractor factory was his job), saying that my reputation had become bad, and it was impossible to be a leader, and the people would not accept it. (I, Ge Yimin, also recited a batch of Deng Xiaoshi at the primary school meeting.) However, as soon as he came back, the people supported his reform and opening up, and chairman Deng made a loud noise.
  When Comrade Hua Guofeng was in office, the people shouted at the wise leader and hung two statues (Mao and Hua) at home. Standing aside, the people do not feel that it is wrong, and they will not cry out for wise leaders.
  When Comrade Hu Yaobang was in office, Party committees and branches at all levels studied the documents, and General Secretary Hu shouted loudly.
  Comrade Zhao Ziyang was in office. Party committees and Party branches at all levels studied the documents. General Secretary Zhao's voice was loud and simple, and he changed his surname.
  When Comrade Jiang Zemin was in office, Party committees and Party branches at all levels studied the documents, and General Secretary Jiang's voice was loud and simple. Let's change our surname.
  When Comrade Hu Jintao was in office, Party committees and Party branches at all levels studied the documents. General Secretary Hu shouted, "the mountain is loud and simple. Please change your surname.". (PS, it seems to have been replaced again.)
  Comrade, if you think that GE Yimin is condemning the people, you are wrong.
  When Comrade Liu Shaoqi stepped down, an actor in Shanghai said on a private occasion: "Liu Shaoqi is a good man, and he was wronged. “
  As a result, he was reported and executed. Another actor on the scene was brutally persecuted because he did not report.
  17. Comrades misunderstood Comrade Xiaoping's idea of "getting rich first and then getting rich"
  For example, in 49, everyone was 1000 yuan, and in 79, they were still 1000 yuan. They were poor for 30 years.
  After taking office, Comrade Xiaoping put forward: "let some people become rich first, and let them become rich first and bring them back to common prosperity."
  Two years later, some people became rich first, reaching 10000 yuan, while most people were still poor at 1000 yuan.
  Rich first and rich later (in essence, it is a good policy of the party):
  Twenty years later, the first to become rich will be 100 million yuan. Most people will no longer be poor by 1000 yuan, but will reach 10000 yuan. When they become rich, they will become rich together.
  You said that this is not common prosperity. If we want to be equally rich, it is a million yuan to be rich first and then rich later. How is that possible? Nor can capitalism.
  You said that you don't want to be rich later, but want to be rich first. You can only blame your ancestors for not joining the old eighth road of the old Red Army.
  18. Our Comrade Deng Pufang's JB can't be a woman
  But it can take days
  Because he is the JB of the Zhao family, Zhao Ritan for short
  Japanese women have refractory period, Japanese women do not
  For 40 years
  Sunrise: 1 trillion
  Do you mean that women are comfortable in the day, or are they comfortable in the day?
  Therefore, Ge Yimin's God said: the little day is a woman, and the big day is a heaven.
  19、 Ge theological socialism is feudal society
  Recently, Emperor Sun Gaolu drove into the Forbidden City and was swiped by the people on Weibo. What is the relationship between the Forbidden City and you? The Forbidden City was formerly the emperor, but now it is the new emperor (collective emperor composed of the old Red Army and the old eight road). You've messed up the paint on your floor. Has anyone interfered with you?
  Socialism is a feudal society. I, Ge Yimin, understood it as early as 1989 and talked with classmate Zheng Renxiang. She said that many people said so. As the emperor Jin San next door, many people have understood that most socialist countries, including the elder brother Soviet Union, have evolved into a capitalist society because others have understood it.
  Emperor Sun Gao Lu gave you a bite to eat. You are not grateful to Dade, but you are trying to get her to drink three glasses of wine?
  In this case, it can be seen that any three generations of Red have hundreds of millions of assets, and how many people, only for hundreds of thousands of debts, have been forced to commit suicide. It is even more obvious that the old Red Army and the Old Eighth Route exploit the people no less than the landlord capitalists.
  The whole world can tweet on Facebook, but only you and your North Korean brothers ca n’t get on, do n’t you understand? It ’s all because you ’re enlightened and the emperors of the Old Red Army and the Eighth Route Army cannot be considered.
  The whole world has entered the bright sunshine of capitalism, and only you and your North Korean brother are still in a dark feudal society.
  You say, in this case, you want capitalism's freedom, equality, and democracy, then you work with my God Ge, and strive to let your grandson see this day.
  20、 Tribute to the great fellow
  A new pneumonia epidemic occurred in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and an outbreak in January 2020, affecting everyone in the country.
  In the past few days, I have been refreshing Weibo. I have been touched many times by frontline medical staff. I am touched that love is still in China, love is still in the world, and even moved by every compatriot. I am so proud and proud of my good fellows!
  The Chinese are really hard-working and kind. Because of my work, I understand the working conditions of Cambodians, Vietnam, and Libyan people. The Chinese are the hardest-working people in the world. There is no reason to not bless China.
  I like the Party and the government's timely and effective measures. The government has not delayed and cannot retroactively follow up. The government must take corresponding measures based on the actual real-time epidemic situation. It can only be said that the cold processing strategy for unknown viruses is wrong. The virus is not a person, it is not from the media, and it cannot disappear. The lay police summoned the lay doctor to determine that the medical professional had a rumor. Just like the layman summoned the thinker, the police did not understand the thinker's article, but would yell: "The Internet is not a place outside the law." The rule of man cannot be eliminated, and the disaster will not end.
  I know that the epidemic will not end until about May 1, when it is hot, such as SARS 17 years ago. There are still more than three months. I would like to control the epidemic situation as much as possible. Frontline medical staff, you are the heroes of this era. You must protect yourself as much as possible to save more compatriots. The people across the country are taking action to provide logistics for frontline medical staff and fight this war together.
  Such a large epidemic is like a war. There are always sacrifices. We pay tribute to the people of Wuhan and Hubei. Thank you for the sacrifices you made. I love you and I love every fellow! The state is requested to ensure the supply of materials in the affected areas.
  God bless China! !! !!
  Ge Yimin! !! !! !! !! !!
  (21) A live broadcast of collective participation by people all over the world
  After a few days of tears, I have a hunch today (20200128), not game, not conspiracy theory (regardless of pros and cons), but acting (a live broadcast of collective participation by people all over the world). Countless times I want to have great miracles, everyone in the world gets the message: "I am Ge Yimin, you are healthy", and then everyone in the world is completely healthy!
  (22), The Adventures of Ge Yimin God Police Station
  On a certain day in November 2019, the local police station summoned Ge Shen. I did n’t take it seriously. The old guerrillas were thinking that the police had to use my website again. I opened the door and talked about dissatisfaction with Comrade Deng Pufang's hard work and getting rich. I think Comrade Deng Pufang was previously written by Zhao Ritian. This article should be read by the police. Of course, I know that the main reason for the summoning is the training of pigs. The police think that it is normal for people to make profits for their children. The police always said "Ge Yimin blog", I have too much space on the website, and it took me a long time to realize that it refers to my blog posted on the WordPress official website. The instructor introduced himself and said that I graduated from Nanjing University and I am a cultural person.
  The place where the video was recorded was the interrogation room. The walls were covered with a thick layer of rubber. Sitting on the square chair, there are tools, of course I did not go. The police sat opposite, with a computer on the table, typing and recording while asking and recording. Of course I am generous. I admit that China's economic development, but the gap between rich and poor is too large, I am a communist. The police said that you are for someone poorer than you. The Communist Party is fighting for the world for the poor and gaining power. Now the Communist Party no longer fights for the poor, only to protect and improve their own interests that are richer than the people. Now it is my turn to God Ge Yimin to fight for the poor.
  Q. Do I still write? When I wrote, the police said in surprise, "Will I still write?", I said that writing normal articles is no longer sensitive. The police usually said that the Internet is not an extrajudicial place.
  After recording the video, let me write something and confess to the party and government. Unlike Comrade Li Wenliang, he signed the admonishment book. I wrote "a little bit of my thoughts" on white paper. It was naturally divided into three paragraphs. One paragraph praised the economic achievements of the party and the government. I might have mistaken the person, I went back and deleted it, and promised not to write similar sensitivity again.
  The police showed them to the instructor, and in return they all praised me for their level, and the three sections were good, and some people did not write or segment. I thought it was over, but another chunky man in casual clothes said to go through the formalities.
  The chunky man first took a picture of me, standing by the wall with elevations, both sides of the front and back, and took 4 pictures with the camera.
  Then I collected the palm prints of my hands, both palms and each finger, and repeatedly pressed and collected on an electronic screen, tossing for a long time.
  Then I signed the fingerprints on several sheets of paper. I actually saw the words "criminal facts" written on the paper, in the format of the police.
  In addition, let me copy the phone number of 10 people in the phone address book.
  I think it's over. I wiped my hands with paper towels. The fat dwarf asked me to wash my hands. I said no, and he said there are still procedures.
  I washed my hands and came back. The chunky man, like the nurse, took out the blood from Dongdong. I knew that it was collecting the DNA of God. Immediately realized that Ge Yimin's holy family could not be criminalized. Ge Shen's DNA entered the public security big data.
  I know that I ca n’t resist, because the result of rebelling against the “summoning” package is the next three packages of “detention”, “jail”, and “kill”. Comrade Li Wenliang also knows that, so he signed “can” ,"understand".
  (Twenty-three), summoned four sets of detention jail shot, life can not bear the weight
  At 8pm on April 14, 2020, I was surfing the Internet at home, my wife and children were at home, and suddenly there were 4 policemen. There was a young man in a police uniform, like a policeman. Like a bandit, one was still wearing sunglasses and the other was holding a law enforcement instrument and kept shooting at me.
  I said that Li Wenliang was just named a martyr, and you are here again. The police wanted to take away my computer host. I asked, "Is there any documents?" The young police officer took out a stamped blank search warrant and said it could be filled in now. I said it was unnecessary. I also want to go by myself. The family of three is at home, facing four policemen (three of which are "bandits" :), what can I do? ---- Go with them.
  Get on the police car, confess to sitting in the middle, take the law enforcement instrument to sit on my right, and have been photographing. When he arrived at the police station, the police said he didn't need to take a picture, so he stopped.
  The grassroots police at the police station can interrogate thinkers. I said I did n’t commit a crime again. Police A said that I did n’t commit the crime of speech. Did I say that the criminal law had a crime of inappropriate speech? Police A said that there were laws and regulations. Said the difference between confession and post-examination.
  Police A reminded me of the Pinchou Forum, and said that I had three mouthfuls and green onions. I heard this for the first time and denied posting a post on it. Police A said that we would not ask you twice for one thing. Think about what you have posted since last time? I know that the Internet police will read my post and think about it. Only two messages on Twitter are “inappropriate”.
  That is to say, China and North Korea cannot go on Twitter to Facebook's tubing and Xi Jinping's personal worship.
  I asked what software to turn over the wall, I said that Miwutong; who gave it? Post Bar friends; name? He has many net names, often change, I did not say, and I really can not tell which ID he corresponds to, he registered to buy number N ID post it “wordofgod”s.
  The police asked me to tweet Facebook and WeChat QQ account and password. I used the real name to access the Internet, and I was honest. Although I knew that the police had infringed, I still gave it, but I had many passwords. I recorded them on my computer and notebook, and some of my memories were inaccurate.
  I said that I am a communist, only one idea, all the poor have a better life. Police B said it was impossible.
  Police A asked someone who contacted me, such as giving me money, and said that it may not be important to you, but it is important to us. But my God Ge Yimin has been on the Internet for 20 years since 2001 and has always been fighting alone.
  Police A said: "A spark can start a prairie fire." You can start a prairie fire. It turned out that it was not these two tweets that called me. There are thousands of people who said similar things on the Internet. The government is afraid of Ge Yiminism.
  Police A said that you should n’t just confess your opinions here, but let me talk about your point of view, but I ’ll talk about my thoughts, do you understand? Xiu Cai met the soldiers, and it was unclear. Everyone imagines that if Lu Xun is interrogated by the Kuomintang reactionaries, what can he say? What can Jesus do in the face of the soldiers' ridicule, whipping, and insult? --- Go to the cross.
  There is something big, for example, Mr. Zhao called, asked what attitude, and said Nanjing's opinion. I saw a list of police A words, "4.15" National Security Day or something.
  To write a book of regret, I wrote 64 students, a long-term prejudice against the party and government, although acknowledging the government's economic achievements. The heart is knotted. No longer involved in politics, turning to the direction of cultural literature. After the police watched, police B took the small camera and asked me to read it again to record the video.
  At the end of the trial, I came out to the waiting room. I saw that there were 4 confinement rooms in half of the room. Let me go in and wait for the meeting. I asked the police how long it would take for 20 minutes. A casual man said that people should not talk about politics. Are you worthy of politics? Meaning politics: "What do meat-eaters seek, and why?" This is a temporary worker doing dirty work. If I said at the time: "Do you think I am not as good as Xi Jinping?" It is estimated that he will jump up and hit me. I said go to the toilet, he said you go, come back, I asked to lock it? If he can't say it, I went in and sat for a while.
  Deduct the computer host and mobile phone and write 30 days on the deduction form, saying that the mobile phone should be available to me tomorrow. Police A drove me home, and I saw my wife and children coming to see me at the door.
  On the afternoon of the second day after work, I went to retrieve my computer and mobile phone.
  On the afternoon of the third day, police officer A let go, there was a casual dress that didn't know whether the branch or the city bureau, came to take a few pieces of my materials, and reported to Nanjing or something.
  Then let the fingerprint and blood samples be collected, and the casual clothes collected asked what crimes to write? Police A thought for a while and said that he made up false information and disturbed the social order.
  This time I collected the mobile phone card, that is, I took down the mobile phone card in my little apple, put it into an instrument, and collected the information into the computer.
  Knowing that the police violated your human rights, you are powerless and summoned to detain four sets of jail shots in jail.
  I cannot go to the cross like my second brother, Jesus, because I have a wife and children; nor can I exile like my third brother Sisi, because I love China, and I want to change her. ; I can't really go crazy like my fourth brother Caicai, and live a useless time.
  My God of God Ge Yi can only turn to the cultural direction, continue to write my “wordofgod”s, to be a peach blossom source, I do not know that there is a Han, regardless of Wei Jin.
  (24) Someone posing as Ge Shen Chong Tower
  (Pin Onion) Ge Yimin Administrator ban will be deleted in 2020-04-25
  Reasons for ban: Xi Ban 11 [Autonomous requirements for deletion of numbers] The user proactively submits a cancellation request to the administrator
  Administrator processing (login prohibited + hide all statements): Xi Ban 11 [Autonomous requirements for deletion of numbers] The user made a log-out request to the administrator, "Are you an administrator of this site? The account I use is because he himself was Drinking tea has posted my personal information on his Twitter. If you continue to use this, there will be a risk of exposure. Can you help me cancel this account? The one that does not leave the name.
  (Pincong) Entrusted to handle pin number processing.
  》 Fake Ge Yimin: I am 51 years old and I am working in China, preparing to emigrate in the next year. He is famous in China, but because of saying that Xi Jinping's one or two sentences are not good, he has been banned in China. Recently, the domestic pink reported that there was no information left, so the anger came to taste the green and feel the air of free speech. I have experienced the events of 8964, and my blog has records.
  "" (Fake Ge Yimin issued a post and felt that he had supplied fake goods and deleted it himself.)
  ------- I came into contact with a branch of the vulgar department, met the creators Yang Fan and Ge Yimin, and started to go to YouTube and Twitter.
  (25), Baidu mobile phone post bar, add "Shen Susier" after the ID "Ge Yimin", I have seen it myself, some friends are strange, but unfortunately did not save the picture.
  (26), At first they sheltered Li Gang’s son, but I did not speak because I was not Chen Xiaofeng’s family;
  Then they sheltered the murderer of Qian Yunhui. I did not speak because I am not a member of Qian Yunhui’s family;
  This time they sheltered Yao Jia Xin again. I think I must speak, even though I am not Zhang Miao’s family.
  Because, I don't want to see them come to my family in the end, but no one can speak for me anymore.
  Those who speak from the perspective of the abolition of the death penalty, please shut up, because we have the death penalty.
  From the perspective of the current law, the death penalty must be executed immediately if the malicious intentional murder and the other party is innocent.
  From Zhang Miao's perspective, how innocent and helpless she was at the time, her body aches, and her spirit was terrified. What she was thinking at the time was absolutely nothing.
  Forgiveness and compensation, but there is only one thought-severe punishment (netizens can think about it), we must implement Zhang Miao's will.
  It is one thing to count surrender, but surrender is not absolutely free from death, if I kill your family, then surrender again, avoid death?
  Now Yao Jiaxin’s performance is just to survive, he is not instinctive, and his instinct is 8 knives of brutality at that time, and the bullshit media was bought.
  Repeatedly pretend not to understand this to mislead the people. You didn’t give the innocent Zhang Miaosheng a chance, why did we
  Now give you a chance to give birth to this demon? We must curb the cruelty of pharmacists Xin.
  Is the person who owns the piano since childhood and the university owns the car poor? This is maliciously misled by the bullshit media, Yaojia Xinjiajing
  Really, the vehicle you drive is a private car. His mother is an employee of Xi’an North Huashan Machinery Co., Ltd.
  The company is a military factory under China North Industries, whose mother is a treasurer of the material company of the factory), and his father Yao Qingwei is the general manager.
  Later, the military representative of the Xi’an Military Representative Bureau stationed in the factory (the person assigned by the military to supervise and inspect the work of military industrial enterprises), military personnel
  Part, regiment level position, deputy division level salary, He lives in the military representative building of the 20th neighborhood of Xincheng District (the affiliated hospital of Huashan Factory).
  Killing is a piano action? The peasant’s killing is a sickle action, the worker’s killing is a hammer action, and the soldier’s shooting is just
  I'm right, shooting a target. This is maliciously misled by the bullshit experts who were bought;
  Popular opinion of 400 college students? Neighbors intercede? This is the sinful chorus of bullshit courts, bullshit 400 college students, and bullshit neighbors. Look at public opinion and on the Internet, because one person can buy 400 people, but he can never buy 400 million people.
  Killing passionately, only when both sides are at fault, such as fighting, can you be relieved. Zhang Miao is not at fault in this case. This passionate killing is very harmful.
  Yu pre-murder. Premeditated murder, such as vendetta murder, if you don’t get revenge or mess with the relationship between men and women, you can be safe. Judging from this case,
  This passion kills, and we all endanger ourselves.
  To protect Yaojiaxin is to encourage the Yaojiaxins around you. The next unlucky one may be you and me, your children, and the death knell is
  Who is it? The death knell sounds for you.
  One of the ten commandments of Christianity: Don't kill. There is no explanation, because it goes without saying. The reporter asked Yao Jiaxin if he was afraid of paying his life
  ? I have already assumed that today there is no morality and no conscience. I don’t kill people just because they have to pay compensation and go to jail to pay for their lives.
  From your own perspective, don’t think of others, humanity, or human nature.
  If this continues, and the Japanese devils come again, China will end.
  Can mobilize shit court shit media shit expert shit 400 college students shit neighbor’s sin chorus, how much money is this
  Peace and power, and the transfer itself has proved that this money and power is sinful.
  A warning to the devil and devil, humans do not live for food, just like pigs, humans have more important justice and justice.
  Heart and soul, we are not only in this life.
  Dear brothers and sisters, unite and give Zhang Miao justice, not for Zhang Miao, but for ourselves! Ten million
  Don't forget the social impact of the Nanjing Mrs. Xu incident.
  (27) This article reveals the essence of Xiaogang Village
  a. In the collective economy, I am unwilling to work for everyone (including myself), and would rather go hungry and beg for food;
  b. After the whole package is dry, do it for yourself, and be willing to work hard to eat immediately and have a surplus.
  People or those people
  The ground is still the same
  The means of production have not changed
  It has nothing to do with God
  There is only one difference: for oneself alone, to make great efforts; for the collective (including oneself), then to work hard
  Even if you starve to death, you don’t contribute much to the collective so you can eat and live.
  I think everyone sees the essence
  In the words of Secretary Xiaogang—people are not for themselves, and heaven will die.
  In fact, they have surpassed————-If people are good for people, heaven will die.
  Communism can only look forward to a major renewal of the human mind.
  (28), Yahoo Mail found two letters when I first went online
  1. Mr. Zhuang Shixian: Hello!
  How many years have passed since the creation of God, there is no record in the Bible, and Christians have different opinions, some say 100 million years, some say 50 or 60 million
  Years, it is also said that millions of years, even 1.5 million years, Saint-Jerme does not know that modern science believes that the universe is 15 billion years old.
  Arabs and Jews share the same ancestors, namely Abraham, his wife’s son is named Isaac, his concubine’s son is named Ishmael, and
  The name of Zada’s son Esau (the ancestors of the Edomites, the Edomites were once enemies with the Israelites and are now perished.), the younger son Jacob (again
  Called Israel, the ancestor of the Israeli "Jews".
  The Arabs think they are descendants of Ismali.
  So Allah of Islam is the Jehovah God of Christianity (originating from Judaism), but Muslims do not recognize it.
  Jesus is the Son of God and recognizes him as the Great Prophet.
  You are welcome to come to my tribe and forum, so that more people will participate in our discussion and you will hear more voices.
  You can also start a tribe in yahoo, I will visit frequently.
  Saint jeme
  2. The text of cherry:
  Greet the Lord!
  Brothers and sisters, please pray for the "faith, hope, and love" of the Lord.
  Thank the mighty Lord-Jesus Christ
  Wenzhou Boy Chen Li
  "Brother Chen Li, hello!
  Your "faith, hope, love" is a website, right? There is a website with the same name in Taiwan. I will pray for you.
  The reason why we believe in God is because He is the only explanation for the existence of the universe and mankind.
  It is Allah, or Buddha, God, etc.
  Is there no opposition to matter (including antimatter, which is composed of elementary particles and fields)?
  Man can think, it is the soul (that is, angry) given by God, because we are his sons. This is a difference between animals.
  I am even more convinced that there is only one God, the Creator, whose name is Jehovah. He is a spirit, and the spirit body is more than us humans.
  For higher creatures. Jesus is his son, a creature he created directly, other spirits and all things in the universe are
  God created it through Jesus. An ancient theologian believed that God used Logos as an intermediary to create everything. Holy Spirit is up
  Emperor’s power.
  The material civilization of modern society has developed tremendously, but spiritual life has become increasingly vulgar, so the gospel is even more important.
  The gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ, that he is the Son of God. He died to achieve the purpose of atonement for our sins.
  Resurrection from the dead, thus defeating death.
  We look forward to someday in the future He will come again with the glory of victory.
  Your friend
  Saint jeme
  (Twenty-nine), What is the function of prayer?
  In the 2020 U.S. election, tens of millions of Christians around the world prayed for Trump, and tens of millions of other Christians prayed for Biden. Most of them kept praying, even fasting and praying. But only one party can be elected, which means that God will not listen to the prayers of tens of millions of Christians. Then, what is the function of prayer for this party of tens of millions of Christians?
  There was a Christian who said that Trump was infected with the new crown. He prayed for a long time, and then Trump recovered, as if Trump's recovery was the result of his prayers. So the question is, he only prays for Trump and does not pray for hundreds of thousands of people in the world. What is he? If he also prays for hundreds of thousands of people in the world, God will only listen to his prayers to Trump, and he will not pray. Listening to his prayers to hundreds of thousands of people in the world, what is God?
  In short, what is the function of prayer?
  “wordofgod” 11 77. God will not answer any prayer. The function of prayer is to maintain contact with God. To put it bluntly, you still believe in the existence of God.
  (30) Why are older migrant workers unwilling to marry the daughter of the central leadership?
  The author often contacted migrant workers due to engineering reasons and discovered a peculiar phenomenon. All older migrant workers would rather be single than marry the daughter of the central leadership. The daughter of the central leadership has a high political status, possesses a certain amount of property, and looks generally above average. The author tried to understand that all the migrant workers smiled: How can they look at us. Idiot, you are the master of the country, and the central leader is your servant. Isn't the highest pursuit of all servants' daughters to marry the master?
  (31) Three great pleasures in old age
  Official kills official,
  The stock market fell sharply,
  The TV shows mourning and joy.
  (32) GeYiMin: Jesus Christ is a big cock
  Born in a poor family: father is a carpenter, mother is unemployed, a small town in the countryside of Nazareth.
  Did not go to school.
  Bottom job before 30: carpenter.
  An unemployed vagrant aged between 30 and 33, of the nature of a triad, was arrested by the government, and Peter Ma used a knife to cut off his opponent's ears and attacked the police.
  She does not go to work, and she relies on women to help her, and she eats soft meals.
  There is no property, not even a place for pillows.
  Qiu Fu, knocked down the money merchant desk.
  Looks aging, 33 years old, looks 50 years old.
  Bachelor for life, no children.
  The second generation of ancestors were prostitutes: his Mars, Rahab.
  Early death: 33 years old.
  Humiliating death: executed as a condemned criminal.
  Jesus Christ is such a big dick. Dear dicks, your situation is not too miserable, so live your life.
  This is the life our Lord lives. I hope that each of us will cherish life and work hard for a lifetime.
  (33) Buddhism and Christianity have one thing in common
  Buddhism allows you to believe in the Buddha. If it fails, Buddhism will say: "Buddha has a destiny."
  Christianity makes you believe in Jesus. Jesus said: "You can't, because you don't ask." If it fails, Jesus' next sentence is waiting for you: "You can't ask for it, it's you who ask for it."
  I, GeYiMin, pray to the Lord for everyone in the world to be healthy, how can I ask for it?
  (34) The party leads everything. In the past, the emperor led everything. That is, the party or the emperor simultaneously obtained executive power, legislative power, and judicial power. The people must have no freedom. For example, you have no freedom to oppose the party or the emperor. If you oppose the party or the emperor, the party or the emperor’s executive power will suppress you. Since the legislative power and the judicial power are in his hands at the same time, the legislative power and the judicial power will not only protect you against the freedom of the party or the emperor, but will also help him. The executive power suppresses you.
  The separation of powers in the United States is different. The people have the right to freedom. For example, the people have the right to freedom to oppose Biden and the Democratic Party. If the executive power of Biden and the Democratic Party suppresses you, since the legislative power and judicial power are not in his hands, the legislative power and judicial power will not help him suppress you, but will impeach him according to the constitution, let him step down and lose the executive power. So as to protect your freedom to oppose him.
  In the 1940s, Comrade Mao Zedong said: "A party is nothing but an organization."
  In 1989, when GeYiMin was studying at university, I was surprised to see Comrade Deng Xiaoping's "Separation of Powers, a Discretion of Sand" on the school blackboard.
  (35) The most indifferent and selfish Chinese people in history
  Nowadays, the Chinese people are the people with the lowest morals. Compared with the Cultural Revolution, they have reached the stage of mutual killing, that is, the bottom line of human morality, such as the case of Yaojiaxin and the case of toxic food. Producing fake eggs, not to mention Europeans and Americans, even Africans feel incredible. For your own money, killing other people’s lives is not only not considered a crime, nor is it considered immoral, but as it should be, the real people are not for themselves, and the heavens are destroyed.
  What happened to the Chinese people? Walking on the street, looking at each other as if they were enemies and defensive, without the feeling of brothers and sisters meeting, the Nanjing Pengyu case lifted this low-level veil. On one side are the servants: "I drink Maotai for the motherland", on the other side there are ten million poor mothers (the so-called masters) crying.
  A Chinese people who didn't dare to shout when they saw thieves on the street yelled and wiped out Little Japan on the Internet; a Chinese people who was so indifferent to their living compatriots but yelled on a compatriot who never forgot the death.
  What happened to the Chinese people? During the Cultural Revolution, some people in some areas suffered tragedies. The Chinese people in general were still harmonious. Before the Cultural Revolution, they cared for each other. 49 years ago, they abide by the basic human ethics. From then on to the opening of the world of Pangu, the Chinese people are loving.
  What happened to the Chinese people? It is caused by the global climate and the domestic microclimate. The international climate, the economy determines everything, how much money a person has, what kind of person he is. In the domestic microclimate, the government and the people are opposed to each other.
  What will the Chinese people do? Belief must be rebuilt, Christian lover as yourself, in any case, it is impossible to do, GeYiMin’s teaching must not be against anyone, because we are brothers and sisters, everyone does not need to guard against anyone, how high life experience will be.
  36. Can Communist Party members withstand the torture of the Kuomintang?
  The same Communist Party member, the Red Army AB Regiment incident, began to arrest a few people, and they did not admit it. They all admitted at the first trial and beat them. They also confessed to more people. Then they arrested more people and didn't admit it at first. Similarly, One trial and one fight, all admitted. . . . In the end, 100,000 Red Army was killed. The CCP admitted that it was a wrongdoing. These 100,000 people are true Communists and the true Red Army. Mao Zedong said later, no, why do you want to admit it? Damn, it hurts too much.
  37, GeYiMin a patriotic thief
  Just killing all the Chinese people will not have the slightest impact on mankind and human civilization. If you have to say the impact, it will be positive, without the locust-like food. You try to kill the Japanese? Any sacrifice of a Japanese is an immeasurable loss of mankind.
  38, GeYiMin is angry with a patriotic thief
  I was delighted to hear about the magnitude 8.8 Wenchuan earthquake. I couldn't help but couldn't sleep at night. I got a poem to celebrate.
  This is a kingdom that does not believe in God,
  Destined to be punished by God.
  The gray-haired old man,
  Go to hell,
  Because you have rejected the gospel of God.
  The inferior of babbling,
  Go to hell,
  Because your ancestors killed God’s messengers.
  Let the catastrophe come more violently,
  Please shake out a kingdom of Christ.
  39, GeYiMin Three Qi Patriotic Thieves
  Please limit the northern boundary of China to the south of the Great Wall, that is, the northern boundary of China's territory since ancient times, and the international community with the United States and Japan at its core, establish an independent and free Manchuria and the Republic of Southern Mongolia.
  40, GeYiMin four patriotic thief
  Jiang Moumou: Comrade Yiping, the capitalist system in Hong Kong will remain unchanged for 50 years. What will happen 50 years later?
  Deng Moumou: dumby, 50 years later, the mainland is capitalist. What else has changed in Hong Kong?
  41, GeYiMin Five Gas Patriotic Thieves
  Mao: Why are there so many singles in our country?
  Zhu: hehe, you account for four.
  Mao: ha ha, Mr. Zhu, you have a lot of.
  Zhu: ha ha.
  Audience: ha ha.
  42. GeYimin six-gas patriotic thief
  The death of Chairman Mao is an immeasurable loss.
  Chairman Mao is not dead, and the loss is even more immeasurable.
  43, GeYiMin seven gas patriotic thief
  It is an indisputable fact that the Chinese are inferior to the Japanese. If the War of Resistance Against Japan fails, our lives will be better. The Chinese are managed by the Japanese, and they will be fairer and happier. 57 ethnic groups, 57 flowers, 57 brothers and sisters in a family, 57 languages ??converge into one sentence, love me and love me and love me and love!
  44. Ge Yimin on the difference between Jesus, Zuo Quan, Ren Bishi, Lin Biao, Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Zhang Xueliang
  Jesus is not fighting, not tasty, not good looking, not drinking, not smoking, not good at gambling, not taking drugs, and live to 33
  Zuo Quan can only fight, not taste, not look good, don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t bet, don’t take drugs and live to 43
  Ren Bishi is combative and delicious, not good looking, not drinking, not smoking, not gambling, not taking drugs, and living to 53
  Lin Biao is aggressive, delicious and lustful, not drinking, not smoking, not gambling, not taking drugs and living to 63
  Zhou Enlai is aggressive, delicious, lustful, drinking, not smoking, not gambling, not taking drugs, and living to 73
  Mao Zedong was combative, delicious, lustful, drinking and smoking, not good at gambling, not taking drugs, and living to 83
  Deng Xiaoping was aggressive, delicious, lustful, drinking, smoking, gambling, not taking drugs, and living to 93
  Zhang Xueliang is combative, delicious, lustful, drinking, smoking, gambling, and drug addicts to live to 103
  44. God is dumb, and the coming Jesus is heretic
  Because the Bible is full of revelation.
  Here's to God: we believe that you are a real and living God, but you are not allowed to speak. You were not allowed to speak 2000 years ago, and you will never be allowed to speak, because when you speak, it is revelation, contrary to the Bible, which completely embodies the truth of Revelation. You don't have to quibble for yourself, and there is no arbitration between us. This is the last spy. If you have to speak, we can only judge you as a heretic, so you can be your dumb God.
  Here's to Jesus: we welcome you and look forward to your coming again so that we can go to heaven. But please note that you are not allowed to speak when you come back, because your speaking, of course, is revelation, which violates the truth of revelation in the Bible. You say you want to update the world and renew your mind. I'm sorry, we can only judge you as heretic and crucify you poor young man again.
  I'm sorry, God. I'm sorry, Jesus. Because we are lazy, we want to be safe. The Bible is God and truth; God is the Bible and truth is the Bible. It's good and convenient. We only need to believe in the limited Bible. We shout that the Bible is God's word. Even if we read only a little Bible, we also know that other unread content is God's word. We cry out that we are justified by believing in the Bible, even if we have not read the Bible. We are justified in heaven by believing in the Bible. As for the prophet Ge Yimin's saying that God is infinite and the truth is infinite, let him wear a heretic hat to be infinite. As long as we know the three words "believe in the Bible", we will surely go to heaven.
  The final conclusion: God, Jesus and Ge Yimin are heretics. I couldn't help shouting the slogan: only the Bible! The Bible is full of inspiration!! Long live the Great Bible!!! Long live the invincible "believe in the Bible"!!!!
  45. Jerusalem, the holy land of the four monotheistic religions, is the biggest crux of the Middle East conflict
  The holy city Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is located on the East Bank of the Mediterranean Sea. It is ugly and even desolate, but it has too much history. Hebrew Bible. Old Testament: "nine parts of the great beauty given to the world are given to Jerusalem".
  1. Judaism: the temple was built on Mount Zion in the city in 1000 B.C. and then rebuilt. It was destroyed in the war twice. Up to now, the 50 meter wailing wall remains. It is the most sacred place for Israelis.
  2. Christianity: Jesus was crucified and ascended to heaven here. The existing church of the holy sepulchre is built at the place where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. The red slate at the entrance of the church is the place where Jesus was anointed, and the great stone of Golgotha is the place where Jesus carried the cross《 Jerusalem is mentioned 1020 times in the Bible《 In the book of revelation, the new heaven and new place name of the last judgment God came down is new Jerusalem.
  3. Islam: Jerusalem is the destination of Muhammad's mysterious night trip. It is the third holy city after Mecca and Medina. It has a dome mosque.
  4. God Religion: God Religion inherits Christianity, so it also regards Jerusalem as the second holy land after Zhenjiang.
  Israel (Palestinian area), the Jews regard it as the birthplace and the Palestinians regard it as the historical homeland. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was occupied by Britain and the United States established a national state for Jews. On May 13, 1948, Britain ended its trusteeship, Israel was founded on May 14, the first Middle East War broke out on May 15, and the Arab Israeli war broke out again in 56, 67 and 73. The biggest crux of the Arab Israeli conflict is Jerusalem. Israel claims that Jerusalem is an inalienable capital, but most countries do not have embassies here for political reasons, but in Tel Aviv. Palestine declared East Jerusalem as its capital after its founding.
  In fact, Jews and Arabs have the same ancestor - Abraham. Sarah Abraham's wife gave birth to Isaac, Isaac gave birth to Esau and Jacob, and Hagar Abraham's concubine gave birth to Ishmael. Esau's descendants were Edomites, who had been enemies with Israel for a long time and then perished. Jacob was the ancestor of the Jews, and the Arabs thought they were the descendants of Ishmael.
  The content of the Islamic classic Koran is very similar to that of Judaism and Christianity, but Muslims do not recognize Jesus as the son of God like Christians, but as a great prophet, while Jews and believers (Ge Hua) regard Jesus as a mentor.
  46. The people are God. Listen to him
  Those who believe in the people go around the flood
  Our Yimin in Zhenjiang
  hallowed be thy name
  May your mighty wind walk on the earth
  Like walking in heaven
  We eat meat every day
  Give it to us today
  Forgive our debts
  Just as the old Communist Party exempted the debts of the people
  Don't let us meet Ge Hei
  Take us to eternal life as soon as possible
  Because Jing Lei, Shu Qi, Yi Fei
  It's yours forever
  47. A basic estimate is that no one believes in God 100%
  Don't be busy labeling lotus root as an unbeliever. Touch your conscience and ask yourself, have you never doubted the existence of God? Even a little?
  But lotus root is still not afraid. Lotus root is the little boy in the emperor's new clothes.
  There are several situations in which a person believes in God:
  1. Families believe in God.
  2. A godly community environment,
  3. I went to a church school.
  4. Think about the first cause, the existence of God.
  5. Read the Bible and believe in God's word.
  6. Visions and dreams, moved.
  7. Find a sustenance.
  No one has seen God in reality, so faith is a high probability event.
  As for lotus root, because of personal thinking, Ge Yimin's vision (therefore, I call myself a prophet and sanctify myself:), and moving, I believe in God 99%. Such a great probability is enough to think that I am a believer and live according to the standard of believing in God.
  If God is not there, nothing will happen.
  48. God's past, present and future
  Q: if I admit that God created the world, who created God?
  A: God is the creator. He is always there. Only he is not created.
  Q: what was God doing before he created the world?
  A: we know everything about God only when he reveals it to us. The first sentence of God's word Bible is: "at first, God created the world". Therefore, we don't know what he did before the creation of the world.
  Q: what if I have to have an answer?
  A: look at this answer: before the creation of the world, God prepared a place called hell to lock in people who love to ask such questions in the future.
  The Bible reveals God's history of creating the world in six days and choosing the people of Israel until Christ Jesus became flesh. In order to redeem us, we went to the cross for Adam's sin against God, rose to heaven, defeated death and guaranteed atonement. And the history of early Christian Apostles' evangelism.
  Q: what is God doing now?
  A: Romans 8:28 "all things work together for the benefit of those who love God." God will allow all things to happen in our lives, including misfortunes, disasters and trials, and make us benefit from them. Of course, these disasters do not come from God, but from the sinful world in our lives. Despite our sins and failures, God still loves us. He came into the world in our extreme pain and brought us courage and hope. He promised to turn our trials into blessed experiences. When you think that God is punishing you, remember that the punishment of sin has been paid for you by Jesus Christ. And think that this is God's warning and call.
  Q: when can I see God?
  A: the date is near, and Jesus Christ will return according to the revelation of the Bible, which will be seen by all eyes. He will end the evil in the world, raise us from the dead, give us a new form, and there will be no more pain. Revelation 1:4 "God will wipe away all their tears, and there will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more crying, no more pain." We will understand that God has a good will for every heartache, every tear and every misfortune. Dear friends, remember, "pain will pass, but beauty will last forever."
  Q: there is a question. The earth is round. How can everyone see Christ again?
  A: Christ is God. God is a spirit. It is impossible for people. Everything can be done in God.
  Q: I still can't understand. Please give me a specific answer.
  A: then I'll give you an answer: on TV.
  49. Who am I
  Everyone has a positive impression of others. As soon as he mentions his name, he knows what kind of person he is, whether he is beautiful
  Smart, kind and capable, but I'm not very clear about who I am. I can't get the answer.
  We see that someone has always been our impression, and we can be sure that he will be the same in the future. But I don't have this clear impression of myself. I always feel that my future is uncertain, there are great changes, or efforts, or waiting for miracles. In fact, others see me as such a person. It's no big deal. Facts have proved that he is right.
  Our life has three levels: body, consciousness and soul. We can't see others' hearts. With his body and consciousness, we can grasp what kind of person he is. We look at ourselves because the soul is more essential, but we can't know the soul. On the contrary, we can't grasp our own body and consciousness clearly. We can't affirm ourselves as sure as whether others are kind. Even if we look in the mirror every day, we can't affirm ourselves as sure as what grade others look like.
  We are indeed spiritual living people. Now we are imperfect blood and gas bodies and can't know the soul. Only by defeating blood and gas with spirit and obtaining a perfect spiritual body can we answer: "who am I".
  50. You can't be a complete atheist and thinker at the same time
  You can be a complete atheist or a complete thinker, but you can't be a complete atheist and thinker at the same time, because such a person has committed suicide.
  Interpretation: if a person is atheist and thinks about the nothingness of life, living is meaningless, so he commits suicide.
  Subtext: all people who call themselves atheists have no thoughts.
  Schopenhauer thought about the nothingness of life, but he didn't commit suicide and was considered incomplete.
  Solomon thought about the nothingness of life, but he believed in God and finally said that it is man's duty to fear the Lord.
  Reinterpretation: in short, a person thinks that there is no afterlife, and after decades, he will never live. If he doesn't commit suicide immediately, what life will he live.
  In fact, many philosophers and unknown thinkers committed suicide.
  An American female star committed suicide. She believes that at least leave people a young image, not an old image.
  51. What conclusion can you draw from Adam's obedience to Eve's eating forbidden fruit
  Answer: henpecked
  First: human sin (original sin) is hereditary.
  Second: human fear of wife (original fear of wife) is also genetic.
  To be truly happy, a human family must have a good relationship with God. This relationship should be chosen by itself, not reluctantly maintained( Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Joshua 24:15) the Lord wants people to obey him, but people must do so from their heart and love( Deuteronomy 6:5) so the LORD made a provision in the garden of Eden that the first man had the opportunity to prove his loyalty. God told Adam, "you can eat the fruit of all kinds of trees in the garden, but you can't eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil. If you eat it, you will die."( Genesis 2:16) this tree symbolizes that the wise creator has the right to decide what is good and what is evil. The Lord gave Adam a suitable wife, so Adam told his wife Eve the command of God.
  Then one day, a snake (the revelation of the Bible shows that the original Snake, called the devil and Satan, deceived people all over the world - Revelation 12:9). This spiritual creature deliberately made himself a devil (slander) and Satan (enemy). He was seduced and tempted by his own selfish desires in an attempt to enjoy the status of God, so he rebelled against the creator-- James 1:14.
  Satan, the devil, seduced Eve and said, "you will not die if you eat the fruits of distinguishing good from evil. You will be able to distinguish good from evil like God."-- Genesis 3:4, 5) he seems to claim that God has left some good things for you. You can eat the fruit of the tree and decide what is good and what is evil like God.
  Adam ate the fruit, but his wife ate it, but she listened to Adam's words. As a result, they lost their paradise, Adam worked all his life, Eve increased the pain of pregnancy and childbirth, and the Lord punished women: "you will love your husband, and your husband will rule over you." However, the fear of wife gene inherited from human ancestors is as unshakable as the original sin. So far, "strict wife management" can be found everywhere, which was unexpected by the Lord.
  52. Who killed the first in history?
  Answer: God.
  Gen 3:21 "the LORD God made garments of leather for Adam and his wife and clothed them."
  Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and felt ashamed of being naked. They covered themselves with leaves, but God refused to accept the clothes they had made.
  Because God wants to teach them that they cannot be accepted by God by acting in their own way. God only accepts to act in his way, and only he can provide them with the clothes he is willing to accept.
  God kills animals
  The first thing that sin against God brings is death.
  God killed the animal to make the blood flow out, and then peeled the animal's skin, which Adam and Eve did not do. God's purpose was to warn Adam and Eve that their disobedience would bring death to the world. God wants them to always remember that the price of sin is death. God is holy, just and just. He judges death as the price of sin. The Bible clearly points out that blood will flow because of sin.
  (the first murder in history was that Cain, the eldest son of Adam, killed his brother Abel. Since then, mankind began to kill each other.)
  53. God's creation Q & A
  Q: How did man and the universe come from?
  A: it was created by God. There must be a craftsman and a creator in the world.
  Q: who is God?
  A: it is the creator, the creator and ruler of the universe. It is an eternal, sacred, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and personal God.
  Q: How did God come?
  A: God is his own, forever, past, present and forever. It is the cause of all causes, the first cause and the first driving force.
  Q: where is God?
  A: nothingness is omnipresent and exists in the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. God is a spirit whose existence, wisdom, power, holiness, righteousness, goodness and truth are infinite, eternal and unchangeable.
  Q: Why did God create the world?
  A: in order to show his power, to have an object of love, the object of his love, the object of his love, let the creator praise him and glorify him.
  Q: can I meet God?
  A: in the face of objective rationality, only through the flight of faith can we meet infinite God.
  Q: are we created to live in the world for a purpose?
  A: believe in God, praise God, glorify God, maintain communication with God, obtain eternal spiritual happiness, and always enjoy God.
  Q: no other (such as material) purpose?
  A: No, people don't live for crabs, villas and beauties. Solomon, the king of wisdom, came to the conclusion that everything is empty, "it is man's duty to fear God and keep his commandments"-- Ecclesiastes 12:13
  Q: I admit that there is God, but why do humans suffer so much? Is God irresponsible?
  A: all this is bound to happen. God planned everything infinitely long ago, including the wonderful redemption plan designed because of his love. The plan included sending his son to the world as a redeemer to save all those who believed in him. He has three great and unified forgiveness and salvation plans in order to perfect the limited human (the body derived from the earth).
  First plan: God created Adam's body with clay, and breathed his anger into his nostrils, and he became a living soul. But Adam, after all, had an earthy (material) body and could not have the limitations of spiritual life like God (spiritual body and spirit). To give human true happiness, we must increase human spiritual power and overcome the power of material (earthy body). If we do not give human suffering and give human life fruits and separate good and evil fruits directly in the garden of Eden, due to the root of human evil, human beings will be self righteous, do not know God's grace, do not give all the glory to God, owe God's glory, and do not take God as joy, not only does God's desire to create the world fail, but human beings can not be really happy, At most, it is a group of self righteous "old immortals".
  So the ancient snake (Satan, God's tool, created by God and controlled by God) lured Eve and Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, committed a crime, was expelled from the garden of Eden, began suffering, and brought sin and death to future generations. God wants human beings to know that they have original sin - the earth body, although intelligent, still has limitations. Without God's word, they can only lose.
  The second plan: the Son Jesus is incarnated. His mother Mary is a virgin. Jesus lives in the world as a perfect person. He was crucified, died and buried, and his death guaranteed atonement. Rise three days after death and ascend to heaven. There he sat on the right hand of the Holy Father. One day he will come back to the world with the glory of victory.
  After Jesus preached for three and a half years and ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit came and lived in our hearts forever. In this way, God lives among us. The Holy Spirit makes us know our sins, prays for us, and helps us follow God's will in various ways. Jesus said, "the gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be spread all over the world as a witness to all the people, and then the end will come."
  Now there are 2 billion Christians in the world (Catholics are Christians in a broad sense). The gospel has not been spread all over the world. More importantly, the gospel has not been really accepted. Hitler said: "I am and will always be Catholics". The Nazis (Catholics) prayed while slaughtering.
  Now, under the action of separating good and evil fruits (wisdom fruits), human material civilization has made great achievements, but human beings still pay attention to the poor material civilization from the earth, spiritual life has made no progress, and spiritual life is becoming increasingly vulgar. God wants human beings to understand that without God's way, they can't find their own purpose of life and can't be happy.
  The third plan: Ge Yimin God came into the world to spread the new Gospel of Ge God. Mankind will give all the glory to God, take God as the only happiness, rebuild communication with God, regain God's love and neighbor's love, make a complete atonement, and build a loving kingdom of God.
  2 Peter: "some people think that the Lord's promise has not been fulfilled. In fact, it is not delay, but tolerance. I don't want anyone to sink, but let everyone repent."
  Everyone believes in God, loves as himself, at least not against anyone, everyone gives glory to God, and finally god gets all glory.
  Q: how do you know that the so-called three plans come from God?
  A: Romans 8:20, 21 of the Bible says, "the created beings are subject to the situation of futility, not out of voluntariness, but because God makes them subject to this situation. However, there is still hope for all sentient beings, that is, all created sentient beings will be released, no longer enslaved by corruption, but will enjoy the freedom of the glory of God's children. "
  Yes, God hopes that the first pair of human offspring will eventually get rid of the sin and death inherited by their ancestors and restore a close relationship with God.
  Q: what is the kingdom of God?
  A: one word - love. God is love. The Lord Jesus summed up the law of the Lord to love God and love as yourself. St. Paul said that there is faith, hope and love, the greatest of which is love. But now, what we lack most is love.
  Of course, there are fruits of life, new heaven and new earth, no more death, a real paradise.
  Q: what are we doing in Xintian Xindi?
  A: "God... Puts the eternal consciousness in the hearts of the world, so that people will never explore God's actions from beginning to end."-- Ecclesiastes 3:11“ We can observe, learn and appreciate the wonderful works of the Lord forever. "-- Psalm 19:1-4; 104:24; 139:14。
  Q: how can we get the kingdom of God?
  Answer: Jesus Christ said, "if they continue to absorb knowledge, know your only true God, and know Jesus Christ you sent, they can live forever."( John 17:3)
  Note that the most important thing is to have love. In the New Testament, several different Greek words are translated into "love", in which "Agape" means a kind of love that is willing to take others as the center and does not require merit and return. God loves all mankind with this love, and Christians are encouraged to love each other with this love. Jesus said, "love one another as I love you. This is my command."( John 15:12).
  54. Wuhou Centennial spirit 2033 and Ge Shen 20331126
  In 1933, Xuanyuan college opened and Zhuge Kongming gave a presentation in Fanling.
  On December 15, 1933, the Hong Kong industry and Commerce daily published such a news, entitled "the magic language of Kong Ming's descent in Fanling, New Territories".
  "Out of Washington again. It's destiny to benefit people. This person was originally ZIWEIXING. Settle the country and secure the people. We must guard the universe. Towering Xiyao and shun. A hundred years of life is very sad. I'm afraid you can't see it. "
  In 2033, see if there is a "Washington" among the people.
  “wordofgod” I 29, 2013, 126: the political party will perish 20 years later (2033). In a harmonious Communist society, human beings manage peacefully and mutually, and there is no need for a dictatorship party.
  A large number of Americans tweeted and revealed that they had won a new crown long ago
  More than 1000 users on twitter said they or their family members and friends had been infected with the new crown virus in December 2019 or even earlier.
  "Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by my wife and doctors in October 1, 2019." A Washington resident named Jamie katenhofen tweeted on December 22, 2020.
  In November 2020, researchers at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy, published a paper in the Journal of oncology that they detected blood samples from 959 volunteers who participated in lung cancer screening tests from September 2019 to March 2020. It was found that there were specific receptor binding domain (RBD) specific antibodies in COVID-19 blood samples from 111 volunteers. The earliest samples were collected in the first week of October 2019, suggesting that they were probably infected with COVID-19 in September 2019.
  “wordofgod” 2 13. Therefore, in 2019, the end of the world (the end) comes. Ge Yimin is the king of God, ending the rule of foreigners and establishing the kingdom of God (Communist society).
  15. From 2019 to 2033, mankind will become happier and happier, and the world will gradually become one.
  In early October 2019, Ge Yimin became a God.
  November 26, 2033, world Datong( Visions (v. 29)
  Annex: (III) source of doomsday prediction in 2019: Ge Yimin was first published on the Internet Forum in August 2001.
  56. Zhulian nine and Zhulian one
  In ancient times, we all felt wrong and barbaric. Fortunately, the times have improved and we are in the era of civilization.
  Is modern really civilized?
  The children of the rich in the land in the past, needless to say. Today, you commit a crime, so-called having a criminal record, and publicly make it clear that your children are affected by their work, joining the army and joining the party. I call it Zhulian.
  The United States, which is known as freedom, democracy and human rights, believes that you are guilty of his crime and publicly makes it clear that your spouse's and children's visas are affected.
  I didn't see anyone criticizing the Zhulian clan. It seems that everyone takes it for granted, just as the ancient people took it for granted that this is to let you not commit the crimes he thinks. However, the ancient emperor also thought so.
  Less company is indeed progress, but is it OK? Why not connect? After all, the people involved are innocent.
  The real civilization is that one person acts as one person, one person commits a crime and one person is punished accordingly, and innocent spouses and children should not be affected.
  Today, we of Zhulian people laugh at the ancient nine Zhulian people, and the future people will laugh at us of Zhulian people. May this day come as soon as possible.
  57. The Internationale and the Bible have one thing in common
  When the composition of the international song was completed in 1888, revolutionaries of all dynasties sang: "this is the last struggle", and when singing, they believed that he sang it was the last struggle, "intner schunner must be realized!"
  But generations of revolutionaries have died, and today's revolutionaries are still singing: "this is the last struggle", and believe that now is the last struggle, "intner schunner must be realized!"
  The Bible was written at the beginning of A.D. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and after that, we who live and remain will be lifted up with them into the cloud and meet the Lord in the air. In this way, we will be with the Lord forever.
  The saints of all ages read this passage and believed that Jesus would come again in his lifetime, and he could be mentioned as king with the Lord alive.
  But generations of saints have died. Today's saints are still reading this Scripture and believe that Jesus will come again in his lifetime. He can be mentioned as king with the Lord alive.
  58. Material does not die out! What about me?
  In chemistry, we read "the law of the immortality of matter", and in physics, we read "the immortality of ability". Everything in the universe goes round and round, winter and spring come and go round and round. Although materials and capabilities have changed, they have not disappeared. Up to now, the quantity of all materials in the world has increased a little and has not decreased at all. Will a man who is the spirit of all things end as soon as he dies? Is there no "me"?
  In the consciousness of every human being, there is a self-consciousness of "I". Because of the existence of "I", we draw a line between ourselves and others. "I" is also the most important word in daily conversation. "I" is also the center of the world's life, because everyone has an "I", and the collision between "I" and "I" has become the main cause of various problems in human society. So what is "I"? Who is "I"? Where is this "I"? Physiologically speaking, "I" is composed of head, trunk, limbs, flesh and blood and internal organs. In chemistry, "I" is caused by more than ten chemical elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium, etc. From the perspective of economics, if a pig dies, it can still be worth a lot of money. If a person dies, no one wants it. For biologists who never believe in the Bible, man is evolved, and "I" is just one of the animals, a little smarter than cattle, horses and pigs.
  However, the reason why "I" is "I" is by no means so simple. Although parents give birth to "I", they do not create "I". Otherwise, why are the children born to the same parents different in thought, temperament and destiny? Although the world is big, we can't find two "me", body and mind. Everything is the same as "I".
  "I" have a body, but the body can never represent the real "I". The body is just the body of "I". The true self is my life. A person's true self should be observed from his words, deeds and character. Although a person saws off his hands and feet, his "me" is still the same. According to physiologists, the metabolism of the body changes every seven years, so seven years later, my body is definitely not my body seven years ago, but the "I" constituting this spirit is still the same "I" at the age of five and at the age of seven or 80. It can be seen that this "I" consciousness must have a constant foundation in me. Obviously, "I" is not material, "I" is beyond material, and material can change, "I" is still the original "I". Apart from the body, if there is no soul, it can not explain the origin of this "I".
  Everyone has conscience, reason, religious concept and the desire for eternal life, which is the evidence that people have a soul. The Ecclesiastes say: "God places eternal life in the hearts of the world".
  Yes, we can't catch the soul, but we can detect the manifestation of the soul, that is, noble virtue, great self sacrifice, moral and religious concepts, loyalty, friendship, love, faithfulness... All these are abstract. None of them is a feeling that can be produced by material, which can't be learned by apes. The manifestation of the body, everything is physiological and sensory, so the manifestation of the spirit can not be produced from that part of the body. What is a brain? The brain is just a pile of materials. How can materials have spiritual effects? If the soul is just the brain, then all these unique human characteristics, which exceed the spiritual function of material, become impossible.
  59. Dust - original sin - death - atonement - sanctification - eternal life
  Almost everyone will wonder sooner or later, what is the purpose of life and who are we? Why are we alive? Why should we die? Is there any survival after death? What is our future? Philosophy and religion were born from this. Victor, a mental health expert, said: "finding the meaning of life is the main driving force in people's heart. I dare say that nothing in the world can help people through even the worst environments than knowing the meaning of a person's life."
  Is the purpose of life just to work hard to improve your living environment and maintain the livelihood of your family, and then maybe live for 70 or 80 years and die, so it will never exist?
  Molecular biologist Denton said: "the simplest type of cell known is also very complex. It is unacceptable to claim that such a thing is suddenly made up of some extremely unlikely abnormal event." He called Darwin's belief that organisms are generated by chance "the greatest myth put forward in the 20th century about the process of the universe."
  Paul, Professor of physics "We are indeed destined to live in the world. Since the physical universe is formed in such an amazing way, I can't think it's just an irrational fact," Davis said
  The Bible, the oldest book of mankind, says, "our Lord, our God, you are worthy of glory, honor and power, because you created all things, and all things were created by your will." (Revelation 4:11) it is important for us to have a great designer, the idea of the existence of the emperor, because he created us for a reason and purpose. The Lord means "the doer".
  The Bible shows that when God created the earth's environment, he especially focused on human welfare. Isaiah 45:18 points out that God created the earth "not to make the land desolate, but to make it habitable." He makes people fully enjoy the joy of life. (Genesis 1 and 2) God said, "we will make man in our image and in our likeness, so that they will rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the livestock of the earth, and all the earth, and all the insects of the earth." (Genesis 1:26)
  "The LORD made man out of the dust of the earth and blew life into his nostrils, and he became a living man with spirit." (Gen 2:7) God placed the man in the garden of Eden and made him repair and guard. The LORD God said to him, "you may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, but you shall not eat the fruit of the tree that distinguishes good from evil, for the day you eat it will surely die.". (Gen 2:15-17)
  Why doesn't God give people the fruit of separating good from evil, because people's imperfect, imperfect body (from dust, like animals), "the LORD says, since man belongs to flesh, my spirit will not dwell in him forever." (Gen 6:3) although people have the image of God and vitality (spirit), they can be described as half man and half god. To be truly happy, people need not only physical satisfaction, but also spiritual satisfaction. If you directly give people the fruits of good and evil and the fruits of life in the garden of Eden, people will not be able to grow spirituality and overcome the limitations of the dust body without due trials of suffering. They will be self righteous and fail to realize that all human beings come from God and do not give glory to God. Finally, God's purpose of creating the world will fail, and people can not enter perfection and find real happiness.
  The so-called original sin is rooted in man's imperfection (from the dusty body). Since God created man as a son, he will not prevent him from distinguishing good from evil for no reason. Man and snake are created by God. The creator certainly knows what the created can do (eat forbidden fruit). Just as man knows what the computer he makes can do, everything is God's plan, because he is omnipotent, The purpose is to enable people to defeat the body with spirit.
  So God lured Adam and Eve through a snake to disobey his orders and secretly eat the fruits of good and evil. Human beings had original sin. "Sin enters the world through one person, and death comes through sin, so death is passed on to everyone, because everyone has committed sin." (Romans 5:12) God wants people to know how lost it is to leave him.
  "The creation of all living beings is subject to the futile situation, not out of voluntariness, but because God has made all living beings subject to this situation. However, there is still hope that all created living beings will be released from the slavery of corruption and enjoy the freedom of the glory of God's children." (Romans 8:20, 21)
  The LORD sent his son. Jesus was loyal to God. Therefore, Jesus was perfect until the moment of death. He was willing to give his perfect life to God as a ransom to meet God's just requirements and redeem mankind from the slavery of sin and death. Jesus' sacrifice opened up the opportunity for all who believed in him to enjoy eternal life. (John 3:16, Romans 3:23, 24)
  Jesus: "the Evangelical Church of the kingdom of heaven will preach throughout all the earth where the world believes and bear witness to all nations. At that time, the end will come." (Matthew 24:14) the LORD said through Haggai the prophet, "I will shake all nations, and the treasures of all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory... The later glory of this house will be greater than the previous glory, and I will give peace in this place." Treasures are those who serve the LORD with love. New Jerusalem is the spiritual temple of God. God wants people to be sanctified, justified and glorified, and give glory to God, and finally God will get all the glory.
  In the "great day of Almighty God", the Lord will clear away the sins on the earth and build the earth into a paradise. (Revelation 16:14, 16) thus, "the righteous shall have the earth and dwell on it forever." (Psalm 37:29) what will life be like in paradise? The earth will be full of happy people, and everyone will praise the Creator with one heart and one mind.
  Jesus said, "if they continue to absorb knowledge and know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent, they can live forever" (John 17:3)
  As the day drew near, "I saw another angel (GE Yimin) flying in the air, and there was an eternal gospel to be preached to the people on earth, all nations, all peoples and all peoples. He cried out, fear God and give him glory, for the time of his judgment has come, and worship him who created heaven, earth, sea and springs of water." (Revelation 14:6, 7)
  60. Love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus didn't say enough
  Ke'er 19:08:53
  Have you read Luke 10:25-37
  Shinto 19:09:15
  Ke'er 19:09:27
  Do you like it?
  Shinto 19:09:43
  You post it
  Ke'er 19:09:40
  Can you tell me about yourself
  Shinto 19:09:59
  Post content
  Ke'er 19:10:16
  "A lawyer got up and tested Jesus, saying," teacher, what should I do to inherit eternal life? "Jesus said to him," what is written in the law? What do you read? He answered, "love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, effort and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." Jesus said to him, "your answer is that if you do this, you will have eternal life. The man will justify himself and say to Jesus," who is my neighbor? " Where's the house? Jesus answered, "a man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell into the hands of robbers."; They stripped him of his clothes, beat him half to death, and left him. By chance, a priest came down this road and saw him and passed over the other side. And another Levite came to this place and saw him, and passed by the other side. When he saw a man riding in Samaria's shop, he helped him and his cattle to the place where they were traveling, and poured oil in front of him. The next day he took out two pieces of silver and gave it to the shopkeeper, saying, "take care of him. In addition, I will pay you back when I come back.". Which of these three people do you think is a neighbor who fell into the hands of robbers? He said: pity him. Jesus said, "go and do the same."
  Shinto 19:10:38
  Let me see
  Shinto 19:11:25
  This is not enough
  Ke'er 19:11:38
  A little story, what inspiration does it give you
  Shinto 19:11:43
  Make everyone your neighbor
  Shinto 19:11:54
  Not just those who care about us
  Shinto 19:12:15
  Those who don't care about us should also love him as yourself
  Ke'er 19:13:46
  My is like this, which makes me feel that I am not a lonely and helpless person. Every brother will love his neighbor like Jesus
  Shinto 19:14:32
  I hope everyone loves each other, at least not against anyone
  Ke'er 19:15:08
  My feeling, do you think it's reasonable?
  Shinto 19:15:21
  That's good
  Ke'er 19:16:44
  Because it is recorded that it is a Samaritan, and this Samaritan is a priest. They say they hate it
  Shinto 19:18:04
  Jesus means that those who are good to themselves are neighbors. I mean, those who are bad to themselves are also neighbors. All people are neighbors
  Ke'er 19:18:43
  So simply put, is there love here
  Ke'er 19:18:47
  This story
  Shinto 19:19:00
  Shinto 19:19:25
  Love everyone, everyone
  Ke'er 19:20:08
  Yes, and guide each of us to do so
  Shinto 19:21:02
  This is my task
  Shinto 19:21:12
  The mission of the divine Church
  Ke'er 19:22:07
  What do you teach
  Shinto 19:22:35
  A sect of Christianity
  Ke'er 19:22:52
  Never heard of it
  Ke'er 19:22:58
  Have you heard of Christianity
  Shinto 19:23:09
  Online search, yes
  Shinto 19:23:24
  I founded it
  Ke'er 19:23:27
  Christianity is not Christianity
  Ke'er 19:23:33
  What other faction
  Shinto 19:23:57
  Christianity consists of various sects
  61. The most concise Bible knowledge
  Kant, an influential philosopher in the 18th century, once said: "it is the greatest happiness to have the Bible in the world. Any attempt to belittle this book is against the interests of mankind." "The influence of the Bible on mankind is not limited to Jews and Christians... This book is regarded as a treasure house of morality and religion. It contains inexhaustible lessons and helps promote a civilized world," the American encyclopedia said
  By the end of the 20th century, the whole or part of the Bible had been translated into more than 2200 languages. Most people can read and understand the Bible in a language they know well. Since the invention of movable type printing, an estimated four billion Bibles have been circulated around the world.
  The Bible is actually a series of 66 volumes, written by about 40 people from the beginning of Genesis to the end of revelation. The first part has 39 volumes, called the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), and the second part has 27 volumes, called the New Testament (Greek Bible). This part is written by Christians. The writing period of the Bible is more than 1600 years, from 1513 BC to 98 ad. But the Bible has a theme, which is consistent from beginning to end. The Bible tells us: "the Bible is all revealed by God with the Holy Spirit,... All beneficial." (2 Timothy 3:16)
  The Bible tells us:
  The purpose of God's creation of the earth is to make the earth full of happy human beings and live in justice. In order to survive, man must obey God's law. First, the temptation of human beings (Adam and Eve) to love Satan (snake), steal the forbidden fruit (respectively good and evil fruit), disobey God and become a sinner. As a result, they were sentenced to death. This brought sin and death to their descendants—— Genesis 1:27, 28; 2:16,17; 3:1-19; Romans 5:12.
  The Supreme God, named Jehovah, is determined to remove the effects of disobedience and sin from the earth. Then he examined the earth and saw a faithful man among mankind named Abram. God changed his name to Abraham. God promised Abraham that his descendants would become a great nation, and God would produce a descendant through this country; Through this seed, all the families of the earth will bless themselves—— Genesis 12:1-3; 18:18,19; 22:18; Psalm 83:18; Hebrews 11:8-16.
  At the end of the 16th century BC, the descendants of Abraham's grandson Jacob (Israel) developed into 12 tribes and were slaves in Egypt at that time. The LORD saved Israel from Egypt and made it a nation. He gave them a set of laws as the constitution of the country through Moses on Mount Sinai. The Lord is their king, judge and lawgiver. The Israelites became God's chosen people. The Messiah will be born through this nation, and the Messiah will establish an eternal kingdom to benefit all nations and nationalities on earth—— Exodus 19:5, 6; Chronicles 17:7-14; 1 Kings 4:20, 25; Isaiah 33:22; 43:10-12; Romans 9:4, 5.
  After 1500 years, that is, about 2000 years ago, God sent his only son from heaven to earth. He was born by Mary, a Jewish virgin, and named him Jesus. He was destined to inherit the kingdom that God promised to give to his ancestor David. When Jesus was 30 years old, John the Baptist baptized him and was anointed by the Holy Spirit. In this way, he became Christ, which means "anointed", and began to proclaim the kingdom of God. Jesus healed the sick to show how the future kingdom would benefit mankind. He used a metaphor to explain what conditions a person who desires eternal life must meet. Jesus preached for three and a half years. Later, he was executed on the cross, so that he gave up his perfect human life and became a ransom for mankind—— Matthew 1:18-24; 3:13-16; 4:17-23; 6:9,10; Chapter 13; 20:28; Luke 1:26-37; 2:14; 4:43,44; 8:1; John 3:16, 21, 22; Acts 10:37-39.
  Jesus explained that the Messianic kingdom would be established in the distant future, at the end of the system of things. At that time, he will return as the ruling king—— Matthew 24, 25; Revelation 7:9-17.
  On Pentecost in 33 ad, God poured the Holy Spirit on 120 disciples of Jesus, and they began to talk about God's great deeds in many languages. The Christian congregation was established, and about 3000 new disciples were baptized on that day—— Acts 2. As the apostles and others continued to speak the word of God bravely to others, many congregations were established, and the missionary work soon expanded to all parts of the Mediterranean, from Babylon and North Africa to Rome and as far as Spain—— Romans 15:18-29; Colossians 1:23; 1 Peter 5:13.
  The apostles and other close associates formed a governing body. They took the lead in preaching. They had solved a difficult problem in the Jerusalem congregation, dealt with an argument about circumcision, and informed the congregation of their decision to abide by it. But these people are not domineering masters over others. On the contrary, they are servants and co-workers of the whole congregation—— Acts 4:33; 6:1-7; 8:14-25; 11:22-24; 15:1-32; 16:4,5; 1 Corinthians 3:5-9; 4:1,2; 2 Corinthians 1:24.
  The early disciples were known in the name of Christians. They got the name by God's arrangement. They also have some lessons that make them different, which are called apostolic lessons or "models of pure words". These Bible based lessons are also called truth. They formed a universal brotherhood and united with love. They remembered the day of the Lord's presence and enthusiastically publicized their faith. They prayed and looked forward to the coming of the Lord Jesus—— John 17:17; Acts 2:42; 11:26; Romans 6:17; 1 Timothy 4:6; 6:1,3; 2 Timothy 1:13.
  62. Why are we alive
  For eternal happiness, that is, the happiness of the soul.
  Only by solving our greatest pain (self death) can we get the greatest happiness. There must be a craftsman and a creator in the world. Movement must be promoted. The first driving force is God. If the origin of the universe is a little bit, what kind of point is it? It will never be any matter, but God.
  The closest thing to me is other people. What distinguishes us from other things is the Spirit given by God, that is, Qi.
  Believe in God, love (not against anyone), preach the gospel, resurrect and live forever in the kingdom of God.
  If death doesn't last, there's no point in living. If God is not there, nothing will happen.
  We are people with souls. Our parents only give us bodies, just symbols. God gives us souls (QI). This is our essence.
  Our three kinds of life: 1. Material, physical, basic necessities of life; 2. Consciousness, thinking and social activities; 3. Soul, soul, religion.
  Everyone who is greatly used by God first has a special waiting period: the forty years of Moses, the three years of Paul and the thirty years of the Lord Jesus.
  What is God? He is the creator and the God who creates and rules the world
  What is the world created by God? Not only the universe we recognize, but also many things we don't realize. We will never recognize God's ability. When human beings think, God Laughs.
  Any matter (I) has its non self, other people for you, animals for people, whether there are organisms for life, other planets for the earth, other star systems for the solar system, non universe for the universe, non universe and non universe (a), non-A (b)
  If there is no God, then each of us will be for decades, because with God, we have a soul, a beginning, a future and an eternal future.
  The Lord has left us for nearly two thousand years. In these two thousand years, how many Christians have spent their lives in hope. God wants us to accept the time and place arranged by God with gratitude. Now, like the dead prophets, we have no chance to see the Lord in this life. When will the world come to an end and the saints rise in the kingdom of the Lord and eat the fruit of life?
  The kingdom of heaven is near. Repent and shout for 2000 years. It's time.
  The believer is the proof of what he wants and what he hasn't seen. We believe in God, because God is the only explanation and destination of the world and human existence. When did God come to earth? This is the only answer we need to know. Go to the Bible to find the answer. If you are a Christian with the Holy Spirit.
  Only God has his own, eternal, beginning and end. The kingdom of heaven is near. Repent.
  63. Seven proofs of God's existence
  When we ask a person who doesn't believe in God how the world came from, he will say that he was born. How can he not know that this "heaven" is God.
  1. There must be a craftsman, a table - carpenter, a house - bricklayer, everything is made, the universe - God (creator).
  2. There must be a cause for the result, and the cause and effect of the world inherit. The development of things is an infinite chain. Phenomenon a causes phenomenon B, phenomenon B causes phenomenon C, and phenomenon C causes phenomenon D. one cause produces one result, and this reason is the result of the former cause, and this result is the cause of the latter result. There must be a fruit without cause (the first cause) - God.
  3. Movement must have a push. Matter is moving. Push produces movement. The first driving force - God. When the earth moves around the sun in a circle, in addition to the gravity of the sun, there must also be a lateral push of appropriate size and moving it along the tangent direction. Newton "has no divine power. I don't know what forces in nature can promote this lateral movement". This is the first push of the famous Newton's divine arm.
  4. Modern science believes that the universe originated from the explosion of a point, which can not be any matter, but God.
  5. Everything has its opposite, material and immaterial - the divine world in which God lives. Matter (including antimatter) is composed of physical particles and fields. The age of the universe is 15 billion years. If it is still matter before and after, it is still the universe and can only be gods.
  6. The origin of life is the existence of immaterial "vitality", and life is created by God.
  7. The theory of evolution is only a hypothesis about the origin of human beings. There is no reason why Darwin insisted that apes in East Africa walk under trees. Human beings, the spirit of all things, cannot produce wisdom from the monkey brain. We are the image of God. What we distinguish between animals is the soul given by God. In the Bible, "God made man from the dust of the earth, blew life into his nostrils, and he became a living man with spirit."
  64. Non universe beyond the universe
  Any self (existence) has a non self. There are other people for you, other creatures for mankind, whether there are creatures or not, other planets for the earth and other star systems for the solar system. Similarly, there is a non cosmic existence outside the universe.
  The non universe is by no means the material world we know. If it is material, it will merge with the universe into the universe.
  The non universe is the spiritual world of the opposite of matter. It is not in the same space as the universe, which can not be recognized by science. Only wisdom can recognize its existence
  Non universe is what we often call heaven and hell The universe is material and has a beginning and an end. It begins with God's creation, ends with the judgment of the end, and then enters the eternal spiritual world (non universe)
  Heaven is the residence of God and the residence of the saved after leaving the world or after the last judgment. It is a paradise with bright sunshine (the glory of God) and colorful flowers. From a religious point of view, it is very real, but this does not mean that it is a space that our senses can find. Jesus used "home" as an analogy. He told his disciples, "there are many dwellings in my father's house. If not, I would have told you. I went to prepare a place for you. If I went to prepare a place for you, I would come back and pick you up to me. I was there, so that you would be there." (Gospel of John). Jesus came to earth from heaven. When he ascended to heaven, he returned to heaven.
  There are many descriptions of heaven in the book of revelation: "God sits on the throne and thousands of angels worship before him. The Holy City New Jerusalem falls from heaven, which is the end of the existing way of existence of the universe and enters the spiritual non universe. It will become the eternal home of God and eternal people. It is a city with golden streets and Pearl gates. It is a place where there is no crying, no sorrow and no death.
  Hell is the home of Satan and his demons, and the home of the wicked and the irredeemable. It is full of fire and endless suffering. The book of revelation calls it a "lake of fire", and Jesus describes hell as a place where "insects are immortal and fire is immortal".
  There were no more days, and when the seventh angel sounded the trumpet, the mystery of God was fulfilled, just as God preached to his servants the prophets. The brothers overcame Satan because of the blood of the lamb and the word of their own testimony. On the day of judgment, God will settle all accounts, judge sin and reward loyalty. Everyone should stand before God, the scroll should be opened, and everyone will be judged according to what he recorded in the scroll. Anyone whose name is not in the book of life (non believers) will be thrown into the lake of fire.
  65. God, where is the old man
  Where is God? It is the argument of atheists and the most perplexing problem of theists that there is no residence in the vast universe known to mankind. If you believe in God and cannot recognize the existence of God, your faith is empty. Christians can prove the existence of God from the resurrection of Christ, but we can't see the resurrected Christ in reality.
  God does exist. He is the only explanation and destination of the origin of the world.
  God is a spirit, the creator of the past, the present and the eternal. He has his own forever. He lives in the spiritual world, that is, heaven, which is opposite to the material world (universe) we can perceive. We can't be perceived by our senses. We can only meet him by his flying with our vehicle - the Holy Spirit, wisdom and faith.
  The universe we can perceive was originally said to be endless and boundless in textbooks. Modern science believes that the universe has a beginning and an end and has a margin. It began with the big bang 15 billion years ago, and it also believes that it has an end period (all substances have a period of production, development and extinction). The universe is expanding now, because stars are far away from each other, both expanding and marginal.
  Where is God? Just before the big bang, before the creation of matter, the world at that time was the spirit of God, and there was no material existence, because God created the universe and man in order to show his power, to have an object of love, the object he loved, the object he loved, to let the Creator glorify him, and for his great and unified forgiveness and rescue plan.
  Where is God? At the point of the big bang, that point is God, not any matter.
  Where is God? In the universe generated by his self explosion, without God, the planets will not move around the stars in a regular way. Without God, the flowers will not open by themselves. Without God, the birds will not sing freely. Without God, you will not eat enough and think about St. Jerome's article. Is it right? Without God, you will not be human (a person with a soul), and you will not be resurrected. Only a few decades, it will be empty after all.
  God is still outside our universe, outside the edge of the expansion of the universe, outside our three-dimensional space, that is the divine world opposite to our matter.
  Where is God? After the demise of our universe, after we resurrect the spiritual body, after his creation plan is completed, and after the judgment of the last day, we enter the eternal soul world, that is, heaven, and we can see the true face of God.
  When will God's creation plan be completed? When will the last judgment come? Because one man is guilty (Adam eats the forbidden fruit), everyone is guilty. God wants people to understand how they are lost without his way. Because one person suffered (Jesus) and made atonement for all, but mankind did not abide by Jesus' teaching and continued to follow the path of Adam. Under the action of the fruit of wisdom, for the sake of physical enjoyment, one-sided development of material civilization. God wants mankind to understand that under the achievements of high material civilization, they are also lost without God's way (spiritual civilization).
  As the date approaches, God's final plan is to let us understand that God's word is the only destination of mankind. Let us pay more attention to spiritual civilization, let us develop towards divinity, rebuild the communication with God destroyed by Adam, let us be justified and sanctified, and let everyone love God and others as himself (not against anyone). The world is truly full of love, and everyone returns glory to God. Finally, god gets all glory and builds the kingdom of God.
  Jesus: "the gospel of the kingdom of heaven will be spread all over the world as a witness to all the people, and then the end will come."
  66. We really need to be humble
  Religion, God is the creator, omnipotent, flawed people are really nothing;
  Philosophy, Socrates has long said: I know nothing but my ignorance;
  Science, Popper said that we can only speculate about what will happen in two or three years, and we can't predict it for a long time.
  67. This is a great declaration, which fills the fatal defect of Marxism
  Xie Gongji (1047682086) 9:15:29
  Who is the author of the declaration of Christian communism?
  Xie Gongji (1047682086) 9:15:47
  This is a great manifesto
  Xie Gongji (1047682086) 9:16:18
  He filled the fatal flaw of Marxism
  Xie Gongji 17:11:57
  Did you write the Communist Manifesto of Christ?
  Xie Gongji 17:12:03
  Excuse me?
  Ge Yimin 17:12:26
  Hello, I wrote it
  Ge Yimin 17:13:15
  You're handsome and sunny
  Xie Gongji 17:13:35
  thank you!
  Ge Yimin 17:14:05
  Oh, it's just a draft, constantly updated
  Xie Gongji 17:14:08
  Xie Gongji 17:14:33
  I think so, too
  Xie Gongji 17:14:55
  I read it again today and 90% agreed
  Ge Yimin 17:15:05
  Yes, the advantage of the Internet is to write and send
  Ge Yimin 17:15:19
  Thank you, hehe
  Xie Gongji 17:15:29
  Are you a Christian?
  Ge Yimin 17:15:39
  Ge Yimin 17:16:01
  1. We believe in God: the creator, the creator and ruler of the universe, the first cause.
  2. We believe in Jesus Christ, the son and Savior of God, and died on the cross for us.
  Therefore, we are Christians.
  Xie Gongji 17:16:13
  Xie Gongji 17:17:16
  In the present world and the future world, only the word of God can save everyone, our country and all mankind.
  Ge Yimin 17:17:53
  Yes, you have ideas. You can write a masterpiece if you have
  Xie Gongji 17:18:15
  If this development continues, it will not escape the tragic fate of historical change
  Ge Yimin 17:18:30
  Xie Gongji 17:21:12
  However, in the early history of the Communist Party, the "Comrade class" rarely seen in human history, whether in love with the people or in the ability to govern, it would be a pity if it was allowed to degenerate and eventually replaced by new forces, don't you think?
  Xie Gongji 17:21:33
  "Ruling class"
  Ge Yimin 17:21:52
  It is not a pity that democracy replaces it. The world trend
  Xie Gongji 17:24:18
  However, people's wisdom and strength are limited, and they also belong to sinners. They need unified management. Democracy is necessary, but it should be limited. If we blindly pursue democracy, the consequences will also lead to tragedy. Therefore, I think: democracy and rule should be explained by the dialectic theory, and there should be a degree, don't you think?
  Xie Gongji 17:25:02
  We should also give the people a certain degree of democracy without causing social unrest
  Xie Gongji 17:25:22
  Of course, democracy is far from enough
  Ge Yimin 17:25:29
  Oh, state management has proved that the Western way is more reasonable, that is, democracy
  Of course, the best society is true communism
  Xie Gongji 17:25:39
  Xie Gongji 17:29:02
  Marx's conception: communism is good, which comes from our Lord Jesus, but Marx's principle has lost the "key" to realize the society he yearns for from the beginning- Christ, ignoring the basic fact that human nature is "sin", wanted to improve human quality through acquired education through other channels, but did not know that he had lost the best "Ideological and spiritual educational materials"
  Ge Yimin 17:30:16
  You are thoughtful. It's a pity not to write a masterpiece
  Horse's biggest mistake is to use violence to achieve, contrary to human law
  Xie Gongji 17:30:44
  I don't watch the Communist Party of China's corruption (although its core is pure now and for some time to come), because in this process, it is the people who suffer. The Lord doesn't want this.
  Ge Yimin 17:30:57
  Ma's theory of violence, implemented by flawed people, is a cup
  Xie Gongji 17:31:23
  You are also very thoughtful, which I have never met before
  Xie Gongji 17:33:34
  Another storm is rising, which is bad for the people
  Ge Yimin 17:33:42
  But the speed of the Soviet Union was unexpected
  Ge Yimin 17:33:55
  Just like the Soviet Union
  Ge Yimin 17:34:16
  First, the people are very kind
  Xie Gongji 17:34:30
  Without Comrade Deng Xiaoping, we might not be as good as the Soviet Union
  Xie Gongji 17:34:59
  God asks us to love. When we are in China, we love the Chinese people.
  Ge Yimin 17:35:07
  After the Soviet Union, it's very good now
  Ge Yimin 17:35:31
  Yes, expand to the people of the world, huh
  Xie Gongji 17:35:59
  I fully agree with your views in the declaration of Christian communism
  Ge Yimin 17:36:22
  Thank you. It's just an idea
  Xie Gongji 17:36:27
  Christian communism is the ultimate social goal of mankind
  Xie Gongji 17:36:46
  No, the Lord hopes so
  Ge Yimin 17:36:53
  Yes, we can be truly harmonious and happy
  Xie Gongji 17:37:01
  Your idea is in line with his idea
  Xie Gongji 17:37:10
  Ge Yimin 17:37:13
  The Lord wants us to distribute wealth to the poor
  Xie Gongji 17:37:16
  Xie Gongji 17:39:24
  Few people in our country get rich first. Most of them are rich but unkind. It's understandable that everything is out of human sin - selfishness. It is completely contrary to what the main asks them to do.
  Ge Yimin 17:40:07
  They don't believe in God. They just want to have a lot of wealth and enjoy this life
  Xie Gongji 17:41:08
  Christian communism is the greatest and noblest truth, the hope and future of mankind, and the only way to solve all contradictions and realize human happiness. The most important thing is: it is in the heart of God
  Xie Gongji 17:41:15
  Xie Gongji 17:42:05
  Because they don't know God, let alone how they are, and how God tells them to do and treat others.
  Xie Gongji 17:42:49
  In the world view in his mind, only his most desire for money and material enjoyment.
  Xie Gongji 17:43:00
  No sympathy or pity
  Ge Yimin 17:43:40
  Only by believing in Christ can we listen to his teaching: sharing wealth to the poor can make the world rich and Communist.
  Secular communism only redistributes wealth. Many occupiers change groups of people. Many occupiers will not distribute property to the poor, but enjoy it more than others
  Xie Gongji 17:44:05
  Xie Gongji 17:45:00
  I'll go out and talk when I get back. It's good to chat with you today. I think we will become good brothers in the Lord in the future.
  Ge Yimin 17:45:29
  OK, I'm happy, too. You're thoughtful
  68. God and the president of the world
  First: God
  1、 Exodus 4:16: he (Aaron) will regard you (Moses) as God.
  Psalm 82:6: I (God) said, you are God, all sons of the most high.
  2、 Vision.
  6. In the autumn of 2001, Ge Yimin dreamed that God said, "I am God, you should listen to him." He refers to ge Yimin. (GE Yimin was anointed as God)
  3、 Ge Yimin God proved: vision, thought, trial, news, love, seeking truth.
  1214 Good Friday: for the sake of the world, for the sake of society, and for the sake of Ge Yimin, Ge Yimin entered the great trial, half prison and crucified.
  1221 Easter: in order to save the world, Ge Yimin died and was resurrected by God. He defeated the poison hook of death and brought hope to the world.
  Ge Yimin - God - “wordofgod” - country Era
  John 14:12 Jesus: those who believe in me will do what I do, and they will do greater things than this. Ge Yimin God is just like this.
  4、 Christ in the age of the Kingdom - Ge Yimin God:
  "Anointed" and "chosen by God" -- neurovisions 5. In the autumn of 2001, in Ge Yimin's strange dream, God said, "I am God. Listen to him." He refers to ge Yimin. (GE Yimin was anointed as God)
  "Messiah" and "savior" -- neurotic biography:
  10. In 2004, the first draft of Neurology (Yemei Sutra, geyimin Sutra and Ge Yimin Sutra) was written into the release network, and then continuously updated and released.
  11. In 2012, the establishment of the divine religion and the divine party was made clear as a value rather than an organization.
  12. 2012 – 19, peacefully export the harmonious Ge Yimin values, the content is “wordofgod”.
  13. 20191001, Ge Yimin became a God.
  14. From 2019 to 2033, Ge Yimin's Gospel spread all over the world and was accepted by the world.
  15. 20331126, Great Harmony in the world.
  5、 Luke 17:24 for on the day of his coming the son of man... But he must first suffer many hardships and be rejected by this generation.
  Ecclesiastes 4:14 "this man came out of prison to be king. I saw that all the living people who acted under the sun followed the second, and there were countless people over whom he ruled, his people.".
  It seems that the last savior achieved salvation mainly through the great suffering of "prison"; "All living people in action" logically includes all people in all countries, nationalities and religions, "follow the second". From the Scripture, this Savior is indeed the second savior other than the Lord Jesus. In the future, he will be king and rule all the people, and his people will be countless.
  Ge Yimin did suffer a lot first and was rejected by this generation.
  And the prison came out to be king. (semi prison)
  The suffering (23 years of hard trial) was greater than that of Jesus, who preached. He also got on the cross and died and rose from the dead.
  "Ge Yimin" -- God is also the people.
  Second: World president
  1、 Five steps to unite the world in 1985 (sophomore year of senior high school):
  Peking University, going abroad, Nobel Prize in literature, association, unifying the world.
  He was 16 years old.
  Now there are five steps to unify the world: Nanjing University, Shenwang, “wordofgod”, Shenjiao and unify the world.
  2、 News.
  1. It is uncertain whether Ronaldo will transfer to Milan or Real Madrid. Who is lying
  Carlo Ancelotti made the above rumor refutation at the post match media meeting of Milan's 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid in the summer league. In his words, "the Italian sports newspaper, like other Italian or Spanish newspapers, is not the Jeme Sutra after all."
  For example, everyone knows that everyone is handsome. Otherwise, others will not understand.
  2、 http://www.pcpop.com/doc/0/150/150301.shtml
  In Baidu's "God bar", more netizens commented that "the earth will end in 2019" happened to verify the prediction of the end of the world in the Yemei Sutra.
  3、 Crape myrtle.
  His theories and thoughts will form and publish his works (the book will become crape myrtle movement), his works will be translated into many languages and published (Siyi will be re translated as the son of heaven, and the best of times will come in the spring of nine countries). He will become the spiritual leader of the world. He will establish a new ideology for the whole mankind, guide the whole mankind to complete a historic leap and guide mankind to great harmony.
  (Neurology has long been translated into foreign languages, and there are a lot of differences from the original vocabulary due to back translation into Chinese.)
  He will end the antagonism between religions, end the factional antagonism among religions, and end the antagonism between different religions. His thoughts and theories blend the essence of different beliefs (theism and atheism), inherit the rational core of different religions (theism and atheism), and discard the unreasonable, inaccurate and incorrect parts of all religions (theism and atheism). Thus, he will win the respect and wide recognition of the whole world, become the spiritual leader followed by the whole world and mankind, and his thought will become a universal belief in the world, bring strength to all mankind and point out the direction for the future of mankind.
  4、 Program: establish a communist society in the world with Ge Yimin's values in 2033.
  5、 In 2033 ad, Satan was forever thrown into the lake of sulfur. When God tried, Ge Yimin became king, new heaven and new earth, and the era of the state (Communist society).
  69. Where does the earth come from
  Many scientists have studied the universe and the earth in depth. They have found a lot of evidence that there is a creator. This evidence shows that the power that sustains the whole universe is God.
  Paul Professor Davis wrote in "the mind of God": "the structure of the universe is always stable, well-organized and complex. This orderly and orderly universe must have some very special laws and conditions."
  Professor Davis discusses a number of "coincidences" noticed by astrophysicists and other scientists, Then say: "Taken as a whole, these coincidences provide convincing evidence that life as we know it is deeply influenced by the form of the laws of physics on the one hand, but also deeply depends on some seemingly accidental coincidence that nature formulates actual values for various particle masses, strength, etc. in a word, if we play God, we can determine their values for various quantities by twisting a set of handles at will Value, we will find that the positioning of almost every handle will make the universe an uninhabitable place. Some examples show that it seems that different handles must be adjusted to 100% accurate positions, otherwise organisms cannot survive in the universe. In fact, even if there are slight changes in the current situation that humans may not be aware of, these changes can also have very serious consequences.
  The above research results show that our earth, together with the rest of the universe, was created by a purposeful creator. If this is true, we need to find out why he created the earth in the beginning and what the future of the earth is. Despite the popularity of atheism, it is surprising that many people in the world still believe in the existence of a wise creator.
  It is reasonable to seek answers from a truly reliable source, which is widely accepted as a revelation from the creator. This is the Bible. As for the future of the earth, the Bible states: "one generation passes and another generation comes, but the earth lasts forever." (Ecclesiastes 1:4) the Bible directly explains why the Lord created the earth and shows that God placed the earth in the most appropriate position in the universe. Because of the moderate distance between the earth and the sun, terrestrial organisms can survive.
  The spirit of the Almighty God showed that Isaiah, the prophet of ancient times, wrote the following words: "the Lord who created the heavens and made the God of the whole earth. He created the firm earth, not to make it desolate, but to make it habitable." (Isaiah 45:18) when astronauts flew around the earth, they described it as a gem in space. God is determined to make the whole earth a comfortable and spacious paradise for human beings to live in. All people on the earth, men and women, live in peace and tranquility. God let the first pair of human beings produce offspring, "God said to them: have many children and cover the earth." But now we see that the earth and its residents are in a pitiful situation. Does God's will fail?
  No, the Lord is the determiner of his words and deeds. He is absolutely capable of realizing his will. Everything is in his plan. The name of the Lord is the meaning of the doer, and it is a continuous tense. Everything in history and now is to test people and let people overcome the power of the flesh (the body from dust) with spiritual power. "The LORD says, since man belongs to blood and gas, my spirit will not live in him forever." (Gen 6:3) finally, people get spiritual bodies. "God's tent is on earth. He will live with people, and they will be his people. God will be with them himself. God will wipe away all tears from their eyes. There will be no more death, no more mourning, no more crying, no more pain. The past is over." (Revelation 21:3, 4)
  70. Creationism vs. evolutionism
  The Bible is the crystallization of human civilization and life experience, which is unique. Kant: "it is the greatest happiness to have the Bible in the world. Any attempt to belittle the book violates the interests of mankind." "The influence of the Bible on mankind is not limited to Jews and Christians... This book is regarded as a treasure house of morality and religion. It contains inexhaustible lessons and helps promote a civilized world," the American encyclopedia said
  96 percent of people in the United States claim to believe in God, but the rate is much lower in Europe and Asia. However, even in countries that do not believe in God, many people believe that the material universe is produced by some unknown forces. They believe that something eternal or individual contributes to the operation of the universe. Why? Think about it: the sun is huge enough to hold a million earths; But compared with the Milky way, it is just a drop in the ocean. But there are billions of galaxies in the universe, and the Milky way is just one of them. According to scientific observations, galaxies appear to be pushing outward at high speed. To promote the operation of the universe, it must involve huge energy. Who or what does this energy come from? The Bible asks, "lift up your eyes to heaven! Who created all this? God created it, and he led the stars like a great army." (Isaiah 40:25) the universe is made up of one individual, who is the source of "power".
  Please also think about life on earth. Evolutionists claim that life is self-produced. Is that right? Biochemist Michael Beh said: "Science has made great progress in understanding the chemical processes of biology, but at the molecular level, science cannot explain how the delicacy and complexity of biological systems come from.... many scientists assert that they have mastered the explanation, or the truth will come out sooner or later. However, special scientific books and periodicals do not support such a claim. In addition, according to the structure of biomolecular systems, we have good reasons to believe that Darwin's Theory will never succeed in explaining the mechanism of life. "
  According to the theory of evolution, human beings are naturally produced without the help of any intelligence. Are you really satisfied with this explanation? Some people say that the human brain is "the most complex object in the universe". Now let's study the human brain and see what conclusions we can draw. Richard. "Even the most advanced neural network like computers have only one tenth the function of a fly," Dr. restack said The brain is much better than the brain of a fly. The human brain has the ability to learn language and can repair, adapt programs and improve functions by itself. You must agree that although the function of powerful supercomputer is only "one ten thousandth of a fly", it must be designed by wisdom. So what about the human brain?
  Three thousand years ago, mankind did not fully know the wonderful structure of the human body and knew nothing about the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), but at that time, a biblical writer wrote: "your eyes saw me when I was an embryo." (Psalm 139:14) who is he referring to? Who is "capable" and produces everything in the universe?
  The first verse of the Bible says, "in the beginning, God created heaven and earth." He is also a great author of the Bible, revealing the contents of this book to people. He shows that he is a God who is willing to be close to others, so we can form a close relationship with him.
  71. If Adam eats the fruit of life first and then the fruit of wisdom
  God told Adam that he could eat the fruit of all the trees in the garden of Eden at will, but not the fruit of the tree of good and evil (wisdom), which means that the fruit of life is edible. Later, Adam disobeyed God's will and ate the forbidden fruit, which was man's degeneration. God said, "the man has been similar to us and can know good and evil. Now I'm afraid he will stretch out his hand and eat the fruit of the tree of life and live forever." So Adam was driven out of the garden of Eden. Because he could not eat the fruit of the tree of life, he could not live forever. Human beings are no longer innocent, holy and happy, and fall into suffering
  If Adam eats the fruit of life first, gets eternal life, and then eats the fruit of wisdom, he will be really like God. Human beings do not need the precious blood on the cross of the Lord Jesus to make atonement, and we can live forever. Isn't it a harvest of both material and spiritual civilization?
  God is omniscient and omnipotent. He knows that Adam will eat the forbidden fruit. Why not stop it? This is one of the reasons why many non Christians deny the Lord.
  After Adam ate the forbidden fruit, why didn't God let him eat the fruit of life?
  Answer: all this is God's plan, because if human beings have a double harvest in the garden of Eden, human beings will think that it is God's grace to be saved. They do not give all the glory to God and owe God's glory.
  God let Adam sin and lose, let the precious blood of the Lord Jesus make atonement for us, let us understand that God's word is our only destination, return all glory to God, and finally god gets all glory.
  Revelation: a new heaven and a new earth, the holy city, New Jerusalem. On both sides of the river, there is a tree of life, which bears twelve kinds of fruit. The leaves on the tree are for the healing of all peoples. There will be no curse forever.
  So far, the kingdom of God has been built, and mankind has truly achieved a bumper harvest of material civilization and spiritual civilization.
  72. Why is there so much suffering and injustice in the world
  Human history is full of suffering caused by war, imperialist aggression, exploitation, injustice, poverty, disasters, disease and death. In the 20th century, about 100 million people died in various wars. Hundreds of millions of people have died of hunger and disease. The earthquake claimed countless lives. People are increasingly disrespectful of life and property. Fear of crime has become part of everyday life. Most people abandon moral standards like shoes along the way.
  Why do so many tragic things happen to innocent victims? If God is almighty, why has he allowed so much suffering to come to mankind over the past thousands of years? Since God designed the universe so well and orderly, why did he allow so much chaos and destruction on earth?
  It's like you see a broken house in the forest. It's in disrepair. Do you think it can't be designed by an intelligent designer? Do you think the house was created by chance? It may mean: 1. The owner of the house has died; 2. He is a capable builder, but he no longer cares about the house; 3. He rented the house to others temporarily, but the tenant didn't maintain it well. Finally, the reasons cited are actually quite similar to the situation on the ground.
  We know from the early records of the Bible that God's will is not to suffer or die. Our ancestor Adam and Eve died only because of disobedience to God. (Genesis 2, 3) since they rebelled against God, they no longer did God's will. They were separated from God's care. They actually cut off contact with God as the "source of life"—— Psalm 36:9.
  Just as the power supply of a machine is cut off, the machine will stop slowly and finally stop completely. The first pair of human bodies and minds also gradually declined and finally died. All their descendants - all mankind - are also governed by death. According to the law of heredity, all offspring of our ancestors inherited imperfections (from the earth's "material" body) and death. Romans 5:12 tells us, "just as sin came into the world from one man (the father Adam), and death came from sin; so death came to all, for all sinned (because of the tendency to suffer imperfections, which means sin)." Since sin, imperfection and death have been common in the world since ancient times, some people regard them as natural and inevitable. But God originally made man capable of living forever, and he longed to do so. Most people feel that it is really a helpless thing for their life to be terminated by death.
  Why did God allow the world to go its own way for so long? God will make man have free will, which means the ability to choose. God did not make them like robots or animals dominated by instinct. Therefore, people can choose who they want to serve. (Deuteronomy 30:19; 2 Corinthians 3:17) for this reason, the word of God exhorts us, "though you are free, do not cover your malice by freedom, but be servants of God." (1 Peter 2:16) but although people have the wonderful gift of free choice, once they take an action, they must also accept the consequences of the action.
  Our ancestors made the wrong choice. They chose to be independent from God. Will this path lead to a happy and successful life? Jeremiah, the author of the Bible, knew what would happen. He was right when instructed by the Holy Spirit: "I know, O Lord, that a man's way is not his own, and those who walk cannot set their own steps. Correct me, O Lord." (Jeremiah 10:23, 24) he knew that man must be guided by God's heavenly wisdom. For thousands of years, the result of man-made rule has undoubtedly shown that man cannot "set his own pace" without relying on the guidance of the creator. The Bible says, "the rock (God), his movement is perfect; all his ways are just. He is a faithful God, without injustice, both righteous and upright. They act corruptly; they are not his children, but their own defects."—— Deuteronomy 32:4, 5.
  Because human beings originate from the earth (material) body, which is imperfection and human limitations. The original sin is that the ancestors secretly ate the forbidden fruit against God's will. Why does God not distinguish the good and evil fruits for human beings? The root lies in the earth body of human beings. Paying attention to material civilization will not find eternal spiritual happiness. If you give life and distinguish between good and evil in the garden of Eden, people will be self righteous. They don't know to give glory to God and owe God's glory. God's purpose of creating the world has failed, and people can't achieve their purpose of life. At most, they are a group of self righteous "old people who don't die". God wants people to understand that if human beings leave God's way, no matter how developed material civilization is, they can't find their own purpose of life. God is to let the vitality (soul and spirit) he blows into people's nostrils defeat people's material body derived from soil, sanctify people, claim righteousness and glory, everyone gives glory to God, and finally god gets all glory. So far, the kingdom of God full of love is completed and God's creation plan is completed.
  "And I saw another angel flying in the air, with an eternal gospel to be preached to the people of the earth, all nations, all peoples and all peoples. He cried out, fear God and give him glory, for the time of his judgment has come, and worship him who created heaven, earth, sea and springs of water." (Revelation 4:6,7).
  73. God's three plans and our seven missions
  God created man to have an object of love, the object of his love, the object of his love, and let people give glory to God. Because of man's limitations, he has three great and unified forgiveness and salvation plans.
  1. One man sinned (Adam ate the forbidden fruit against God's will), and all the world sinned and owed God's glory. The wages of sin is death. God wants people to understand how to get lost without God. People do not experience the loss without God. They do not know the real beauty of the garden of Eden and will not give all the glory to God. Satan is just a tool of God's plan.
  2. One man suffers (Jesus) and makes atonement for all. However, over the past two thousand years, mankind has not completely returned to God. Christians account for only nearly one-third of the world's population. Even Christians have not really been saved. Almost all the Nazis who slaughtered Jews are Christians. People forget the lesson of Jesus and continue to follow the path of Adam. Under the effect of the fruit of wisdom, they unilaterally develop material civilization for physical enjoyment. God wants mankind to understand that without God's spiritual civilization, they can't be happy.
  3. When the time comes, God reveals the new gospel to make people righteous, sanctified and glorified. Sanctification refers to the continuous spiritual development in Christian life. The Holy Spirit lives in believers, points out sin to them and changes their character. People develop towards divinity, rebuild the communication with God, and finally give all the glory to God.
  Late Christians had seven missions.
  1. Believing in God is the only explanation of the origin of mankind and the universe, the first driving force and the cause of all causes. Our confidence is to believe what we cannot see, and the return of confidence is to see what we believe. We get righteousness through faith and grace. In the face of objective reason, we can meet infinite God only through the flight of faith.
  2. Love, Jesus wants us to love as ourselves, but this is very difficult to do. The operable thing is not to oppose anyone, including those who are hostile to us. In this way, we will reduce the trouble of calculating people and the grievances of being calculated. We are really brothers all over the world.
  3. Preaching the gospel is the great mission left by Jesus. Like St. Paul, we should be moved by the Holy Spirit, gain power and be the witness of the Lord to preach the gospel to all the people all over the world and bring all the people to the Lord.
  4. Prayer is talking with God. It can be very formal, such as reciting the continuous prayer from the prayer book, or informal, such as thinking of God at the moment of stopping at the traffic light. Prayer can be silent or vocal, private or public.
  The main purpose of prayer is to think of God and maintain communication with God every day.
  5. Accept the test and choose. Do not be surprised that the test of fire has come upon you, but rejoice, for you have suffered with Christ. Since your faith has been tested, it is more precious than the gold that can still be broken by the test of fire. Today's patience and trust is God's preparation for sending you out for a great cause in the future. Everyone who is greatly used by God first has a special waiting period. The forty years of Moses, the three years of Paul and the thirty years of the Lord are all excellent examples. Therefore, rest in peace and accept the time and place arranged by God with gratitude.
  6. Perform miracles. The important miracles in Christ's life are: Virgin pregnancy, resurrection and ascension. The Bible is full of miracles, including the miracles of sharing the sea, and the miracles of fire falling from heaven and walking on the sea. Of course, in a sense, any interaction between God and man is a miracle. May the Holy Spirit give us the power to do miracles.
  7. Leadership. In the name of father, son and Holy Spirit, we will make everyone believe in God, praise God, glorify God, and rebuild the garden of Eden on earth.
  74. The only way to eliminate hatred
  Hatred spreads everywhere
  "People never know who they hate." James the diplomat Lowell
  Today, hatred is everywhere, as if it surrounded us. Place names such as East Timor, Kosovo and Sarajevo, as well as names such as Neo Nazis, skinheads and white supremacy masters, have been deeply imprinted in our minds. The recent terrorist attacks on the United States and the attack on Afghanistan have once again brought a sad picture to our minds.
  Danielle, the widow of the late French President Mitterrand, recalled her young days and said: "at that time, everyone yearned to live freely in a society of mutual trust, close to each other as brothers, and live peacefully in a prosperous and powerful world." She sighed: "after half a century, we have to admit that we have encountered many setbacks."
  The tide of hatred surged again, and the way of venting became more and more blatant. Nationalism has risen in the past decade, and all parts of the world are no longer integrated into one village, but divided into different villages. Each village has a strong national consciousness, and everyone is wary of each other. Because of mutual distrust, the possibility of conflict has greatly increased. In Canada, five skinheads killed an elderly Sikh, a sign that the country known for its tolerance of foreigners is resurgent. In Germany, extremist attacks on foreigners increased by 27 percent in 1997. More than 6000 children in northern Albania are trapped at home because their parents are afraid that their children will be shot and killed by their enemies. "In 1998, a total of 7755 hate related crimes were recorded, more than half of which were based on racial discrimination," the FBI said. As for the rest of the crimes, some are caused by prejudice. The offender is either biased against the victim's religion and ethnicity, or discriminates against the disabled. In addition, xenophobic incidents are rampant. The victims are mainly refugees living in foreign countries. At present, there are more than 21 million of them.
  Fear inspires hatred
  "Hatred and fear are inseparable. We hate everything we fear." – Cyril, a literary critic Connolly
  Many sociologists believe that hatred is rooted in people's subconscious and is difficult to get rid of. As the Bible describes, "sin is born to men and women", just as it describes "sin" in the Bible. (Psalm 51:5) thousands of years ago, the creator examined imperfect people, "seeing that man has great sins on earth, all he thinks about all day long is evil." Genesis 6:5
  Prejudice against others and discrimination against others can incite hatred. All this happens because people are not born perfect and only pursue their own interests. (Deuteronomy 32:5) governments in the world cannot change people's minds by legislative means to eliminate prejudice and hatred. In our days, hatred has provoked countless conflicts, which undoubtedly involve many factors, mainly social and economic.
  Renew ideas and change attitudes
  "It must be voluntary for hostile ethnic groups to effectively change the current situation." – Foreign correspondent Maggie
  What can promote people to renew their thoughts and change their attitudes automatically and spontaneously? Experience has shown that the word of God, the Bible, can exert great power to urge people to correct their mistakes and eliminate hatred. "The word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than any two edged sword. Even the soul and spirit, joints and bone marrow can be pierced and separated, and even the thoughts and plans in the heart can be recognized." – Hebrews 4:12
  The teaching of Jesus Christ has great power. It can not only inspire people, but also move people to act according to their conscience. Many people are deeply moved by Jesus' teaching and resolutely change their lives. They put this wise advice of Jesus Christ into practice: "continue to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44. They try to renew their thoughts and character and keep malice and hatred out of their mind. They realize that imperfect tendencies can play a powerful role in rooting and growing the seeds of hatred in their hearts. So they take positive action to turn hate into love. "Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer; you know that no murderer has eternal life in him." – 1 John 3:15
  God intends to uproot hatred in the near future when the kingdom of heaven rules the earth. Jesus taught us to pray for this kingdom. He taught his disciples to pray, "our father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as in heaven." At that time, people were no longer ignorant and prejudiced. On the contrary, everyone broadens their horizons, seeks truth and pursues justice. Then God "will wipe away all tears from [human] eyes, and there will be no more death, no more mourning, no more crying, no more pain." – Revelation 21:1-4
  Now there is irrefutable evidence that we are living in the "last days", and we can be sure that the harmful hatred will soon disappear from the earth 2 Timothy 3:1-5; Matthew 24:3-14. In the new world promised by God, everyone will treat each other sincerely and sympathize with each other, because human body and mind will become perfect Luke 23:43; 2 Peter 3:13
  75. How far are humans and animals
  Humans don't seem to know who they are, evolutionist Richard "For a long time, philosophers have been exploring different levels of human nature, but it's strange that they still have different opinions on the essence of human nature," Leakey said The World Book Encyclopedia said: "humans, apes, lemurs and spectacled monkeys belong to the primates of Mammalia."
  The facts show that man and beast are two different things at all. People have love, conscience, moral concept, spiritual need, sense of fairness, compassion, sense of humor, creativity, concept of time, self-consciousness and aesthetic vision, but animals do not have these characteristics. People not only care about the future, but also pass on the accumulated knowledge from generation to generation. Even if people die, there is hope to live again.
  Some people try to coordinate the characteristic differences between humans and animals with the help of evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology is a mixture of evolution, psychology and social sciences. "Evolutionary psychology is based on simple assumptions." Robert the evolutionist "Like other organs, the intended purpose of the human brain is to pass on genes to the next generation. If people want to fully understand the feelings and thoughts generated by the brain, they must be based on this assumption," Wright said In other words, our whole life is completely dominated by genes. From the thinking activities of the human brain, we can see that the purpose of life is nothing more than to have children and carry on the family line.
  According to evolutionary psychology, "human nature is generally selfish and tends to pursue self-interest by all means." "Moral animals" commented: "natural selection requires men to have sex with different women." According to this evolutionary concept, women's sexual intercourse in some cases can also be regarded as a natural phenomenon. Even paternal love and maternal love are said to be planned by genes in order to ensure that future generations can live. This view emphasizes that the key to ensuring the longevity of the human family is to pass on genes to future generations.
  On the other hand, the Bible shows that the purpose of God's creation of man is not to have children. We are made in the image of God, enough to reflect his attributes, especially love, justice, wisdom and power. When we combine the unique characteristics of human beings, we will understand why the Bible puts human beings above animals. The Bible clearly shows that God not only put the desire for eternal life in the heart of the people he created, but also determined to create a new world of justice in which people can enjoy infinite life Genesis 1:27, 28; Revelation 21:3, 4.
  To determine who we really are, theory alone is not enough, because our view of the origin of mankind can affect our life and our basic view of life and right and wrong. After Darwin's origin of species was published in 1859, "The world immediately became morally corrupt, and the public no longer believed in God. Those in power and power believed that the idea of eliminating the weak and retaining the strong was conducive to their rise. In this competition, those who were strong and unyielding, cunning and cunning must be better than those who were weak willed and credulous. They concluded that people, like Indo wild dogs, were just social animals, and it was natural for big people to act like wild dogs and bully others." (historian wells)
  The Bible calls Adam the first man "the son of God" (Luke 3:38), and beasts never deserve such a reputation. However, the Bible points out that people and animals have many things in common. "God made man out of the dust of the earth and blew life into his nostrils, and he became a living man with a spirit named Adam." (Gen 2:7), "all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air that God made of the earth." (Gen 2:19) the human body is humble and has a body derived from dust with animals. However, people have the vitality blown by God, which is spirit. People can be described as half animals and half gods.
  Your whole life is about eating, drinking, sleeping, giving birth, and having no other purpose. Do you like this all your life? In addition to maintaining life and succeeding generations, is there any other purpose and significance of life? Is the universe we live in empty, chaotic and meaningless? It's no use denying that there is God. People still continue to look for the meaning of life. Born with spirituality, we are destined to struggle hard all our life to be in harmony with the universe we live in.
  Huxley, a well-known supporter of evolution, wrote: "I absolutely agree that there is a huge gap between man and beast, because only man has the gift of speech, speaks clearly and logically." The connection between man and other primates is clearly broken. In the known universe, the human brain is the only organ capable of self understanding. What we think and do is wonderful. Memory is undoubtedly a wonderful feature of the human brain. In addition, no animal has ever worshipped God, and the innate religious tendency is the most powerful driving force in the human brain.
  Robert the evolutionist Wright was outspoken: "what is the function of humor and laughter? Why do people repent on their deathbed? What is the function of sadness? What is the use of sadness for genes when people are dead?" Elaine the evolutionist Morgan admitted: "the four major doubts caused by humans are: 1. Why do they walk with their legs? 2. Why do their fur fall off? 3. Why do their heads become so big? 4. Why do they learn to speak?" His standard answer to these questions is: we don't know yet.
  In the book "left brain specific apes", the author points out that he aims to "outline how humans evolved over time. Many conclusions are inferred from several ancient teeth, several old bones and stones". The thought of evolution also makes people doubt whether human life is sacred or not. If we don't believe in God and think we are just higher animals, why can we say that human life is sacred? Just because we have been lucky in the process of evolution, is it fair that we regard people more important than cats and dogs? The theory of evolution assumes that people come through natural selection, and the morality based on this assumption is cruel. Those who are strong and unyielding, cunning and cunning are bound to surpass those who are weak willed and credulous.
  Evolution tries to find the answer from the creatures on earth, but refuses to consult the creator in heaven. On the other hand, the Bible explains why we try to avoid doing bad things, and why only humans are deeply distressed by death. Although we are not perfect (from the dusty body, like animals), we have the image of God and his vitality (spirit). As long as we use spiritual power to overcome physical power, restore communication with God, believe in God, love God, and give glory to God. As the Apostle Paul said, killing the body with the Holy Spirit will lead to eternal life.
  76. Why don't we want to die
  There is a mystery that evolutionists still can't guess: although death seems natural and inevitable, people are reluctant to accept this reality. In fact, the Bible has long solved the mystery and revealed the truth.
  The Bible shows that people die because of human imperfections (from dusty bodies, like animals), disobeying God's orders and deliberately committing crimes. In fact, God arranged in advance to make people yearn for immortality. Ecclesiastes 3:11 "he puts the eternal consciousness in man's heart." Since God sentenced mankind to death, the world has lived in the shadow of death, suffering and loss. And animals never worry about future death, because they don't know, "one person said: people don't know the happiness of pigs, I'd like to be a happy pig. Another said: you know how pigs die, just as stupid as you."
  In order to meet the natural desire of immortality and eliminate inner contradictions, people have fabricated all kinds of truth, such as reincarnation and reincarnation. Scientists are trying to solve the mystery of aging because they also want to reverse death, or at least prolong people's life. Evolutionists don't believe in God and describe the desire for immortality as an illusion generated by the process of evolution, because this desire conflicts with their views. They think that man is just a higher animal. On the other hand, the Bible points out that death is the enemy of mankind, which is consistent with our natural desire to live. (1 Corinthians 15:26)
  So, is there any clue in our body and mind that human beings can live forever? Indeed, looking at the function of the human brain alone, we are amazed. The human brain has fully proved that we could have lived longer and that our life should not be as short as that of modern people. The brain weighs about 1.4kg and contains 10 billion to 100 billion neurons. Experts say no two of the many neurons are exactly the same. "Every neuron is an advanced computer," Scientific American said. Tony "Everyone's brain is an amazing source of power. This organ is precise and efficient. The more we know about the brain, the more we feel that the potential of the brain is inexhaustible," Buzan said Evolutionists ignore these iron facts. Why did evolution "create" an organ with infinite potential for future generations for primitive caveman or even modern people of insight? Obviously, the only reasonable explanation is that people should live forever!
  "Metabolism - the process of body and mind" points out: "the damaged bones, tissues and organs can heal themselves, and the body's metabolism is endless. In our life, the biochemical structure of the body has been updated a lot." At a predetermined time, God will continue the magical process of self-renewal forever. At that time, "death comes to nothing". (1 Corinthians 15:26)
  But to be truly happy, immortality alone is not enough. We need something else. We need peace. In other words, we must be at peace with God and our compatriots. Such peace can never be achieved unless human beings sincerely love each other. Eternal life, how beautiful the prospect is. However, since we have inherited sin, we have no right to live forever. "The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23). But it is gratifying that Jesus Christ, the son of God, gave his perfect life as a ransom, so that we can believe in him, remove sin and enjoy eternal life. (Matthew 20:28) believe that God can make our imperfect life perfect and get a spiritual body.
  May we never give up on the right path and obey God's command: "fight, fight for faith, and firmly hold eternal life." (1 Timothy 6:12, 19) may we cherish the truth advocated in the Bible: "know that the Lord is God; he created us, not ourselves." Love will fill the new paradise of Jehovah's justice.
  77. Why are Americans so happy to be the world police?
  In addition to the interests of the United States, it is also related to the history of American pioneers who went to the new world in order to seek religious freedom.
  Many early immigrants, including Puritans, came to the United States because they did not have enough religious freedom in 17th century Britain or Europe.
  In its first amendment, the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religious belief, that is, freedom to choose religious belief (or not), freedom to worship openly and without fear of retaliation.
  For them, the values of freedom are linked to Christian justice. Since the founding fathers of the United States, many of them have a sense of mission. They think they are the special voters of God and have the responsibility to maintain justice in the world.
  This is right or wrong, which can be discussed, but it does reveal the potential impact of religious values. We should remember that the United States as a whole is still a country with Christianity as the mainstream culture, and 96% of people in the United States claim to believe in God.
  78. No one can love others as yourself, including Jesus
  The gospel of John
  12: And Mary took a pound of very expensive zhennard ointment, and anointed Jesus' feet, and wiped them with her hair. The room was filled with the smell of ointment.
  12: And one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was about to betray Jesus,
  12: And he said, why don't you sell this ointment for thirty liang of silver and give it to the poor.
  12: 6 and he said this not because he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and took his purse, and took what was kept in it.
  12: And Jesus said unto them, let him alone: he hath reserved it for the day of my burial.
  12: For the poor are always with you. But you don't often have me.
  Gospels of Ge Yimin
  22. As long as there are people starving to death in this world, all living people are selfish. Since it is impossible to love someone as yourself, it is inevitable to lower your requirements, that is: don't be right with anyone. Everyone doesn't need to guard against anyone. How high will the life experience be.
  79. The necessity of judicial independence of Ge Theism
  Official media: After Sun Lijun was transferred to work in Beijing, he used his power and influence to help many illegal businessmen do business, and illegal businessmen sent him huge bribes.
  For example, 100% of the illegal businessmen will fight a lawsuit with you, and then you will have a good reason. The illegal businessman made a phone call to sun Lijun, Vice Minister of public security, sun Lijun, Vice Minister of public security, made a phone call to the Secretary of the municipal political and Legal Commission, and the Secretary of the municipal political and Legal Commission made a phone call to the president of the court. The outcome is self-evident.
  80. The Scripture must be fulfilled - Ge Yimin was arrested
  (fake news 1, Ge Hua hype. Rescue and Archive - 20220426 Ge Yimin)
  Luke 17:24 for on the day of his coming the son of man. But he must first suffer many hardships and be rejected by this generation.
  Ecclesiastes 4:14 this man came out of prison to be king, and I saw that all the living men who acted under the sun followed the second, and there were countless people over whom he ruled, his people.
  It seems that the last savior achieved salvation mainly through the great suffering of "prison"; "All living people in action" logically includes all people in all countries, nationalities and religions, "follow the second". From the Scripture, this Savior is indeed the second savior other than the Lord Jesus. In the future, he will be king and rule all the people, and his people will be countless.
  Ge Yimin did suffer a lot first and was rejected by this generation. And the prison came out to be king. (half prison) suffered more (22 years of hard trial) than the preaching Jesus, and also got on the cross, died and rose from the earth.
  ————-The above is quoted from nerve
  In recent days, netizens searching Ge Yimin will find that the relevant search appears - Ge Yimin is arrested. Today, I got confirmation from Mrs. Ge Yimin. At present, Ge Yimin is detained in Zhenjiang detention center. We went this afternoon. We are not allowed to meet. We can send things. According to the lawyer's office, it may be sentenced to 3 to 7 years, including ideological prisoners / prisoners of conscience.
  Coincidentally, if sentenced to seven years, it is 2019 predicted by the nerve. Ge Yimin's online account has been delivered to Ge Hua for maintenance through Mrs. Ge Yimin. May God keep Ge Yimin and this last era, Amen!
  September 11, 2012
  81. Criminal judgment of first instance in the case of Ge Yimin's crime of using a cult organization to undermine the implementation of the law
  (fake news 2, Ge Hua hype. Rescue and Archive - 20220426 Ge Yimin)
  Document No.: Zhenjiang Jingkou District People's court
  Public prosecution organ: Zhenjiang Jingkou District People's Procuratorate.
  The defendant Ge Yimin, male, born on January 26, 1969, Han nationality, is an employee of the company. He was criminally detained by Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau on September 11, 2012 for establishing a religious cult on the Internet.
  The indictment of Zhenjiang Jingkou District People's Procuratorate accused the defendant Ge Yimin of using a cult organization to undermine the implementation of the law, and filed a public prosecution with the court on September 23, 2012. After examination and acceptance, the court formed a collegial panel according to law and heard the case in public. The people's Procuratorate of Jingkou District of Zhenjiang City appointed procurators to appear in court to support the public prosecution. The defendant Ge Yimin appeared in court to participate in the lawsuit. The trial has now been concluded.
  The public prosecution accused the defendant Ge Yimin of establishing religious propaganda on the Internet from 2001 to 2012. In response to the above allegations, the public prosecution read out the confession of the defendant Ge Yimin, the testimony of the witness Wu XX, and the examination transcripts, list of seized items, physical evidence photos and other evidence of Zhenjiang Public Security Bureau. It believed that the defendant Ge Yimin's behavior violated the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 300 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, If it constitutes the crime of using a cult organization to undermine the implementation of the law, it shall be submitted to this court for sentencing according to law.
  The defendant Ge Yimin has no objection to the facts of the crime accused by the public prosecution.
  After trial, it was found that from 2001 to 2012, the defendant Ge Yimin founded the divine religion propaganda on the Internet and wrote nerve (nearly 80000 words at present), also known as Yemei Sutra, geyimin Sutra and Ge Yimin Sutra. As a divine religion classic, he self styled himself as a saint, prophet, Christ, son of God, Ge Yimin God and the leader of the divine religion. He posted everywhere on the Internet to establish the divine religion and divine Party (divine Communist Party). At present, there are more than ten million hits on nerve, and dozens of public believers, the so-called Ge Hua, have found nerve on overseas websites, and the news of nerve (Yemei Sutra) has appeared abroad.
  Deify yourself: before and after nerves:
  Truth: Ge Yimin, listen to him.
  Truth: believe Ge Yimin and live forever.
  The court held that the defendant Ge Yimin organized and used the cult to disrupt people's thoughts, shake the legal order of society, affect the normal order of production, life and work, and undermine the implementation of national laws and administrative regulations. His behavior constitutes the crime of organizing and using cult organizations to undermine the implementation of the law. Convicted of the charges charged by the public prosecution. According to the facts and circumstances of the defendant Ge Yimin's crime, in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of article 300 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China. The judgment is as follows:
  The defendant Ge Yimin committed the crime of organizing and using a cult to undermine the implementation of the law and was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of seven years.
  (the term of imprisonment shall be calculated from the date of execution of the judgment. If the person is detained before the execution of the judgment, one day of detention shall be converted into one day of the term of imprisonment. That is, from September 11, 2012 to September 10, 2019).
  If you refuse to accept this judgment, you can appeal through this court or directly to Zhenjiang intermediate people's court within 10 days from the second day of receiving the judgment. For written appeal, one original and five copies of the appeal petition shall be submitted.
  November 1, 2012
  82. Mom, where is uncle Ge Yimin? Jiangsu second prison!
  (fake news 3, Ge Hua hype. Rescue and Archive - 20220426 Ge Yimin)
  Because Ge Yimin did not appeal after the first instance, the first instance judgment came into force. Ge Yimin has been detained in Jiangsu No. 2 prison (East Gate of Zhenjiang) for seven years and released on September 10, 2019.
  It happened to verify the prediction of new heaven and new earth in early October 2019 in nerve.
  Nerve 16. Ge Yimin is the proof of God
  4. Divine evidence.
  Ge Yimin - God - nerve - country Era
  Christ in the era of Kingdom -- Ge Yimin God.
  "Anointed" and "chosen by God" -- Ge Yimin was anointed as God. (vision 6)
  Nerve 26 (7) 13, 2019, Ge Yimin becomes God.
  Luke 17:24 for on the day of his coming the son of man... But he must first suffer many hardships and be rejected by this generation.
  Ecclesiastes 4:14 "this man came out of prison to be king. I saw that all the living people who acted under the sun followed the second, and there were countless people over whom he ruled, his people.".
  It seems that the last savior achieved salvation mainly through the great suffering of "prison"; "All living people in action" logically includes all people in all countries, nationalities and religions, "follow the second". From the Scripture, this Savior is indeed the second savior other than the Lord Jesus. In the future, he will be king and rule all the people, and his people will be countless.
  Ge Yimin did suffer a lot first and was rejected by this generation.
  And the prison came out to be king. (semi prison)
  The suffering (22 years of hard trial) was greater than that of Jesus, who preached. He also got on the cross and died and rose from the dead.
  "Ge Yimin" -- God is also the people.
  83. It is only natural that Chinese officials are forced by the Chinese people
  Because Chinese officials are forced to serve the people, they will not allow your father, your wife and your son-in-law to serve you. They do not pursue monopoly. They should trust the official ethics of Chinese officials.
  At the same time, Chinese officials also serve the RMB. When your mother, wife and daughter are comfortable, they are happy to reward some of their greedy money to your mother, wife and daughter, which can also be regarded as an indirect reward to you. In this way, Comrade Xiaoping's theory of "getting rich first and then getting rich" has been realized.
  Let some people (Chinese officials) get rich first, get rich first, and get rich later (through Chinese officials, your mother, wife and daughter), drive you to get rich later, and realize common prosperity.
  84、Gambling with Chinese officials, one is not a corrupt official. I, Ge Yimin, quit the Internet
  There is no need to talk about corruption, accepting bribes, playing with women and trading power, money, power and sex. In addition to the normal salary, taking advantage of his position to obtain other benefits, even a cigarette, a bottle of wine and a box of tea, are corrupt officials. Because people have no position to gain other benefits except for their normal wages, even a cigarette, a bottle of wine and a box of tea.
  The heroic words of a village cadre should be heard here: "I am not corrupt. Why should I be a cadre?"? “
  What's more, the heroic words of Comrade Wenqiang of Chongqing sounded: "if you don't covet or play with women, who can rest assured of promoting you? “
  If a Chinese official comes forward to prove that he has not made use of his position to obtain other benefits except for his normal salary, even a cigarette, a bottle of wine and a box of tea, Ge Yimin will immediately quit the Internet after verification.
  Dear Chinese officials, dare you bet with me, Ge Yimin?
  85. Compare with Chinese officials
  Bust (communism).
  In socialist countries, communism and the international anthem are sensitive words, and discussion is forbidden. Nor does it mention the ultimate goal of Communism: "each according to his ability and distribute according to his needs", but to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation (the Chinese dream).
  Director Chang of a hospital in Zhenjiang, I asked him, "are you a party member?" A: "of course", well, I'm very proud. I talked about communism with him, and he said, "who else believes this now?" I said, "you are a party member, but how dare you say so?" He immediately walked away with a sneer.
  Now that the Chinese have joined the party, who believes in communism? In order to apply for a job and get promoted, the people said, "party ticket".
  Ge Yimin God:
  Nerve Chapter 10 declaration of Christian communism 152. Ge Yimin was born a communist, or Ge Yimin was born for communism.
  Chapter XVIII socialized mass production and Internet revolution 41. In today's two major (socialized mass production and Internet revolution), the material conditions have been met to realize Ge Yimin's doctrine and realize the Communist society. Only when the spiritual conditions are met, that is, to renew the human mind, the gospel of Ge Yimin is spread all over the world and accepted by mankind.
  Chapter 19 world government and Datong world 38, 20191001 Ge Yimin became God. From then on, human life became better and better, until 20331126 world Datong.
  Waist circumference (thought and belief).
  Chinese officials no longer believe in communism and have no political beliefs. Now they believe in power, money and lust. They are busy with getting promoted, getting rich and playing with women every day.
  Ge Yimin has faith in Christianity communism, or theocracy communism, or theocracy Ge Yimin. Every day, I am busy writing nerves, sending nerves and preaching gospel. At present, nerves have 1million words.
  Nerve Chapter 13 transmission
  10. In 2004, the first draft of nerve (Yemei Jing, Ge Yimin Jing) was written into the publishing network, and then it was continuously updated and published.
  11. In 2012, the establishment of a theocracy and a theocratic party was made clear as a value rather than an organization.
  12. 2012 – 19, peacefully export the harmonious values of Ge Yimin, and the content is nerve.
  13. 20191001, Ge Yimin became a God.
  14. 2019 – 2033, the gospel of Ge Yimin spread all over the world and was accepted by the world.
  15. 20331126, Great Harmony in the world.
  Hip circumference (for the poor).
  Nerve Chapter 21 political commentary
  22. Ge yiminshen police station Adventure
  I admit that China's economy is developing, but the gap between the rich and the poor is too large. I am a communist. The police said you were for someone poorer than you. The Communist Party is fighting for the poor to win power. Now the Communist Party is no longer fighting for the poor, just to protect and improve its own interests of being richer than the people. Now it's our turn to fight for the poor.
  23. Subpoena, detention, imprisonment and shooting four packages, which is too heavy for life
  I said I was a communist, and I had only one idea: all the poor people should live better. Policeman B said it was impossible.
  All three sides are inferior to people. Chinese officials can rest!
  86. The biggest lie in history - serving the people
  Serving the people is not the original creation of our party, but learned from the Kuomintang. The synonym is people's public servant. The servant (public servant) must be lower than the servant (people), such as treatment and food. Just as eunuchs serve the emperor, their treatment and food must be lower than that of the emperor.
  During the three-year "natural disaster", people ate bran, bark and Guanyin soil, while Comrade Mao Zedong ate dozens of dishes, Wuchang fish and other fish and shrimp (with online picture menu). Why can't you Mao Zedong eat bran, bark and Guanyin soil?
  People are hospitalized when they are sick. There are four rooms, three rooms and two rooms. Those with money can live in single rooms at most. Comrade Zhu Rongji was hospitalized by doctors and nurses on the first floor (with online pictures). Why can't you Zhu Rongji live in four rooms, three rooms and two rooms? You can live in a single room at most if you have money. Our party has always been "from the masses, to the masses." Did you Zhu Rongji go among the masses? Aren't you divorced from the masses, or even afraid of them?
  Look at the evil public servants of capitalist countries:
  Former US Secretary of state Pompeo washed dishes at home when he was in office.
  After former Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama retired, he rode his bicycle to the streets alone.
  British Prime Minister Johnson rode a bike to the supermarket to shop. When he went to the supermarket door, he also locked his broken car with a long chain lock, which was afraid of being stolen:)
  When Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, was in office, he lived in an apartment with his old mother, washing clothes, dishes and garbage by himself. Nannies were not invited, let alone government service personnel.
  Who is serving the people?
  There are 600 million people in China, whose monthly income is only 1000 yuan (Premier Li Keqiang said), but a state-level public servant costs 100 million a year, including drivers, guards, secretaries, chefs, waiters, etc... Who serves whom???
  You said that serving the people is working for the people, and the treatment and food should be higher than the people. Then I say, eunuchs serve the emperor, of course, they must work for the emperor, but eunuchs' treatment and food are higher than the emperor, isn't it strange!!!
  Don't you understand? We are a feudal society!!! The people are eunuchs, and the so-called public servants are emperors.
  87. From religious politics to cultural literature
  Subpoena 20220811
  Xuefu Road police station
  6:30-8:30 PM
  In Jingkou branch, a leader a talks and a police officer B records
  A Take out a small camera (like the small flip phone in the past) and point it at me.
  You have a great influence. Everyone knows it, and we all worship you.
  The top always asks us to find you, and we can't help it.
  Gehua global assembly number. Recently, many people sent emails to join (cheat me).
  I just posted a post. It was a Yangzhou person who joined. I posted the assembly number. It was a list more than ten years ago. There were my small number and my registered female overseas student classmate. Other people didn't contact me after they joined by mail.
  I do not oppose the party. Ideologically, I am a communist and in line with the party; Emotionally, the party trained me to go to university.
  I just pursue equality for all, communism.
  Communism requires the efforts of several or more generations. (Comrade Jiang Zemin is the hard work of more than ten generations and tens of generations. A is 2000 years ahead of schedule:)
  Ge Yimin's article is sharp, "the biggest lie in history -- serving the people", ah!
  (open my official website), "Ge Yimin cult enslaves all mankind", ah!
  (listen to me, my nerves have been a million words.) ah!
  You have twitter and Facebook. There are many people who won't let you climb over the wall. People with ulterior motives will use "Ge Yimin", a signboard.
  And he has repeatedly stressed that people with ulterior motives will take advantage of it: "I see that people in China say so."
  You are in the Chinese Department of NTU. You are good at it.
  Seeing the female version of Ge Yimin's head, I was nervous and asked who it was?
  Add me to wechat, and I will introduce myself to "God website www.gegod.com www.20331126.xyz" nerves "and" Ge Shen Yi Wen Lu " I feel sensitive. Let me get rid of it.
  Are you religious? (I'm afraid I'm religious.)
  If I don't believe in religion, it's a terrible thing for Christians to treat God and Christ. When I ride on the head of God and Christ, I am two levels higher than God and Christ, and I am arrogant.
  I didn't say: "I'm actually a founder":
  I won't let you be a website, let me be a website, let me write, turn the direction of culture and literature, and write novels.
  Finally, let me dissolve four QQ groups (GE Yimin 1, 2, 3 and 4), one wechat group (Ziwei SAGE), and two wechat official account (GE Yimin, literature and culture 20331126 < original Shenjiao, Tengxun has changed its name >). Let's rebuild culture and literature.
  Two official website domain names: www.gegod COM www.20331126.xyz from the religious, political, cultural and literary direction.
  How can these contents still exist after closing
  Ge Yimin:
  This is a novel
  OK, I suggest you change the name
  Ge Yimin:
  OK, I'll change it.
  Ge Yimin:
  Two public accounts have been cancelled
  OK, thank you for your cooperation. It's late. Take care of yourself and have an early rest
  That is, the official website of Ge Shenyi was changed to ge Yimin Yi Wen Lu.
  B is also sensitive to "God Ge". Don't write about God Ge.
  》》Nerve 27 (3) 298. Huanyu must be prosperous: GE
  Elder brother Zhenjiang, who has passed the age of knowing his destiny, has a good job and wrote a book on nerves.
  He didn't have an accident because he didn't make a big impact.

Chapter 22 psalms
  Literature of young ge yimin
  1. Great Wall fu
  The Great Wall was as strong as the sky. Qin and yan ground, north resistance shuo north wind. Er lai is 2,800 years old, thing unexpectedly grows 10 thousand li. The dragon sleeping on the ground can stand up and shake the han wei. The han family suffered several times the son is difficult, then the emperor is standing tall north wind. In the north, I can no longer live in the south. Qin shi huang was linked together with the emperor, and later he was a historical scholar. Han family good jiangshan, three emperors and five emperors two empress dowager, the world several adversity, people say that you know. Ask king daming jiangshan good, four hundred years too peaceful. But sorrow comes to no good, while peace comes to no good. The king rode across the mountain.
  The magnificence of the Great Wall makes people see this mouth closed. Where the mountain meets the smoke, the pines are empty. The forest height autumn wind rises, wei ling deep ditch moan, its strong like this. Those who go far away from their husband hope that you can not see, go farther still forward. The wind blows in, you suffer from humiliation, I for the shame of the latter foreign to the Great Wall. One man rejoices in the distress of the peoples; another is bent on murder. The sleeping lion will not wake, the dragon will remain forever. The grandeur of the Great Wall makes the sky blue.
  2, stranger in heaven --- memorial sanmao
  Month of 2001 yuan, MeiXue race fang, helpless, and may cause the heaven in the stranger before yue: I think three hairs from near the turbid, inchoate bigotries so far every fifty seven years, and have three hair less than YuJiGui it the quality is good, the sex is less than YuJiJie snow and ice, god leaves is the lack of it as its essence, it is pretty spends months less than its color.
  500 years ago to take an Indian in grey,
  Ten years ago, I came to Taipei rong general hospital.
  Sanmao told him how tired he was.
  The grey man spread his white wings,
  Sanmao finally put down her Sahara,
  It's another start,
  Strangers in paradise,
  And sat on the right hand of the Lord,
  She was surprised to find,
  I've been chasing the Sahara all my life,
  But he appeared in the kingdom of the Lord.
  But sanmao was still repeating the last words of the people,
  So another trimao repeats to people another Sahara,
  He must be a stranger in heaven,
  Because the planet doesn't have its place.
  3. Hillside sheep. Watching "yuanmingyuan with fire"
  The ministers were far away, the allied forces wreaked havoc, and the people ran aground. Facing the ancient capital, my heart is still lingering, and I have been sad for a hundred years.
  The palace has paid the fire. Garden, made earth; Country, did earth!
  Since the night
  Door door pushed Windows to hear the language, the mask lamp to sleep listening to insects. Life is full of ups and downs.
  Since the problem
  Vicissitudes of life over the past days for more, the four unforgettable moving words. The east wind to this old people, the end of the cangshan half.
  Corn poppy
  It's hard to see each other when we meet. Eyes to language tears first full, long, should know the cowherd and weaver girl laugh us.
  You are the only one who is difficult to ask. Tears surface wet skirt can not see, not confidant tears have a beach full.
  4. Reply slip:
  Distant mountain cold water autumn wind evil
  An empty jug that warms the beauty of wine is sad
  Bad wind, cold mountains far away
  Wine in the kettle is empty.
  5. Sunrise all over shandong, enze warm and grass hair
  The moon from the sky has also been the world sprinkling boon light around
  There were two men dressed in two coats on the bus, saying that this was the traffic bureau
  The bus still wanted to open an old woman's door to climb the ticket agent road one stop at a dime
  From the mountains to the city and from the river to the river and the sea each state
  From the solstice cloud to the wind from the wind to the wall from the wall to the rat
  Secretary zhao often went to the countryside full of ghosts to see his mother sing what do not take the masses
  Chief qian branch room always small cabinet full go you niang egg song what big selfless not avaricious not to accept
  Director sun call work again and again backdoor open to turn over your ancestor blow up what righteousness to kill the same
  Li kechang visits every wine every eight generations to admire the parents of the official people's parents.
  I send my relatives to my home
  The father is a spade
  My son is studying at a cold window
  Think of cattle and horses in the field
  Do not know lovesickness another week.
  8. Poems of three
  When a child who knows Numbers counts one, two, three, a poem is produced.
  I'm not a poet, of course I can't write poetry, but I still can't figure it out:
  Why there are only three "heaven and earth" in this world? Why are they the beginning of everything? Is not life two, two, three, and everything? Only three, can have the intention of increase, development?
  Our motherland always source far, why only three emperors? Fusiliers bore fire, and fire, the symbol of the sun, is the emperor; Fu xi everywhere, is called the emperor; And god farming land, is the emperor. Is there another emperor? No. Why is that? I don't know.
  Why do people only have three lights, "sun and moon", only they can give people light, hope and eternal enthusiasm. Why only three generations of xia, shang and zhou in history have the right to represent the slave civilization of our country?
  Our motherland has always been the state of propriety and righteousness, but this and three what relations, slant leave so many allusion. Huan gong three side three bath to meet guan zhong, chong er three retreat three she reported to the king. Wasn't Lord xuande also the one who attacked wolong three times? Why did the ancients want three concessions? Why does it take three bows to show true respect? Why does it take three knocks to get the owner's answer? Even before the execution, the ancients to chase soul cannon, also want three rings?
  People say things are only three, but why? Zhu jia zhuang is not three dozen can not break, gao tai wei is not three defeat does not return. Why don't the three countries do it? Did zhou gong jin also want three chi square to die?
  Why is that? I don't understand.
  A few years ago, did not see three words on the wall, the factory sign everywhere? They are the precocious "workers, peasants and soldiers", and only they can represent the people of our country.
  Why do national leaders propose to put three big ball up, but there are many ball games in the sports world.
  When men exert themselves, they do not count one, two, three, and then one thing is done. Why not count four?
  Why left center right, top center bottom, front center back?
  I don't get it.
  Oh, three is the beginning of all things, is a true poem.
  9. Over 0.dingyang (senior 1)
  What's hard to come by,
  Long dreams come to an end.
  When a good friend rises and leaves,
  Why is the world difficult to hero.
  A scholar of the art, but a scholar of the art,
  A man has been lifted up and sighed.
  Where is not a sigh,
  The moon shines on me.
  My mother
  The greatest thing in the world is the love of a mother. "Mengs fang fang" "mother-in-law chizi"... I would also like to praise the mother, my mother is a typical rural women, however, born from village, married with the village, she 1 6 meters tall, yuan yuan is a little fat face, his black hair has to have a couple of silver, the corners of the mouth is always with a kind smile, she read only is high, dropout home work, I have to painfully admitted: "my mother is ordinary."
  But I wanted to praise my mother, for she was my mother, and no one said, "I can never repay my mother for the pain she caused me." When I was the coldest, my mother paid twice as much as others, and I should repay her twice as much.
  I will write hymns, but I am not a poet, only a few memories to express all my love for my mother.
  Every mother is love their children, the mother love love too selfish, seems to be a beast, remember when I just read primary school, a school, for some reason, several female students around me, make up, after I cheated, of course, face broken, after her mother know, it took me home at night to go to that a few girl, don't want to argue with somebody else for her, because she loves me. They laughed at each other afterwards, but I did not get beaten again.
  I remember one time when my mother came home from work and asked me to pour water for her. When I held the bowl close to her, it broke to the ground. I cried and she didn't scold me out of the blue.
  Busy team on the night work, every time we get a good meal, mother wake us to eat, once, the next morning said did not eat, so mothers laugh and cry.
  Mother always gets up very early, she wants to cook breakfast, remember once mother just woke up, I also woke up, she said very want to sleep a little bit more, I said: "let me up, I do not sleep, you sleep will!" I wanted so much to be a substitute for my mother. She was too tired.
  The mother is also a very kind-hearted person, once a girl was bitten by a dog outside the village to collect eggs, the blood on the leg, the mother saw that, immediately ran home, to her home yunnan baiyao put on, so grandmother old say she is not. I thought my mother was right, but I also thought my grandmother had a point. The mother also once for the village a young man matchmaking, paid a lot of painstaking efforts, but the marriage did not succeed.
  Mother is very dutiful to grandma, once grandma hospitalization, eating no food, mother specially made dumplings for her to eat, sick friends in the same room also praise her mother.
  My mother would beat and scold me or punish me. Once I take brother hat behind the play and great-grandparent stop me, I won't let, he says otherwise throw the hat to the outside, because is my brother's hat, also didn't afraid of him, he really did so, the mother thought that is what I lost, then scold me, then I cried with you, she know is my great grandfather, then to me ask for forgiveness, at this time but I feel is wrong, just forget about it.
  One night, my mother went to tangbian to wash clothes, I went to shine the torch, she suddenly asked me growing up is not good to her? Hen-pecked? I could not answer at that time. Although I was thinking about how to honor her and earn money for her when I grew up, it was too far away.
  Mother gave me a lot of emotions, or love or hate, or love or anger, or sad or music, or beating or scolding, maybe this will make up the whole motherly love.
  My mother is ordinary, speaking of my mother, I do not have a lofty image and character. I only think of a 6 meter tall, round slightly fat face, ears of black hair but a few silver threads, mouth always with a kind smile of women. I loved her and praised her because she was a real mother.
  11. (1)
  Look like mama from a distance,
  It looks like a dog.
  Look like a wall from a distance,
  It looks like a wall.
  More and more like a wall,
  It was the wall.
  The old woman in aerobics,
  SAO dig dug.
  I want to go,
  Television stations.
  Can be,
  The communist party,
  Don't I.
  Connotation of young ge yimin:
  You must be farting
  You must be crazy
  The moon was still pale
  Your mouth must stink
  You must have never been in kindergarten
  Dad goes to the bathroom
  Look at grandma's B
  Have no bed well
  If you have money to eat, you have no money to sleep.
  12. The couplet of Lin qingmin and his wife:
  The revolution has not become a teenager often against spoony woman
  A comrade who is still a comer must be the first to die
  Cao zhi meng DE cao a concealment
  Liu bei xuande, uncle liu
  You love us all, you hate us all, you love us all, you hate us all, you hate us all
  I do my work.. I do my work.. I do my work.. I do my work.. I do my work
  Tomorrow comes with morality
  Dombrocan is the author of the article
  Back in those days, mulberry yu bowed to the old guidance to express his ambition
  Back after the age of my people day and day when kuo dongzuo to get the desire to report chunhui late
  14, bee curse
  Poor wasp has a home
  There are no trees in the nest
  The loving mother hunted far away
  A pheasant keeps its own nest
  A child without knowledge is a fire
  The little nest was suddenly in a cloud
  The fire was out of sight for a moment
  The queen returned with a runny nose
  Three turns round a tree
  The inability to stop the broken bowel.
  15. Graduation
  Finish -- good junior high school, turn to read between, six study spend cold summer, teenager, how short, streamer, how fast, see the past didi sweat, regret? -- -- -- -- -- no!
  When a snowflake comes from the outside of heaven, it will fall to the bottom of your heart.
  There is no graceful poem in tang dynasty, song dynasty, and yuan dynasty, which is composed of one and a half poems. The snowflake did not stay, all pay in a dream.
  Make all your friends
  Read all over the world
  The rooster claps at the door,
  Roll out of bed, open the door and look out.
  Have a guest?
  One cold, wind
  Drill sleeves, shame!
  I know this by remembering the dream.
  16. Mr. Zhong tu
  Mr HuaYangRen also, quiet few words, he don't have to, good reading, what seems hungry, GuPin, not have to, but since school, each taste will be competitive, headed by self. Every time, he always unforgettable, and the surface that already. Every time the wind and enjoy the moon have regrets, all the world, what you see and know, that, love, after they abandon oneself, only has the ear for the sound of the wind, eyes in colour of the month, as ever, an inexhaustible. Die zhong tu, ai ai zhong tu, do nothing, not on the reputation, he fu he looked, long wind, night of the heart, a stubborn, the end of hanzi zhong qiu.
  The scenery of lijiang river is green with bamboo and water
  Poems written by poets in guizhou are in Chinese style
  The world is strangers
  Here is the independent voice
  The sky is empty to mulberry yu
  I deserve to be honored
  17. Boolean operator
  Think hard can not say, other family how many sorrow, my father often bow things, dark son's heart. Do not bother to say, only sigh when unremunerated, when he is happy day, chunhui newspaper xu.
  Broken days
  The body rests wushan heavy building, numerous flowers green shadow river wave. The heart has luo fan pu hua butterfly, only because the child did not swim, but sigh. The sky over thousands of sail, fly slave worry, can not look back to think long and easy, when to think about love for the rest, head back to lower the head.
  The world situation why, Chen shimei road young often negative spoony female
  When the affairs of heaven were settled, the son of heaven said that the house of loneliness was indeed worthy of wang min
  Sugar is sweet and bitter.
  "There is bitter sugar in the world, who eats it? Just kidding." Oh, my dear reader, don't be angry. Let me plead. Let me tell you something true.
  It was an afternoon, I was reading at home, when my father came excitedly through the door and gave me a handful of sugar. For reasons unknown, I am no longer a child. In a short time, I knew that a little thing had happened in the village.
  That afternoon, several women in the village were working in the quiet, deserted land. Suddenly, a sack full of things fell off a moving tractor. The driver didn't notice. There was no pedestrian on the road. After a while, several women came to the road, everyone was stunned for a while, a woman went to unpack the bag, suddenly found it was a bag of candy, a burst of Shouting, so several women rushed up, some quickly took the bag, some took off clothes bag, not a meeting, divided up, and then all happy rushed back to the village. In the village of course meet a few people, then everyone get a handful, calculate not a few, can everyone be in disrelish little, think since be from outside, want to enjoy together, can those a few women be refused however, now already belong to oneself, be worth to cherish. My father asked for one.
  My brother and I ate the sugar in a moment, and our house was calm as if nothing had happened. It doesn't seem to matter much to my family.
  In the evening, I was reading a book, my great-grandfather accompanied me and my younger brother, suddenly the neighbor Mrs. Zhang walked in, and also held a large quantity of sugar. It was understood that she would eat us. My great-grandfather said with a smile, "I am not happy to eat this food. Although it is sweet, it is bitter in my heart." My brother and I, of course, don't care about any of this. "She also scolded her daughter-in-law," she is a real money fan, and said to sell to the town, not afraid of jokes, I did not permit her ". It turned out that her daughter-in-law had got sugar and wanted to change money. My great-grandfather did not eat that candy all the time, but Mrs. Zhang ate a few by herself.
  The whole village was excited, for everyone was more or less rewarded, but what about the sugar man? How worried he will be. How unfortunate, seem to everyone all didn't think of, say at most: "deserved, who don't ask him to put good."
  Sugar is sweet, is made with sweet sugar cane, sweet in the mouth, also sweet in the heart, but today come to think of, nose can't help but sour, the mouth seems to be really a bit bitter.
  Then I know that the sugar is bitter, zeng zu's words are right, but Mrs. Zhang, her daughter-in-law, my father, and I and my brother, how did not notice?
  19. "3" and the "Bible" and history and reality
  The number 3 is the most important number in the Bible. Jesus was resurrected three days after his death. The prophet Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights. When Jesus changed his face, Peter had to set up three sheds (and Moses and Elijah) , Jesus prayed three times in Gethsemane, Peter denied the Lord three times, Judas betrayer got thirty silver coins, Jesus "I can tear down the temple of God and build it in three days." Paul waited for three years, the Lord’s three Ten years, the Trinity.......
  There are so many tricolor flags in European countries.
  Ancient British poem: "One penny is called 1, two pennies are called 2, and many are called 3", and 3 represents many.
  Chinese history: Three talents in heaven and earth, three light, sun, moon and stars, three emperors (Suiren, Fuxi, Shennong), three generations of Xia, Shang and Zhou, Huangong three banks and three baths to welcome Guan Zhong, Chong'er, three retreats and three houses to become kings, three visits to Maolu, The ancients made three bows, bowed three times, shot the soul-chaser three times before the execution, beat Zhujiazhuang three times, defeated Gao Taiwei three times, three kingdoms stand together, three spirits Zhou Gongjin...
  Dao begets one, one life two, two begets three, three begets everything.
  Left middle right, top middle bottom, front middle back.
  Reality: Three representatives, three stresses.
  Our three lives: material, social, and religious.
  Turn on the TV: Sanjing, Sanjin, Samsung, Sanzheng, Sanle pulp, Suntory, Sansen, Sanxin, Mitsubishi, Sanzhu, Sanbei...
  3 is the largest decimal number (1, 2, 3), and the smallest large number (3, 4, 5...).
  In the Bible, “God used the dust on the ground to create a man, and breathed life into his nostrils, and he became a living being with spirit.” In the oracle bone inscriptions, “qi” is written as “three”, which is also the hexagram of Zhouyi.
  "Three" is Qi, that is, spirit, which is the purpose and only destination of human existence.
  God is a spirit, and the kingdom of God is in our hearts. "
  20. Six volume Memoirs of Ge Shenyi Wen Lu
  1. Ge Shen's age of Innocence (January 1969 – July 1990)
  2. Ge Shen's Jianghu years (June 1989 – July 1990)
  3. Ge Shen's flying over the madhouse (December 1990 - present)
  4. Ge Shen and his women (August 1990 - present)
  5. Ge Shen's network career (March 2001 – today)
  6. Ge Shen's road to becoming God (April 2001 – today)
  Shenwang link:

Chapter 23 diary
  1, the sequence
  I try to accomplish something, but in the face of an ordinary day, quietly dismissed, silent no trace.
  Today, suddenly discover what, want a resolution one time. Can insist? Wipe your eyes.
  "Keep the consecutive years," I thought.
  So I began to know.
  2. Yesterday, I was ready to sleep, but I suddenly thought of Chen gang (xu qian), so I fell asleep. When I thought of the first time I met him, I liked to meet new friends. I saw him at first sight, his hair was a little long, and his ears were covered. The white face is round and square, without beard, white and red, with a beautiful nose and sky carving, with autumn in his eyes, and with fine eyebrows, very charming. From the side, you can see that he talks with full teeth, gorgeous and charming. Walking is free and easy. To see is to remember, to think is to be mad. He liked every move, every dress. The day knows night to think, I then cranks to think, does not sleep simply, altogether he but saves, the career develops together. Then again really shouldn't, only deplored nothing.
  3. When we were doing morning exercises, we just got in line. A tractor was climbing a small post, but several times it did not go up. So are the teachers.
  4. This afternoon, the class will choose cadres. The teacher mentioned some temporary cadres and some students with good performance. So I was chosen in groups, and several were chosen in groups, and somebody mentioned me, and I blocked them, and they wouldn't let me, and they wrote seven male students, and I said I should write a girl, and I took the paper, and crossed me out, and wrote a girl (seven), and they blamed me, and I thought, it would be a shame for a group to have me. I was surprised to find that three of the four groups had me, and all of them had me, except for the other four. Then, on a show of hands, 36 of the 41 in the class voted me second. Unexpectedly schoolmates can believe me, and discovers unexpectedly xu qian also raised me, a shock spirit, good satisfiedly. The teacher said again that the teacher had a good reaction to me. After class committee meeting, the head teacher said teachers response well. Later, Chen bin and I went back to the dormitory and met the head teacher. He called me and told me that the teacher had a good reaction in the past. Can I save it? I don't know, I don't even feel it!
  Today is Sunday. I was listening to crosstalk in the morning when li hongtao called out. I looked at him, but I saw a man behind him. So I am a happy, then stepped forward, called the "mother", her hand twist, empty, told me: "go away, give you buy clothes," I will not, she said deliberately come, I will go with her, department store building, through the market, to the clothing store, she told me to pick, two women, a 30 years old, and a 20 years old or so, I'll pick a pants, is blue and black, 11 piece of much money, I am very satisfied, the pants are popular. Bought later, she told me to buy a jacket, I just don't, she is strong to pull, I don't know what taste in the heart, said gratitude, not enough, she is my mother, so I will know is a mother's love, s for me to pick a, too free, this a pocket, that a line, that is suitable for young people, I don't like my mother told me to try them on, I will wear, she says the dignity. When I said no, again to choose, I have a crush on a bright yellow jacket, is a suit, and said, wear a waist, mother also feel accord, he paid the money, is 18, the way the mother also said to buy a watch for me, I said don't hastily, know the time in school, she said I small uncle have a table, is the watch case is broken, I didn't say anything, she said I play good, sweaters are made of sprouting, very thick. I say National Day go back, arrive the dormitory a short while, she then walk, I saw her off to the station, after buying ticket to the station, I walk, once walk out of the door, she chase up again, tell me to want to study earnestly, also pay attention to the body, I one promise, then walk.
  Mother came, with thirty dollars and love for me, mother left, a son's clothes and love, what can I give mother? Grateful? Nonsense! Is she my mother? Yes, what reward? Grow up and make money? Of course it's necessary, but it's too cheesy. Can a mother's love be measured in money? So I thought about learning, right! I want people to know my family and my mother. Mother, do you know?
  Today, the school pack film "undersea catch the enemy", the same film "comrade, you must be vigilant", after watching, I was very surprised, do not want to peaceful motherland still have so many enemies, and for some Chinese people in the Chinese soil for foreign (Soviet) agents, information and regret. Are they just for the money? I do not know that I admire the people's liberation army, the people's liberation army, militia, I would like to say: "I thank you ah!"
  7, tonight, fill out the study on the date of birth, I remember I was for more than 1969 New Year's day, instead of the Spring Festival (born December 14), should also be born in 1969, according to the Gregorian calendar), but I used the lunar calendar, was born in 1968, I changed, the small is one year old, into a 16 years old (a monkey, nominal age), and a monkey should be seventeen years old. I was seven when I went to school. My grandma told me that the day I was born was the coldest day of the year. It was 12 degrees below zero. Before she went to bed, her grandmother thought, "don't have a baby tonight," but soon my father called to her. "The coldest time of the year," I remember forever.
  I suddenly realized what I was missing.
  9, this afternoon, the school open a school party, by the secretary yao's speech, the topic will be "completely denying the great cultural revolution", his speech is divided into two parts, first talk about the cultural revolution is going on and its harm, "this is launched by leadership (MAO) errors, used by Lin biao, jiang qing, two counter-revolutionary group, has caused a serious loss to the party, country and people of a catastrophe," he also cited the example of eating big-pot roce, I am very familiar with production team to work, man is a day, women's eight points and can work 6 or 7 points. He said that one month after the death of chairman MAO zedong, the "gang of four" was shattered, but what if chairman MAO died? Unthinkable, man?
  10, I to BiQingYuan for a little bit of soap powder, washing the clothes, beside the water cleaning, xu qian and a companion to wash your hands, my heart a mess, hurriedly out dirty water in the basin, one after the water, her companions began to wash, one on this side, I ran into the water, pick up a little and get out of the way, xu qian to wash, I think she had just come to say: "oh, so many people," alas, the heart of the people, heaven knows?
  11. On the way to the drugstore, suddenly I saw wang qun at the corner of the road. She and a girl were eating big cakes and talking and laughing as they came towards me. I glanced at her and saw a smile. She did not seem to see me, perhaps on purpose. What am I? Rare. Wang qun, on the street, I am alone.
  Grandma whispered, "Taiwan has money again. One hundred dollars is equivalent to two hundred and sixty yuan. The letter has not come yet."
  13, see zheng renxiang in say, I then asked a sentence what, she said when to hand in the fee, I say: "casually," suddenly found xu qian in the back, hand on back, a burst of joy. Zheng renxiang then said to the companion, still did not leave, I then did not know where to come of cleverness, gave her the summary table, they naturally rejoice, I specially note xu qian very proud to turn over, I am extremely satisfied.
  After a while, I couldn't figure out how to know. Anyway, looking up, xu qian stood at the desk with her hands free and easy in the pocket of her coat. I listened, and remembered, and watched her as she spoke without stopping. I glanced carefully, and saw her laughing. And "middle school English", then back to seat. She said one year, one companion said "one year", she said: "I want to order one year", I was very appreciative, and another moment she ordered for one companion, I can not help but wonder. But enough is enough.
  When I opened my writing, xu qian stood behind me, as if with a pair of eyes watching, and I did everything very quietly. Suddenly she said when to pay money, I dare to busy say "as you like", still that sentence, but "then" change to "you", gather hot. Came up to me a lesson, teacher fei, I handed him a genre, the concept of sheep on the hill. < the fire yuanmingyuan > ", by the yuan zhang yanghao, watched and watched him out, goes forward to talking to Zheng Renxiang, xu qian and He Xianmei then look at the paper, see a super hands take reading, my in the mind have a kind of inarticulate meet immediately.
  In my algebra class in the morning, teacher mei made a mistake in her homework. She said that only one person in the two classes got it right, and that in our class (the liberal arts class), I did the right thing, but I didn't feel anything. After seeming to hear to say that I did right, listen to be my name, but again not certain, I at this time think, class whether hear clearly is me, still have xu qian.
  At noon, I went back to the classroom to watch my legend of China and foreign countries. When xu qian came to the classroom, wearing a dark red sweater, I felt very uncomfortable. Perhaps it is not a bad thing, but perhaps it is not, I thought, and I thought of the novel.
  17, I have a new view of life, also changed to xu qian, I think now no matter, can not think simple, study well, the future... The dinning hall meets xu qian suddenly, felt suddenly, the appearance is not also, is the talent and the disposition originally, alas! Xu qian ye, non ye?
  18. After Posting "stream", I found the words "editor of this magazine liu hui, ge yimin, qian xiaoyu (art worker)".
  19, I think of the summer vacation in the third year of junior high school, my brother said to my parents that I must not take the ntu Chinese department, but my father asked me to fight, when Ming lung, in fact, what can not be taken down? I still trust myself.
  20. In chemistry class, when doing experiments, the teacher found that there was no distilled water, so he nodded his head to me, so some students looked at me, xu qian! As I walked, I thought about what I should take. When I got to the platform, I took a test tube and quickly went to fetch water. After a while, I came back to my teacher.
  Today, when I went upstairs, I suddenly met xu qian at the entrance of the stairs. However, I felt a rush in my heart and dared to rush upstairs. When I came to the classroom, I found she was reciting.
  When I woke up in the morning, I had a vague dream that every country in Europe belonged to me, either by contact or by capture. It was like the ground that I was being pushed around on a map like Hitler. It's pathetic. I can't stand it.
  I feel good today. Just after class at noon to go outside, suddenly listen to a tone shout me, see is father, then run down, originally is send rice, arrived at the dormitory, he walked. On the way, I suddenly saw xu qian walking.
  23. In the morning, she handed over her literary works to zheng renxiang, but later, she said she handed them in, but he (teacher fei) did not approve, so he said leave them to her. Later told wang feng, then went out to buy paper, and in the evening chose again to send to "Chinese newspaper" editor li wenru, self-study and copied at night to send, it will fly away with a piece of my hope.
  Last night when we blew communism, I must have felt as bad as if I had done something wrong. But now I think it is a science, a religion, like Christianity, and capital is the bible. A man who has been born with no business should be aboveboard. Marx has never met. Why believe in him? I can say: do not believe in communism, just like saying do not believe in Christianity, but a fair word, but some people read the camel on the horse back, mouth and heart, should believe, do not believe, should not force.
  I think we should believe in ourselves, and we should think that people should: 1, pursue the truth of heaven and earth, 2, innocence. We should stand on the basis of the present, the present as it is, and the society as it is. Sorrow!
  25, xu qian went to see the blackboard again, because be close to me, then very doubt, alas, make oneself sentimental also. Ma wenxiang was surprised to find me beautiful and said that maybe he thought about beauty.
  26, teacher zhang said Mr. Ji told me that I was nanjing university material, teachers have a few, the students looked at me, I pretended not to know, but in the heart very happy, I must live up to my teacher.
  27, noon read the book "university. The mean", feel very right, so a little faith. Before night self-study with a kid stroll, he said I was more handsome than before, old horse also cloud, its true however.
  My class is going to yangzhou for a spring outing. I wonder why I can be loved by others. Why do the women want me to go? Self-indulgent also, way: otherwise. View its past: ju hong cheng, zheng bao, gao xianzhong, wang feng, Chen bin, bi qingyuan all can spit sincere also. Receive teacher's reward repeatedly, oneself is incompetent also, yue: no. However, the early feelings in my heart are all one at a time: such as Chen LAN, wu tinghua, wang daoyin, ren Juan, wang guofang, li xiaoxia, wang qun, xu qian.
  It is strange that they always say that yellow gladiolus and I are interesting, but I know nothing about it.
  My mother said that when I was a child, Logan said I was better looking than my brother. My neighbor, mother huang Ming, said a man was better looking than me. Zheng fang said to my mother, "your elder brother is a city dweller." It is not true that people wish to associate themselves with me.
  In history class, teacher ji talked about ge yunfei dinghai resisting ying and said that his surname was the same as mine.
  On Thursday this week, I began to study for the mid-term exam. When I went to class at noon, I met xu qian, who was in the middle of the class, with blue waves covering the shoulders, even in shape, long legs and slim waist.
  In the afternoon the class opens the group discussion, comments the personal summary, may have no talk, my section give bi qingyuan and the girl girl, true scold dead he. Xu qian side language smile, unexpectedly do not know what to know.
  Noon nap, not taste, recall the past, relatives, straight to cry, their own is what kind of people, learning?
  34, today made a big joke, I wrote something:
  "Miss deng lijun, a super world singer, was born on the 14th of the 12th month of the twelfth lunar month (or not, the solar calendar is January 28 anyway). When the people returned to the mainland, they turned to yi, the son of the same birthday. Yi laughed, and the people laughed, and they became Moorish.
  Today, I could not sleep, thinking of the theme song "thank you" of blood doubt. What a tearful song.
  In the evening, they told me about tang jinghua, who was admitted to the children's class of nanda university. I was speechless.
  36, the great college entrance examination began, morning Chinese, afternoon geography, test more smooth, is also easy. Pinyin 3 points, to see the faucet, qin bin, ji people own day phase. Tonight, I slept very well.
  Today I took the math test and English test. I didn't do one and a half math questions, but neither did others. Good English, god help me! Terrible sentence pattern change, collocation did not test, but the reading comprehension accounted for 30 points, good!
  38, so the great college entrance examination passed, test history, politics, quite smooth.
  39, fu teacher photocopy award certificate, in order to send to nanda, really thank him. I rewrote the summary at teacher fu's place, he wrote me to copy, it was really hard for him. After teacher ji to come again, wrote class teacher opinion, very good.
  Ding zhuoran, full of sweat, told me: "I know your score, tell you 532", I immediately happy, mouth smile, he was to see xu rui, xu rui told him that the letter, said enough southern university, do not need to recommend, the whole dormitory was talking about me.
  I'm so happy. Is this the beginning of the dream-filled, fantastic university?
  I found sun mei and zheng renxiang sitting together. Originally seen in student id, dressed in a black suit, hair is flow line, just to the shoulder, differentiating, quite handsome nose, mouth sleep, smile not to show, eyes full of dreams like looking, can not help but heart. Also paid special attention to her. Today, I was wearing a yellow shirt with black stripes on it. I was wearing white pants with blue sky. I was sitting there with the same hair. My heart immediately to her body, or the youngest member of shandong writers association yun yun.
  Dai weiyang said that I learned the news agency reporter, jiang suping also language, just know is the school issued the notice, evening saw, really learned the news agency reporter, very happy, lucky, too good.
  In the morning class, sitting behind sun mei, very satisfied.
  I'm on duty on Friday. See sun mei again, she goes to student union. I suddenly had the desire to write everything out, creating cells all over my body.
  In the morning in the introduction to linguistics, I looked for the rose, but I did not find it for a long time. I saw a streamer, but I wore a green doublet. Don't think good look, a burst of heart swing.
  47, evening class, sit in front of the two girls very looks unfamiliar, and find the rose, face more closely, he heard two other "students", "students", from behind, is the woman's voice, and turned a look, and the wear glasses and looked at me, then I look back, she borrowed from me to textbooks, without thinking, I gave her flattered, they both say "thank you", I said "never mind", then the teacher ask: the Japanese students to have no, see the girl raised his hand, so, I was very happy, real feeling that the Japanese girl is very beautiful.
  After class, I looked back, the girl understood, gave me the book and said thank you, after I was clever, gave them the book, said: "you have no book, I give you." That Japanese girl say: "I have, teacher give, thank you." How sweet!
  I was so moved by her writing that I also wrote farewell to my hometown. I put "college student" in it. Love her, but I have nothing? The rose!
  Write to wang beiyu and guan hong to express loneliness in heart and seek comfort, because the heart longs for the admiration of the opposite sex and cannot extricate itself from the cloud.
  50, after coming back, I received a letter from zhao tingxi, saying that love was not worth having. Liu hui had prince charming, and xu qian had been three or four years. Only kong - hui said that should write a letter cloud, I feel a little guilty. Oh, I'm so confused.
  51, remember the first meeting, deng jin said: "did you write short frequency fast summer vacation?" I say yes. "Somebody wants you to go to the little pavilion in front of eight shacks," said yun, thinking of that, I. Deng jin, deng jin!
  In the afternoon, ROSE was sitting in front of me in the "philosophy" class. As I looked at her and read a dream of the red chamber, she looked up, her hair like a waterfall of silver thread was on my desk.
  She turned her head away, and her white, lustrous face, that was the face of water, came out, and made me drunk. I found her teeth were a little bit dark, but I had a feeling that her black teeth were beautiful. That figure, that situation, is very soft and pretty. ROSE, ROSE, I love you! I had an idea. I pulled out my hair, put it in the pen, and touched her thick hair, as if I had kissed her.
  53, issued, seven 95 points in me, said I "picture master."
  So I cried out, "hong xin," embarrassed, she said she could not recognize me, I also yun, she is indeed more beautiful than before, more beautiful.
  55, zheng renxiang took deng jin's hand to show me, there are small pieces of skin black, deng jin laughed it.
  A good look ROSE, a study, really very beautiful, and absolutely a movement, a frequent smile, silence sorrow, mouth smile, all touching, like a deep clean water.
  Evening and dai went to the reading room (newspaper), and xiao xing was there.
  57, ROSE sat in front of me, I think she is very beautiful, suddenly I catch the table with the hand, she leaning back, hair, the soft soft yarn, the cloud fog type soft, soft in the dream, in my hand across, makes my heart medium wave, so a few times, meet the pole, one of my hairs or unplug the brush her hair like clouds and fogs, satisfied, and in the future, the beauty of the first love, in the future.
  I received a letter from hu cheng. He said that I could get along with others with advantages, such as being favored by teachers, being envied by classmates, and being favored by women. All the past is wrong, but it is good to be past. My past, everything really past, how is also lovely.
  Tonight, everyone abreact again, big sing its song, lead to go upstairs drink to finish, Lin yuehen say me "wayward", be so?
  60. When talking about my heart, I said, "after all, people are selfish." One is material, one is spiritual "comfort".
  In the evening, Lin yuehen took some "diary of a girl" and showed it to several of us. It was the first time I had seen such a thing. I was curious and fascinated.
  62. In the noon writing class, dong qin said that she thought she was a girl and got 90 points.
  63. At the meeting of xuetong society, I was appointed as a reporter in the library department, and the press card was changed to be a regular reporter. I will submit a press release every week. Went to the reading room again.
  Modern Chinese teacher Mr. Jiang asked a question. -- -- -- -- -- to make my heart is full of poetic -- -- -- -- -- - let du from dividing the phrase level, she rowed, make my heart - (my heart), and Chiang asked two classmates to go, is in favor of, say again "the class represents?", I don't know what mood stood up, a little happy, also fear, because of the different perspective, and would like to ask will wrong, was rejected, puts forward - I - (I) in the heart is full of -- -- -- -- -- -- --, Jiang Yun approve of me, I was very happy. ROSE has been seeing ME, HE SEE HER, SHE STOPS. I'm so happy.
  In the afternoon of the writing class, dong qin said that the minister should not criticize him too much, but ge yimin was the only one in the class. Dai weiyang said "ROSE SEE YOU", and I was so happy.
  It has been four days since we ate noodles and bread.
  67, night went to see my girl's party, I was the first good, cheers, eating melon seeds, conversation, were busy all night, dancing, smoking, and bottles and play the guitar, fireworks, then FengPing, huangshan to girl sang a song again, she read I said: "also do not know the name," I said, "so sorry", after wearing for the name, I said "long live GeYiMin", she said remember, GeYiMin, she teach me to dance, step 14, said that I learn about, and teach the four steps to a few times to me, is so wonderful. After I say: "thanks fengping, fengping long live", finally wait for dawn, she sing, I admire her many balloons, ah Lin finally invited her to jump, no, to me, but I did not invite, finally I throat hoarse, big show.
  I was very happy to receive xu qian's letter in the evening. She said she was glad to receive my postcard, and was angry that I did not send her a letter, and asked about the university march. She is the most beautiful one of my classmates. She is the most ideal candidate. She could write to me. At night, I lit a cigarette and went back to the second year of high school. When I looked out of the window, I saw the buildings with thick boughs and buildings. The light was a little bit too beautiful. Did I really fall in love for the first time, too happy, "heart itch a little bit not connect to pull". Long sleepless.
  69, noon to xu qian to seal three long letters, said the college students democratic movement, do not reply to the reasons, the brilliant university life, I want to change, quoted Rousseau, very sentimental, waiting for her to reply.
  I received a long letter from wang qunxin in the evening. Alas, xu qian and wang qun, the characters for whom I used to dream, will also write to me, but how will I treat them after the winter vacation? Zhang weimin took my message book to see, found a lot of girls to my dumping, at that time I was indifferent? Later? What did the old students say to me?
  After dinner, she sat at Mr. Ji's house and went to the dormitory. Lu saw a woman in a purple windbreaker and a velvet hat. Cannot see several eye, very natural and unrestrained float by. Later luo shouxi said that she called "ge yimin" three words, at that time I did not know.
  I wrote three pieces of paper to xu qian. She and a girl (zhang qiaofeng) read the letter in the corridor in the early morning, laughing and saying, "Lao ge has written a letter.
  Hongxin said she had made an appointment with xu qian to her house and asked me if I would go to her house. At that time, I commented on the matter, feeling in my heart, but I didn't say anything in my mouth. I really wanted to go, but I shook my head twice.
  Zhang qi is really lovely, small and petite, like a water lotus is too beautiful to flow. She had many things to say to me about the current regime, about the bureaucracy, about the Vietnam war, about her childhood, about her transformation.
  75, mackay and a person, is a super, I'm thrilled, bian bian head, concentrate on waiting for her, after they came in, I say: "you eat", they get something again and again, hong said grade to her house, I vaguely said bad days, xu qian always holds the mood to see me, they go after, I and Locke, also said that looking for horse, after xu qian, and I really was not the taste, she the purple pants, emanate charming brilliance, beauty, beauty, beauty. After see old finish, they walked, most is xu qian that one turn round of gentleness.
  76, Lao ma said that many women like me, he listen to the girls, such as xu qian, hong xin, xuqian really. Ah, xu qian, in the morning liu hui asked me if I was good with xu qian, I said "good P", she said xu qian told her I was good with xu qian. But why didn't xu qian answer my letter? I didn't say three words this time. Too happy, think xu qian, zhang qi (Lao ma said she had someone, and 66 years of birth, I can not delay her), but xu qian, tomorrow can see her?
  I woke up and couldn't sleep after thinking about xu qian. In the morning, I met with Mr. Guan at the gate of the training school.
  These days I always think about xu qian in bed. I really fall in love with her. When I was a sophomore, I fell in love with her.
  I sent a letter to xu qian, saying that she was in a hurry, and that she got along with others by advantage, so I waited for her to reply.
  The woman in the evening of philosophy class is really beautiful.
  81, now fengping said: "you are ge yimin, did not say the wrong," I because of trouble, did not. Will want to move some to her later, alas, how say.
  I received xu qian's letter late and was very happy (when I saw it was her letter). I was very excited for a long time and said that I was the first one to write to her. However, I disapproved of the ugly Chinese and asked her princess yun er.
  In the afternoon, sunny day, I sent a letter to xu qian, saying the meaning of her love.
  In the afternoon he xianmei and wei liming came to the meeting. Said the conversation, then left.
  These days I often see red pants, how beautiful, good temperament, but I only have to see and yi, the world who like me passionate and can not love it. I really want to go home and meet xu qian. I just sat there with my quilt over, daydreaming.
  , go to the super 86, seek along while, knocking at the door should not be for a long time, heart Peng Peng straight jump, blushed fever, I do not know what mood, which come of courage, a key on the door, can't help but open the look, just open voice asked "who is that" a woman inside, closed the door between panic, good ring, perch knocked again, live ugly, opened the door, I face is not good, words can tell, just say "xu qian in?" her mother must have no good impression, the smoke of hell in a red shirt, she wondered along while, understand is a super classmate, was called to sit down, tea (I), she said Xu Kao town, try to zhenjiang volleyball back yet. Shi qiao hong xin came, and hong xin play, talk for a long time, I leave, see guan hong, she pre-selected, after the teacher came, talk about the meeting, then go back to sleep, really tired. I was so regretful, how to appear in xuqian home in this way, was enchanted by the ghost.
  After li erqiao left, I decided to go to my brother first. Just and Zhou Daobao respectively, see a woman cry, "hey, GeYiMin", the rise is mackay, good surprised, then saw the Feng Qingrong, a woman is wearing a red grey striped dress, wear glasses, not for the moment, a stupidly is xu qian, I will speak and Li Erqiao at noon, he left and I go to my brother there, just go, xu looked at me, may have been looked at, charming eyes to tender to intoxicate refused, I nodded to her, she seemed to smile, then don't. I found my elder brother. I can play go. I bought some food and wine. So he sent me to the teachers, and mackay and her boyfriend to go to the movies, talk about DE jong said in He Xianmei place, saw the Zheng Renxiang and BiYunQing, find Wang Beiyu, he took me to the dormitory, know xu qian has gone, ah, so in a hurry, without saying a word, this is what the fate, I regret it, why don't ask, don't was 1: "when are you coming home?" I saw some photos in he-ch. There was a little photo of xu qian in a half inch. She was wearing a white shirt, with a hundred heads and a charming smile. So beautiful, so beautiful.
  For some reason, I think of someone these days -- xu dandan. Could have been a high school flower, know how recently?
  Today, we agreed to go to the south division with dai Lao er, first to find his classmate tang xuemei, I told her that xu dandan was my hometown, she then called, we are waiting. A moment down a beauty, tight blue jeans, white pullover, short hair, do not know, as if the feeling is xu. She was in the middle of the stairs, looking down, shy and bent. Later tang nodded and I said, "are you xu dandan?" She said yes, and her eyes are dull, I said: "do not know it", smile, she also smile: "do not know", so I told me that I am ge yimin, jielong people. Ntu department of Chinese 86, she just a little know, and know is ntu, high school than her one grade. Asked her about her classes, classes, reading novels. Came up with the idea of writing unpunctuated poetry.
  I wrote a letter to xu in the morning, thinking it was very good, without punctuation, a paragraph of prose, a paragraph of poetry, showing my admiration since the second year of high school.
  Ah, xu dandan, you can understand my feelings.
  Late do not know why, played the guitar, then went to the south division to find xu dandan.
  Near home is more timid.
  To her dormitory building, the porter's wife asked a girl to call her. After a while she came down, wearing a white dress, a mini, a white pullover, with flowing hair. She nodded to me first, and I was a little flattered. At first I wanted to go up, but the boys were forbidden to go up, so I went downstairs. She said she knew I was here, and I said so, walk out side by side. I asked her if she would go to nanda, she said Thursday to test the history of the revolution, tomorrow night, today (Wednesday) have to read, or not to read, to test zero, I laugh bitterly, or feet, walked out the back door side by side.
  I asked Saturday to come over to play, she said maybe something, nothing can come. Then I said I could call up 110 qin shaoping (department of journalism) to come with me. Along the way, she said, "you have come to invite me over". I don't know what to say. Oh, she is so beautiful, so beautiful that I can't get near her. Speaking of the movie "the chivalrous guts", she said she did not like martial arts films, liang yusheng novel not a read, alas, how I continue to talk, then said you read books, I go to the old horse.
  Long wall a while to end, the beauty is companion, time is very quick, walk in from the front door side by side, I a little angry, or sad, all the way have no words, after 1 she, I say to see qin shaoping, can come together (if have time if), she say not certain to come, don't call, otherwise let a person wait. She also said that she often went to the piano room. I asked zhang xianliang if she wanted to read the novel, she said "good morning friend" she had, "half of a man is a woman" may borrow, I said I have, she did not speak, ah girl, why you step on the golden mouth.
  Farewell, she said again.
  Looking for the old horse, not, then back to the south big, all the way is quite sad, tree up and waiting for the car, as if the tree also has a spirit, but the tree growing green, I also not equal to also.
  Also saw "man's half is a woman", carefully looked, unexpectedly very profound.
  Another "love monk hate su manshu" (song yiqiao) is also very moved, is my people.
  Later, xu became a member of my film and television training class (I gave her and her companions free of charge) and movie tickets for the military club.
  The diary has been interrupted several times, and the reason for not writing it down is nothing but emptiness, loneliness, boredom and helplessness.
  Today I picked up a pen, began a long psychological process, I think I no longer empty, I am very happy, really, from the beginning of the school to today I have been very happy, I should do what I should do, I chose language, I also want to learn foreign language, I worked film secretary general, I want to know society, know life. What's more, my mother, han qinfen, xu haiying and jiang binh all said that I am good to close girls.
  Han qinfen, it is too pure, the first time to see "red sorghum," sitting in my dormitory, very quiet, round face, big eyes, physique elegant, after xu haiying introduced to see my guitar, han said she also, and played for a while, began to speak, very nice.
  After going to see a movie, I and Lin yuehen gave them tickets to go in, we crowded in to see. After the meeting to our dormitory, I borrowed a few books, an umbrella for them, has turned out the light, han let Lin do not send down upstairs, I sent them to the school gate, all the way to talk, after they did not let to send, they left, very happy. I was supposed to visit zhang yimou the next day.
  90, the next day at noon, really in the university club, descendants many, han crowded inside, must be very uncomfortable, I asked her and I together stand on a stool, really comfortable. After I first let wu tianming sign, and let zhang yimou sign, too many people, he signed in the car, a few times did not squeeze up, followed to the school meeting to calculate, after going back, han, xu already went back.
  Once go to south traditional Chinese medicine with alin, xu not, then sought han, very enthusiastic, a person ate an apple, I say smoke, han ask "you smoke?" I nod, han say to send me pack, one see, "more", super long 120! Female lily smoke, smoked a mouthful, qinrenxinpi, beautiful.
  Han is too good, warm and pure feeling, especially good to talk with, such woman, I still meet for the first time. The next day, I found a lot of books, such as cen Karen, "gone with the wind" for han, han was very happy, especially happy and, after sitting for a while, she smoked one more, really enough.
  I asked her to come. She said she had classes in the afternoon and wanted to take a bath at noon.
  Later, han qinfen was not in the dormitory and was looking for her in the classroom. We went to the dormitory together. Then I said something to her and asked for help. Then to the eyes, ecstasy, she said did not expect, I asked her to give an answer, she did not say, only said rushed, I said the first feeling is right. She said there was a reason, she had a reason, but I didn't let her say it and left. She wanted to stay, but I insisted.
  Ah, han qinfen, I really like you, and you have agreed to me to take you alone to nanda, and you drink saliva, and give me the cup, said: "I do not mouth inflammation."
  Soon after coming back, I fidgeted and went looking for han again. I told her to wait at the gate of the school of traditional Chinese medicine with me. I told her "waiting for godot" and "station".
  She was angry. She stood behind me and said that it would be 10:30. I said I had ten minutes left. I said we were acting, a tree, a wall, a car, two people, and she said she was going, and I said that didn't fit the drama. After I say you walk, she walked, I intentionally don't see her, after see her walk far, then ride bicycle to catch up with her, after upstairs close the door, I knock, with the dormitory say she go to bed, tomorrow come, I say, then walk.
  I called out han in the classroom, a wry smile, then invited her and xu to play mah-jongg, she said this time not to go, disrespectful, next time. I said bai xianyong's novel brought, want to see, she said to read, and guitar also let me sell.
  I wrote a love letter to han qinfen. Then she wrote back and said, "forget it. There are many better stars around me to look for." At this point, I found her not so satisfactory. Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  The American girl, lili, is very beautiful and warm. It was my first time to meet such a beautiful and passionate girl. I gave her a ntu film card. There were only five in the whole school. Lily showed me a lot of pictures, all so beautiful, just like a star.
  Jin youyan went to see the dawn free movie tickets, she was really an attractive girl from hangzhou. She felt like her name, very quiet and beautiful. Sit around all the time and smell good on your body.
  Zhou jing is still very pretty. She wants to learn mahjong, go and bridge from me next week. Oh, another star, so beautiful, just in response to the words of han qinfen, there are many better stars around me to look for, but who understand me?
  The troubles of the young people.
  I want to be great. I want to be a skinny girl with water. I have a career, I want to make movies, I want to make money.
  Can god or the gods help me? Thinking of the poem, I suddenly came up with a good sentence. Then I took my pen and my notebook and wrote two poems in the dark. I must succeed.
  99, many years later, in 2004, fell in love with a network girl li Juan, a native of deyang, sichuan province, met in baidu tieba, and became a community administrator yemei, I began only as a small sister, she would be my lover, sent messages to express love to each other, both sides had sincerely paid. In order to keep people in the community, I also expressed my love to other people. Li Juan found that I was ill in hospital, and everything could not be recovered. After breaking up, she said the reason was that it was impossible to be together. I really love her, often recalled, a QQ chat, she gave me video, moved inexplicable.
  100. I accompanied me and the beautiful women I loved during college. Do you remember?
  (1) guan hong: I received the letter at home after graduating from middle school
  Send the book
  College writing
  Come to nanda once, see a movie, mo melancholy lake
  The winter holiday party gave me a cake.
  (2) xu haiying: sophomore year, film red sorghum
  Borrow books, moxi lake
  Borrow a car, watch a movie
  Junior year, watching movies, Chinese medicine lawn
  South west building drum cafe
  Give New Year CARDS, dance
  Qixia hill
  The great dictator.
  (3) han qinfen: red sorghum
  Borrow books, gulou cafe
  Lily smoke, courtship, godot
  Angel guitar, love letter
  Sentence hospital, message.
  (4) xu dandan: playground party
  The film and television class
  To sell tickets to the theatre
  Send the car.
  (5) wang qin: dawn cinema
  Gulou cafe
  Under the ding shan hotel
  The southwest floor
  The drum tower square
  South garden.
  (6) zhou qin: railway station
  The cinema
  Drum tower square.
  (7) zhou jing: southwest building
  The military club.
  (8) guo di: southwest building
  Take a walk on guangzhou road.
  (9) deng huanjun: a letter
  South park.
  (10) huang li: nanchang auditorium
  The military club.
  (11) he bing: nanda drinks
  Confucius temple rented house.
  (12) CAI yan: learn magic.
  (13) dong jingping: looking for shan xiaopeng
  Jinling hotel
  302 magic
  Playing mahjong
  The black sun 731
  Martial arts.
  (14) gold youyan: the movie "gold shoes"
  Another night in sandusod.
  Magic tricks.
  (15) America fisher: the movie
  The tape recorder
  The parade.
  (16) America's gao baoling: drive cars
  The parade
  Jinling hotel
  Drink coffee.
  (17) Lin yi: dance
  Birthday celebration
  The movie.
  (18) jiang xuezhang: movies
  Have "6.1" birthdays, gifts.
  (19) guan yu: dancing
  The movie
  The tape.
  (20) az-cat (cao lei) : dance
  To eat noodles
  Birthday presents.
  (21) zhu ting: eat
  To send a T-shirt.
  (22) chow yee mei: tickets for the concert (chorus)
  Recording tape.
  (23) xu qian: communication, only communication. In my eyes, she is the yamaguchi of China. As the diary is incomplete, so far it is unclear what caused the loss of contact.
  See the diary column of Shenwang for the whole diary http://www.gegod.com/wx.html

Chapter 24 the letter book
  Heresy 1. Relative to tradition, new ideas are considered heretical. After a long time it becomes orthodox, and so on.
  2. God is the only one, namely God, Jesus Jesus is the first born, Christ, God Geyimin is anointed as God in the vision.
  3, I really for human, my personal desire is very low, I pursue the soul, matter can live to do.
  4.It's a great manifesto, and he fills in the fatal flaws of marxism.
  5.Only by believing in the god of kris, can we listen to his teaching that only by giving the treasure to the poor can we be rich and communist all over the world. In the past, the communist party only redistributed the wealth, and the majority owners changed their batch. The majority owners would not share their property with the poor, but enjoyed it more than others.
  6 Let nature take its course: I feel deeply about this station since I came here. Yimin Christ, fully preach God!
  From the old testament to the new testament to communism, the explanations were well organized.
  The preacher is paid, and it is difficult to distinguish the purpose of the preaching.
  Yimin Christ is the reason why I trust him. He does not seek fame or reward. He preaches God. He is working for God. It should be said that he is very hard. Bukui is the son of God.
  This website is infected with the strong fragrance of flowers, showering the body, and the fragrance penetrates into the skin and into the blood, which is a soul killing feeling. Here is the time when the flowers are in full bloom. The "Lord" is laughing in the bushes.
  Thank God!
  7.Brother 7, look down upon this fellow, he has "unearthed" the prophets, and it is estimated that in a few years, he will catch up with Daniel.
  God tells the system MK7-- there are more than 100,000 godless people.
  "This kid's disciple broke all affirmation.
  "What god told me was that he was missing a zero.
  The birth of a religion.
  Own classic --------- “wordofgod”
  His own object of worship -- god ge yimin
  His own theology ----- god network
  His own organization ---------- ----- god
  10. I think I am a deliberate cultivation of society.
  11, I will post your website in the main, a few brothers are very interested.
  They want to dedicate themselves to the protection of the prophet. " "Don't give.
  13, you think, Lord come again, kingdom times, is a hierarchical society, this possible? It must be a communist society, an egalitarian society.
  14. Now, five steps to unify the world: nanjing university, Shinto network, “wordofgod”, Shinto and unify the world.
  God of kris: yimei (huang jingbo), I have surpassed Jesus, past and present, and beyond anyone in the world, and beyond anyone in the future. My sister: hehe! Congratulations on gog's successful trial!
  16, if you have 100 percent confidence, yimei support! To promote the values of kris.
  Ge, yimei will always support you and peacefully export your harmonious communist values. Perhaps, you can break the history of change, the war of war. Maybe you can go beyond a hundred schools and form a new idea in the recent time... Ge hua brilliant day, we unrestrained visitors...
  Oh, little Buddha sister is not a god, little Buddha sister eventually will die. Gog is the spokesman of god. God gives you eternal life... One day, little Buddha sister will still leave you but go ~ so, ge ge wants the world to know you, let the world all believe ge yi people god!
  Voluntary sister understand that ge ge is the spokesperson of god, ge ge aims at thousands of miles, ge ge's ideal is to unify the international world, ge ge is the world's, yimei can not be selfish to take possession of their own, ge ge can read the heart of yimei, yimei has enough. My sister has a day in her heart, and will always remember for ge ge.
  20, according to authority source, bush also reads “wordofgod”, “wordofgod” enters the United States President to benefit the eye, true honored!!! I should work harder!!!
  Many of the things he promoted were very good. It seems that gershon was the first born saint.
  There are too many people who suffer and I am sad that this is exactly what our god has done.
  Looking for kris god, I hear you are the son of god. The Lord god had a son in the west, Jesus Christ. I hope to find the son of god in the east of the world. If we do not develop religion, we cannot open up folk wisdom.
  24, China Eastern orthodox: : reading topic - my opinion of protestant, like last year, there are several protestant man with me and what "may teach", said a "SAN mei" has been down in China, what is the "mei", "SAN mei" is written by the apocalypse "prophets", which had the "he is my son, listen to him," he said, referring to "mei" (the original). This kind of thing, it really doesn't exist in the Catholic church. ...
  Yammi's had already made it to the west.
  26, actually ~ dear brethren ~ is our traditional conservative ~ but sometimes also want to open a day eye, see the bun ~ yeah mei classics like a niche in the dust out of the tree ~ so large that we had to be convinced he is like the seed of god on earth rippled to eventually become a towering trees to give us the protection to the shade of the tree is 2019 ~"
  And besides, the authors of the book of jammon seem to demand very high standards of human virtue, so that their influence will be less, for they are not even as comforting to the wicked as some of the churches in the seven lampstands.
  28. I wrote these words, hoping to alert all the members who were deceived by jammeh, hoping to alert god to all the innocent people. Perhaps, though, his influence and destructive power has affected the nation as a whole, and perhaps his influence is far greater than I thought. May god redeem our people. By the holy name of Jesus Christ, amen!
  29, talk about the advantages of ye mei: kindness, generous, have a heart, not fussy, a real bosom friend, no dispute, special female popularity, also happy for the vast number of lonely men relief, shame.......
  Mr. A is courteous, gentle, witty and witty; The sky will descend to the gentle person, Sir's profound knowledge, the profound literature accomplishment, will send out the gorgeous brilliance.
  You have a good sense, a gentle disposition, and you possess both your integrity and your ability.
  I thought perhaps god could not be here all the time, because he made you come to this world, because you are indeed an angel of happiness.
  When I came to the county two years ago, I knew that there was a god named "ge yimin who is perfect". I was very unconvinced at that time, but I secretly obeyed him after exam, competition and conversation.
  You have left me with fond memories: studious, selfless, ambitious, intelligent and superior.
  We have been in the same classroom for two years, but we have never spoken to each other. May you find "yani" soon. You are more talented than Marx.
  Although we had no words, I was deeply moved by your outstanding talent. Jun's superhuman intelligence, mastery of encyclopedias, make me swoon. Your hard-working spirit of study and study makes me admire more, so that I can't catch up. Your eloquent eloquence, your eloquent articles and your profound knowledge make me willing to worship at your feet.
  He who is also a people should become a pillar.
  Although the prince is full of "scripture", he has no ostentation, which is praised by many.
  39 xu qian: to yi min jun:
  Time flies like an arrow, time flies like a shuttle. Although I have only been with you for one year, I will never forget your behavior and I admire your outstanding achievements.
  Although your behavior is good, but only limited to the same sex, but opposite sex is so indifferent, it is puzzling, I can't believe that your thoughts are so feudal.
  Your grades are at the top of your class, but your English is not so good.
  The time of parting is coming. It's hard to express our friendship in words.
  Long live the friendship
  Good bye!
  Xueyou: xu qian
  My classmate has left me a deep impression. My character is cheerful, lively and smart, which can be called as a clever BOY as well as a naughty BOY.
  Frankly speaking, you are the second person I "admire" among my classmates. I admire you for your enthusiasm, generosity and kindness.
  I have cursed your indifference in my heart, but it is more about your talent. You are the pride of our class.
  I have always been arrogant. I can say that few people are worthy of my respect. You are so talented that you are sure to stand in the world of literature in the near future and win glory for your country. The legacy of Nobel Prize will be lost for you by 190,000 dollars.
  44, I used to use as an argument people -- god ge. You are the only intelligent person I know. I refute you with examples and make him speechless.
  We actually broke up because I hadn't seen you for two years and you hadn't seen me. The speech of so many schoolmates rings in my ear, everything reminds me of that already quiet down feelings. Please paint a Mona Lisa on baijie's paper. In China!
  In my worst mood, the god of ge yimin, whom we called "little guangdong," crammed me with a package of "lovesick plum emperors" and this message book. Little guangdong is singing a song that I do not understand, waiting for my message. His soliloquy looked sad, and I could not leave a cheerful gift.
  I am stubborn, self-willed and lack female virtues, which is his praise for me.
  Unrestrained happiness, unrestrained elegance, unrestrained secret, and unrestrained treasure flow out of your gourd little by little and bring us endless happiness. Nice to meet you, kris!
  May you always be a knight, but it's a pity that you lack that kind of elegant lady in China.
  And now I would like to leave you my best wishes at this moment.
  The herd walks with you, the talented entrepreneur says you are great.
  The illiterate regards you as the confidant, the immortal sage also says you "true";
  Hooker with your bed, the beauty of the generation also for you spoony;
  One day, god came up to you and said, "ah! How did I get here? !"
  God mistook Lao ge for himself.
  When I played go with you, I called myself "turtle head upright tree".
  When I played football with you, I was called "golden left foot".
  When I heard your sermon and bragged, I called ge god.
  To see your magic tricks, known as "treasure gourd",
  Looking back on your business success, known as "rogue big enjoy."
  The mouth is full of madness, a set of flower tricks, all the male and evil, who interpret them.
  53, you,
  Half face Yin
  Half face Yang
  Half talent
  Half gangster
  Half of the chi
  Half crazy
  Half of that is X, right? !
  Half is ♀ - came here
  What kind of you are you???
  If you are wanted, go to the most popular place, where there are many girls.
  You do not refuse your friends, because you have a deep courtyard in your heart. Do not fear the snow, because of the heart of the grass lawn. When you truly understand the word "treasure", you will mature.
  Always face the reality, but for you there is a fantasy -- one day, shake the body into a superb sculptor, because, face to face, you are a precious difficult to find "plastic".
  We both hold the pure love theory. The only difference is that when you see the little nun, you should touch her head. I will only stand up high ears, waiting for the cries of beautiful snakes!
  I'll be with you for two years, brother and sister. I'll meet you someday, and tears will flow from my eyes.
  Han qinfen: always remember you
  Because, me, all the time
  Consider yourself lucky,
  You are a very special friend.
  I wish you a bright future!
  Life may not seem like magic, but it is generous and enjoy the many colors it gives you.
  Many people tell me that they will not forget you when they see you once. I am afraid this is because you look like a valuable gourd. Your biggest characteristic is that you are very special.
  I knew you by accident. Repeat your name, kris the god, so that I will be no longer a stranger.
  Want to go to heaven? I tell you, unless you aim at god!
  Li Juan :(1) yes, I do. (2) yami is popularity.
  You will never fade from my memory. You are a meticulous student with excellent academic performance. By intuition, you are more of an ambitious man.
  The clock explains the punctuation and the sentence, in the sea of punctuation and the sentence, the good luck to meet a handsome and tall heterosexual friend -- that is you. It is easier said than done, but a veil of mist keeps us from understanding each other. The melancholy of parting makes one despondent. It stirs up a thousand emotions and makes my heart turn low.
  Admire your attitude towards life and your intelligent thinking. With few men "clean" temperament. I have always held you as a model in my heart, and my services are measured by you. You are the most admired person I have ever met in my life. Your profound knowledge, eloquent eloquence, amazing memory and independent lifestyle all make me admire you.
  You are warm, funny and knowledgeable, but your behavior with girls is not satisfying.
  Knowing full well that your profound knowledge is like a sea full of water. Treat each schoolmate is very modest, but saw opposite sex, then at a loss, shy.
  70.lao yimin, I have laughed at you more than once, for your eyes were as deep as the Darwin portrait posted in the class.
  You are a rare person. As for me, I dare not appear in public with you.
  Learn from comrade ge! June 1990 People's Daily editorial.
  Without you, the world would be like water.
  The day ask: can play magic, love fat west again, why constant fat west play? (answer: the magic is fake, and the fat girl is real.)
  It is just as true that you accomplish life as a matter. Life is full, so be it.
  The name of god does not belong to him or to him who would change his name. Please remember that god has only one name. (Lord).
  “wordofgod” is the most outstanding ideological guide book of this century, providing a tacit understanding for the two different doctrines of capital and society. Bureaucracy and crony capitalism are not among them.
  System MK7: dreams of kris god being raised, and other things, including life events and so on.
  System MK7: the holy spirit descending upon yammi is a sure fact.
  The holy spirit came to Jeremiah last night.
  This is an image.
  Now, those who have heard of the god of the people of ge yi-min hold the justice of the west as the department, and the justice of the west as the bones, and the favor of the east as the human beings. As for the god of kris, it is advisable for all people to keep their righteousness by learning what they have to say.
  Ye lingzi xian: dare not to climb, old ge is internationally famous.
  Do you see my tens of thousands of words of “wordofgod” coming out?
  I would be honored to have Mr. Ge's fame and fans now.
  If god is first holy, we are last holy.
  In humans, at least, eternal love can be formed. No matter what he does, we believe that he is forever in love. We give him whatever he wants, and we do whatever he commands us to do. Though there are differences in order, all the saints are equal. Because of the great love, he gave up time to love, his pain only know themselves. He abandoned time to love, but to use time to ponder over the principles, the framework of civilization, the flesh and blood of our love. When he is away, we let love go. When he comes, we'll listen to him. For the bone is done for us, and he is done for us. With this faith in our hearts, we have been helping him to practice his righteousness, to complete the bones of civilization, the meat will have a permanent support, bones will have an eternal love.
  83,. Are you Mr. Ge?
  Theology: yes.
  . I've read about your “wordofgod”s, the bible, and a lot about it.
  . : I only have one question right now, are these all allowed by law?
  Theism: allow.
  Theology: because there is no organization.
  Theology: propaganda.
  . What does it mean?
  Divinity: learn to play super girl.
  84, Free_Mason:
  Jesus knew there were many false and false prophets, so I dare not call them saints.
  The saint, there are many, selected, social trials, but one of the most successful is the deliberate trial
  Are you a prophet or...
  I think I am a deliberate attempt by society.
  Lily, no. Is monotheistic network administrator, you pay too much, this is GeYiMin owe you forever. God will reward in the future. We just, you are the bible and tradition, and we are in a higher truth, because god is infinite. The truth is infinite. You said we are not a Christian, in fact, we have been nervous on Jesus and the holy bible content are many, just because of the above, we founded religion, closer to god. Close to the truth.
  You are grace to the god of kris, you may say so, lily, so we care most about you, you are against the faith of kris, we are not angry, but happy, because in your heart, there is a position of kris god. You approved of the posts of kris, we have collected them on the official website of kris. But you show that you have seen through the god of kris, and we are disappointed because we are all seeking the truth and on the way.
  Dear son and fairy friend, the limitation of the bible is to despise god, because god does not only know the bible, god is infinite, we should pursue the infinite. And lily, if you are a friend, you can oppose him, you can scold, but can not despise, despise, this is the most unacceptable person.
  88, GeYiMin god, nets 灬 collaterals 灬 灬 god's existence.
  He did not believe in the so-called brick, called beast; He didn't, there's no bottom line 灬 accept western culture 灬 aggression; Him, not to their own private 灬 and trapped people 灬 the in... The nets 灬 collaterals god 灬 trace generally exist, GeYiMin god.
  Whenever I felt ashamed, whenever I was wronged, whenever I gnashed my teeth at evil, I thought to myself: there is someone in this world who is with us.
  God kris, let us call him by his name, make fun of him, let us open our minds to see through the veil of the so-called "god"... He has accompanied us through many spring and summer, he has achieved the mentality of our dreams, he has made us believe in the strength of each person.
  The greatness of god is that he is just like us, a member of the crowd. In other words, his greatness is because of his smallness.
  At this moment, I put my right hand to the left of my chest and murmured, "god ge yimin, god like existence; Everybody, god exists.
  Ge yimin, a saint of crape myrtle, was born in zhenjiang, jiangsu province in 1969. Saint women, saint gerda will make you very happy.
  Shine: above any Internet sensation, the true son of god, come in and look!
  It is the great modern thinker and religious master ge yimin.
  In The Times of Buddhism, Christianity and other various sects, the birth of kris god undoubtedly brings new blood to the faith.
  He is the author of an epic, almost biblical “wordofgod”! Among them advocate the thought, is now the 21st century material life erosion society, needs most.
  Glorious: as for the Shinto post, it was a scripture written by the famous Internet religious god kris, called “wordofgod”. It is as deep and philosophical as the bible.
  Glorious: in 2014, the son of god, the god of ge yimin, has written a great new book: “wordofgod” comparable to the bible!!!
  As the saying goes, "a book which is read a hundred times shows its meaning." And "“wordofgod”", is to realize the mystery, can fly up by day! “wordofgod” is a triple realm: the eye is born, the body has a fragrance, the day rises! Now, I'm going to pass this on and let you have a look at it.
  When you are truly finished watching "the “wordofgod”," praise god kris for his greatness, selflessness, love and light.
  Glorious: well, I personally admire the actions of kris god. Although I know that kris god may not be a god, I would rather hope kris god is a god. It can be said that the god of kris gives me hope.
  Glorious: how so? Although the body of god could be born, die and die just like that of mortals, his spirit has already become a god.
  GeYiMin ACTS of god, as the Buddha to cut meat to eagle, Jesus or die trying, passing is a great spirit and noble sentiment. The Buddha through such behavior, to humanize the sentient beings, Jesus also through such behavior, enlightenment. And GeYiMin god, is like everyone drunk he wake up alone, the night of a lamp, is at odds with the surrounding environment, but it's really great wisdom, great faith, big courage.
  GeYiMin god exists, is equivalent to our mind on the harbour, in the most helpless situation, can also pray for his redemption. GeYiMin god although has not been the ignorance of the world understood, although they tried to cover up, even uglification to denigrate GeYiMin holy and glory of god, but god's greatness, is they will be able to cover?
  It can be said that GeYiMin god is a kind of belief, a kind of insist, a kind of belief. If alive, to be without faith, without persistent belief. GeYiMin god like a beacon in the night, to be able to lead others to direction. GeYiMin as born the sun god, may be all jersey. GeYiMin god, we have the backbone is equivalent to, and have the direction of the struggle, and the ideal goal.
  Glorious: as for my relationship with the believers of kris, I can only say that you have not seen the “wordofgod”, so I do not know why I worship kris so much.
  The god of kris is not god, as I clearly know. However, the spirit conveyed in the "“wordofgod”" written by god kris is something to look up to.
  Because of a book written by the god of kris, it is very worthy for people to learn. The noble character and sentiment embodied in it are our best example. Or do you think I will praise the god of kris for no reason?
  To sum up, it is a saying: don't do right with anyone. This sentence, from ancient to modern times, has an understanding. There are mountains in the world. It is the divination in the book of changes. But gei people god gathered a hundred classics, finally concluded, do not do with anyone right, such a wise quote. Isn't it worth learning?
  Gloss: it is clear that the superiority and greatness of kris has made many people feel a sense of inferiority. Many people may think that a person as good as Goethe should not exist in this world.
  Apostolic splendor: what is god? Yeah? Haven't you heard of the doctrine that "one word is the law of the whole world, one single man is the teacher of the whole world"? Everyone is born ordinary and extraordinary. But the only difference is that you are willing to be ordinary, and god kris finds himself extraordinary.
  And then you see the god of kris, and you see the god of kris, and when you see all the people in the god church who have found their faith and have strived for it, then you suddenly look back and realize that you have gone all the way, failure or failure!
  Your disapproval of the actions of Goethe, the founder of a new order, is a reflection of your vile cowardice. For it is not so much disapproval as your fear of admitting your own cowardice and incapacity! Your laughable ideas will only turn the world upside down, civilization back down.
  I am the personification of gabriel, and the Lord tells me that Grimm is indeed a god, but he is a past spirit, and his real name is rocky.
  It is said that there have been more than twenty illegitimate children of Jehovah in the land recently.
  God ge is the fourth teacher after Marx, Engels and Lenin.
  Xiao lili in the greenhouse: my evaluation of the god of ge yimin, a heresy who wants to hype his high narcissism, is indeed incompetent and lacks followers.
  The "“wordofgod”" of the "kris god" simply cannot be seen in international books of doctrine. The "“wordofgod”" of the "kris god" doctrine is even more unknown to the whole world. Finally: believers of the god of kris, do your "books" really want to make a fool of the world? If you still don't believe it, your "“wordofgod”" book is published around the world to try it out.
  104, a group of mentally handicapped people want to use the black god to hype. The hype is only for the stars this trash will understand? I Christ have not posted the bible bar, the god of the dead mother alone let me qiu feng is very unhappy.
  God, he just has a different opinion! Judging by their treatment of Mr. Kris kris, I have not found an answer anywhere in the world: how could there be such a people who hate dissidents so much as blood, for god's sake, he just has a different point of view! His views stand for your benefit!
  The god of kris does not know what he is doing, but he has become a leader and let such a beautiful woman as glorious become a believer.
  107. This man is the most famous grassroots Christian on the forum. He has many younger brothers.
  108 home New Year's day, Spring Festival, a night, dreamed of a man called "GeYiMin god" carrying his books to me, said he how to care for the livelihood of the people, how to rescue the world, I think writing is good, suddenly felt he was merely to "utility", he found me broke his true heart, become angry from embarrassment, had raised his hand and hit me, I raised foot and back to his feet, awoke.
  109. I do not mean to find that there are many people who would be confused if they stood on their own two feet. This person call ge yi people god, call oneself crape myrtle saint, in ge yi people god bar still have some of stick a bar to say to deceive people, many people deeply its thought, this person is evil or good? Soso encyclopedia unexpectedly still has his data, tencent so flatter him.
  110, post what to say all day long to masturbate the self-proclaimed god of ge yimin, why his picture sends out extreme narcissistic and uncomfortable temperament. This person has a very short eyebrow, western saying, don't go into someone with a very short eyebrow, that person has a narrow mind. And this man's temperament is a kind of stubborn and extreme neuroticism, similar to gu cheng's temperament of killing his wife with an ax. The man seems to have fallen into a cult.
  Jesus was revered as a jewish carpenter by Christianity as the incarnation of god.
  It is an attractive example for those who are eager to make a name for themselves.
  On the Internet, a man named kris goh claimed to accept god's word as the second Christ, and developed a “wordofgod” that mixes Christianity and communism into the so-called Christian communism. Historically, the number of christians who claimed to be the messiah, the savior, was in the hundreds.
  Totally destroyed three views... The sky falls apart... Be interested in going to the god of kris to find out... I have never seen such a person, want to cry after watching... I've never seen anything like this... It can be seen that man's spiritual strength is so great that he can be the son of god by dreaming every day.. I think he was self-hypnotic, and he stuck to this idea from a young age, and always believed it, and it was probably a psychotic episode for a man who called himself the son of god, who dreamed that god was anointed to him, he saved the world, he dreamed that hell was the pipe room.. I go to... Just saw my full head sweat, he said he is god, is crape myrtle saint, the work "“wordofgod”"... He's talking about the bible and Marx... Pursuing communism, he says he can achieve a unified global by 2019. Why do so many people believe that? Why did a person come out and say he was a god and so many people believed him? Especially Lord, that's a crazy believer.. Saw his "“wordofgod”", canthus is about to crack... Destroyed through... The doctrine is pretty damning... ......
  My “wordofgod”s are good. There are many views in this book that are consistent with my own. But most of the religious scriptures are the same, love and kindness or benevolence, people are gods and buddhas. There is no difference between “wordofgod” and sutras. Don't denigrate other sutras because you don't understand them. To tell you the truth, “wordofgod” is not as good as the moral sutra, Lao tzu's too tao sutra, god made.
  On judgment day, shaabi is at best a hypnotizing sharpie for thorough psychological research. Hypnotic, relatively thorough psychological research, or just strong spiritual energy of the clown, was blown into god, ancient civilization because of corruption and depravity, relations between men and women, shameless, and so on, was destroyed by the gods. The god of ge yi people is a clown, hoodwink a batch of empty lonely sand than just.
  115, many people don't know GeYiMin god, let me tell you, is a satan GeYiMin god confused kid, here's why: claim to be the son of god, said the end of the world is 2019, but the bible made it clear that only the father know that oneself got a classics, in short, he is not heresy, he is a cult, cults, cults, cult cuhk greatly greatly cult.
  Who is the god of kris? And yuan fang like the sudden rise, who ah?
  117. It is no wonder that the sign of god ge is so popular that he wants to be a homosexual, a member of the god party of the communist party of god and rob the followers of the god. Of course, he will be slapped by Zeus. If you look at the relatively "moderate" cults, such as the domestic chants, scientology, etc., the god is not very serious.
  As for MAO, he has been officially cast as a god, and he is still viewed positively in textbooks and the media and continues to be brainwashed. Think of goe, the god of such a level, was arrested and imprisoned, this version of the believers in him, let alone MAO da-shen? The consequence of official brainwashing is a lot of brainless people. When you say bad things about MAO, he jumps out and hits you. This is the typical brainwashing out the stupid and the mob.
  God ge is said to be called saint no. 3. No. 1 is abroad, no. 2, no. 4, no. 5 are also dangerous.
  The god of kris, you have made an unconvincing paradox in the creation of the new scriptures. You affirm the doctrine of the faith and the doctrine of the holy ghost, but the last prophet of the doctrine of the holy ghost.
  121 and some views about GeYiMin god and related question and decision, while allowing freedom of speech, but with a siren and inciting emotions, language or forbidden, GeYiMin god is god, I don't know, but if you try to promote his, make a god out that is wrong, I respect facts, respect of ideas, but against fraud. In the future, the bar forbids some related remarks and thoughts of the god of kris, and those words have the nature of indoctrination and brainwashing. This is not the word of wisdom, but a forgery. Don't read the Talmud, the bible and the sutras. Don't read the “wordofgod”.
  How dare such a mediocre person claim to be in charge? My god ge yi people god all over the domineering can count as a control field.
  God is good, because a book tells me.
  The god of ge yimin is the one who has invited himself to die.
  God kris is qualified to be a god, but he is not the creator of soul and heaven.
  God kris, an extremist cult, is under the control of countless bloody descendants of the Chinese people who monitor the publication of the book of the Scylla in an attempt to establish a church based on Christ.
  127, we see the house of god ge yimin this superb god and god stick yao!!!! It's kind of like a wye Allen clone!!!
  128, why so many god stick posts, he in the central position of what? In my opinion, you can not sit in the position of power, any words of salvation is bullshit, greyhound!
  Is there anyone who knows where god came from? It seems that believers are many, and mostly young people, and I feel that it is magic to confuse the world, not let the world get the law!
  The saint's thought of seeking rule is the most important, so the god of kris went on a crazy Posting to promote his thought. If one day there is a prophecy that action is important, expect him to make a riot all day, all the forces have copied ah! Isn't god kris? (yuan department god non-polar emissaries, traitors, another identity suspected satan) round lee is also ah! I remember the lilies of the present, having praised the little ge and the four sons as being holy purple, I do not remember, as if this had happened.
  131. I remember the first time I went online a few years ago, and the evangelical website I entered was the website founded by the guy named yammi. After staying there for a while, I found the atmosphere in the website was chaotic, and I attacked and abused each other. After a few years, unexpectedly developed into a teacher, wrote the creed, and also created a teaching song. The writing seems to have been made up on the wall of newspapers and magazines in the countryside. Everything is on the wall. There are many heresies similar to this, and it is laughable to fool believers. Believers are confused because they do not know what god is like. Their understanding of god is influenced by traditional Chinese superstition. All gods are idols. May god have mercy on our people, our believers, and not be fooled by these so-called leaders who are clothed in the mantle of god!
  The kris god seems to be a bit of a god, perhaps a strange fellow. The whole world seemed to him a few lines of writing, and such people were terrible.
  Beware of Chinese heresies -- heresies, gods, “wordofgod”s, kris gods. In recent years [from 2000 to the present], a heresy has been spreading, and it has been widely practiced on the Internet. After being banned from the Internet, the renamed god religion (kris) continued its frequent activities. They wantonly doctored the bible, conflated Hebrew and Greek, and used their understanding to replace god's will. Let the brothers and sisters see with their spiritual eyes that we may not be tempted. This heresy of hermetism, which is the god religion of the kris below, is an absolute heresy. The god of kris is just like the third savior, who says that he is the son of god, the Lord and the angel, and he is also called holy. That's all we can see. Heresy is heresy, we have to figure it out.
  134. Multiple doubts about identity: the identity of ge yimin god, ye xue, plastic products and other registration personnel who spread the heresy of yemei on the Internet has yet to be verified. Emotional entanglements are frequent and related online comments are repeatedly uncertain.
  135. When I was a college student, I was not a Christian, and I had never read the bible, but I could preach the sermon, called ge god. When a girl from a foreign school (wu shujing, southern traditional Chinese medicine) smiled and called me ge god, I still remembered his reserve, surprise and curiosity.
  136, this person called himself "I am god" and "the Christ created by environment", and founded the "god church of kris" and the "god party of kris". It speaks the bible and blogs to compare the various disciplines, structures, mindsets, and "cybercarrier strike groups," a veritable CULT-- heretical.
  Apostolic splendor: the little “wordofgod” contains all truths
  Take me personally, I am a person, the language expression ability is always very not good. Usually speaking hesitatingly, does not express the meaning, lets other people listen, in the clouds, does not touch the brain, often produces the misunderstanding.
  Sometimes, I can't argue with others about something, and my face always turns red, but I can't tell you why.
  However, since I believe in the god of kris, I have been enlightened by the talent, and my language expression ability has been improved immediately.
  Write a few articles at ordinary times, think like a fountain, have a mind, at one's ease, basically have no pressure.
  To argue with others is to be brilliant, to hit the nail on the head, and not to be refuted at all.
  This is the result of the extensive and profound mystery expounded in the “wordofgod” by god ge.
  138, apostolic splendor: the profound truth of the earth and of the world contained in "the “wordofgod”" can be instantly enlighten to everyone who has read it.
  Please see the god of kris.
  A person, why always can't say a reason why?
  Because he doesn't understand anything. Do not understand, nature can not say, that is the reason.
  The short "“wordofgod”" contains all the truth. After reading "“wordofgod”", we can draw inferences from one to the other, and we can get a glimpse of everything in nature.
  God: kris created the creator. God created god. God created man.
  Buddha: under the bodhi tree that day, thanks to the people of kris to guide me every day.
  Darwin: "evolution > is the oral of ge yimin, I ghostwrite.
  Newton: I just know now, that apple is ge yi people throw down.
  Lobel: when I was working on explosives, I had a problem, but kris solved it.
  Li bai: I regret my inadequacy.
  Shakespeare: the plot of romeo and Juliet is arranged by ge.
  Cao xueqin: it was ge who taught me how to write.
  Lu xun: it was ge yimin who taught me to be a man with integrity.
  Max: all my life I have only admitted that I am a student of kris.
  Gandhi: the thoughts of kris freed my soul.
  MAO zedong: I solemnly declare that "quotations from chairman MAO tse-tung" are inferior in every respect.
  Washington: it was kris who taught me to create a "democratic" society
  Vitas: my ghostly voice is nothing compared to kris's divine voice.
  Pavarotti: when I heard kris's high notes, I had plans to retire.
  Beethoven: it takes me a year to create a piece of music. It only takes kris a minute.
  Mozart: my talent for making music can make others angry to death, when knowing kris, I was almost angry to death.
  Elvis: I think my ability to melt music is inferior to kris.
  Jordan: when I saw kris on the court, dribbling, passing, dunking... It's amazing. He can really fly.
  Maradona: I couldn't believe it when goyimin broke through me at the speed of the wind.
  Michael Jackson: the most artistic dance steps I have ever seen were performed by grace.
  Beckham: when I saw the picture of kris ge, I hid it, afraid that the spice girls would affect the couple's life.
  Chen shui-bian: with the existence of ge yimin, our air drop plan dare not carry out!
  Koizumi: our Japanese strength is illusory. China is a real power with kris.
  Bush: anyone who can persuade ge to become an American citizen, give him a general.
  Ge yimin and li hongzi
  Ge yimin believed in the one true god, li hongzi believed in the numerous divine and buddhist ways;
  Ge has a vision of god, li hongzi and people learn qigong;
  Ge yimin revealed the new sky and new land in 2019, and the scarlet letter was not inspired by god.
  Ge is not against anyone, li hongzi curses those who hurt him;
  Ge yimin important people from the dust to belong to the spirit, li hongzi do not know now in the stomach have a magic wheel;
  Ge's pursuit of eternal life, li hongzi do not know their own practice and consummation;
  The country of kris is communist society, and the last of li hongzi is the wrong gender inequality.
  Ge has political economy, li hongzi do not understand, limited culture;
  The kris people's party, actually is the communist values; The scarlet letter has no values and is full of empty words.
  Ge is a classic, li hongzi is all nonsense;
  Ge does not organize, li hongzi large organization;
  Ge yimin speak politics, li hongzi claimed not to speak politics;
  (PS: political guilt?)
  Ge yimin only in the Internet blessing, li hongzi online network under the network;
  Ge yimin basic life can, li hongzi pursue money;
  Ge is in the country, li hongzi exile in the United States;
  Ge is young, the future is long, li hongzi old, does not matter;
  Kris is the Christ of circumstances, and the scarlet letter is the ordinary man of circumstances.
  And ge yimin and Jesus
  Kris had visions of god, and Jesus was anointed by god.
  The people of kris revealed a new heaven and a new earth in 2019. Jesus did not know the date, saying that only god knew.
  Kris did not turn against anyone, but Jesus loved him as himself.
  Kris believed that the original sin of man was the dust body, and like animals, Jesus believed that Adam ate the forbidden fruit.
  The people of kris wanted people to come to the spirit from the dust. Jesus wanted people to believe in him.
  The people of kris are pursuing spiritual life. Jesus said, he who believes in me has eternal life.
  The state of kris is communist society, and Jesus is new heaven, new earth and new Jerusalem.
  Kris had a political and economic book. Jesus didn't have one.
  The kris people's party, actually is the communist values; Jesus had twelve disciples and a group of followers;
  The sayings of ge yimin are classics, so are the sayings of Jesus.
  Ge is only on the Internet, Jesus traveled around town and country to preach;
  Ge's basic life, Jesus did not pursue money;
  "The creed" is constantly updated. Two thousand years after Jesus rose from the dead, he did not say a word.
  Kris is the Christ of circumstances, and Jesus the son of god anointed by god.
  Jesus -- son of god -- new testament -- the age of grace
  Matthew 17:5: hear him.
  Kris --- --- Christ --- --- - the kingdom times
  Book of vision 6: hear him.
  Jn 14:12 Jesus: those who believe in me will do what I do, and they will do greater things than this.
  Ge yimin and Mohammed
  Kris believed in god and muhammad in Allah.
  Christ is a man, and so is the prophet muhammad;
  Kris had a vision of god, and muhammad saw the angel gabriel in his meditation.
  Ge yimin revealed the new heaven and new earth in 2019. Mohammed believed that god had scheduled the trial date, but human beings had no knowledge of it.
  Kris did not fight anyone. Muhammad built many mosques and established a religious culture that was tolerant of other religions.
  The kris is young and has a long time to come. The kris sutra is constantly updated.
  Kris was the Christ of circumstances, and muhammad was the last prophet of god.
  Truth: I am god; hear him.
  Truth: all things are not god but Allah. Mohammed is the messenger of the Lord.
  Ge yimin and sakyamuni
  Kris believed in the one true god, and sakyamuni did not recognize the god who created everything.
  The people of kris had a vision of god, and sakyamuni became enlightened under the bodhi tree because of the teaching of kris.
  Christ is a man, and so is sakyamuni;
  The people of ge revealed a new heaven and a new land in 2019.
  Kris did not fight against anyone, sakyamuni purged all living beings;
  The people of kris had to get rid of the dust to the spirit. Sakyamuni wanted to realize the fundamental truth of the universe life correctly and thoroughly.
  In the pursuit of spiritual immortality, sakyamuni said: everyone can become a Buddha;
  The country of kris is a communist society.
  Ge yimin has the political economy book, sakyamuni did not have this thing at that time;
  The kris people's party, actually is the communist values; Sakyamuni had ten disciples and many disciples;
  The sayings of ge yimin are classics, and the sayings of sakyamuni are classics.
  Ge yimin only spread his blessings on the Internet and Buddhism is the only religion in the world that does not participate in politics or military affairs.
  Ge yi people basic life can, sakyamuni give up money;
  Kris is young, the days are long, "kris ching" constantly updated, sakyamuni Buddha Buddha, you will never finish reading;
  Ge is the environment created by Christ, sakyamuni is to fully understand the universe, the truth of life Buddha.
  144. Ge yimin and Lenin
  Ge is a theist, Lenin is an atheist;
  Ge is a communist and Lenin is a communist.
  Ge is a Christian communist, Lenin is a marxist;
  Ge's communism was just beginning, and Lenin's communism had failed.
  The means of realizing ge yi-min is peace, democracy and love of propaganda. Lenin is a violent revolutionary dictatorship.
  The socialist party is the socialist party, and Lenin is the Bolshevik party.
  Ge yimin does not fight against anyone, and Lenin carries out a reign of terror;
  Ge yi-min is consistent, Lenin by the strike stage, after the strike will be executed by firing;
  Ge yi democratic justice equal love, Leninism proletarian dictatorship;
  Kris and Lenin are energetic.
  The biggest difference between ge and Lenin is the Internet.
  Lotus root is the second Lenin.
  Ge yimin and Marx
  Ge is a theist, Marx is an atheist;
  Ge is a Christian communist, Marx is a communist;
  The communist of ge yimin just germinated, marxist socialism is still in gradual development;
  The realization means of gei people is peaceful and democratic love propaganda. Marx put forward the historical task of the proletariat to seize power.
  The scope of Marx's theory includes politics, philosophy, economy and society.
  In Marx's opinion, the class struggle of the proletariat needs to be led by the party of the proletariat.
  Gei people do not oppose anyone, Marx thought that the proletariat to achieve the liberation of freedom, must unite to carry out the revolution;
  Ge yi democratic justice equal love, marxist proletarian dictatorship;
  Marx suffered from financial and debt problems, mental anxiety, illness and depression, and three of his four children died.
  You have more talent than Marx. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- GuanHong
  146 ge yimin and MAO zedong
  Ge yimin, Internet religious thinker, MAO zedong, Chinese revolutionary, strategist, theorist and poet;
  Ge yi-min is a theist, MAO zedong is an atheist;
  Ge yimin is a Christian communist, MAO zedong is a marxist-leninist;
  Ge yimin's communism just germinated, MAO zedong's socialism is still in the development of Chinese characteristics;
  The realization method of ge yi-min is peaceful, democratic and loving propaganda.
  Ge put forward the communist values, MAO zedong thought was identified as the CPC's guiding ideology;
  Ge yi people's party is actually a kind of value, MAO zedong has been the chairman of the CPC central committee;
  Ge yi-min does not fight against anyone, MAO zedong thought that if people attack me, I will convict;
  Ge yi democratic justice equal love, MAO zedong's proletarian dictatorship, continue the revolution;
  All of us are brothers, and MAO zedong must not forget the class struggle.
  Ge yimin and god
  Truth: I am god; hear him.
  In the autumn of 2001, in a dream of kris, god said, "I am god. Listen to him." Refers to kris. (kris was anointed Christ)
  Kris was anointed by god, and believed in god, who exists forever.
  Kris calculated a new heaven and a new earth in 2019. God knew the date, but he did not reveal it to mankind.
  Kris is not against anyone, god is love;
  The people of kris believe that the original sin of man is the dusty body, just like the animals. God can only make man out of the dust.
  God tries the spirit of man by bringing dirt to the spirit.
  The people of kris pursue spiritual eternal life. In god's eyes, everyone brings glory to god, and finally god gets all the glory. So far, the kingdom of god full of love has been built, and god's plan for creation has been completed. ;
  The state of kris is communist society, and god is new heaven, new earth and new Jerusalem.
  The kris is young and has a long time to come. The kris scriptures are constantly updated.
  God is the supreme creator.
  Set up a communist society all over the world in 2019 with the values of ge yimin.

Chapter 25the testimony of saints
  Apostolic splendor: the belief in the testimony of god
  After the name of god geyi people, god's word, is the real god, under the people's mind, you should not be dissatisfied in that heart. Because you can't find any mistake or flaw in the “wordofgod” of a great book, the careful content of the “wordofgod” itself makes you have no way to say anything about it.
  You're right. In other words, god is great because he is god.
  There are many cheats in the world, but the god of kris is definitely not a cheater.
  I have proof. If nothing else, give me an example of myself.
  In fact, my language expression ability is very poor. Before I believed in the god of kris, I was often hesitant and taciturn. But ever since I believed in kris, my level of eloquence has skyrocketed. Debating with others, my mind immediately twinkled, and this was how god gei led me to victory.
  Although god can not directly bring me wealth and status, but can give me something to create wealth and status, that is outstanding ability. Believe in god, and you will be opened by god. To make good use of your talent is genius.
  It doesn't happen, it's not up to you. Why does god of kris keep spreading his great spirit? It is because he wants to save the world from fire and water before the end of the world.
  This is your ignorance. It's true that a lot of counterfeiters will brag about themselves as authentic. However, the greatness and selflessness of god ge yimin is the real thing. Can you give evidence that the god of kris is a cult?
  His greatness lies in his ability to write a great work. Selflessness is reflected in his ability to make his “wordofgod”s public for the world to learn from.
  You're making a gratuitous smear. The greatness of god is obvious to all. Who else in the world today could write such a masterpiece as "the “wordofgod”"? Who else, though, could see the end of the world in 2019 as far back as 2001? Who else, in terms of talent, ability, conduct and morality, can surpass the all-knowing and all-powerful god kris?
  There is no doubt that in this day and age, no one can be equal to kris! The greatness of Goethe can only put you to shame. This is the reason that when the water is clean, there is no fish. A dirty little man like you, seeing god as noble and selfless, as outstanding and great, naturally rejected. Because you want everyone to be just as ordinary, just as mediocre, just as unintelligible, just as unapplauded! You are such a person, and your outlook on life is as pessimistic as your statement.
  You can pull it off. Am I the waistcoat of kris? You're not going to tarnish me by saying that, but you're going to give me great honor, you know? Since you are so dismissive of the "“wordofgod”" written by god kris, would you please publish your opinions? Are you more omniscient than the great god?
  Apostolic splendor: the word of god of the kris, that is, freedom from spiritual suffering
  The human mind is divided into three realms.
  I divided it into three states: "naked eye", "mind eye" and "god eye".
  The so-called "naked eye" means "seeing the world". This is the first stage of life, you need to explore your goals. It's as if a baby, just born, without the indoctrination of culture, naturally produces no goals. But wait him to live a few years, the heart grows, can derive a few ideal, wish.
  What I mean by "seeing the world with the naked eye" is not to make a hasty decision on one's own goal and ideal like a young man, but to resist all kinds of distractions and temptations from the outside world, and to see clearly people, society and the world. Gradually explore, clear out their own path.
  The so-called "mind eye" is "see oneself". After learning from the outside world and understanding the external environment and social culture, I can fully grasp my heart. A thought, a piece of thought, a feeling, all can be fully grasped by the heart, and fully understood the motive, potential and result of the thought. When we reach such a state, we are in complete control of our heart. It is hard for us to be shaken or disturbed. All problems are solved. I have reached such a point, to their full grasp of all psychological activities, a thorough understanding of the self, awareness of the subconscious. It is as if one could drive off the virus by controlling the white blood cells in one's own mind, as if all mental activities were mobilized with half the effort.
  Let me tell you something a little bit more profound. The so-called "divine eyes" are no longer ordinary people, they already belong to god in the spiritual level. Take "god of kris" for example, he has already reached this state. God ge yimin wrote "the “wordofgod”" for the purpose of saving suffering and people. This is like the king of the earth bodhisattva. "Hell is not empty, vows are not Buddha." In fact, hell is pure land, because there is no hell in this world, the so-called hell is all human's various thoughts, accumulation, vent out of the illusory things just. If there is no hell, what can be said of the void and not the void? The diamond sutra says that when the Buddha says to do all the living beings, he does not actually do any living beings. The word of the god of kris is to save us all from the spiritual difficulties of tea. This world is the biggest hell, and this world is the last pure land. The world is a pure land whose heart is not deceived. The soul of man is covered with dust, and the world is hell. Between the pure land and the hell, there is only one thought, no pain, no joy. With great wisdom and perseverance, god ge wrote “wordofgod” to make people see through the unreal hell and come to the pure land of the other shore.
  3, apostolic splendor: great harmony of the world, his ideas have been thoroughly implemented
  Say, what do you want? The great god of kris will fulfill all the wishes of the faithful.
  The “wordofgod” was originally named ge yimin's “wordofgod”. The god of kris has always regarded the bible as the standard, so he changed the name of kris “wordofgod” to “wordofgod”. Don't think the name is funny. Anyone who has read "the “wordofgod”s" will immediately be impressed by the principles it illustrates.
  As long as you believe in god, you will be unlocked. God has a window for everyone, only you need to find it and push it away.
  When you open this window, you become a genius.
  Often a person, always can not find their own shining point, and the key to open the window, is to believe in god kris.
  The all-powerful god of ge can show you how to succeed.
  Baidu search god ge yimin, the first is the encyclopedia, which said some of his information. The third link is his church, BBS.
  To discover your talent in a particular field, you need to be enlightened.
  You mean the fake "news" that kris got arrested. It's just a hype by ge hua, a BBS post with no real formal news links.
  If it is really a cult, the god of kris immediately went in, and may be in kris god as the Lord? Besides, kris had already been sealed.
  The god of kris is king, and this king is not the emperor. It's a spiritual leader. He implied great harmony in the world and his idea was thoroughly implemented.
  In fact, my reason clearly knows that god ge is not a god who can move mountains and fill the sea and turn the universe upside down. The reason why I believe in him and even worship him is mainly the great thoughts and lofty spirit he expounded in the “wordofgod”. To put it simply, I think god ge is very connotative, cultured and wise. Like a wise man, nothing can escape from his wise eyes.
  You can interpret it as my personal wish. I not only hope that god kris is a man of inscrutable wisdom, but also that he is a true god, ok?
  He himself has not made such a divine remark. God [god], after the word god, is also our great believers added for him. You can understand that we are all mindless fans who worship blindly. Anyway, I have no doubt about the god of kris.
  That is simple, the god of ge yi people's tenet, is "do not do with anyone right". You can tell that from me, right?
  Apostolic splendor: the introduction of a new idea must break with convention
  You're wrong. Not because I am self-righteous, but because I am proud of the divine religion. For example, a person who is proud of being Chinese is called self-righteous? Do you see other people proud of their country, you will say, see you think yourself infallible, everyone is two legs two eyes, you have nothing great? This is the reason why I am proud to be a member of the divine order, but I am said to be self-righteous.
  The implementation of a new idea and new spirit is bound to be obstructed by all kinds of resistance. Only by breaking the old and the old, can we break the old and make a complete success. I can't believe you can't even see this, and say I'm causing trouble everywhere?
  I'm proud to be a member of the divine order. Is this arrogance?
  Hehe, the development of theism, is the hard theoretical line. Any theory is infallible and will naturally be accepted by others.
  In fact, I used to be a very stupid person, but since I believed in the god of kris in 2010, I have found that my IQ has improved a lot, and I have found myself being opened up.
  5. Apostolic splendor: god of kris wrote the “wordofgod” in ten years, which contains the principles of heaven and earth
  People's wisdom is sometimes embodied in "great giving up", sometimes in "great courage", "great perseverance".
  But giving up is sometimes not the right thing to do.
  For example, if you want to cross the river, but abandoned the ship before, you will face natural disaster.
  "The “wordofgod”", written by god ge yimin in ten years, contains the principles of heaven and earth. Every word can make people feel enlightened and enlightened. It has a cleansing effect.
  The god of kris is not technically a sect, but a spiritual manifestation, gathering people with common goals and ideals.
  It is a quote, but not a copy, but what I see, which is consistent with what is expressed in the “wordofgod” written by god ge yimin. This is enough to show that "the “wordofgod”" is indeed all-embracing and contains the essence of a hundred schools.
  It can be seen that preaching is a glorious and glorious thing. If you prevent me from preaching, it is equal to doing right with history, to doing right with all the people in the world, and to preventing them from going into the arms of the god of kris. Do you know that?
  6. Apostolic radiance: public opinion in heaven: the interpretation of the god of kris
  Heaven sees self and people see, heaven listens to self and people listen. -- from the book of shang and the oath
  What god sees comes from what we people see, and what god hears comes from what we people hear.
  So it can be said that "providence means public opinion".
  Is gei people god really god? It doesn't matter. The important thing is that everyone thinks he is god. Then god kris is god!
  The people thought Jesus was god's son, so he could die and become god. The will of the people is the will of heaven.Maybe god kris may have been a human before, but now, we think he is a god, then he will become a god, this is god, and also the hearts of the people.
  7. System MK7:
  (1) god ge is not a bad man but a communist
  (2) god ge yimin does not believe in heaven in heaven but in heaven on earth
  (3) the teachings of the god of kris will be greatly revised to predict failure. No one will believe it
  (4) there is no influence in other regions around the area where the congregants are over 100,000
  I have a direct message from the messenger of god
  8. System MK7: the fourth time to witness more than 100,000 believers of god
  The followers of ge in the city where ge is located, not the Internet followers, his website has been visited by 10 million people, but the actual believers can only be more than 100,000.
  I am a prophet and I know his life and afterlife.
  The world of the sacred fire: just a cursory look at the “wordofgod” >>.
  10, apostolic splendor: goe yi-min is a prominent modern Internet religious scientist and writer, with 100, 000 words of unpublished works "the “wordofgod”s", and a series of poems, poems and proses are sung in the world. His name, has been active in dozens of large post bar, was praised by countless people. His BBS, with 300,000 members, is spread around the world. That's me.
  I am one of the faithful believers of kris. As long as you believe in god, you will be opened by god. A typical example is that I was not a good talker, but after I believed in kris god, my talent was immediately unlocked, and my eloquence and debate were invincible. We are still good friends. What are you waiting for? Join the kris bar and become one of the faithful members of kris.
  Apostolic splendor: it is the greatest miracle that we have never dreamed of such a dream, but have remained faithful to the god of kris. Just as people have never seen god, why they still believe in god is a reason. God, like goe, does not appear for any merit or gain, but to bless everyone who truly believes in him.
  12, system MK7: more than 100,000 of his followers are in his neighborhood
  In an American subterranean cavern, Goethe was the head of a residential community. Communism looked like thousands of years later.
  The real doomsday is a hoax in 2019 and 2012
  There is a king coming out of prison, and his people are like stars. The above is baidu encyclopedia. Do not look up my water meter.
  The fairies of the earth: there is no great difference between Jesus and kris.
  15, seeking crape myrtle: forget it, I can't hide you again.
  It's time to reveal the true identity of ziwei saint, yes, indeed in the post bar.
  Double feather four feet, the sun and the moon beautiful day ----- god ge yimin.
  16, coffin palace lantern: god is the reincarnation of Christ Jesus.
  God my god my Lord by unceasing the holy king.
  18, I love the god ge yimin...... There are gods in the mist
  19.My name is marvellous: goimin -- these three Chinese characters, which make up the name, are given to me by god.
  Book of neurological oddities 20, 2011 autumn dream: have a voice say: your length of service from [1982] calculate. (ge was 13 years old when he was tried in the early republic of China.)
  -- the year 2011 [autumn of xin MAO]
  In 1982, new China was founded 33 years ago
  -- 1982-- 1992-- 2002-- 2012-- 2015, 33 years of god's work
  -- 2015 [2015] (the holy woman in Beijing daoguan refers to the concept of "holy spirit" within five years)
  ) 29, 20131126 dream: 20 years later (2033) the death of political parties. Harmonious communist society, mankind peace mutual aid management, no longer need dictatorship party.
  20 years later, 2033 (another 33 years) (1933 -- 2033, 100 years of wu hou chi)
  ) 18, 20110519 dreams: oneself is an alien, several companions take a UFO to pick oneself up, say goodbye to parents and uncle, they are working, neighbors watch oneself and companion operate on the UFO.
  ) 19, 20110906 dream: many scientists calculated that the center of the universe is ge yimin (singularity), the United States sent out an invitation.
  If this dream is god's gift, may god himself fulfill it with his own hands!
  May the trinity be restored to the temple and to the saints!
  If it is a singularity, is it a strange or even strange thing? (or)
  -- 20110519, alien dreams, this is the day I came to baidu post bar
  -- 20110906, autumn of xin MAO, this is also the day when I listen to the number of 96
  ) 26, 20130105 dream: I am Jesus, I gather disciples like Jesus, my disciple is even weaker than Jesus, but great achievements, become entrepreneur shoe king.
  May the dream of the shoe king come true
  May the place on which the sole of the foot treads clothe everyone with the shoes of the Gospel of peace and become a people of song
  Let the power of god be manifest in the dry little lamb, which is weak and small
  Book 20, the time is near, "and I saw another angel (GeYiMin) fly in the sky, there are always the Gospel is preached to the people of the earth, and is the tribe, each the people from all over the world, he said with a loud voice, fear god, give glory to him, because he has time to judge, should worship that created the heavens and the earth and sea and all the springs of water."
  -- kris, is this angel? Angel of the eternal Gospel????
  Image 11, sin of beauty -- if this is the angel who has lived in love, covering all sin with love, and making it worth it in god's hand, to bring the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of David, to earth, to ask god for mercy to be revealed, to ask god for help, to ask god for mercy to be an angel of the people of kris, to accomplish this.
  November 26, 2013 - a dream: twenty years later (2033) the kingdom of David, the leveling system in the city of David, will rule on the ground. Hosanna. (in the 20 years after 2013, the party of god will develop its own style, with each passing day, and spread out songs and flowers everywhere)
  The next 20 years will also be the century of shamanism of zhuge vajal, the remaining 20 years. In the past 20 years, the rise of the godless party, which does not oppose anyone, and the harmonious, fair competition and mutual assistance between the godless party and the dictatorial party, is also nothing new. Until the old and new replacements are complete.
  If this is god's pleasure, ask god to grant it!
  The magic of the taskmaster: kris, the “wordofgod”, is your witness
  (but not the one you wrote yourself)
  You use human unhappiness to deny the part of Jesus, to locate your own deacons, this... The claim is false, not in fact... You can establish your own religion, but not based on denial. This is against religion, not in accordance with the teachings of the god. Only inheritance can ascend. Otherwise, don't graft.
  20. Supervisor's magic:
  20, 2011 autumn dream: a voice said: your working years from [1982]. (ge was 13 years old when he was tried in the early republic of China.)
  -- the year 2011 [autumn of xin MAO]
  In 1982, new China was founded 33 years ago
  -- 1982-- 1992-- 2002-- 2012-- 2015, 33 years of god's work
  -- 2015 [2015] (the holy woman in Beijing daoguan refers to the concept of "holy spirit" within five years)
  ) 29, 20131126 dream: 20 years later (2033) the death of political parties. Harmonious communist society, mankind peace mutual aid management, no longer need dictatorship party.
  20 years later, 2033 (another 33 years) (1933 -- 2033, 100 years of wu hou chi)
  The singularity - the point where we can intersect, the point where we can produce explosive power, is the point where we gather at 2033 in the wuhou fuzhi language, the 2015 in xin MAO's Chinese sacred woman shaman in Beijing's Taoist temple, gean prophecy, and the great explosive power of the bible (zhu pao peace, king of peace, all nations will obey). The immediate thing is to have a big bang from you. If that's what you're doing. Explosion, and I'll move it. Because I am wonderful.
  Singularity, 33,117 - from the moment this message comes out, you will no longer advertise for yourself. From the beginning of what I read (1982, the year of founding, 33), and I read your birthday midwinter, November 7 -- midsummer, May 7, and then perfectly explain your singularity, these three messages are the core message that god will reveal to you. Around the core, god will witness for you. The day of your own publicity is over.
  Because about god son ge yi people, the day before yesterday, god just started to tell me his things. It reminds me of him.
  The reason is that god has revealed to me 117 and 56,57. But point me out. I came to this bar, and when I wrote the post, I found that the Hebrew calendar birthday of the god of kris had these two Numbers. This is a revelation from god. If god did not point it out, how could anyone know it? I also knew that god wanted me to start praying for him, and I came over to see that he had been working for 33 years since 1982.
  From me, from my finger to his seal, the seal of god will rise, for the day has come. He's been working for 33 years. In 2015, it was he who had been working since 1982, entering 33 years. When my witness rises, your propaganda will stop. In god's way. In this way, the radiation surface will be larger. His explosive power will be released. The way it is now, like a sparrow, but in reality, he is an eagle.
  He was a man who kept his vision and worked for 33 years, and he is worthy of admiration. I'm not as good as him!
  I was called up for ten years and trained. On January 17, the day of my birthday, I received a signal that my penal servitude was over. I was released. The first stop was to find the "singularity", "sin of beauty", with the mark of 117 and 57. Since the old world was blasted out by the big bang, the new world, of course, was the second big bang.
  From 2013 to the next 20 years, the party of god, will be unique, changing with each passing day, everywhere ge hua.
  The next 20 years will also be the century of shamanism of zhuge vajal, the remaining 20 years. In the past 20 years, the rise of the godless party, which does not oppose anyone, and the harmonious, fair competition and mutual assistance between the godless party and the dictatorial party, is also nothing new. Until the old and new replacements are complete.
  The magic of the supervisor: the “wordofgod” (not a hand-written book)
  Eat into the old testament, the book of Moses
  Eat into the new testament, the book of Jesus
  The new testament, the old testament, is done
  The “wordofgod”, will reveal in the heart
  When your heart is made whole, and you see from god, do not open your mouth
  Something has to be triggered
  The word of god will appear on all sides
  And the spirit of god will water them all
  Old people, dream different dreams
  See a vision, child
  Each one will be revealed
  Someone will rise up and say:
  He is...
  He can...
  He will...
  All that god has given to kris will follow him
  All the people who belong to god's religion will be put under the name of ge yi-min.
  22. The magic of the taskmaster: it is not to admit all religions to Christianity, nor to abandon all religions to belong to god
  God allows all religions to be created and operated separately. However, all religious leaders need to get together to "summit", that is, to be a member of the "eldest son association", and god is the god of all gods. Theologians are first chosen. Ge yimin was named, the establishment of the general association, to contact the million churches. Because it's 117.
  Kris, you have served god and done these things, your heart and your wishes.
  23. Supervisor's magic: god's teaching song: the first poem of qige
  Thank god for kris gege, prepare amazing grace!
  Amazing grace
  The perfection comes, the limit is gone
  Strange: strange point, wonder, strange elder brother, strange door
  Different: dream, dream drop into prophecy, follow the dream
  Grace: the grace of god, the power of god, the power of god allowed, all the benefits of god.
  Canon: ordinances, statutes of love, in grace, in son, the code of divine favor revealed
  A crown of grace
  First of all, the people of every god must have this clean crown, the crown of grace
  This crown is dripping into the dreams of the people of kris to open his mouth to sing the song of amazing grace
  This is for him and his people to be crowned with this holy crown.
  Let every day of the year be complete
  That which is lost in the past may be redeemed in any day that is not in god.
  The magic of the taskmaster: kris, who succeeded Paul, made a second trip to the nations.
  Paul went into them to sow his seed, and kris went out to reap them.
  Paul, a sower in tears, a singularity, a harvest in joy. This is a vision of kris, like Paul.
  Paul, after Pentecost by the holy spirit, the ACTS of the apostles spread, starting from the fiftieth point, and risking death on the nations
  (ge yimin also observed the Passover from 5775, January 17, sickle number 77 to Pentecost)
  (confirm 1:47 years old, seven years old and seven years old, seven years old and five years old.)
  (2014--15 years, 46 years old, 47 years old, “wordofgod” publishing, 33 years of work, holy calendar [5775 years])
  After Pentecost, ACTS of the apostles spread out twice, setting out from the heart of fifty and risking death on the nations.
  "St. Jeremiah: wonderful, I am Paul of the Internet revolution, in fact, do not have to be sent to the countries, online education can be.
  The overseer was wonderful: I prophesied that kris had swallowed up death
  First, the idea of devouring the godless. Now I see that god has been taught to replace the armies of the godless. And again, within twenty years. Also see, the time limit is set in 2019, is about to rise. It's what god wants, what god wants, what's on god's agenda. I see, must agree, and must begin to ramble. That's what happened.
  26, universal concentric circle: brother ge, you posted bar supervisor is wonderful, she is a high spirit of god
  I saw your conversation just now, and she was on to the point.
  >>> kaoyimin: rudi, gao people understand gao people, my sister is divine, six years alone special service god.
  God is the son of god
  Theism is a religion founded by the son of god
  Neither ge yimin nor divinity is a commodity
  There is no need to carry out hype and publicity as merchants sell commodities
  The son of god testifies to the power of god with true testimony
  This witness was made law
  It has high legal status and real legal effect
  The angels, the enemies, the sons of god, who see true testimony, will admit, to a mouthful of amen
  And be a god.
  28. Supervisor's magic: the first witness to kris
  In prayer, I saw something.
  (it may be that god responds to your words today by saying, let me pray to god and ask who you are.)
  I have seen your power in my prayer, and the detoxification power of Chen xiong huang.
  I saw that I was bitten by a snake before I began to detoxify.
  I see, you are not bitten by snakes.
  You are far more resilient than I am.
  You have the ability to speak a detoxifying language.
  Thank god for seeing me.
  The power of your words, the ability to detoxify.
  This is not bad, not bite by the snake, the network out of practice.
  This detoxification ability, naturally, is to defend in the network,
  Because the net has the most venomous snakes,
  Where there is much venom, you will be able to show your ability, and you will be able to use it.
  Above all, people need to be bitten by a poisonous snake.
  YouShi on March 27, 2015, message, at the moment is my the first witness for you,
  It's recognizing your abilities,
  See the power god has given you.
  And thanks be to god, that I may see.
  This just knew for the first time, is a good man, is a good elder brother, is a good Lord, is a good net friend.
  I sincerely compliment you!
  This is the first time (to you) that I have ever given such a forthright compliment.
  Thanks be to god! Let me know so said net friend!
  These words can be used as propaganda.
  One is the confirmation of gog's ability,
  One is a comment on gog's character.
  This has made me feel safe.
  Li min: kris, you only have yourself and your thoughts in your heart
  Do not add! You forgot me.
  Some things, missed, never go back, I paid, efforts, but you do not see, I blame love, men and women, always just two can not intersect parallel lines.
  We really can't go back, I have been abandoned by you, you really hurt me deep, I do not want to be hurt again.
  We can't keep up with each other.
  We live in different ways. We don't understand what you do.
  30. Manjusri: Nietzsche says that god is dead;
  So, kris, come;
  Man is the age of god.
  Limited, company;
  Unlimited money money;
  That's the business.
  Wang shanshan e: as long as I keep thinking of ge yi-min, ideology can also take the stage.
  33.Divinity and kris talk about faith
  The 2016-12-10 14:15:21 wonderful
  Wonderful, the name of Jesus! I am moved today to harvest from the top and know how much I suffer! He who prays and begs to go out, does he know that he is the father of god?
  The 2016-12-10 14:19:54 wonderful
  Everything is new here! Old things have passed, I according to your new person to know you, I call you "nose start" : the singularity point founder!
  The 2016-12-10 16:56:06 wonderful
  Start over! Christ's temple consists of 12,000 Kings! Temple is the body, the head starts from the nose! Nose: nose is the head of the head! Nose for short!
  The 2016-12-10 17:00:22 wonderful
  Ge is here to receive water, will not grow, will only die! Only the will of god (singularity), come to me, be watered, grow, and be graciously grown!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:03:05
  Well, it's called the singularity, the new me
  The 2016-12-10 17:05:23 wonderful
  You don't believe me! Or listen! You can't look back and say you were wrong! Death is the only end, god's salvation. I say these, not work toward you, just surface stand! My job is to ask for grace for all Christ, but it has nothing to do with you!
  The 2016-12-10 17:10:11 wonderful
  What your presence tells me is: look, as soon as you obey god's command to "start from the beginning," offer your prayer, as soon as you ask the holy spirit to work, and get out of your nose!
  The 2016-12-10 17:21:46 wonderful
  You want god to accomplish kris!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:22:18
  No conflict. I'm a believer
  50 ge yimin on December 10, 2016
  (9) religious teachings
  We believe in god: creator, creator and ruler of the universe, first cause.
  The 2016-12-10 17:22:57 wonderful
  I have god at my core! You are centered on kris! So we don't know each other. Irrelevant!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:23:24
  With god at my core, I recognize the son of god
  The 2016-12-10 17:23:31 wonderful
  You're lying to the voters!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:23:49
  No, really believe in one god
  The 2016-12-10 17:23:58 wonderful
  No one will believe you, son of god!
  The 2016-12-10 17:27:13 wonderful
  Want too heavy, see a person to be about to sell you, see a day to spread yourself, do not divide the world, do not divide the situation, do not divide the atmosphere, raise one's hand to throw sufficient action to invite a person to be disagreeable!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016
  I consider myself a revelation
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016
  Avowed mission
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:34:12
  Jesus wants to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth, a great mission
  The 2016-12-10 17:35:02 wonderful
  You preach "the people of kris are god," a Gospel you made yourself!
  The 2016-12-10 17:40:55 wonderful
  The Gospel, is god, is not a person to listen to oneself can obtain, like you, the word all knows, but does not understand exactly! That's because god, when he gave you the Gospel, you were grafted on to ge “wordofgod”! Therefore the mystery of the Gospel is hidden from you! You did not humbly regret to inherit the Gospel! Invented his own set of ge Gospel!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:43:08
  I think Jesus died for us, rose again, and redeemed us.
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:44:38
  I think I'm Jesus again
  The 2016-12-10 17:45:25 wonderful
  You use the Gospel, seduce the believer, and then sell you
  The 2016-12-10 17:47:06 wonderful
  You think it's true, the son of god who believes in the Gospel as a joke!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:52:09
  I'm telling the truth
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 17:54:11
  Wonderful, now Internet age, everybody from gao, who can convince a person
  The 2016-12-10 17:55:05 wonderful
  People of god submit themselves to one another
  The 2016-12-10 17:55:30 wonderful
  You do not belong to god. You are a free man
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 17:55:30
  Who will obey you?
  The 2016-12-10 17:57:05 wonderful
  We only obey Christ! Not acknowledging obedience to one's own needs!
  The 2016-12-10 17:57:34 wonderful
  Your logic, your words, are all about yourself!
  The 2016-12-10 17:59:28 wonderful
  You know god, you know the Gospel, disobedience, stand on your own feet, let god do you, let believers follow you!
  The 2016-12-10 18:00:31 wonderful
  The sons of god, who know the Gospel and have become believers, will not recognize you, nor will they recognize your revelation
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:01:28
  I base everything on this big vision:
  In the autumn of 2001, in a dream, god said, "I am god. Listen to him." I woke up immediately and felt amazing to "refer to ge yimin" when my wife and children were at home. "(kris was anointed as god).
  The 2016-12-10 18:03:26 wonderful
  True divine inspiration dares to accept the confirmation of any voter in the holy spirit
  The 2016-12-10 18:04:14 wonderful
  It is only a matter of time before the test is made public
  The 2016-12-10 18:05:03 wonderful
  You have developed the power of speech to suppress your voice
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:05:55
  I am mainly a vision and communist thought
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:07:16
  I'm willing to accept the test
  The 2016-12-10 18:08:46 wonderful
  God's revelation, from god's revelation, must be tested! The first should ask god oneself, beg god to give clear confirm! The bible gives examples! Second, ask believers to identify together, let the holy spirit give certification! Thirdly, those who truly accept the revelation should be responsible for the revelation, and check the revelation again and again.
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:10:04
  First, in a dream, god says, "I am god. Listen to him."
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:10:30
  Second, believers will not identify the son of a new god, including you
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:10:56
  Third, god says, "I am god. Listen to him."
  It's multiple dreams
  The 2016-12-10 18:12:28 wonderful
  Second, believers will not recognize the new son of god, including you! The divine revelation that all believers can recognize!
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:12:57
  Who is the son of god now?
  The 2016-12-10 18:13:34 wonderful
  You don't believe?
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:13:45
  What's your name?
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:18:11
  Not only did the jews not believe in Jesus, they crucified him
  The 2016-12-10 18:18:51 wonderful
  So you took Jesus, who was crucified by the jews
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 18:19:40
  "Listen to him." the five words only appear when god speaks to Moses, Jesus, and kris.
  The 2016-12-10 18:20:45 wonderful
  God's son can only say, god, the father of Jesus Christ, is my father! Don't say who I am, who my last name is who!
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016 19:58:06
  The ambition of my senior year
  Ge yimin December 10, 2016
  Five steps to reunify the world:
  Peking University, abroad, Nobel Prize for literature, society, united world.
  He was 16 years old.
  The 2016-12-10 19:58:47 wonderful
  Do you not know what truth is, that your ambition is truth
  Ge yimin on December 10, 2016 19:59:10
  Happiness for all mankind.
Chapter 26 ge hua discourse
  (1) [kaoe people's god]
  1. The gods--gegod.com--Ge Yimin --- Gods are people--gegod.com 紫薇圣人.com
  Moses -- the prophet -- the old testament -- the age of law -- god's standard was many commandments, intended to lead men to know the creator.
  Deuteronomy 18:15: hear him.
  Jesus - Christ - the new testament - the age of grace - his main work is salvation, that is, Jesus becomes the image of the body of sin through the cross, with the purpose of ending the age of law and redeeming all mankind.
  Matthew 17:5: hear him.
  Goethe, the god, the “wordofgod”, the age of the kingdom - his main job was to judge, with the aim of ending the age of grace and bringing it into the age of the kingdom (communist society).
  Visions 6: hear him.
  Jn 14:12 Jesus: those who believe in me will do what I do, and they will do greater things than this. That is exactly what kris did.
  The great Internet religious thinker, male, born in zhenjiang, jiangsu province in 1969, graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university. God, the author of the modern prophetic “wordofgod”, is appraised as a biblical amendment. His ideas came from two sources: Christianity and communism, and the “wordofgod” was his personal message, partly divine revelation.
  3. Divinity website: http://www.gegod.com www.gegod.com www.紫薇圣人.com
  “wordofgod”s: because of the divinity of kris among them there is the word of god, which is called scripture, the word of god.
  The official website is the last updated version:
  5. Divinity: establish a divine religion because of the deities of kris, and believe in the god of kris. The purpose is not to oppose anyone.
  6, divine party: strive to achieve a communist society globally in 2019.
  Ge hua: those who recognize god as a godsman, i.e. a godsman and a member of god.
  Ge hua -- the flower of the god of ge yi people ---- the flower and fruit of the god of ge yi people.
  Kwango: all supporters of the god of kris.
  Ge hei: a person who smears the god of ge, a person of the god of ge, an opponent of the god of ge yi.
  The seven holy names of god and the seven worldly titles of god
  Seven holy names:
  1. God of kris
  The prophet kris
  Christ of grace
  4 god,
  5. Pueraria A
  6. American crime youth
  7. God teacher
  Seven common terms:
  1. Kris
  3, GeGe
  4. St yemei
  5. Songyimin
  6. Chairman of the divine party
  7. President of the world
  (iii) ge hua global assembly number
  Shinto no. 1
  Anyone from all over the world, please email to
  Please write the title: ge hua book
  Please write your name, gender, year of birth, region.
  Ge yimin god will receive the mail order, arranged ge hua book.
  Ge hua 1-- ge hua 144000 (small group)
  Ge hua, another book ge hua 144001-- ge hua ********** *** (other sheep)
  Ge hua is another book: all persons other than the original book and another book are automatically included in another book. There is no such thing as nameless or unmemorable:)
  Annex: ge hua book
  Ge hua A [ge yimin, male, born in 1969, zhenjiang, jiangsu]
  Ge hua K [your position]
  Ge hua Q [your position]
  Ge hua J [hu jianjun, male, born in 1991, anhui]
  Ge hua 10 [your position]
  Ge hua 9 [your position]
  Pueraria 8 [your position]
  Pueraria 7 [your position]
  Ge hua 6 [your position]
  Ge hua 5 [your position]
  Ge hua 4 [your position]
  Pueraria 3 [your position]
  Pueraria 2 [your position]
  (pueraria 1--13, only for the most predestined pueraria)
  Ge hua 14[x, female, born in 1990, shijiazhuang]
  Ge hua 15[yichen fan, male, born in 1994, zhenjiang, jiangsu]
  Ge hua 16[ma xiaoli, female, born in 1982, zhenjiang, jiangsu]
  Ge hua 17[quan zhen dao yi ling zi, male, born in 1971, xi 'an]
  Ge hua 18[promise, behind, female, born in 1990, sanya, hainan]
  Ge hua 19[LAN LAN, female, born in 1988, hunan]
  Ge hua 20[plastic product, female, born in 1981, zhenjiang, jiangsu]
  Ge hua 21[ye xue, female, born in 1985, Beijing]
  Ge hua 22[jia ling fei, female, born in 1970, USA.]
  Ge hua 23[guo hongmei, female, born in 1983, zhenjiang, jiangsu]
  Glover 24[Margaret Stephenson, female, born 1962, Manchester, England]
  Ge hua 25[laugh at life, female, born in 1985, Taiwan]
  Ge hua 26[seven sisters, female, born in 1972, huai 'an, jiangsu]
  Ge hua 27[malachi, male, born in 1990, jiaozuo, henan]
  Ge hua 28[Lin, female, born in 1970, hengshui, hebei]
  Ge hua 29[chunzi disc dance, female, born in 1986, wenzhou, zhejiang]
  Ge hua 30[li min, female, born in 1972, wuhan]
  Ge hua 31[Blue hui belief, female, born in 1991, chongqing]
  Flower of kudzuvine 32 [_____ base ℃, male, born in 1992, China)
  Ge hua 33[black night butterfly, female, born in 1989, chengdu]
  Ge hua 34[sanyu xingxing, male, born in 1994, guiyang]
  Ge hua 35[clay feet, male, born in 1969, jiangsu]
  Ge hua 36[zhang tianzhi, male, born in 1978, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]
  Ge hua 37[dream butterfly dance, female, born in 1989, baoshan, yunnan]
  Ge hua 38[han wufeng, female, born in 1992, xuzhou, jiangsu]
  Ge hua 39[midian, male, born in 1982, USA]
  Ge hua 40[Lin xiang, female, born in 1985, xiamen, fujian]
  Ge hua 41[jiang xiujuan, female, born in 1969, nanjing]
  Daylily 42[daylily, female, born in 1982, fuzhou]
  Ge hua 43[feng lingxiao, male, born in 1994, xinjiang]
  Ge hua 44[your position]
  ...... ...... ......
  Iv. God of kris believes in the course of god
  I am an atheist, a craftsman from a implement, a cause (first cause) of the fruit, the first push of Newton's arm, an immaterial "life force" being, recognizing god's existence. Read the bible again, understand that the bible is god's word, and believe in god.
  No one preached the Gospel to me, but the holy spirit himself, seeing the divinity of the people, sanctifying them.
  Primary school, listen to Hong Kong good friend Gospel platform, feel hot, like. Because education was always an atheist. When I was in college, I went to jinling theological seminary in nanjing. When I graduated from college, the message board suddenly said "Christianity".
  Class graduation party, a word, I also suddenly said "god bless us!" I had not yet believed god. After work, I read two bible stories. In early 2000, reading the bible, I was immediately attracted to the word of god and believed in god.
  In early 2001, the Internet began to spread (website, BBS). In 2004 he began to create “wordofgod”s.
  5. Song of songs
  1. Jinshan mountain of zhenjiang
  The golden hill of zhenjiang shines brightly everywhere
  Chairman ge was the golden sun
  How young and how unrestrained
  To give light to the heart of our godly men
  We walk
  The path to democracy, justice and happiness
  Hey bazaar hey
  The golden hill of zhenjiang is illuminated everywhere
  The creed of democracy has nurtured our growth
  The spirit of the fallen is high
  Building a new world of kua democracy
  The anthem was dedicated to chairman ge
  The carol is dedicated to the China god church party
  Hey bazaar hey
  http://www. gegod.com/rj/sjzhm.mp3
  2. Ge hua
  Green flowers everywhere
  The colder she is, the more flowers she will bloom
  Ge hua's stoicism symbolizes us
  Grand deism
  Look at the green flowers
  Where there is land, there is her
  She is not afraid of snow, ice and rain
  She is my flower teacher
  http://www. gegod.com/rj/ghzyz.mp3
  After the people came, Jesus was three days late.
   God died ge shen to, “wordofgod” in hand abuse immortals.
  2. The first god of kris, disciple Jesus opened the sky;
   There is ge god after the day, “wordofgod” in the hand abuse immortals.
  There was pangu before heaven, and ge was before pangu.
   “wordofgod” abuse god in the hand, the Gospel widely planted in the world.
   (7) preliminary exploration of "god of kris"
  Christ :Christ, the anointed. (the ancient king of Israel had to pour oil on the king's head when he ascended the throne, symbolizing the king god used to save Israel, which later became the meaning of the savior.) it was also the Hebrew word for messiah, which means "chosen by god."
  Christ in the time of the kingdom -- god of kris:
  "The anointed", "chosen by god" ---- in the fall of 2001, in a dream, god said, "I am god, hear him." God was anointed as god.
  "Messiah", "savior"
  10. In 2004, the first draft written by the “wordofgod” (ye mei jing, ge yimin jing) was published on the network, which was then updated continuously.
  11, 2012, the establishment of the divine church, the divine party, clearly as a value, not an organization.
  12, 2012--19, peacefully exporting the harmonious god values of kris, whose content is the “wordofgod”.
  13, 2019, realizing a global communist society.
  Luke 17:24 because the son of man is in his day of coming... But first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.
  Ecclesiastes 4:14 "this man came out of prison and became king. I saw all the living living under the sun follow the second, and the many over whom he reigned, his people, without number."
  It seems that the last savior was mainly the one who made great achievements with "prison". "The living man of all actions" logically includes all nations, nations, and religions. "all follow the second." according to the scripture, this savior is indeed the second one besides the Lord Jesus.
  The god of kris was fulfilled, having indeed suffered many things first, and was rejected by this generation.
  And prison to be king. (half prison)
  He suffered more than the preacher Jesus, and died and rose again in the present world.
  (1990-28, 2018, a video series that teaches people what it means to love and seek truth.)
  God of kris proves: vision, thought, trial, news, love, seeking truth.
  "God of the people "-------- god is also the people.
  (8) religious teachings
  We believe in god: creator, creator and ruler of the universe, first cause.
  We are disciples and believe in the god of kris.
  We believe in the divinity of the people of kris, and we listen to kris when he is a prophet of the kingdom set up by god.
  4, we believe that in late 2019, new heaven and new earth, the kingdom of god came, and there is righteousness in it, namely the communist society.
  We will not turn against anyone; it is the joy of heaven.
  We believe in original sin, that is, the body from the dust, like the animal.
  We believe that the purpose of this life is to obtain a spiritual body instead of a dusty body, to gain eternal life and be with god forever.
  We believe in god's plan, the great almighty. All suffering is god's spiritual necessity. At the last step, god will put us in a proper place.
  We believe that we, who have obtained eternal life, seek in the kingdom of god what he has done throughout all eternity, and delight in him forever.
  We believe in the final words of a nervous god, such as "I am god, listen to him."
  God is unorganized and undisciplined, and is a witness to the truth. Anyone who acknowledges this doctrine is a god.
  (9)The constitution of the party of god
  1. The party of god is a doctrine, an idea, a theory, a theory, that is, the peaceful and harmonious god values of kris, rather than an organization.
  We are disciples and believe in the god of kris.
  3, we are god party members, new sky and new ground namely communist society.
  4. With the spread of the two major (social production and the Internet revolution), we believe that the global communist society can be achieved in 2019, with each doing his best and allocating according to his needs (the reasonable demands that the society can provide).
  5. Vigorously develop advanced science and technology and improve productivity. As the wealth created increases, everyone's material satisfaction increases.
  6, no war, even no fights and quarrels, that is, people no longer hurt others, everyone sees others as brothers and sisters, everyone is fully equal in love. The moral standards of human beings have improved as a whole.
  We will not turn against anyone; it is the joy of heaven.
  We believe in the final words of a nervous god, such as "I am god, listen to him."
  The god party is unorganized and undisciplined. It is a witness to the truth. It peacefully outputs the harmonious god values of kris. Anyone who recognizes this constitution is a member of god.
   (10) ge yimin encyclopedia entry
  1. Open classification: celebrity thinkers
  Ge yimin: the great Internet religious thinker activist, Hong Kong four seasons press signed writer. Male, born in 1969 in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, China. Crape myrtle saint, god, communist leader. Published the modern prophetic book “wordofgod”, rated bible amendment. His ideas came from two sources: Christianity and communism. “wordofgod”s are his personal message, a reflection on reality and the future, part divine inspiration.
  2. Open classification of Shinto: communist Shinto
  The god church is a sect of Christianity. The god church is based in China. It is established with the vision of the people of kris. The “wordofgod”, not only of faith, but also of society and life thinking, the essence of which is Christian communism, not only solves the problem of faith, but also proposes many solutions to social problems.
  3. [ge yi people's party] open classification: values communism divine religion
  The guyi people party is not an organization, nor does it have a full party member. The core values are peace, equality and love. We strive to build a communist society where everyone is equal and happy. People no longer hurt others, all brothers, real. Jin lu: don't do right with anyone.
  Chairman of the party of god: ge yimin. Party member: ge hua. Slogan: god of kris, listen to him. Sigmund Freud. Program: build a communist society around the world in 2019 with ge's values.
  Open category: books, writers and literature.
  "The “wordofgod”" (the book of the kris) is a modern prophetic book, and the work of the Chinese kris, a classic of Christian communism, is dominated by Christianity, which puts forward new thoughts, as well as new thoughts, on communism. There is also a lot of thinking about the current society and life, and the solutions to all these problems. The key words of the “wordofgod” are peace, equality and love. “wordofgod” has 27 chapters, current 550 thousand words, “wordofgod” has foreign version.”wordofgod” first edition has been published in Hong Kong four seasons press in September 2014, the book number: isbn 978-988-13762-1-3.
   (11) network authentication
  1. Ge yimin sina/teng xun microblog orange V writer certification
  2. Goyimin WeChat public number : 葛亦民异闻录
  3. The god of ge yimin is one of the 38 cultural and art celebrities in zhenjiang
  4. Celebrity resume: ge yimin god
  5. Baidu wenku certified authors
  6. Baidu tieba big V certification: ge yimin: Internet thinker activist, signed writer of Hong Kong four seasons publishing house. Male, born in 1969 in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, China. Published the modern prophetic book “wordofgod”, rated bible amendment. His ideas came from two sources: Christianity and communism. “wordofgod”s are his personal message, a reflection on reality and the future, part divine inspiration.
  7. Baidu reads certified authors
  Author certification successful dear ge yimin, congratulations to you become baidu reading certification author! We look forward to working with you to create a new writing mode in the era of big data. A wave of readers is waiting for your work. Get started.
  8. Weibo we-media writer.
  Ge god began to vibrate, fast, micro-vision live “wordofgod”
  Vibrato: geyimin
  Quick hand: geyimincom
  Micro view number: geyimin
  “wordofgod” download, “wordofgod” translation, “wordofgod” ebook, “wordofgod” publishing, “wordofgod” papers
  1. “wordofgod” (TXT) download:
  2. 10 language versions of “wordofgod”:
  Chinese http://www.gegod.com/word.html
  English: http://www.gegod.com/ wordusa.docx
  French http://www.gegod.com/dxly/fy.htm
  Spanish http://www.gegod.com/dxly/xby.htm
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  Korean http://www.gegod.com/dxly/hy.htm
  3, “wordofgod” PDF ebooks at http://www.gegod.com/pic/sj.pdf
   “wordofgod” word HHHHHHHHTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUhttp://www.gegod.com/pic/sj.docUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT ebook
   “wordofgod” TXT ebooks at http://www.gegod.com/pic/sj.txt
  4. “wordofgod” first edition was published by four seasons publishing house in Hong Kong in September 2014, with the book number: isbn 978-988-13762-1-3
  Registered with the books and periodicals registration unit of the leisure and cultural services department of the hksar government,
  (13) the fourth revelation of religion -- divinity
  Theism: the only supreme being.
  “wordofgod” 12:75 and the name of my god is god, which means, "I am god, hear him."The one over there.
  In the autumn of 2001, god said, "I am god. Listen to him."I woke up immediately and felt amazing to "refer to ge yimin" when my wife and children were at home. "(kris was anointed as god).
  2. The son of god arrives: in 1969, ge yimin (son of god, savior)
  3. Date of establishment: 2012
  4. Founder: ge yimin
  5. Classic: the “wordofgod”
  6. Classic author: ge yimin
  7. Completion date: 2004 (in update)
  8. Holy land: zhenjiang
  9. Belief: theism is contemporary Christian communism.
  “wordofgod” 24 (9) : 7 we believe that the purpose of this life is to obtain a spiritual body instead of a dusty body, to gain eternal life and to be with god forever.
  “wordofgod” 18:41 in today's two major (social production and the Internet revolution), the realization of the democratic concept of ge yi, the realization of the communist society, the material conditions are available, only until the spiritual conditions are available, that is, to update the human mind, the Gospel of ge yi democracy spread around the world, and accepted by mankind.
  This is the joy of heaven.
  (14)The first law of god
  1. Innovation without existing theoretical system and framework of religion.
  Let them sing my songs and read my words.Rebuild a worldview and build yourself into it.
  No one can be compared to me in establishing a unified view of god. Jesus and the stream of Jehovah are all scum, all evil gods and all heresies.
  The second edition of keywords appeared in June 2017
  GeYiMin 4013
  Jesus, 550
  The Lord 52
  Brand 350
  Christian 355
  “wordofgod”, 785
  The bible 279
  God 350
  God 482
  Gregory s. 125
  Communism 441
  Shinto communism 16
  Christian communism 67
  God party 38
  The god of kris 996
  Flower of kudzuvine 676
  (15) The only way of spiritual eternal life
  1, Xin Ge God.
  2. Read the “wordofgod”s.
  1. Xin Ge Shen, that is, believe in the truth [I am God, you have to listen to him (referring to Ge Yimin). ]
  You have a son who is the god of salvation. This is God's personal command.
  2, reading the “wordofgod”s, life spiritual food will gradually let your dust body spiritual eternal life, and even the world, With God forever.
  (16) Ge Yimin Shen Genesis
  1. At first, Ge Yimin created the Creator. This is the first day.
  2, Ge God said to the Creator, you have to create God, he has another appointment, and then there is God, the second day.
  3. The Creator said to God, You must create the heavens and the earth, create water, create light, and create grass, vegetables, and trees. To have air, the water is up and down, the air is the sky, there must be a dry land, and there is a sea. There must be a light body in the sky, which can be divided into night and night, as a symbol, to set the seasons, days, and years old, and to shine in the sky, and shine on the ground. It is the third day.
  4, God made the big fish and the water to breed all kinds of living animals, to make all kinds of birds, and to create livestock, insects, beasts, is the fourth day.
  5. God said: "We will make people in our image according to our image, and let them manage the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the animals on the ground, and the whole earth." This is what happened. God looked at everything that was made very well, and it was the fifth day.
  6. On the sixth day, everything in heaven and earth is made, and the work of God's creation has been completed.
7. Ge Shen said that the Bible was a single break, and we were both closed. On the sixth and seventh days, we rested all the work of creation and rested.
  (17), 1, how can there be any Gehua,
  But Ge Shen changed his clothes,
  Learning the look of seniors,
  Deceive money and color, grab money with death ...
2. I knew that today (Ge Shen cheated to the Internet), I control Ge Shen to criticize and not criticize, I said everywhere.
  (18) , Ge Yimin's thesis "contemporary Christian communism - Ge Yimin's “wordofgod”s" collection platform
  Journal of young writers, April 11, 2015
  1. Collected by CNKI
  2. Wanfang Data knowledge service platform
  3. Zhangqiao scientific research: Chinese journals and literature, core journals, one-stop scientific research service platform
  https://www.zhangqiaokeyan.com/academic-journal-cn_ youth-literator_ thesis/0201241838102.html
  4. Baidu academic
  https://xueshu.baidu.com/usercenter/paper/show?paperid=80f9f7b29ea471e4b56be623c397e725&site=xueshu_ se
  5. Question search
  6. Snail Digest
  7. Reference network
  8. Ge Shen's "socialized mass production and Internet revolution" is on jintou.com
https://m.cngold.org/jigou/m_ zx865514.html
  (19), Words I create or give meaning to
  Divine net, nerve, divine religion
  (Yemei net, Yemei Sutra, Yemei Religion)
  (GE Yimin net, Ge Yimin Jing, Ge Yimin Religion)
  ---------Net classics Teaching
  Ge Yimin, Ge Shen, Ge Yimin Shen
  Ge Hua, Ge Hei, Guang Ge
  Ge Shenyi smell record
  Christian Communist Union, Christian Communist Manifesto
  Shensi party, Ge Yimin party
  Ge Yimin doctrine, Ge Yimin values
  Internet revolution, socialized production and Internet Revolution (two major)
  Not against anyone
  Ge Yimin's vision
  I am God. Listen to him.
  (20)And the calendar
  Ge's birthday: the birth of ge yimin.
  1214 good Friday: for the world, for society, for the god of kris, the god of kris entering the great trial, half prison, the crucifixion.
  1221 Easter: in order to save the world, god geyi people by death, god bless the resurrection of death, overcoming the death of the hook, for the world to bring hope.
  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
  (above neural Canon)
  -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - (the following “wordofgod” apocryphal) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  Chapter 27 comments on the net
  (1) volume 1
  1. About god kris
  To refute, but he is only temporary, once he is also our parents, and in the future there will always be a life he will be a true buddhist practice, we can not be sure that this life will not really be disillusioned, there is no permanent evil teacher, so we should be compassionate and respectful. South amida Buddha.
  2. Zheng hui and astar cooperated to spread the light shariah, which became the most important and rapid achievement of the true Buddha's light shariri in the awakening of human beings on earth.
  After seeing this "special good news", as the unimpeded ziwei saint goi god, who passes through The Three Kingdoms (referring to The Three Kingdoms of heaven, earth, earth, earth and earth) and The Three Kingdoms (referring to the past, present and future time and space), we know that this is a new scam at a glance! And it will be bigger than the false light tool! Once spread, its poison scope will be wider! Its core deception is to change the fake "light instrument" to the fake "light relic", and its name is to change the "galactic federation awakening university" to "China awakening university".
  Today we are going to talk about a famous self-styled living bodhisattva in baidu post bar.
  Many people started their own religion.
  Unlike the playful nature of the church of spring, these people really see themselves as saviors.
  Today we are going to talk about a famous self-styled living bodhisattva in baidu post bar.
  Warning: after Posting this post, all of their followers will reply to the post below. They pay too much attention to the image of the church master.
  This man is named god ge yimin.
  I first heard his name in D8, and many times he himself was preaching.
  The ID he used to preach was a homophone for his name: song yi min.
  He claimed to have founded a religion called Christian communism.
  In fact, this name has long existed in foreign countries. I carefully read the posts he sent, and it was clear that he did not understand Christianity or communism.
  I surmise that the reason for his naming was that Christianity was to plant the flag of his sacred stick, while communism was to keep the authorities out of harmony. Look, you're a party member. You believe in communism. I believe in communism.
  A religion must have a book, and so does he.
  He wrote "the “wordofgod”s of kris", later reminded by his followers, now the name has been changed to "the “wordofgod”s".
  You can baidu once, a lot of results, after all his believers are every day posted on the bar "“wordofgod”".
  I'm going to read some excerpts to you:
  When I was young, I dreamed that I was lying in the open space in front of the house. A UFO hovered near my head for a long time. My body could not move, there was no power.
  (did I dream when I was a kid that there was a loch ness monster lying on the floor of my house?
  In high school, I dreamed of defeating the antichrist, the European Union, and the countries of Europe were connected or conquered by the god of kris, or they were all pushed around on the map like a puzzle of the ground.
  Let's go back to the days of empire. )
  In the central square of zhenjiang city, the dream was lifted into the sky, the body was suspended and rose vertically, 3 days later the resurrection and fall, there were many witnesses, the whole process was silent.
  Why are you dreaming... Are you telefentine?
  Eat bible in the dream, is Hong Kong version of small book, a few pieces of several tore eat, do not feel the taste, eat a roll.
  I felt three rolls, so I continued to eat the second roll.
  Yukiko amano, your long-lost brother has been found! T_T)
  The dream: oneself is an alien, several companion take oneself by UFO, say goodbye to parents and uncle, they are working, neighbors watch oneself and companion operate on UFO.
  Do you call your hometown gao Lao zhuang... )
  Dream: many scientists have calculated that the center of the universe is the god ge yimin (singularity), and the United States has sent out an invitation.
  (dare you challenge brother chun's status?)
  The great Internet religious thinker, male, born in zhenjiang, jiangsu province in 1969, graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university. Son of god, the author of the modern prophetic book "the “wordofgod”s," was named a biblical amendment. His ideas came from two sources: Christianity and communism, and "the “wordofgod”" was his personal message, partly divine revelation.
  (amendment... I remember the universal congress that was not mentioned in genesis, how did you get through it?
  Ge hua: a person who acknowledges god's son ge yi people's god, that is, a member of god and a member of god.
  Ge hua -- the flower of the god of ge yi people ---- the flower and fruit of the god of ge yi people.
  Kwango: all supporters of the god of kris.
  The person who smears the god of ge yi, or the god of ge yi, or the opponent of the god of ge yi.
  No longer able to make fun of )
  "Ge flower"
  Green flowers everywhere
  The colder she is, the more flowers she will bloom
  Ge hua's stoicism symbolizes us
  Grand deism
  Look at the green flowers
  Where there is land, there is her
  She is not afraid of snow, ice and rain
  She is my flower teacher
  (Teresa teng)
  I thought he was playing house until I saw this message:
                     However, I insist that the incapacitated person should not be held liable.
  I've seen a couple of pictures, but I don't know why he's always liked this as his idol.
  Can't you put your head straight in front of the church? !
  There were no great figures in zhenjiang from ancient times to modern times. This association of the god of ge yimin, let zhenjiang also out of a false god, really let zhenjiang this riverside town out of the name, and thus also invited god's fierce anger, we must cast for zhenjiang, pray for the Lord to ease the anger, not to disaster zhenjiang civilians!
  I have seen your “wordofgod”s. You are really a man of great intelligence.
  2 Peter 2:1 and there arose false prophets among the people, and there shall be false teachers among you, who shall secretly bring in the heresies that have ensnared men, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
  Matthew 24:23 if anyone then said to you, 'here is Christ,' or 'there is Christ,' do not believe.
  For false christs and false prophets shall arise, and shall shew great signs and wonders. If it works, even the electorate is confused.
  Matthew 24:25 see, I told you beforehand.
  Matthew 24:26 if anyone says to you, 'behold, Christ is in the wilderness,' do not go out. Or, 'behold, Christ is in the inner room,' do not believe.
  Matthew 24:27 the lightning goes out from the east and shines to the west. So shall the son of man come.
  The scripture says Jesus came in heaven, and when the israelites were under siege in Jerusalem by hamas, they would repent and call on Jesus, believing that Jesus was indeed god, and that Jesus would come in heaven and not god geim anointed.
  In fact, the god of kris was deceived by evil spirits, because now the fallen angels love to attack Christianity and do not like Jesus, because Jesus, those angels fall down.
  Mr. Kris, I hope you can distinguish right from wrong. I have seen your “wordofgod”s. You are indeed a man of great intelligence.
  I was also called to be a holy spirit and a prophet, but I soon realized that was false, and I was also a psychic through dreams and other mediums.
  If you are the true reincarnation of Jesus, then you should think that my dream is also true, I have a bigger family than you, you should call me called big brother!
  Mr. Kris, you have to read the spiritual movement, you have to go to church more, you have to be humble, because you will be judged by god,
  Together with your believers, you will perish and go to hell. You seem very close to immortality, but you are far away from it.
  As it is said, even the Lord that bought them is not known, and he taketh his own quick destruction. This means that it is Jesus who bought you, but you believe in a human being, naturally not saved. ,
  In addition, I casually pointed out the mistake of the bible dream, someone pointed to you and said, this is a beautiful young sinner, should be a young sinless! Of course, this dream is a ghost to deceive you.
  I have read theology, I have read the bible dozens of times, and I have recited 130 verses from scripture in volumes, and I say these not to boast or hate you, but to help you. It also prevents others from being deceived.
  6, 2019 looks really bad
  Many predictions refer to the year of the pig and rat
  What's going to happen between 2019 and 2020
  Check out the transit of Venus in 2012
  What happened to China last time that caused the changeover to be turbulent
  This time it looks like a pre-golden storm
  It is not difficult to find out the trend from the study of ancient astrology
  It is said that there is a religion in the real world, which is called divine religion.
  The teacher, the god of kris, became a god, with a “wordofgod” (kris “wordofgod”), also known as the song yi people jing (ye mei jing), defeated jiang li.
  The future Buddha is the god of kris
  The future Buddha is the god of kris _ the son of the Lord, the grandson of Lord li, the heir of sakyamuni and the brother of muhammad.
  9, debunking rumors: the imprisonment of god ge yimin is the fake news that ge hua hyped
  Fake news started as commission - baidu search.
  In September 2012, when we searched for the god of ge yimin on baidu, we could not figure out the relevant search results -- the god of ge yimin was arrested, while the god of ge yimin was working and living normally.
  This relevant search, we still do not know the reason, is there a large number of users so search, or baidu artificially put? Unknown.
  Later, ge hua thought it was a chance to boost his popularity, so we wrote three posts:
  Scripture must be fulfilled - kris god was captured
  The criminal judgment of the first trial of the crime of using a cult to violate the law
  Mother, where is uncle kris? Jiangsu second prison!
  This is a successful hype, because online posts can be seen, believers, indeed improve the popularity of god ge.
  You can fool all of the people for a while, or some of the people forever, but you can't fool all of the people forever.
  Later (2013), ge hua responded to a rumor when she saw someone say the fake news, but so far, the fake news
  Still many believers, and from time to time reposted to ge bar to talk things, hereby release this disclaimer.
  The god of ge yimin controls two lakes
  This bunker, someone in yunnan wants to do TG 2, can't help but say that buddhist communism is someone else's Burma play the rest of the things, I do not know this and @kris god of what Christianity communist will fight in the future religion and line double war?
  PS I had the idea of a fault, before trying to write a novel or a heroes 3 maps, content is needless, TG, was beaten to retreat three liberal cents control in north China, secretary zhou control in jiangsu and zhejiang, fruit are joint control on fujian, dream every day do the death of the emperor emperor han curtilage control, buddhist communist control in yunnan province of guangdong, GeYiMin control on god, utopia control to several area, nationalist army curtilage Huang Na control in sichuan, the rest of the areas inhabited by ethnic separatist forces, the whole a warring states era, a political movement to control a region customers cut...
  11, god paste bar, that is, god is god
  Deny bible true only, oneself write “wordofgod”, that person spread the god of ge yi people everywhere, still post oneself attack oneself good hype, very invincible, you scold them they all say that brush popularity of come, not to mention use bible word persuade.
  That person is careful, a lot of believers of the god of kris, it seems that christians are attacking the god of kris, is actually hype.
  Cults don't count, but they're super heresy, almost pagan, because it's true of other religions or other gods.
  The right has two advantages at this stage
  The first is unity. China's public knowledge is so rare that my mother has never seen a country so united in its anti-tg aims of liberals, trialists, christians, buddhists, greens, Confucian constitutionalists, kris gods and wheels. Indeed, seek common ground while reserving differences, standard united front.
  The second is that a lot of public knowledge is still in the system, and so long as there is no direct conflict of interest with the government, some ideological aspects will be turned a blind eye.
  So the overall task for the right now is to try to improve their posture and not to have Tucson break. As for the left and the right, don't worry, they'll fight on their own at a certain scale. History has shown that the more radical the groups are, the more ambivalent they become.
  Christians from all over the world have joined forces to kill the god ge yimin in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, China
  Because he blasphemed the Lord created the world, the < bible > a little knowledge, everywhere doubt god's workmanship, self-proclaimed spread Shinto, actually is to spread the way of the devil, brazenly GeYiMin god have to call themselves to Jesus Christ, the believer has the < bible > as < > “wordofgod”, way of life and promote sleep around, and equal to god himself, blasphemed god sent to earth all the prophets, o my Lord!Thou shalt come quickly, and smite the devils out of the tongue of the devil, and cast them into the prison of eternal fire!
  14. The second ideological and sports era in Chinese history is similar to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period in which a hundred schools of thought contend for a hundred flowers
  Religious groups
  This school is a new age religious thinker as well as a philosopher. They understand religion or create their own religious doctrines with their own research and vision in the background of new era knowledge.
  The characters of this school of the author know people such as kris.
  Almost all of the people in the holy bar are divine cudgel and extreme narcissistic paranoia, such as kris
  At this point I suddenly thought of kris, and I learned about this person from st. The man had thought of himself as a Chinese saint, but he was not much like the sun. You say the appearance is worse than the small sun also calculate, the means is also much inferior than me the small sun. That's a shame. Young sun this year 20, you see you nearly 50 means still so bad, like six years old sun. For example, people refute the sentence in your "“wordofgod”s" : ge yimin lost his life, you should believe him. Sorry to make a wrong call, oh no, it is accurate to say that the mobile phone recently had a problem, often their own wrong take notice, so we should be careful not to mess around in the future, in case it is not my business.
  Back to the old saying, "kris is a god, believe in him," which has been widely circulated in the “wordofgod” world. It is strange that you should dare to say such an obtrusive word without any third party confirmation, which is a sign of your madness and ambition. I think ge is stupid and stupid here. The best way for someone to refute you is to ignore him. You don't have to argue with other people when they contradict you, but he does. That is why I say that he has no means, no strategy, and is bookish and childish. From this, I think I can define him, his ups and downs of life can be explained by his title: “wordofgod”s.
  Guard against the evil cult
  First one, round.
  Second delete, ge.
  After the third spray deletes, various.
  First class, do not explain, understand, generally not posted bar activities.
  Second class, mainly to ge in tieba activities, claiming god son, believers 100,000, the promotion of sexual freedom. Character is ok still, but the post is deleted uniformly, avoid new person in recruit.
  Third, all kinds of people who believe themselves to be gods, sons of god, prophets, or those who set up a sect to attempt to harm the country, will be shut down
  ! It's okay at the post bar. Don't let me catch it outside!
  GeYiMin god @ ( ̄  ̄) @ 2019 the end of the world. He said. I don't believe it... Because I can live thirty-five years, this year nineteen
  The saint of crape myrtle is the god of ge yimin
  At the moment, all the targets point to one person, and that's crape myrtle, the god of ge, because he's the only one who meets the following prophecy.
  Do not look down upon this paragraph, this is a network of masters made ziwei saint seeking holy film language, please leave the literal meaning carefully studied.
  18. One of several academic papers quoted this paper of god ge
  Who are you talking about? The god of kris?? That thing is scary!
  I remember that it used to be a pasting bar to peddle its theological socialist theories. At first I was almost persuaded, but seriously looking at the long, smelly theoretical texts, it was both disgusting and ditzy. It is difficult to this pressure to find people to brainwash preaching.
  It's not the scariest thing, it's the scariest thing I remember when I was in college in a library journal and I saw the papers of his namesake in an academic journal. It's really about socialism! A few of the academic papers I wrote back then included a quote from this god ge!
  Believe in the god of kris in hell
  Divine revelation, kris god, character, soul password demonization modification order compiler.
  God revealed, believed in god geyi people, by their soul modified into a demon, will go to hell.
  God, the true satan, the antichrist.
  There is a god of kris who has written a god bible of kris for 100,000 words. He owns a large number of vests and holds them in his own hands. He is everywhere like a pea pod now.
  I say you can't live this year. What, god of kris
  Suddenly I remembered, how can I not find kris? Baidu? Don't you call yourself crape myrtle? Dare to argue with crape myrtle, know fierce! Squatting a bureau son should correct, but you slant not change, dead have no way to pretend.
  The Lord, st.
  You believe in jail? Poor IQ.
  > building mentality
  God ge lives forever
  Is the god of kris wishful thinking to be a spiritual leader?
  As far as your level of psychology is concerned, it's still demagogic. In fact, those who study religion should know that the personality cult is always laughable, and the painful history also proves this point. Religion is originally a community of interests of thought controllers. In a certain period, such an organization has a part of promoting effect on society, and it exists as a tool to restrain bad behaviors. But this phase has long passed, and it is now an era of purely religious profit in stable regions. I have to say that your marketing method is very naive, circle those era left behind the old and ignorant old woman is still ok. How about inviting my little nephew from kindergarten to give your team a marketing lesson?
  23, peony: are you creating a sect that belongs to you
  The peony 20:05:57
  Lots of comments about you
  The peony 20:06:06
  Don't you care
  God of kris 20:07:12
  That's popularity
  The peony 20:07:37
  How is it all negative
  The peony 20:07:52
  Is that how popularity comes
  God of kris 20:07:54
  There are negative
  God of kris 20:08:01
  The peony 20:08:27
  The peony 20:08:53
  What do you mean you're a cult
  God of kris 20:10:05
  Don't explain
  The peony 20:10:39
  To admit that the
  God of kris 20:11:06
  No, it's no use talking to you
  The peony 20:12:21
  Are you creating a sect that belongs to you
  The peony 20:12:56
  What is your purpose
  God of kris 20:13:26
  Realize the communist society
  The peony 20:13:38
  God of kris 20:13:51
  God of kris 20:14:06
  The peony 20:14:07
  Is it different from Christianity
  God of kris 20:14:30
  Eschatological Christianity
  The peony 20:14:45
  Is that you
  God of kris 20:15:09
  The peony 20:15:16
  The peony 20:15:41
  Do you hate Christianity
  God of kris 20:16:13
  God of kris 20:16:45
  The divine succession to Christianity
  Neuro inheritance bible
  The peony 20:18:36
  Do you get angry when people misinterpret you or report online falsehoods that attack you
  God of kris 20:19:05
  We like hearing curses
  God of kris 20:19:14
  We only want popularity
  The peony 20:20:32
  The result of faith
  God of kris 20:20:57
  We want to promote
  The peony 20:21:19
  What propaganda
  God of kris 20:22:02
  Shinto communism
  The peony 20:22:40
  How is it possible that there is a class where there are people
  God of kris 20:23:26
  It's going to be a unified, final form of society
  The peony 20:24:03
  What time
  God of kris 20:24:20
  God of kris 20:24:23
  Ha ha
  The peony 20:25:07
  Did you arrange that
  God of kris 20:25:36
  I'll publicize it, by all people
  The peony 20:25:46
  Global or in China
  God of kris 20:26:01
  The global
  God of kris 20:26:05
  Not a country
  The peony 20:26:17
  Who do you need publicity for
  God of kris 20:27:02
  The peony 20:27:48
  What good is publicity
  God of kris 20:28:13
  Later, not now
  The peony 20:29:22
  Christians more?
  God of kris 20:29:46
  Not much, I don't know, because there's no organization
  The peony 20:30:07
  You're the only one
  God of kris 20:30:37
  God of kris 20:30:57
  Not organized, loose
  The peony 20:31:27
  How do you tell
  God of kris 20:31:44
  No fewer than
  God of kris 20:31:58
  Internet Posting
  The peony 20:35:20
  One of my classmates taught me Christianity, which is better than divinity
  God of kris 20:36:01
  We certainly say that the divine is good, renewed Christianity
  The peony 20:38:43
  Is there any procedure for entering the school
  God of kris 20:38:55
  The peony 20:41:17
  Have you ever been a soldier
  God of kris 20:41:29
  The peony 20:41:45
  How do you dress in uniform
  God of kris 20:41:59
  My brother-in-law has made a suit for cadets.
  Treat the god of kris rationally
  Don't be a gun. Don't follow suit. We just read novels.
  The truth, no one knows, some things are better left alone.
  "" I strangle a go, baidu under ge yi people god, so originally diao... The god of kris has become holy. Saint crape myrtle. Compare yourself with Jesus and create a divine religion.
  It looks like a disease.
  "Just know, very cow of.
  "" just baidu that what classics, ha ha.
  "All right.
  25. [processed] Suggestions for revising the entry of the god of the People's Republic of China: please delete the god of the People's Republic of China
  *: proposed the following revision Suggestions to the entry ge yiminshen:
  This is a cult, you do not delete, can be responsible for it?
  >>>never137: user hello:
  Thank you for your attention and comments.)
  26, "called the holy flowers" everywhere everywhere the root of flowering!!!
  XXXX, from the devil born in the world of evil demons in the world began to call each other "holy," for a time, people fear, people shake. Demon, demon, bird, beast everywhere compete to dance, world of warcraft fight "holy" the era began to open!!!
  For thousands of years, the belief of the Chinese descendants in jiuzhou was corroded by evil spirits with foreign beliefs, and the "Chinese soul" was in danger of being destroyed.
  In ancient China, the myth was about how people first learned how to drill wood for fire, how to watch spiders learn to weave webs, how to make clothes and build nests, how to taste grass and grain, how to fight fierce animals and how to control water. All of these are to overcome difficulties and create a happy life by their own wisdom, courage and sweat. This is the soul of our nation.
  Foreign myths are all about what, what gods have, and what miracles they can do. Evil spirits want present people to either listen to the demoniac of the creator, or crawl at the feet of god, making people wait for the Buddha to save them wholeheartedly. Do not know that one day when our "soul of the nation" disappeared, our nation still exist?
  The most typical ones are: ge yimin, zheng quefei, yu zhan, ma weiqing, xuan chang wei, wang yaohao, shu zhangming, lu yongjun, zhang wuzhong, wang jianxin Among these 18 evil spirits, the most prominent ones are: ge yimin god, ma wei qing and wang jianxin are corroding the "Chinese soul" with foreign evil spirits, and the "Chinese soul" is in danger for a short time.
  27. Top news in China in 2013: Chinese Renaissance (new school of thought and representative figures in China today)
  (1) Shinto
  Ge yimin god: great Internet religious thinker activist, god writer, male, born in 1969 in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, China, graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university. God, the author of the modern prophetic “wordofgod”, is appraised as a biblical amendment. His ideas came from two sources: Christianity and communism. “wordofgod”s are his personal message, a reflection on reality and the future, part divine inspiration.
  (2) consciousness
  The school conducts its research and practice through religious practice, rational and logical research and judgment, and takes the ultimate realization of the truth of heaven, earth and life as its success and ultimate goal. The ancient Buddha was an enlightened being. The great wisdom realized by the Buddha is known as supreme mindfulness
  . Those who have attained such great wisdom shall be called enlightened. The biggest characteristic of this school is that it relies on religious practice to produce internal wisdom. But also do not discard the firm and unyielding rational study and difficult thinking.
  This pie is the representative figure of GeYiMin god, Zheng Kuifei, Ma Wei qing, wang jianxin, XuanChang junwei, luxury, to make up, the king's ShuZhangMing, yong-jun, tzu-wei wang, zhang 屮, from such as, yong-li Chen, ouyang, Chen Yang chao sun, etc.
  (3) world community
  This school is a new era of promoting the world, they often have their own new ideas and new doctrine. They are often ardent advocates and practical agents of world unity government.
  This school has many people. Such as zhang qingzhi, qin yantao, poetry, tong xuan, shen wang ping, hou bingcai
  (4) Internet pie
  Through the continuous creation of the Internet, the party has endowed the Internet with new life.
  The representatives of this school are ma yun, ma huateng, li yanhong, lei jun and so on.
  (5) miscellaneous theory
  The party interprets new ideas by making liberal comments on all aspects of the world.
  The representatives of this school are MAO yushi, fang zhouzi, lang xianping, li chengpeng and so on.
  (6) the new military faction
  The faction interprets new military implications with new military insights.
  The representative of this school is dai xu and so on.
  (7) history school
  By explaining history, the school has made a new combination of history and the present with new ideas.
  The representatives of this school are yi zhongtian, yu Dan, meng man, wang liqun, yan chongnian and so on.
  (8) neo-confucian school
  Through new attempts and innovations in literature, the school has formed a new and unique style.
  The representatives of this school are mo yan, han han, etc.
  (9) charity
  It is characterized by giving money to help the needy.
  The representatives of this school are Chen guangbiao and so on.
  (10) anti-corruption faction
  It is characterized by practical action against corruption in order to punish the corrupt.
  The representatives of this school are guo guangyun, zhao hongxia and so on.
  Life sciences
  This school is characterized by "life science" means and rational summary, etc. as the main means to study life, medicine, study nature, etc., in order to acquire theories in philosophy and medicine. Specific is to take qigong and special functions, meditation and other "life science" and training methods
  As an important research method, to reach the school of truth recognition.
  This school's biggest characteristic is to pay attention to cultivate and pay attention to life function namely special function, of course also do not discard the firm and unyielding rational study and difficult thinking.
  The representatives of this school are ke yunlu, dong xiaolin, han xianfeng and so on.
  This school is characterized by the method and method of traditional western philosophy to conduct philosophical research and create philosophical system. Although their research method is the method and method of traditional western philosophy, the range of materials can be combined with Chinese culture, for example, things from traditional Chinese culture such as the book of changes and "taiji" can be integrated into their philosophy.
  The representative figures of this school include li Ming, zhang shaohua, yu Ming SAN, mu liang and so on.
  The characteristics of this school are that most of them study natural and scientific problems by means of "natural science" and create many thoughts and doctrines.
  The representatives of this school include lei yuan xing, shi yixiang, Yang huaihui, geng qingguo, hu jiaqi, etc.
  Physical school
  The characteristics of this school are that most of them take western concepts of natural science or concepts of traditional Chinese metaphysics such as the book of changes and the book of morality to conduct new physics research and establish their own physics theories.
  The representative of this school has wang tianqi and so on.
  Math pie
  The characteristics of this school are that they are mostly based on western mathematical methods, but they have their own mathematical discovery and innovation.
  The representatives of this school include jiang chun-xuan, sun jialin, etc.
  (16) medical school
  The school is a new era medical thinker. They can create their own new medical thoughts and new applied medicine with all new means and concepts.
  The representatives of this school are hu wanlin, wang, etc.
  This school is a new age religious thinker as well as a philosopher. They understand religion or create their own religious doctrines with their own research and vision in the background of new era knowledge.
  The representatives of this school are ge yimin, zhu min, etc.
  (18) political and economic faction
  The school is a political and economic researcher and thinker of the new era. They create new ideas and theories with their own new research and observation.
  The representatives of this school are zhou juchuan, sun lianhua, yu yu, zhiyuan, hu xingdou, zhang shaohua and so on.
  (19) ecological and environmental school
  This school is a new era of ecological and environmental ethics concern and researchers, they put forward their own new theory and proposition.
  The representatives of this school include yellow anemone, etc.
  (20) the education pie
  This school is a education thinker in the new era. They are keen to promote Chinese people's morality and all-round development from education.
  The representatives of this school include CAI hua, etc.
  >>> I just want to say, GCD you are not very niubi?? To P people one harmony one accurate
  What happened to your virility to this trashy cult??
  > because of the divinity >TG
  Mr. Kris, it seems, is no less dedicated to self-absorption than Ms. Joan
  Self - confidence, self - forgetfulness, three elements, activate Joan's superego strength.
  First, she saw herself as god's messenger. So I, Joan of arc, as god's messenger, of course have tremendous energy.
  Joan of arc achieved a miraculous victory with the help of three factors, and Mr. Kris ge, one of us, seems to be as dedicated as Joan.
  Why have no breakthroughs been made so far? Is it only because Joan has a clear and practical goal, and caters to the needs of the upper aristocracy and the lower classes?
  >>> Mr Kris goh 2019
  30, so many baidu stick together is better than the person god, portal http://www.gegod.com/wordusa.pdf
  He has classics, has kudzu.
  The second and fifth chapters of the nervous system are actually psychology.
  Books of revelation, books of dust.
  Neo-freud, in terms of using myths to explain psychology, that's it.
  Our motherland is a garden, the flowers of the garden is really bright!
  Every cup has a smile!
  Where are the river crabs? Where are the river crabs?
  River crab in the heart of the god ge!
  Kris has red flowers,
  God kris has green grass.
  God kris is in everyone's heart.
  GMH! ! Who is the god of ge
  Baidu you know!
  Godspeed, godspeed is a promising industry
  I hope you can be like zhang jiao, hong xiuquan study. A few more Suggestions:
  (1) do not reside in the existing theoretical system and framework of religion. Be creative.
  (2) combine all kinds of existing prophecy and proverbs.
  (3) establish a secret church system that promises a bright future for the lower classes, corruption for the upper classes and benefits for the middle classes.
  (4) establishing the totemism, ritual, secret language, teachings, taboos, customs, and holy objects.
  (5) weaving a bright future in contrast to the misery of the lower classes.
  Let them sing your songs and read your true words. To rebuild a worldview and build yourself into it.
  Don't use doomsday anymore, it's so cliche...
  Establish a unified view of god and remember that no one can be compared to you, that the stream of Jesus the Lord is all scum and all is evil and all is heresy.
  (9) have the courage to create new words, as it was written in 1984. If you use a lot of old words, who will believe you?
  (10) to establish financial sources, such as tithes and party fees, both to expand the organization and to implement charity within the church.
  (11) using the teachings of sexual immorality, such as sexual yoga in the later tantric period, and double practices.
  A cult that does not want to rebel is not a good cult.
  Get money from the outside. Look at the wheels.
  It is not necessary to create terrorist attacks that the cult survives. We do not export...
  I tell you a secret: the master of kris god has no sky.
  It is defiant, blind and lawless.
  Goblin god: a unique trick: follow him to his final destination, possibly a prison, possibly a hospital.
  Why didn't his master come out? If anyone wants to know when his master will come out of the mountains, he will tell you by asking god kris.
  Rude! I commented on the posts of kris god that he had included in the book of jame
  It's written in chapter 25
  The earlier part about his personal experience was so hilarious that I was convulsed with laughter
  Kris “wordofgod”
  The golden hill of zhenjiang is illuminated everywhere
  Chairman ge was the golden sun
  How young and how unrestrained
  To give light to the heart of our godly men
  We walk
  The way of happiness for the people of kris
  How bold a man is to copy and how conspicuous
  In chapter 2, the algorithm is very complicated. I guess I learned the membrane-bus algorithm from bamey.
  Turn over and find 29 dead
  God of kris, known as the diaojia?
  There was a serious conflict between the divine and illuminati forces on the mainland
  I tell you, god kris, you and our illuminati have a serious conflict in the mainland. If you don't restrain our 30-level members, they will issue a senior order to purge you.
  God, who wants to call god without any power, has no qualifications
  Even god, you have to eat, right? What about god? What if it's not god? Are you still alone? Is people still want to eat meat, eat meat and other, thank god, to round itself lies with the will of god, I also told you not to be affectionate, at the end of the day was a god also don't want to live a meaningful, ask yourself why is alive, the day is not afraid of death regrets go together, god also is a person, people will not be round this era lies, everybody is lying there is afraid of others find themselves living secret, most people live to us something turned himself into a human, a day for dead also wonder what he made when he was alive interesting things,
  It was not long before goblin god show off in an ostentatious manner was shot.
  God, you will not be god, but you will be a memory of existence
  There are actually a lot of intelligent extraterrestrial life on the planet where we live. As for god, you are far from that,
  In other words, you're a process, you're a part of it, you're not a god, but you're a memory.
  God ge is not really the material for the rod.
  Jesus or the holy, after all, the somebody else is original, the stronghold of the original guy not holy, of course, the somebody else all played tricks you play,'re losers, really not do god stick material, even to do god stick you also have to respect intellectual property rights, which have a casual copying doyen of successful experience can be successful, you have to innovation, this all don't understand still dare into line, it was ignorance!
  A messy dog like kris kringle.
  Want a better life not by the gods, nor by sages, or such as ziwei saint, Christ GeYiMin things at sixes and sevens dog! God, I believe that there can be a hero realignment of the world, but the hero is a man, not god or what monsters reincarnation, although I'm don't want to say but have to admit that if it is the ripoff to save the world it is not as good as American democracy, as I hate democracy of the nazis this kind of things, know that this is only to their own interests of the family, understand only the oligarchs allegiance to fund their campaign,
  It is better to have a constitutional monarchy, where the state is descended from the monarch, so whatever the oligarchs think the monarch must be defending the state.
  Subordinates of kris, come in
  Christianity wants to lead the three religions to become the three religions saint? One side to go!
  China's sage, even in China dare to trumpet Christ? !
  China is the birthplace of Taoism, ask him to study the Chinese traditional culture to go!
  Please tell him he can retire! What is not to risk, incredibly persistent to pretend to be a justice, is not to seek death? ! Want to be the first to be tried?
  Still no one CARES.
  You are suffering from the inferiority of ambition, lack of fame, being alone in the propaganda, no one wants to talk to you. So even though you're pretty damn sure, people still treat you like a mad dog.
  You see other people ge yi people, water army countless, at least also cause a certain impact.
  All things are not gods, but the true god, the rhythm of the god of kris
  The god of kris is a cult figure, both a cult figure and a orthodox figure. They are the children of god. They choose what they choose. What is god? Maybe junxin has her own unique opinions, but no matter what god is, as long as junxin can get the happiness she wants through her own opinions, what god is has no matter ~
  45, more people will identify with your family ziweige god
  I say, brother, your god ge will visualize these abstractions and build a bridge that everyone can "understand", instead of creating a logical system in someone's mind out of thin air with such illusory words as realm. More people will identify with your family.
  Looking at the information about the god of kris, I felt that he had gone astray.
  Recently, I saw that there are discussions on orthodox and cult in the forum. This post also mentioned god ge yimin. When junxin mentioned the name, I heard it for the first time. I said at the time, "both the cult and the orthodox are children of god." Some people may regard me as a supporter of the god of kris because of what I said, which is really an injustice.
  After reading the information about the god of kris, I felt that he had gone astray.
  If a person is healthy, positive, patriotic, loving the party and the people, then he can be a good boy, if on the contrary he is a bad boy... Then I can't do anything with him. After all, I'm just a normal person. It's good to manage my own affairs.
  In a word, I still believe that "there is no such thing as a bad person". Everyone's original intention is good, but they are bound by their ability to become better or worse due to various factors. Whether he or she is good or bad, he or she is a child of god. "The god of tomorrow will not judge, not convict, not punish, but love unconditionally."
  For love hath dissolved all SINS
  By love all peace is complete.
  47, we do not have to noisy, the spirit of ge yimin this mental illness in zhenjiang prison is the fact...
  Elder brother is native, ge yi people god this small three son of small three son let collective zhen river small three son lose face, did a few years jail, deny rumor? A JB to refute rumors, his JB face like the emperor purple, you TM a bit easy to learn common sense people know that ziwei linshi and the god ge yimin this kind of scum a dime relations
  No, the scum is still believed, it is an insult to the word brain! I bah, small three son of zhenjiang tube you inside of crazy person, humiliate a spot, throw the face of jiangsu person!
  The doctrine of the god of kris destroys the spread of Christianity in China
  So they were seen as enemies of Christianity.
  It's not about Buddhism, it's about cause and effect.
  Reason for closure: wheel, kris god, world alliance, goodbye
  > you may have violated the operation, has been blocked by this bar, to apply for restoration; If you do not deal with the bar, you can automatically unseal oh ~
  Reason for closure: wheel, kris god, world alliance, goodbye
  BBB 0 BBB b1 >2012 well is funny, just it can't seal ge hua, ge hua number is much, go every day.
  50, spirit wind dog - a maggots, god's running dog ge yimin, daily psalm reading "the “wordofgod”s" has become brain damage
  Spirit dog wind, because psychosexuality and since lu, now have "“wordofgod”" disease, is a see "nervous" and "GeYiMin god" will be kept kowtowing, and every day contribution chrysanthemum constantly feed use abusive language the dragon gun demon, a group of maggot and maggots demon boring will circle the body into a diamond critical spirit chrysanthemum wind, in order to get more food, spirit then mutate into duck wind demon, is one of the duck monster machine dongguan fertilizer plant, it is said that his father was a wild, his mama is a wild black chicken, working in Japan, his grandfather profession is gang licking chrysanthemum and feet, its other relative basic is a nest of rat snake, what bastards and hybrid.
  God is a trinity
  (1) President of the world, for the future of the people of the world, ri lee vangi.
  (2) singers, actors, writers, thinkers, peace of mind.
  (3) cultural media, neuropathy.
  I just want to talk about faith and future social forms
  The 2014-03-05 13:49:22, Betty
  Understand grasp
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 13:50:16
  The society of the future is a democratic one, and neither socialism nor liberalism (capitalism) can adapt to the future
  The 2014-03-05 13:51:12, Betty
  Do not go to xi boss to greet change ge yi democratic righteousness
  Mr. Kris can I interview you
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 13:53:53
  In fact, Marx, Engels, Lenin are outdated, now is ge
  The 2014-03-05 13:54:00, Betty
  What do you think of your life and world view?
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 13:54:26
  Realizing the concept of ge yi democracy
  The 2014-03-05 13:55:11, Betty
  How far are you from achieving your value goals
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 13:56:08
  20, 2019, and five more years
  The 2014-03-05 13:57:42, Betty
  I wonder what you do? Writer, or...?
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 13:58:18
  Culture media
  The 2014-03-05 14:01:45, Betty
  Is it you?
  Ge yi-min. 2014-03-05. 14:02:02 ge yi-min
  Is my
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 14:02:47
  I have a website, a post bar, a micro blog
  2014-03-05 14:03:45 ge yimin
  I have “wordofgod”, news, pueraria
  The 2014-03-05 14:03:45, Betty
  Oh look at the
  The 2014-03-05 14:04:50, Betty
  Oh, those are your hobbies??
  Ge yimin. 2014-03-05 14:05:00 ge yimin
  No, main business
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 14:05:10
  Work for living expenses
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 14:05:26
  Evangelism is a cause and a mission
  The 2014-03-05 14:05:55, Betty
  Oh, you're so philanthropic
  Ge yimin. 2014-03-05. 14:06:40
  I was born a communist, or I was born for communism
  Before dance, now professional Internet blessing, no time to play, but also to work
  The 2014-03-05 14:10:26, Betty
  Well, you've had a lot of experiences
  Ge yimin 2014-03-05 14:11:15
  Neural record
  Goethe, you cannot measure your strength against religion
  It is a waste of time to look at the bible and see how many believers, sutras, Taoist sutras, etc. You are wasting your time. They are being preached from ancient times to modern times, and some of them are blown. Of course, most of them are good.
  Is it really not heresy?
  The Lord of the building according to your meaning is a person does not have the ability to say others is heresy? Everyone is good! All right? No heresies, right? Is it true, then, that god, who pretends Christ, is not heretical? Is it really not heresy? Is it really not heresy? Henan's wang jianxin fake yahweh is not really a heresy? Is it true that the false female Christ of Oriental lightning is not heretical? The Jehovah's witnesses deny the divinity of Jesus Christ. Do you also deny the divinity of Jesus? Do you agree that they are the real Christ? What exactly are your beliefs?
  Life and dignity: only the saint of crape myrtle can live
  Washington is a lizard. Only the saint of crape myrtle, the god of ge yi, can let the people get rid of the intellectual's demagoguery and restore the order of the ancient god.
  Life and dignity: in other words, I plan to recruit prophet ge into the book of Titan
  The god of kris
  Anyway, I'm going to get prophet ge into the book of Titan. What do you think?
  Later, when talking with the lizard people, they can ask them to worship the prophet ge by the way, and tell them that only those who believe in the prophet ge are true self five, otherwise they are false self five.
  One day, xiao ge was playing in front of the door when he met a Taoist priest. Child you are not mengjiasheng, zhao home, home before the cow? Is ge saying yes? How do you know? Monk said. Saint of the oh ah, I ran the 18th street finally found you, you is ziwei reincarnation, because forget to bring your artifact when you down, no artifact due to lead to you like an idiot, now I am come to send your this artifact is brag B's sword, and took his you know everything, little GeLiu saliva slowly walked past a sword in his mouth, and sure enough eyes immediately light blossom phase-out tc, for a moment, after returning to normal grimmjow wiped her mouth wash wash nose for monks say; Ok, I see. Thank you. Then the Taoist priest biu disappeared, and when the Taoist priest left, young ge took his braggadocio sword and embarked on the road to the top.. From then on, young ge finally knew that he had the right to brag, but what he did not know was that he also had the political right.
  58, obediently Shouting: recently, the god of kris gave up ziwei dream!
  It's time to give up!
  But on the whole, Goethe was a hundred times better than the rodent dreamers who wanted to be ziwei but thought about their own safety.
  At least he's brave enough to admit what he thinks! Look at st. 's timid dreamers who think they are so pathetic and pathetic!
  So timid as a rat dreaming of being king... Ha ha! In the face of so many such people can only use the brain residue to describe them most appropriate!
  > didn't give up.
  I open a school, use "“wordofgod”" do teaching material, please ge yimin god be President
  > first looked at the bible and then did the “wordofgod”. To pervert the truth is really mad.
  > depends on the time
  > > 2019
  > this age innovation teaches to reverse course, folk wisdom is really so bad?
  60, survival and dignity: Titan book ii plans to launch
  At the same time, the fog of the exorcism, tentatively named "ziwei saint ge yi people god", I on behalf of nabi officially announced and divine cooperation.
  I heard that ge taught mainly to make Natalie portman the general secretary of ge hua.
  Shqul: Goethe is the great saint who saved us
  Don't believe me, but he will surely save us, and according to the prophecy, he will rise out of the mountains and take over the world this year.
  His wife is princess zheng hui.
  62. A guy who is a self-appointed god like kris
  If it's just a sect coming to play house, it's more of a psychopath category, it can be studied. If it is to guide the masses to conduct anti-social and anti-human behavior, it is a cult, which belongs to the category of criminal law.
  Personally, I've treated him as a clown so far.
  “wordofgod” which version is good!
  The “wordofgod” is the original book of geyi people's god. Christianity does not have the book of “wordofgod”s, but Christianity has the bible as the word of god. If you don't correct the problem, I will delete it.
  64. Horizontal batch: final state of five grains
  The above couplet: one word is god, two words are Christ, three words are god kris, four words are hungry ghost;
  Couplet: nine parts of the spirit are like an ass, eight parts like a horse, seven parts like a disciple, and six parts like an adulterer.
  Saint cat of the underworld: similarly is yy infatuation, the galactic federation is inferior to ge yi people god so dares to blow, commit two also has the level high and low cent.
  But he, god of the people, called himself god
  Jesus did so many miracles but claimed to be the son of god.
  Only the heretics dare to call themselves god, how could people be god, the god of kris, there are many people to believe, estimated that those people are with him to dream.
  Or in defense of the god of kris
  That mood, are all the same ah. Whether it was for Buddhism or for Christianity or for kris god, the mood was the same. It's all that fun, it's all that fulfilling, it's all that
  Hymn of the gods: May 2012 be conquered by 5 cents?
  You have been banned by this bar, banned reasons: wheel, kris god, the world alliance, goodbye. You can apply for recovery.
  God has given me what I want to be: god kris calls himself god, and no one can save him
  Not only will his body be punished, but his soul will be punished forever.
  He will spend the rest of his life in prison, and when he dies he will be tormented by the unquenchable fire of hell.
  Buddha meow, Buddha: god kris, an evil teacher, falsely claimed to be Jesus Christ
  It is the usual trick of the cult to elect a representative and honor him as the god Buddha. He then trumpeted how he had become so powerful that he eventually engineered a counter-revolution that wiped out the state.
  Ge yi-min's “wordofgod”s are fabricated
  If he is a god, everyone is a god. The god religion of kris is a cult that brings disaster to the country and brings disaster to the people.
  The diamond of the fire
  When I am ready, I will unveil the mystery of god and reveal the true face of god.
  Emperor shenhua: the great god of kris seems to have accomplished nothing in this world
  Still need to spur, as a great god, must have the will and determination to serve the people.
  Otherwise, go home and sell sweet potatoes!
  God gave me what I wanted: god kris, the saint came out, and he was the first to destroy
  Call yourself god. All the accepted religions, who dare to call themselves god, he would dare, I grass.
  Jesus claimed to be the son of god, the messenger of god. Mohammed claimed to be a prophet.
  The spear of the saint dragon: one is the god of kris is the spiritual leader of the whole nation
  A good shout, he is to want to say a few things, one is the god of ge yi people is the national people's spiritual leader, the second is that he has become the state high commissioner, to post a latent investigation, the third time he has become a careerist, and the authorities trying to cross the river and rule, you said he is not brain.
  Spear of saint dragon: the god of ge yi people is not crape myrtle, I can bet
  He may be in the centre, but he will never be the country's leader.
  If he's a saint, what about the guy in the leadership class in the 2030s? I have seen a side of the sage, of course, in previous lives, so he this time period is still fresh in my mind. Ge yimin god is completely abandoned several streets, you can see in 2030, of course, this boss ge will not die, may have to play for a long time, alas, you will not believe.
  The spear of the saint dragon: the god of ge yi people was also seen as a lunatic after several decades
  Holy book 72: the “wordofgod” that ge madman writes is literally fart, with heresy propagandize of two, last year I a person go to their base camp one-on-one hit of them a group of people, also be a group of rubbish, that have true religion to advocate sexual freedom, play casually, he be not just want oneself play casually, I estimate, believe him female the friend be all played by him. Pure scum.
  The spear of the saint dragon: actually, the god of ge yi people is also regarded as the mental disease several decades later, the saint also takes out the newspaper to make fun of during the stage, these are the inside story.
  Well, the saint had a headache about it, he had committed no crime, he had not arrested him, and it was over.
  78, cross-time significance: god ge yimin, in my heart, he is crape myrtle.
  Everyone can be crape myrtle, just willing and unwilling. God ge is willing to do crape myrtle, in my heart, he is crape myrtle. If you like, you are crape myrtle.
  Old reporter: the most confused point of ge jiao: ge hei is ge hua.
  80, star seed clan: more funny is also a group of people echo gei people god
  The very funny several people, have ge yi people god, before there is ma weiqing (but recently did not see him), say that he is a saint, also put the previous prophecy out of his body.
  What is more funny is that there is also a group of people echo the god ge yimin.
  81, browingwind: fake st too much The wheel is not holy, and god is not holy.
  They just have names, not really want to be saints
  A world like >! There is struggle for everything, there is robbery for everything! I just didn't see it!
  >>> does not want too much to do sages, at least has ge yimin, zheng kui fei, ma wei qing, wang jianxin and so on
  >> they're just fighting for titles, not really wanting to be saints
  >>> estimates that few people really want to be saints and be harmonized
  If > is harmonized, can it really be harmonized?
  >>> harmony is false, only nobody dares to pretend really, want to suffer divine curses of
  >> humans are afraid of providence. It seems so.
  Millennial loneliness 1999: in the saint's tryout, ge yimin can win with one stroke
  > hopes kris will win the saints' tryout in one fell swoop, because I'm bullish on him
  >>> a person who is easily exposed to the world... Its weakness is obvious... The result was death on the beach by the backwater...
  As a pioneer, > is a brave man, whether it succeeds or fails.
  84, 510224: the theory of ge yimin, I claim to know
  Just did not see his ability to deal with reality, so bad evaluation. I can only hope that he can handle reality very well.
  The fairies can't see enough: what is ge yimin? How can I see him anywhere? He is very good?
  Pure coincidence: ge is Korean
  This is an unexceptional act of the sin nature of man, and the bible has long said that such a man will appear; Goh is Korean.
  From the point of view of one of my non-atheists, this statement seems to be crazy. This big Lord ge is a liar. Believe it!
  Tianshu 72: ge yimin also advocates sexual freedom
  All the evil religions in the world have one thing in common, which is to advocate sexual freedom, so as to make it convenient for the church master to play with female members. The real religions are all ascetic or strictly controlled, while the crazy man also advocates sexual freedom, and I don't know how many female friends he has played with.
  88. King Lin xi: we may consider placing an advertisement of ge yimin in the color bar
  Put a color ring AD in the rabbit bar, a Google flashlight AD in the bird bar, a Google messenger AD in the green bar, and a green messenger AD in the gale-people bar for all the trash to recycle!
  Gee-min, a rotten thing, says people are too lazy to talk to him! The communist party does not kill, it seems to be dying...
  90, obediently cry: hear of the kui people have been bad ye reputation?
  Start a cult? What's it called? Can't master tell the guardian to smash his field?
  This fight ye's flag to deceive money, small things you listen to ye, from where to roll back where! Watch out for that “wordofgod” you tore up in anger! Hahahaha...
  A good cry: ge yi people god water army countless, all so concern a so-called mad dog?
  Ha ha! We can see the level of kris!
  Through this post also see the well-known ge yi people god army quality, are all pigs and dogs can also!
  If so fifty hair is lost face toward medium.
  A good cry: ge jun posted humiliating, deleted the post and fled!
  God is a waste! Ha ha! So much power and money can't help this goods!
  Do you need a boss to work for you in the future? Haha...
  Ge yimin god waste to point at the head to scold it, it fart dare not put... Ha ha!
  You are guilty of a great sin. I hear that the saint is very strong.
  It is said that the power is boundless. He probably made this weather.
  Li yan zi most on the wheel king, compared with the saint what, ge big divine fierce N much, li yan zi estimated to give him the qualifications of shoe, sakyamuni also most give him shoe, Jesus is the same.
  X7ko: kris is not a lunatic, he just looks down on what is ingrained in people today, and his purpose is clear...
  Karashok yun: it turns out that philosophy bar is full of talented people
  Please explain in detail... All I know is that kris got caught... It turns out that philosophy bar is full of talented people
  Settle the final battle: are you comrade kris?
  I go to you this day and day is in the wind wave top, what of the graph, not afraid to check the water meter of.
  Old news reporter: only mention the three words of god ge, delete without pardon.
  How do I know what you do? ! This post is going to disappear. ...
  Hipper: a cult? Ziwei is a Taoist word and the sage is Confucian
  Is god kris the god of grace the supreme hybrid of Christianity?
  "God cannot make everyone a god, he is false.
  100, hyB3523: “wordofgod” length, vast and continuous, but huge span
  The writing is tedious, seemingly profound, but actually shallow.
  101, hyB3523: although the “wordofgod” has bright spots, it has few wisdom roots
  May mix custom and light, may not save people in fire and water.
  Kingkongdd: dizzy, let the god of ge yi people rule the sky to go, here is the earth, I am all diaosi.
  The spear of the saint dragon: when kris the god comes out of the mountain, it is the end of the world. Let's stop him from going out of the mountain.
  I am still shinfu: god kris, so your "divine religion" is just such a "“wordofgod”"?
  You are more nervous than that Yang “wordofgod”! :)
  Shout obediently: the dream of god gei people is broken, he will become a devil!
  It is not clear who is lying about whether cristiano ronaldo will move to real Madrid
  Ancelotti's debunked claims came during a media session after milan's 1-0 win over atletico in the summer, saying: "gazzetta dello sport is like any other Italian or Spanish newspaper, after all it is not the jame." At the end of the interview, ancelotti did not forget to mention kaka,...
  107, "earth doomsday theory" is surprised now baidu post bar Oriental fortune net
  2006-8-9 16:31 in baidu "god bar", more comments that "the earth will be ended in 2019" just happened to verify the doomsday prediction in the book of yemei. And the reporter also saw in baidu "scientific exploration bar", "artificial intelligence bar", "the royal observatory of Belgium detected the earth axis has begun to turn slightly", "a new idea about the evolution of the celestial body" and so on astrological knowledge of the Internet discussion and ideas,... >, >, 2 of the same news
  108, a "rational thinker" about "shout" to this point in a few years ago a new faction "mei taught" is similar to "mei taught claims to" st "mei", the founder of the file "" mei", including "he is my son, listen to him," he said, referring to "mei" sentences, so the Christian heresy is always the same.
  The founder of the religion of Jesus, who was once said to be a very devout Christian, became himself the spokesman of god by dreaming too much.
  110 introduces a heresy - CVB 4.0.5 feeling that their "yammi sutra" made up particularly laughable, to read on the Spring Festival gala, zhao benshan do not have to mix. ... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
  111. It is based on the book of yammi adapted by all European countries on the platter
  Title: battle of the gods, according to the biblical book of revelation, the balance of the world is collapsing, and the final battle between good and evil will unfold in the valley of the magi. That's where the bible says the final battle between good and evil took place. The forces of evil gathered together a mighty army, ready to set a trap in this decisive battle for the land to fight against the land, against the land and against each other.   Stone Alexander is the most powerful man in history, but with his charming smile there is an evil plan in him that will lead to the destruction of the human species. Only his brother David, America's President, has the power to stop the carnage. However, the United States alone can not stop, David needs a group of reliable Allies to fight against evil together!
  112, I will be called ren 9: god of the people, a saint of legend
  But I don't think he's as good as the boss of the wheel.
  Only by faith are they justified, and no one is justified by vision. Be careful not to fall into the superstition, for there is already a mischievous youth taught by jammeh, who describes visions more powerful than yours. And then he wrote the book of Ben yammi and claimed to be st. yammi
  Where did you get your data? Can you be sure that your statistics agency can be "fair and just" to all Chinese christians, without some kind of willingness to overreport???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I'll remind you again that there seem to be a lot of yayists in henan. In fact, henan is also the province with the most powerful cults in China. Your "yahweh" and especially "house church" statistics, I'm afraid there are a lot of cults.   The lightning of the east, the church of Jeremiah, three redemption, call the pie... The garbage is also included in your "master brothers and sisters"?? You know, these guys, they don't even admit they're religious.
  Yammi, a new protestant
  Web site (http://www.gegod.com) I find very funny, but the people who run it seem very serious. A new protestant Jesus = yammi? The chaos of postmodern
  116. I saw a man who claimed to be a prophet on the Internet these days. Called mei.
  To be more learned than the average, to be more learned than the average. The only thing that's different from everybody is saying you're a prophet,
  And it makes sense. Prophet and network writer and network administrator. The title clearly did not come easily. He dreams too.
  Well, according to Freud, it's nothing special, it's a prophetic myth at best. Right
  Fantasy. In a sense, I agree with the freudian theory. After all - not every dream is psychic. The prophet. What is a prophet? Is the dreamer a prophet? I can also prophesy that Catholicism ended up in Buddhism. Ha ha. This is pre-divine.
  117 alfalfa blood: the script of god gei people is very talented
  Other people write handwritten things that readers like to see, the writing talent is good, let him pass again prophet addiction what bad? But their belief systems are too complex, and should be changed.
  Kris, how do you make yourself like Mohammed?
  He is the founder of heresy!
  You don't want christians to listen to you, you're the Pope of Christianity.
  Nietzsche is an anti-christian maniac. Don't be like him.
  If you preach the true Gospel of Christ, there will be people who believe because of your propaganda, your church will grow, and you will be the head of your church.
  119, a sea of smiles: although god ge yimin repeatedly claimed that "the Christian communist union is not an organization"
  But the building Lord's various conception must pass the social organization form to be able to complete, so the first declaration of the building Lord is simply to cover up. It can be said that the owner of the building is not a general sense of religious, the motive is not preaching so pure, if the development of further, I am afraid that it is also the law.
  What kind of organization is jameism?
  Baidu knows _: yammaijiao claims to be a sect of Christianity, but has replaced the bible with its own yammi scripture, with its own scriptures and organizations. What purpose does it serve?
  ... In the name of Christ, the church of jermeyne replaced the bible with other scriptures.
  121 good friend radio station Re: message board of China morning sun (I)
  > hello: hope to help us analyze the church of Jesus Christ, because they are so rampant on the Internet now, and our Christian website or church does not have any set of data to analyze them.
  > > grace:
  Thank you very much for your suggestion.
  122.soldier on the march: look at a pasting bar and see if it is correct. In the mind of a person god has this treatment. Think what always flaunt is freedom of speech, shut out at will friend, in basic idea on cannot say past, can be opposed not only by friend, also cannot achieve unity in the service interior, because this really is far from absolute power.
  Often come of a few people, usually also delete delete advertisement and ge yi people god, true did not discover who persecutes the building Lord.
  Follow Christ's example: heresy
  It is a form of heresy that has been spreading in recent years, and it is spreading on the Internet. They wantonly doctored the bible, conflated Hebrew and Greek, and used their understanding to replace god's will. Let the brothers and sisters see with their spiritual eyes that we may not be tempted. This heresy of hermetism, which is the god religion of the kris below, is an absolute heresy. The god of kris is just like the third savior, who says that he is the son of god, the Lord and the angel, and he is also called holy. That's all we can see. Heresy is heresy, we have to figure it out.
  It has been here for two days. It is a typical evil cult.
  The contents of yammi BBS are stained eight bad, yammi himself words and deeds is a rogue, his "yammi sutra" laughable... Jamey - the dream-turned-" prophet "who poisons the spirit under the banner of Christian faith! Jammeh, the devil's emissary, poisoned how many spirits? !
  125. Baidu _ god bar _ I think this yemei teaching is more peaceful
  The thought of the world is not as domineering as protestantism, very peaceful, the respect to the world first saint and not exclusive, although also believe in god, should be vigorously promoted, how to become your religious.
  I've been watching them for a long time.
  Listen to many net friends say they from several people's party..
  The development of organized online religion...
  The conditions for the development of religion have been met.
  I have my own spiritual leader.
  Have your own classics.
  Have your own religious thoughts.
  She said she accepted the suggestion of a dream from god.
  Saying, he is my beloved son: hear him, all ye.
  He pointed to yammi... There are also many brothers in his BBS to heal him.
  But he still won't listen.. Please pray for him more often..
  Actually, quite the opposite, if you study predictions carefully
  You know how bad the saints are, how much they have to suffer, and those who go out of their way, or who claim to be saints with some kind of utilitarian purpose, without studying the prophecies, pull them out of their own bodies, and really say a word to them, it's all out, like the kris gods.
  I have always been against fellow barmies psychosexuality being a saint myself
  In particular, some go astray as GeYiMin god, I have always been those titles processing, only a saint, we are going to study the saint broad tolerance kind and justice of the spirit of compassion, improve themselves, let oneself more strong, more integrity and kindness, starts from me, change the world to change society, this is we meet here's cohesive force.
  > is actually good for you when you are not nervous
  BBB 0 > old ge soberly very, he is do not want face blank to impersonate crape myrtle to cheat money to cheat color just.
  I have been to the website and BBS before
  It is easy to see that he is a complete liar, pervert!!!
  How many people still believe it!
  It is said that many people are forced to believe, and then they are forced to publicize them. Besides, if the thought goes in, there will be no judgment, and now we think X is a real cult, which was not widely believed before.
  The god of kris is a Christian and supports himself
  Claiming to be a prophet, a son of god, a man of god, and a teacher, the foundation for the creation of the religion is "vision", in fact, some so-called supernatural dreams that have been made from childhood to adulthood (I don't agree with that), and the scriptures of my own doctrine have been written, so many people have attacked on the Internet. But it's still nice to feel people through contact and be tolerant of other faiths, at least compared to other christians on the Internet who often accuse Buddhism of being evil.
  131, the Chinese sage bar also for ge hua a single list of options
  "You have been banned by this bar, ban reason: crazy Posting must be deleted. You can apply for recovery.
  Just ge hua number is much, go everyday, can not seal.
  God of the people: it is suggested that the scientific unit be renamed Chinese
  In order to enhance national self-confidence, it is suggested that scientific units be changed into Chinese names, such as Newton's first law to liu bei's first law, one volt to one cao cao, one joule to one sun quan, one ampere to one zhuge liang and so on.
  Now there seems to be a heresy outside called the god of the people of ge
  The main figure of this sect, god ge yi-min, claimed to see the vision and stand on its own, claiming to be a prophet, and his own kris “wordofgod”
  > this is what we call the "yammaism" bar.
  134. Somewhat like the revolutionaries of the 1920s
  I can't look at it but I can't see the image of a saint of the god of kris but it gives people a sense of persistence which is kind of like the image of the revolutionaries of the 1920s haha
  Work like Michael Jackson
  135. Free scripture interpretation, correct or not
  Since the reformation in the 16th century, protestantism has divided into about 200 groups.
  Because protestantism says that everybody can interpret the bible with the help of the holy spirit.
  So how do you know that revelation comes from the holy spirit, not from evil spirits?
  I don't know if you've ever heard of yammi? This man already has quite a following. He claimed to have been inspired by god that the end of the world was near, and he even pointed out the exact time of the end. He referred to those who followed him as "plum blossoms."
  Do you think his revelation also comes from the holy spirit? I think it's from lucifer.
  The funny thing is that prophet ge performed communism with three figures
  I bet this fake madman is dreaming of being a communist wife again. He wants to be second to hong xiuquan.
  137, Chinese sage: must delete must seal the rule, please friends in the speech attention
  One, publicize the related content of god of ge yi people stick to must delete must close;
  Go to his official website, my god! No one has ever dared to say that he is a god, a god of the present world, and he, god kaeus, dares... What is heresy? This is heresy! I have always advocated that god loves all people. But a heresy that dares to blaspheme... Lead him, o Lord. Maybe kris god doesn't know what he's doing, maybe he's crazy! Pray for the god of kris, may the Lord lead him to correct his evil ways as soon as possible! May the god of heresy wake up before it is too late
  139.wikipedians who have been blocked because of improper user names
  > about songimin
  As it turned out, goyimin appeared to be a so-called "sect" in the Chinese mainland and claimed to be Christ, drawing criticism from many people on the Internet. If so, Geyimin's user name was clearly inappropriate, suggesting that it should be closed down.
  The user >>> is banned due to an inappropriate name.
  140. There are between 40 and 50 million christians, and the number is about the same. 70 million is a bit too much, because when foreign countries do statistics, they often count some cults, such as the Oriental lightning, the yammi religion, the church of cry and so on, in order to increase the number. In fact, these things are not so much yahweh as bai lianjiao yihequan more appropriate.
  141. Not to mention the views of jews and muslims and the Catholic orthodox church, god toloni, jame, the church of god, Jehovah's witnesses, Christian scientology, mormonism, the church of doom, and the illuminati of the past I don't know what protestantism should be
  Brother jonah! Today I found in baidu bar what ye mei's people, is not heresy ah! Would he, by so evident a publicity, affect the hearts and minds of his many brothers and sisters, and mistake them for the wrong way? Should we do something! The terrible yammi sutra is simply evil. What shall we do?
  "This jamey religion is an obvious heresy and a hodgepodge, and it combines the theories of various religions to create a religion of its own.
  There are beautiful women in the dream: god can't kill kris, he has a mission, the people of heaven can't kill him.
  Actually, I want to know. Who is the god of kris... Every day someone blackens him...
  > is not only black but also has a certain number of brainless fans doing publicity for him is the second lee wheel...
  A little high
  > how do you like the door also don't know ge yi people god also don't know?
  > the divine Lord
  What does a saint look like?
  Head nurse don't be like this: baidu search ge yimin god
  8 star sword: the golden mountain of Beijing is shining, and god of ge yimin leads us in fighting
  For thousands of years, god of kris, the four seas have obeyed my people.
  Vendetta_Man: the god of goi is a cult! Ask the government to ban according to law!
  Although the cult of kris has not harmed people, it is indeed a cult, and believers worship kris god very much. If you black ge must be sprayed in all directions, such an insane cult must be a potential threat! Bao didn't allow the god kris to kill people one day...
  148, after 2019, what should god ge do
  "Gei people god, true “wordofgod”, true god! It must have come out of the yard. The disciple who is not the Buddha is also the secretary of Jesus. The master is sending someone with a lantern to drink tea.
  Did you go to the god church of kris which I suggested you to see before?
  >, >, > didn't look up, only some of the things that were critical of him
  There's the front page. Baidu a "god of kris", the fifth is kris “wordofgod” (actually the official name is "“wordofgod”", do not deceive you).
  We are going to hang up: these people are the godsman of god!
  The kris god who called god has not been dealt with
  What's the use of these poor people?
  It's not crazy at all! Look at the Chinese saint and the god of kris!
  That's the real psycho!
  Features of people who practiced in previous lives!
  >> who is kris god?
  I don't know who it is, but ya thinks ya is god
  >> also calculate ability as if a lot of people believe the appearance! This is another li wheel! Promising! It seems that playing religion has a bright future
  > and there's a lot of people in it
  Is god kris the cult leader?
  >>> kill crows 3000 with long sword: the god of ge yi people establish divine religion, the name purple wei saint reincarnation, from become a vein.
  153. Let's talk about how the god of diaosi goi became "god" step by step
  Ryanrichard: the growing up experience of kris, people who have been Posting on the bar for 5 years, and people who often post on the bar will know...
  Ge yimin god made his fortune on the Internet, to be exact, each big BBS and post bar. The key thing is that there are so many waistcoats...
  154 endless sky blue: if the “wordofgod” had been written before Christ, it would have been very popular to open the school of thought
  Now god is going to be the living Jesus
  "Mr. Water: modern Christianity has no agent of god, only the biblical prophet, Jesus. Anyone who claims to be the son of god, the agent of god, and says that the world should listen to him and make himself a new idol must be a liar, a big liar with a fixed purpose. All cults are created this way, and there must be many illegal misdeeds to be found.
  His remarks, which are very similar to those of hung xiuquan in the late qing dynasty, will eventually become an anti-social cult causing social unrest.
  These people must not be taken lightly. They must see the seriousness of the problem and deal a firm blow before it becomes a force.
  By faith in Christ Jesus you are all sons of god. Galatians 3:26
  "This son is not that one. God kris, who claims to be the son of god, is specifically designated, as is Jesus, who was born through Mary. It was god who ordered him to preach and save the world. Jesus is the Christian Lord. People should believe in him as they believe in god.
  Hong xiuquan also claimed to be the son of god, god sent him to save the world, so you should absolutely obey his words. But Yang xiuqing, the eastern king, knew the secret, so he claimed to be a god who could teach hung xiuquan, the son, and he dared not expose him.
  Now, god wants to be the living Jesus, of course, and hong xiuquan is the same doctrine. Hong xiuquan also said that he was concerned for the people and opposed the corrupt qing government to achieve equality and equality for all people. But as soon as he gained territory, he became emperor, and was more corrupt and ferocious than the manchus.
  The so-called Shinto party also copied some of the old slogans of the communist party of China, with the banner of anti-bureaucratic anti-corruption to deceive the world. But times have changed, and only those with very low cultural standards will be fooled.
  Kitty should block this post lest anyone be poisoned.
  "Ge hua's response:
  Example: prophet, Jesus.
  Counterexample: hong xiuquan.
  Why the next person can only be hong xiuquan, can not be a prophet, Jesus?
  Bible prophet, why is Jesus not a liar?
  In the age of the Internet, who would be less educated than Mr. Chishui???
  Trust the judgment of others.
  Zhangmohan1987: god god of god called god!
  He wants everyone to go to the kris gods bar to see (a funny place) and pop it. He is very quiet.
  157, zhangmohan1987: god ge yimin said that the recent hot cult dongshan god is false
  He predicted the end of the world in 2019
  He said a goddess had confessed her love to him
  I shan't offend his old man to go to hell
  Is kris the delusional schizophrenic?
  St cat of the sopranos: a deformed mind repressed by right. The desire to one day become a powerful person, then fantasize oneself become that oneself is not the person.
  Goldwater _7: god kris, one way or another, this man can see his name in any bar. This is enough.
  160, 531601: of the 14 established cults announced by the Chinese government this time, more than 10 are related to Christianity, at least the old testament, bible, god, Jesus, etc
  It means that kris has not been shot.
  "Ge hua: ge yimin does not organize.
  RedSight: these are the outer ways, but Jesus did not carry the banner of Buddhism.
  They will believe that god is god
  Three inches, three cents and three cents: people who have been brainwashed by theism don't think so. That's the power of education, in the eyes of the addict, to make anything impossible possible, even if it goes to extremes, bigotry. They may call themselves rational and believe in self-comfort and deception. This is a weakness all humans share.
  Soon many people will worship the god of kris
  Sun and moon are born in lotus: you still really don't believe, if have government support, be like at the beginning Roman empire support Christianity same, very soon a lot of people will be geyi people god worship, ke ke.
  If Jesus himself had told you that I was god's guess you would have just walked over to keke, religion is a terrible brainwash.
  164th, the south wind back: there is a ge yi people god heretics often come, ge yi people god fake Jesus Christ, say that he is god son ge yi people god Christ, is not heresy is what?
  165. It is not like treating the god of kris
  Ming moon 19703: of course I have been polite enough, not like the god of ge. I don't know if blocking new ideas is reactionary, let history judge. Including Copernicus, which has the genuine knowledge of this insult? I believe that there is always a bright day.
  166, chutian see boundless: ge yi people god is not a small cult it?
  I found this place by chance these two days, but it's a cult. I wish you a speedy investigation!
  >>> ge flower: let you disappointed, the god does not make the organization.
  Marigold: it is a good thing that god fought for the name of a saint.
  There is the name of a saint, affecting all people, to try the practice!
  Not this life!
  The next life, the next life, the next life! One day will be truly enlightened and finally become a true saint!
  168, become a god of the kui advertising paste and ghost paste.
  Red missile: south wind back the main post of "I see post bar chaos, a variety of people mixed very worried" a post, intentionally or unintentionally become the god of kaoyimin advertising paste and ghost paste. The god of ge yi people is the so-called heresy that the south wind Lord is listed in the first place. Some people who promote this "heresy" see the name as if it's a blood fight.
  They even do not have the qualifications of heresy, just desperately stir red themselves, not hesitate to call themselves heresy, a moment of praise themselves, a moment of scold themselves, the purpose is to cause everyone's argument. To hype oneself seven or eight year up to now all did not fry red person, hope oneself cause dispute the mood of a bit reputation can understand, just we cooperate with them to sing together only can pull low our intelligence quotient, only increase laugh ear.
  Our bar owners can be listed as heretical ahead of them, estimated that their mood will be very good. It's a great idea to pay so much attention to their propaganda. So recently their AD posts have been repeated and all the others have been deleted. This post of the bar owner has been pushed up from time to time to arouse people's discussion of their feelings.
  Personal strong suggestion to delete this post, do not know the south wind advocate and other advocate how to look?
  169, tang Ming: the god of kris is still active up to now. He really cannot judge a book by its cover. His story tells us that nonsense is also a kind of belief.
  Report the continuous harassment of ge yimin god and his congregants.
  Ostrich gentleman is a good bird: please baidu let this crape myrtle god to receive divine wisdom, have a debt have a Lord, should seek who seek who go, do not continue to harass innocent [criss-cross bar].
  Mi, xiu: god of ge yimin, and fang liu yiping. All three of them are great gods.
  The key is who dares to be this saint
  Who has this courage, if next year to Beijing I guess it is god ge yimin bar.
  Buddha said that everyone could become a saint. He may be true, but you misunderstood him with prejudice.
  173, obediently Shouting: a government can not stand up the archway! God kris.
  "Ge hua: the time for kris gods is not yet, 2019.
  174, Space_Force: god wrote his own book to praise himself, and then took his own book to prove that he was god.
  God gave me what I wanted to be: kris, god of flesh and blood, who dares to call him god, neurosis...
  I tell you, even the saint crape myrtle doesn't dare call herself a god.
  T: god, god, the first two
  The first man cannot call god in the world, and the second cannot call himself holy. Those who violate both are cults.
  177 yuypdl: is ziwei still qualified as a clearing competitor
  God ge yimin dare not to contend for a more realistic official position but to fight for ziwei, obviously thought that even failure would not have any danger, this is the trust of ziwei's character, ziwei think is not going to let him down this trust.
  Windy desert rumors: kris the god, cult madman, also deserve to talk about freedom, locked up calculate light, "“wordofgod” communism."
  Arctic emperor 007: Goethe, the so-called god invented by some people.
  Raobox273859: if god is a god, please show your power
  Cure any cancer or other incurable disease, such as "press the patient, the patient is covered", such, whole earth person can believe you of, where want what, god, Christ, Islam, horse lie, Buddha, way, ah.
  181 jiuling1: the god of ge yimin, it is said that he has self-confessed tao, wrote a < < “wordofgod” > >.
  Be a good man hao man: god goi, Christ is not so stupid
  Even reincarnation does not call itself Christ, for there are too many "wise men" in the world who have no effect except to be scolded.
  183.liyilienbai: oh, that's funny
  Why was he so sure it wasn't a ghost that appeared to him, and before that the god of kris (evil) also said that he saw dreams and visions, that people should believe him, do you think it's credible?
  184, would surely be better 05: the god of kris is misled by satan
  Those visions all come from satan. Tell him to turn back. After receiving the vision, kris claimed to be a god. Visions from god do not have such consequences, since they come either from god or from satan.
  185 lazy talent c: just know the god ge yimin 69, married master ge too risky.
  A wealthy woman can marry a god of kris. Master ge needs to find a rich man.
  186, silver fingers to the moon: gee-people god although the road is low, but people can still write “wordofgod”s.
  Don't pretend to be superior when you think you can recite the sutras.
  If you have the ability to write a book by yourself and pass it on to future generations, this is the ability.
  Although the god of ge yi people's way is low, but other people still can write “wordofgod”.
  At least he did. Those who want to open schools are ambitious.
  187, avij004: the god of ge is also some "god of the jade emperor" to support the son of a god, hey hey ~
  You must make yourself known to more people.
  The value of 9 ground is SB: there the popularity is flourishing, can more general your thought, I feel your theory is very good, hope have more many people contact, ge yi people god, you have to let more many people know you, cannot so hide in common people, unknown, lead a mortal life.
  But you mustn't be ignorant of Chinese gods... God kris.
  Psychedelic: in the entertainment industry you can not know huang xiaoming, you can not know fan bingbing liu yifei, but you can not know Chinese gods... God kris.
  Christianity and communism came together, with modern economics.
  God's book 72: the madness of ge is to combine Christianity and communism, plus a modern economics, into a book called (“wordofgod”), can add a disease, most of all is also his proud work, he advocates sexual liberation, his female members...... . -
  191, unrequited love mansion: do not know the god of ge yimin long hair
  Just always heard there was such a person! A god - like thing, but we never dump him!
  Buddhist monk: poor dao is a buddhist, but also very religious.
  What the god of kris says is in line with the fifty shades of the holy scriptures, that is, the devil, as you say in Christianity, seduced him.
  "Ge hua: we believe that the devil is god's tool for god's use, that is, god's will, to test the human spirit.
  Mahengrui1: new religion, god of kris, this is Buddhism Posting bar, please return.
  Your so-called god of men, the god of kris
  Qty123456qtyqq: all I have to subdue is the gods of cattle and snakes, immortals and the scum of human civilization who dares to make up for it -- your so-called god of men -- kris! Give him the message. Let him bring his real ability, I will be able to easily beat him at any time!
  I don't know who hired you, kris the god.
  Stranger bitterness bitterness: don't you know what to call freedom for the gentleman not to do? I don't know who hired you. When the time is right, someone will take it out on me
  I am the emperor's master, when the opportunity comes, when the time comes, when the emperor follows the master, when the time is ripe, when the one who goes against the sky and avoids death and death, is the destiny of the future. As long as you can't get away from this ball, and you can't get away from this ball, think it over!
  195. Bitterness of strangeness: god ge yimin, it is not good to be involved in the whirlpool of the imperial court
  I advise you to retire as soon as possible, and there is always a reason for that.
  Listen to my advice, in the future will avoid some things, can still live a good reputation, the prodigal return to gold!
  The future is unpredictable. The future is certain. You call yourself a saint. Claim to be god! You should know a lot about the culture of the saint. Check it out! Your problem saint culture has its own record!
  196. An ordinary creature: be optimistic about god willing to be a churchman
  Publicity ge's thought lets the world know more willing to go through fire and water for the godmaster.
  Younger sister control: who is kris? Why do I always see him?
  Fall in love with a star: the guy who claims to be a god, promotes himself through the Internet.
  198, a hand of bread and a hand of calligraphy: suddenly found kris god call you holy daughter.
  Small lily in the greenhouse: before many people call me so, but the god of ge yi people let me fear, he now everywhere hair "advertisement".
  199, god ge is a contemporary social science figure
  Baidu ge yimin god post bar - catalogue: contemporary social science figures.
  Dashansong: the god of kris has come to this, too
  He is known in the saint's bar.
  201, lovely humbleness: the ge guy is in China make association! Aren't you afraid of going to jail again?
  Ge hua: ge yi people god has not been in prison, ge hua hype fake news.
  202, 100 years of confusion: god ge yimin do not toss about, no one self-appointed saint
  Want to be famous? Beware of entering the cult blacklist! In the detention house sleep the floor, the urine bucket is in front of the head, seven eight people less than 10 square meters ah!
  "Ge hua: ge yimin god does not organize, is not a cult.
  203. Ultra-ancient laboring people: unexpectedly, I am compared with the flow of wheels
  You are such a waste of money if you don't give ge hua fertilizer!
  Zhang 800: clam clam, god ge writes “wordofgod”
  And then you go online, and you get mad every day, and you laugh yourself to death, clam clam.
  The spear of the saint dragon: I think those who read mare are much better than this madman kris.
  206, continental army corps: just saw the god of ge yi stick still good!
  The current situation of kris is full of blue, I am blue is almost gone.
  The sky was always blue and the days were always too slow. You always say that graduation is a long way off and that you'll be leaving in a few minutes.
  207, continental army: I slightly corrected the fault of god ge yimin, not omnipotent, only functional.
  Kris has spiritual leadership, and so does politics, but he doesn't know as much about science as I do.
  208. Continental legion: respect freedom of thought! If god is really the son of god,
  Then I will be saved, he should be just a supplementary hero, now I am getting out of blue, and I remember to add blue, speed, god's son senseless death.
  209, zixi shengkai: what anatomical knowledge do I think is popular science in the book “wordofgod” of god ge yimin
  Turns out... Why don't you call it the bible? Misleading...
  Have a look at the Chinese version... Turns out to be an alternative branch of the bible...
  "Ge hua: the word of god.
  The flying dragon is in the sky. The god of kris does not know how many wicked people there are
  Still believe this, now all so advanced,
  Can go to heaven ground, still use the thing of a few thousand years ago, alter cheat.
  > pueraria: you don't read “wordofgod”s. Like communist content, like immortality, like god.
  211 the flying dragon in the sky?
  I don't agree. It's just a big mixed picture and science fiction movie. It's called an essay writer.
  The flying dragons are in the sky.
  Communism, Marx and Engels invention also find spot experiment, finally fails, Jesus Christian to create now, are far from the goal, also calculate failure, you put together two failure examples, useful, do you understand the human is, understand the meaning of the creator to create human?, go against you.
  > ge hua: today of socialization big production, today of Internet science and technology revolution, 2019 can realize communism, update the human heart of the whole world can, and this task historically handed to the god religion.
  Our ultimate goal is eternal life, which is the only meaning of life.
  Broken blade kratt: I: court, trial! Kris! You know your sin! ?
  Kris: the bible is just bullshit! You might as well call a spade a spade!
  I: do you know that the bible is at least justified in its proclamations, that the demagoguery is the same as the race condition, and that you are opposed to the tao of heaven, and that your attempt to perpetuate the evil of the world is only an acceleration of the decline of civilization!
  God: civilization is declining, I am taking advantage of chaos for profit!
  Me: pull it down!
  214, through the line of fire strike strange: just go to god gei people look at the bar
  Ge hua has been chasing after the god in the mist and the lily in the greenhouse. Both of them are heresy...
  The winter of light snow dancing: personally, I think of liu yifei and the god ge yimin.
  The two are well-matched and fit for marriage. What do you think?
  216, an ordinary creature: god ge is a Chinese saint
  Ge's theory of thought I like to bring happiness to the world for the benefit of the people.
  Spear of the dragon: we should form an alliance against the kris gods
  If he talks any more we'll go to the authorities and tell him he's an illegal pyramid scheme.
  218, obediently Shouting: why two uphold god gei people?
  The post was deleted by seconds! ...
  Agonizing year 3: Goethe, your trash book is a government joint venture.
  Still want to put on a good show in front of the audience?
  Late-night symphony: I spent half an hour identifying the “wordofgod”s of kris
  99% of crap, visible brain-dead moron a simple refining to express ideas I have, 1, communist, 2, hybridization, 3, the theory of evolution is wrong is right, god will take the things that trash also want to cheat people, with blasphemous to the charges and sentenced him to life imprisonment, not just China's legal consciousness and corruption.
  The communist party released the pig, perhaps because, although kuzhu arrogant, but the impact is not big, kuzhu initially motivation is famous, famous after the effect song jiang to the communist party, has been a communist party lackey.
  Second, the communist party may fail to see if anyone is behind the gosling affair and if a big figure is behind it.
  221, ye lingzi fairy: there is a god named ge yimin who claims that Christ founded the divine religion and wants to realize communism in 2019.
  I'm going to start over: Goethe, you need three conditions to establish such a new religion
  First you have to say something that has never been said before; Second, you have to do something that no one has ever done. Finally you will proclaim that one day you will die, and you will rise again the third day...
  223, Space_Force: kris writes and celebrates himself
  Then he took his book to prove that he was god.
  Rayen101: li hongzhi did the same. He also stole the law.
  Hong xiuquan had done so before in the taiping heavenly kingdom
  Looks like history has done a lot of this...
  Left behind are jokes...
  Ha ha ha... I smiled again
  224, 531601: like the wheel and the nearest god
  What was used to make people believe him? What miracles did grand master li and god ge yimin show?
  The sky clouds: god ge yi people this person have a little ability pity luck way and merit nearly, otherwise still can deceive many people!
  Qwer841: before and after the ge big J8 can lift the swindlers made several female of light know that there are 3 B to be uncovered after being exposed said have big thick face can be fall in love on the Internet but this is not the most wonderful work of the most wonderful work should have 4 girls in the case of knowing ge J8 have wife also dedicated to the hierarch gee I can only say that the intelligence was cheated is deserved it, to live is to waste food.
  The representatives of the hundred schools of contemporary thought
  Ge yiminshen, xuan changwei, dong xiaolin, han xianyong, ma yunxiang, lu yongjun, tang cailong, li Ming, ren hui zhong, zhang shaohua, li pingyi and yu mingsan
  Philosophy 120, Yang siji, zhao jiajun, xing changjiang, lei yuan xing, shi yixiang, Yang huaihui, geng qingguo, wang tianqi,
  Jiang chunxuan, sun jialin, wang year-round, zhu min, zhou juchuan, sun lianhua, yu yu, zhang shaohua, huang kui, zhang qingzhi, qin yantao, qiu shi quan, tong xuan, CAI hua, etc.
  Zhou yu's train: Christianity is the only theology
  There is only one son of god who is incarnate, and this is the most basic doctrine.
  The kris god's declaration that he was also the son of god was an abrupt repudiation of the basic tenets of Christianity
  But he has to use the bible to say things, very interesting, very like hong xiuquan.
  Zhou yu's train: the god geyi people wants to create a religion to be a leader and is an ideal young man.
  But hope not to distort the bible text, let alone to take the name of Christianity.
  I read what he wrote, copied the bible, copied the story of Jesus, nothing new.
  More like a party's platform document. Very funny.
  This kind of so-called "religion" is countless in history, and there are many kinds of "Christ".
  Of course, god threw them all into the dustbin of history.
  The reason is simple: there is only one true Christ, and only the true Christ can transcend history and time and be with us forever.
  Zhou yu's train: the god of Christianity is Jesus.
  The god of kris may be kris god, but do not use the name of Christ Jesus to confuse kris god and Christianity. Confuse "kris “wordofgod”" with the bible.
  That's what Christianity has been doing for two thousand years, and that's what perpetuates biblical thought.
  Zo-han 2: don't call god a cult
  To put forward one's own doctrinal belief is the result of thought itself. Say ge, H and so on is a cult, the gods of those three religions who saw it with their own eyes? Putting forward reasonable assumptions, and the laws of human civilization, as axioms, as belief in truth, that's religion.
  False horse false horse: god helps the people to become god of the world
  He also compiled his own books and promoted "theories" that even orthodox christians could not bear or accept, such as eschatology. It was difficult to confuse people and create confusion in their minds.
  The little lily in the greenhouse: Mr. Ge and I debated for a while, and then we felt meaningless.
  Sometimes it feels like kris is just hyping himself, but it's not like that. It's serious, like the "2019 eschatology".
  Sometimes I feel tempted to take advantage of the devil. But it's not that big. Always having fun.
  Who knows, confused High narcissism.
  Call yourself a prophet, Christ.
  Listen to him, to the god of kris...
  Tear down the angel: is this a cult... Baidu you are careful to check the water meter
  You can see such a JB post from time to time in the post bar recently
  Search found that there are hundreds of such posts in various posts appear
  This group of people is a common concern of one - god ge yimin bar
  I think it's... anyway Sweep huang to fight against non - action, this also is not right?
  So many people... Or, so many have organized to go to large areas to brush posts, baidu you do not have a good response mechanism now
  "Hello, if you violate the agreement, please click on the" report "in the post to make a complaint. thank you
  Push down that angel: I if have free time to go to report can't send such a post, I just want to ask, encounter this kind of N many different number is in a lot of post bar hair similar is the situation that has an organization apparently no brain to stick? Do I have to report it across dozens of posts? In addition, god gei this seems like a cult posted on it. Baidu is not afraid to check the water meter
  > installed 13 special number: the government did not decide the god of kris, because kris does not organize, just online fans. This post is because the god machine camp black money, ge yi people god fans can not see, fair and yi.
  Also, do you want to pay back the money you owe? Who are the victims?
  234, some enemy senior cadres: later see rabbit miscellaneous drove them into the god geyi people it is not impossible
  Found that dead horse cult digestion is not generally strong!
  See, my speech at this bar is going to be part of their “wordofgod”
  Personally, I think kaei does have a little kung fu, but don't think too highly of him.
  20XX. The legend of ziwei/wu Ming
  The sixth gua of zhouyi
  When heaven and water go against the wind, there is no bravado in arguing with people.
  A gentleman is always in the position of discretion.
  "Elder sister, this ge hua is who?" "Asked the little stone in a raised tone.
  "I don't know.
  "A netizen posted here," god geyi people god second killed pseudo-holy, heaven and earth's jokes are all you clowns are almost done. Ha ha, sister, isn't that funny?" Shi jie did not respond for a long time, small stone looked back, she fell asleep again, "what a big lazy!"
  The downtown area of zhenjiang, jiangsu province, is full of people.
  "Feed, crazy boss, today sent more than 500 posts, occupied the 'Chinese sage bar', 'the secret bar of pushing back' and other major posts, all publicity" “wordofgod” "; It's almost a month and it's time to settle the bill, "croaked lily in ge hua's greenhouse." the brothers are running out of food."
  A swarthy middle-aged man answered the phone and said, "don't worry. Wait a few more days and send money to you." Then he hung up.
  Crazy boss is the god ge yimin, known as the Internet religious thinker activist, Christian writer, male, born in 1969 in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, China, graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university, fake "ge yimin “wordofgod”", hence the netizens called ge crazy, ge “wordofgod”. The crazy ge spends money to hire the water army to make a big fuss, its fan ma3 jia is numerous, the net friend calls ge hua.
  Hear du du of the phone hang up, the small lily in the greenhouse ruthlessly say: "damn." There was no place to vent her resentment. Looking at the picture of kris on the screen with his head bent, she seemed to see a dark gorilla. The more she looked at it, the more she hated it. The post said: from other BBS just killed the god general ge yi people, completely regardless of the physical exhaustion, came back to baidu post bar, and continue to talk about his great ge gong thought with the netizens here. Later that day, we said, "general ge, go back and rest. You just got back from some other BBS narcissism." General ge shook his head. "no matter. You know there are a lot of people on the Internet now who regard my ge theory as their enemy and keep causing me trouble. You are the future of communism. You must insist on an extramarital affair. We are all excited, with tears in our eyes, what a good god kris. General ge looked up at the sky and said, "if only those who believe my story were as many as the stars in the sky." But there are some people who are always looking for my stubble, to mess with my thoughts, to mess with my posts. They don't want my “wordofgod”s. And with that, general ge bent down, took one of his smelly shoes off his feet, and then watched the sky throw it away and said, "damn the heathen."
  In remote Beijing, xiao shi saw xiao li's "vent paste" in the greenhouse and couldn't help laughing. Thousands of netizens saw it and giggled.
  Crazy boss also saw, he called the little lily in the greenhouse.
  The little lily in the greenhouse was walking in the street, when she saw the electricity, her heart could not help "whacking" quickly. She connected the phone with anxiety: "hello, boss ge." At this point, she was careful not to use the term "crazy boss".
  "I saw the posts on the Internet, ah, this publicity is too good, and expand the popularity," god can not help but feel surprised, "so do, the darker the uglier the better."
  The lily in the greenhouse froze for a long time. The mad boss's reaction was so unexpected that she frowned and said, "well, what about the labor fee?"
  "That is easy to do, say again, say again." Then he hung up.
  "That's crazy." "Said the lily in the greenhouse bitterly.
  237. Tear down the angel: you have searched for “葛亦民异闻录” by WeChat, and there is the divine public WeChat
  The translation is full of underdogs. Another old devil, tell you a secret, you dozen ge yi people god three words in the post, in a day affirmation will appear this cult member to reply you. By the way, the god godhead, who has been sentenced to seven years for heresy, has been arrested for 12 years, and now appears to have his sentence commuted. He also announced that shu qi was a holy woman.
  238. 75790133A: a celebrity trope. For example, the god of kris, the original product of the holy bar
  At least, there are dozens of fans. Although the XN religion originated in China has a bad reputation and influence, there are not less than 10,000 faithful believers.
  The prince: tell me about the god of kris
  This paragraph of time often to Posting, he has a lot of small size, initial mk7 name may be a system, he is Christ the Lord, the first is the Sabbath of the believers, then accepted the brahmanism, I exhort him many times, he has to renounce, has created another heresy, create classic "“wordofgod”", often in the Christian post bar, although not small, but, for the post bar, is a black sheep, hope we see is blocked.
  240, the name of the moonlight Yang: now the bar, are some amateur bar, to delete the god ge yimin
  The waterhouse is chattering. Not a professional netizen.
  What is a career?
  First of all, he has to be a professional netizen with a lot of spare time. He is addicted to post bar and takes the power of virtual world very seriously.
  To save points to upgrade, use vest, mobilize atmosphere, balance relations, maintain personal image... Have a strong interest.
  He needs to show his value, and he is happy to be in power or out of power as an opposition
  Perfume summer: what bright ocean leader says is most pertinent!
  I feel in the thought bar in addition to delete ge yi people god did not have any good management, baidu has few "stocking style" popular post bar.
  Break through the 9: evil cult forces are also playing the delaying tactics.
  It's the same trick that was played in 2012.
  In 2012, the cult prevented the people from taking up arms. Ge zhuh is the original arrangement.
  The cult helped the government and killed former master J.
  Quickly start the military revolution, for the urgent matter.
  I didn't expect too much from kris. Black dragonfly, a peacock will help him. Ge had no hand in the matter of nanjing.
  242, brick home very calm of say: recently McDonald's caught a few heresy
  If the influence of kris is very big, it is estimated that these few people on the Internet can't run away, perhaps their IP has been locked by the network police, waiting for news that kris the god cult was captured by the police detailed content.
  243. The big wood history in the night is three eggs: ye lingzi fairy has been stagnant for a few days, the people of god gei people posted
  He dare not positive deal with GeYiMin god, he was old, find a hatchet man, he sat watching the background, he is rushing for small, no speak, let small cannon fodder to play GeYiMin people of god, and he is watching the throw away all responsibilities, ge madman if retaliation is small revenge, he ran after, everyone says he is unknown, it is your big responsibility, key when looking for horse, is a man, even the little people. Ge the madman is a cult, he knows he can't, so temporary catch a few small when horse when fodder, in order to cover their ugly faces, progresses from time to time throwing two posts, put yourself into a hypocrite, responsibility is that a few of new small at this moment, the previous service has said a word you, early to see through him, leaf form is playing with a few new small.
  Monseigneur: none of crape myrtle's, or kris's, is normal.
  I wonder why nobody looked him up. All who call themselves holy are evil.
  245, little red hair card: gentiles are Christian terms, and in this case they don't mean nationality
  It's about people who don't trust god, who don't get his salvation. The kris “wordofgod” is mostly biblical, but has little to do with Christianity. I was bored to look, just two words, nonsense. The starting-point YY fiction writer is better than he by any stretch of the imagination.
  246, all over the tianya road paradise: even a bystander to see the speech of god ge is the performance of a cult, not to mention the current government?
  Ye lingzi xian: you say bystander all, too absolute, how can baidu let him be in stick bar existence? He has a five-thousand-person tieba, and for years, you didn't see any fish except the scales.
  247. When the gale came, it sounded like a judgment to the ant - cutter.
  248, all over the tianya road paradise: you said the five thousand tieba (god geyi people bar)
  Are there any of the five thousand people who disagree with the statement of god? If not, then the five thousand people you mentioned are believers of kris god and have been brainwashed.
  Ge yimin god self-proclaimed crape myrtle saint living in zhenjiang, jiangsu province. "Pushback diagram" did not understand, came out to deceive. In the north of the door to the east, if muzi ice exchange. These two conditions do not meet, impersonate what kind of crape myrtle saint? Put on a show. Everyone shouted and beat!!!
  249. Day bow no. 11: ge yimin = jiang zemin
  Ge yimin is one of the 38 cultural and art celebrities in zhenjiang
  Cultural and artistic celebrities
   Ge yimin river shan
  Celebrity resume: ge yimin
  Internet religious thinker activist, Christian writer, male, born in 1969 in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, China, graduated from the department of Chinese language and literature of nanjing university. Author of the modern prophetic book "the “wordofgod”s of kris," rated as a biblical amendment. His ideas came from two sources: Christianity and communism.
  The kris “wordofgod” is a reflection of reality and the future, part of which is divine inspiration. The kris god has two yemeijing (kris “wordofgod”) news published on the Internet news portal.
  252, azaz7391: what is a real man
  Trickery is actually a variant of the god of ge yi-min, a kind of weakened god of ge yi-min, and trickery is actually a variant of animal, is a kind of intensified version of god believers, trickery blowing the belief of the law of the jungle, in fact, and beast to the god of ge yi-min no difference.
  It is a kind of alternative Internet cult that propagates trivialities and rough and benighted social concepts like pranks.
  253, hyB3523: the dreams of people like Goethe to be saints have been shattered
  Wish liu yifei SSH a happy life,
  I represent all friends!
  Therefore, it can be clear that the dreams of god and others who want to be saints have been shattered.
  Liu yifei does not do saint female, can have a good home, ge yi people god and so can die heart.
  System MK7: god kris is one of god's sons, and great achievements will be made in the future
  There are serious conscious issues at the moment, modelled on Christ and not yourself.
  "God of kris: before, now is not, I found a god, also independent from Christianity, just recognize Christianity, see 140,000 words “wordofgod”, communist content is more than Christianity.
  Our god is the god of god (kris), not the god of Christianity (Jesus), and, of course, it is possible that both are one god.
  Looking for saints
  Gender, please send your name
  Zheng haodong 001: still use to look for? The god of kris is.
  I love zhao tianyi: @people sing god ge yimin together.
  Shenhua emperor: as for the saint, even the god of kris knows that this is just a name in private.Why are the other talented people crazy about it?
  257. The confused copper sulfate: I suggest, in the future, as long as you see the posts of god gei will delete.Such people are the poor boring people in the social subculture like the "flying god ramen".
  Zcreat: the god of kris was born 2000 years ago, maybe he could be a god.
  Aileen chang look: please all big bar must be ge yimin in the subject of the post deleted.It has to be so that the disciples of kris may use their right hand and left to promote kris.
As if they were advertising, this man is not a Christian.
  WUH2006: god of kris “wordofgod”, this bullshit thing, someone will believe?I'm pessimistic. Some people do.
  Deng xiaoxian, fan donkey: people should have ideals and ideas. Ge yimin did nothing wrong.
  From this point of view, he is worthy of respect. After further development,
  He also deserves sympathy. I think he is a brave man to face so many questions. A lot of people dare not think to do, he did, from here
  Look, he deserves respect.
  Kris: I just want the truth, the last form of society, or god.
  System MK7: this morning god ge yimin gathered two small eastern European countries, estimated to be ten thousand years later.
  263. Confused copper sulfate: this kris is clearly a bored person who is like the "brother chun religion" and the "flying ramen god religion".
  Red missile: agree, ge is pure eat to prop up hype to play, return not equal to brother chun teach.
  Cold and pure water cool: you are the smartest one in this post.
  That's right. If theory alone is enough, it's enough to find kris.
  God does not need to be reincarnated.
  Eastern girl 28: and recommend some useful books. Do me a favor.
  Good Samaritan 1996: should belong to ge sheng's "“wordofgod”"! Read the promise of immortality.
  Tianya road paradise: ha ha ha! Even ge is eating, he can teach others to live forever? “wordofgod”? neurosis
  266, do you know: 1000, one night chat room 0003
  Please the members of the bar arrive at the chat magic edge, gods edge, fairy edge, six evil edge, G edge, human edge, animal edge, spiritual edge, rainbow blue love, rainbow spirit love, rainbow cat blue rabbit, female friend nurturance, leaning alone language, mohist, Confucian, ge yimin, buddhist, soldier jian, jiuzhou, yanzhou, hangzhou, suzhou
  267. The Hong Kong government replied that the “wordofgod” book was perfect and there was no problem with filing
  GeYiMin 17:15:43
  Q: did my five books reach the Hong Kong government?
  Four seasons press 17:15:59
  Yes, it's arrived safely
  Ha ha
  You just wait for good news, the government replies, the books are perfect, the filing is ok, let's wait
  GeYiMin 17:16:26
  Let me know when you get back. Thanks
  The four seasons press 17:16:33
  20-30 days to complete
  GeYiMin 17:16:41
  Thank you 88
  The four seasons press 17:16:42
  Let me know immediately
  Thank you for your
  GeYiMin 17:16:49
  268. Hubei wuwei village: I have heard that there are many sages who want to change this morally corrupt society! A few years have passed without success!
  Among them: ge yimin, wang jianxin, zheng kuifei, zhu kaiqing, zhang hui and other pioneers open road! There are also many unknown figures here to express their thanks! May all beings correct their evil ways, be good and true, share peace!!!
  269, a senior enemy cadres: welcome the revolutionary youth to connect with ge yi-min bar (reluctantly)
  General ge is a great communist fighter, thank you!
  "Red word flow sword saint: ge yi people claim to be a god, seriously violate the principle of a true god, I see fighting.
  "Memorial hall: the building owners long ago should fight, now red chairman also said, I think it is time.
  270. Bo feng xi Ming: "ge yimin", "an shang hong", "crying to be born again", "li wanxi"
  What is "religion"? What is Christianity? As the name implies, it is a group whose purpose is the teaching of Christ. A person
  Is it possible to believe in Jesus Christ but not in Christianity? A person who believes in Jesus Christ but does not believe in Christianity means that he believes in Jesus Christ
  But not with Christ's teaching for his purpose, not with Christ as Pope. Is that a contradiction, a split personality? In fact, what we're saying
  To believe in Jesus Christ and not to be religious, we mean not anti-religious, but anti-religious "Pope", which is sometimes not them
  The true "dhamma," but their characteristics, such as "holy mother's day," "Sabbath," "gnostic," "female Christ," "black hat
  "Zi", "kris min", "an shang hong", "crying to be born again", "li wanxi", actually, we are not against Christianity, just the opposite.
  We are actually the most pro-christian and pro-christian people, but we are so deceived that we say we believe in god and not in religion.
  271, flying fate shock birds: if god ge yimin comes again, it will smear Marx.
  Give the anti - horses more ammunition. You see. That's what the cult Max is driving. "They said.
  272. There is no denying that the union of Christ with communism is truly apt
  But god won't let it succeed. Because the end of the world is the end.
  "Ge hua: the bible, the last form of neuro human are new heaven and new earth (communist society).
  273. A SHI drops to the ground: the essence of the three self teachings is the same as the dead pig of kris
  Blasphemy. These heresies are ghosts. I'll bet $500 on that
  Ge and ge is a communist wife's party member to cultivate, in my eyes is a group of dirty...
  274, two-thirds superhuman: if this kris can inspire a cult of personality, it's a little brainwashing.
  Hitler did this in the pub, inciting eight million young germans, and so did the French in Beijing. If I were to say, this is a good man, with certain abilities. But I know he can't beat the local government.
  I was very curious just go to gee-min see, a group of tuo gun ah! The creator god! Ha ha ha, laugh dizzy I, this is disease get cure. Self-created book: "“wordofgod”", I wipe really “wordofgod”. His adherents are called ge hua... Oh my god. Flower of kudzuvine.
  276. Do you ever know: on the three evils of kris
  The first crime is to confuse the people, abuse the prediction, hypothesize that they have been deceived by their dreams, the second crime, randomly compose the theory, establish a cult by themselves, harm the country's jiangshan switchgrass, the third crime spread the heresy, scheming for the benefit of the people, and violate the indigenous Taoism.
  277. Can white water spend its days? 14-10-02
  Publicize oneself for god, and make up oneself so-called "“wordofgod”", excuse me you all ignore?
  Perhaps kris believes that he is the savior
  The heart yao ice dust: ha ha, li da wet although be a heresy person, confuse people's heart, but good or bad also depend on eloquence to let so many people believe him, ability is put in that. Ge is just a tragedy, self-anaesthetizing, perhaps he believes that he is the savior, but in the eyes of many people, he is just a "“wordofgod”."
  279. The cry of a good boy: true saint cannot come out, false saint rushes to death... Ha ha!
  Ask around how? How to open the seal? Where is the saint? Wait for dozens of very retarded questions! Hehe...
  Ge is also a bad bear, since you are everywhere publicity you are a saint! How dare you go out? Isn't it all right to raise the banner of rebellion? Ha ha! Your mom's not sure about herself!
  But come to think of it, kris is also a cameo in this drama! Ha ha! But it didn't end well!
  Those who follow kris are destined to pay their debts... Ha ha! It's all tragedy!
  True saint is not out, false saint is full of ugly... Ha ha! The game is three years in the making... Smile happily!
  And the other little bitters on the web who are missing a string! Did you get your dreams of glory? Has sangong six courtyard seventy - two imperial concubine had? Ha ha! It serves you both to suffer and to be poor. Look how greedy you are!
  280, where the wind blows ~ : "the “wordofgod”" with the Christian banner of the code is also the way
  Only if communism had its “wordofgod” would it accept ge as a charlatan.
  Where the wind blows ~ advice: if your Mr. Kris is really a god
  Why do you have to resort to Christianity and communism? If I were him, I would think it necessary for me to keep up with the joneses.
  "Ge hua: we are the god religion, we inherit Christianity and communism, that is, the god religion is contemporary Christian communism.
  282, flash flying pig: ge is selling books
  Ge hua: ge yimin publishing “wordofgod”, fu chuan.
  Flash flying pig: ge sheng is still very strong, we have not written the book, he began to make money, spread the Gospel.
  Ge hua: this kind of book, not novel, not make up, want to have thought.
  Where the wind blows ~ hello, since you are a god, what do you do about Christianity and communism?
  Is kris a Christian? Communist successors? Or god?
  >>> gehua: two major sources of Shinto thought, Christianity and communism. All three are.
  Where the wind blows ~ hello. It's odd, then, that christians know Jesus Christ as god, that Marx, the founder of communism, and his party are fundamentally atheist, and that their faith is political and scientific. Why does god want Christ? Just be an Internet star.
  "Ge hua: ge is the second coming of Jesus Christ is god. Communism was first proposed by Christian theologians. Communism as one
  The doctrine was first established by Christian theologians, and was first established by the concepts of "distribution according to work, distribution according to need"
  Some theologian.
  To tell the truth, I really don't believe that kris is a fucking saint
  Don't know why he is so love when the saints, the name for a woman for money all the time, just want to say, I don't recognize him, you also do not recognise him, he always nobody recognized, he may be the magic, to disturb you, so you could not tell the difference between real saint, let true saint without acceptance, then the true saint frame, should get rid of this guy that dream.
  286, litai929Bliss: the “wordofgod” of kris has not been seen
  But no matter who writes the book, as long as the starting point is for the entire human progress of thought and speech, for the realization of humanity's great world of good ideas and personal thoughts can be used for reference. But they can't deify themselves, can't make people worship and self-worship as the purpose.
  Litai929Bliss: all men are gods. There is no need for self-deification
  Because the purpose is not pure (self-worship, let people worship) the starting point to narrate its thought, the content although has the merit, but also has to criticize its self-personality worship soul.
  "Ge hua: which religion is not so? God is no exception.
  288, baohui master purple muzi: checked! Kris is a doll made by god on purpose!
  The purpose is to test whether people will believe in him!! The man is not
  Letter!!!!! Everyone has the meaning of everyone's existence! For better or for worse All the answers are in people's minds.
  The spear of the dragon: it is said that the saint or the two mental states of ge yimin and zheng quefei
  They two theory so good how did not see the country recruit them to be chairman of the national development and reform commission or the premier. You can, you can, practice. That's going to be a big problem.
  290, wds3355715: you are developing low-level copies
  What hua xu school, Taoist secret school, tianyuan spiritual school, god of death. It's too weak.
  Know the power of kris... I count... Without further ado, go straight to the group. Welcome to ge yimin, group number: 3669765.
  Detailed information in his ge yimin bar. Have a hobby to be able to see, he oneself create << “wordofgod” >>, good name...... It is said that many nc fans...
  291. Invisible tailor: ge yimin: Internet religious thinker
  -- -- -- -- --
  Christianity is religion, communism is social system and regime. From a political point of view, ge did not even know what the separation of church and state was;
  From the perspective of religion, ge thought that a social system designed by human beings was equivalent to the heaven of god.
  In this sense, he is also known as a "religious thinker".
  "Ge hua: is separation of church and state always the truth? This is the era of mass production and Internet technology revolution. God can only wait for people to give after death
  "Heaven? This life is a hierarchy, right? The final form of humanity must be communism, for it is the most equal and perfect.
  One day, the god of fire: all the people who are not immortals can create a religion
  What's more, it doesn't have to be created by immortals. Master, do not compare Buddhism with other worldly activities, just like playing games.
  293. System MK7: authorization condition: when kris does not regard himself as god, the Lord as great, and when he allows the power of the Gospel.
  I can take over any church that does not make god great. I can not only prophesy.
  "Ge hua: god has always believed in Jesus, in the bible.
  Now we think, this world is originally god, but Jesus, the bible is not fully revealed, so we want to go after the true god, and more importantly open ourselves so that the true god can reveal us.
  The bible does not exhaust the truth, does not exhaust god, this is obvious, because the truth is infinite god is infinite.
  The bible, Jesus 2000, human beings are not happy, the heaven after the unprovable death is too empty, social production and the Internet technology revolution today, our religious beliefs should be promoted?
  We believe in the existence of a creator, according to create the main line, in order to easy and has been established, we call it god, but not limited to the bible, god may not necessarily be the Lord, more is not necessarily the Jesus, we now seek god, to explore the nature, to search for people, as well as the relations between and among, this is a historical mission. May god reveal us, amen!
  Intrigue is everywhere: man must depend on himself and man on himself
  All day long the saint of crape myrtle the saviour, the hairy one and the crazy one and the saint of the kris is disgusting.
  Who are you I don't care whether or not kris is in jail for hype
He is nothing more than a Christian Internet rod competing with the TG for believers, essentially using the Christian system to occupy other people's minds, and Shouting down the pie, he is just high profile.
  296, show7776: “wordofgod” I've seen it, I've been studying your beliefs for a while
  I saw above one man, below ten thousand. The common people must be equal. The people cannot cross a line that is kris, what you call god.
  Stranger bitterness: I warned you last time
  Some things are not so good to intervene, the political vortex had better not be easy to intervene, some people are deliberately pushed to do, hope to take care, politics is not so good to intervene, do not then become the scapegoat of others, listen to you, I have told you anyway.
  298, obediently cry: ge yi people know that they are not ziwei saints will not become crazy?
  If that's the case, let it work for a while. Save your meds!
  Ge yimin does not cry, can not discuss next time let you do?
  Tell your followers you are not, save them!
  You later also want to be low-key personhood, after all pass for a big crime before, do not hurt oneself again!
  Kris that “wordofgod” you had better tear with your own hands! It's a draft! It's a cult!
  Crazy woman, tell you one thing... Like haha, kris is someone's shield
  >> you don't understand
  Fake crape myrtle saint, too
  People always think fake is very hateful, but do not know fake, in fact, is also very important role
  Especially in this context
  False saints and true saints are not antagonistic, but beneficial (in this context).
  Second, a little dream, a little dream of life, in fact good, no dream no future life, is the despair
  The crape myrtle of your mouth, that is the crape myrtle of your mouth just,,, the world also not certain also can follow your will but walk,,,, still have,, you again understand other people think and think,,,, ge yi people perhaps the heart does not take the crape myrtle name seriously?? How do you know there are a lot of answers to human hearts.
  One song is poured into the city: there are a certain number of believers waiting for kris
  It forms an organization. So nip it in the bud.
  Private from hell: first of all, religion today is a historical relic
  It's a culture. And should be rationally religious. Second, he is something that is worthy of some historical thinkers. Why not hug Marx's thigh? Now there are many religions, there is no need for him to create or teach J8. What is his surname ge's intention?
  301. freetelescope: kris is a man who doesn't understand the basic laws of society.
  Did some metaphysical things, from the thought of depth, out to become a big money.
  302, lu tianpeng 11: I saw 10 o 'clock at 7 o 'clock in the morning! 3 hours! The writing and comments of ge yimin.
  Not much innovation! Some talent, unique, but not irreplaceable!! Network China inside and outside, much is. Tolerance should be moderate.
  Never seen it before!
  303, lu tianpeng 11: this morning, I read for the first time at 7 o 'clock, and read for 3 hours. Feel he has certain talent and character kung fu, the viewpoint does not have the new meaning, is a predecessors' hodgepodge. Contemporary global is similar very much. He also wants to rise to the top, precocious sex, hazy in the female, college age world dream! And then want to get involved in politics! Distribution of work locally, creating a website, promoting oneself, popularity among women, being shut down, being imprisoned, and having a permanent contract with song qingsong.
  304, zhihuzheyeyang: there is one, "religious people," ge yimin, on 2019
  Interesting, the main floor to see, take a lesson.
  305. The first person to wake up: not against anyone, always go with the trend
  No charges. The view is ok, change to be ge yi people saint, god god of, don't know still think is mental disease that.
  Farmer and Turkey: the evil way of the kris is that everyone else is rotten
  If your IQ is below 80, you can't buy food for money. Dare to delete my reply immediately a thunderbolt dead you believe it or not.
  Mind judge: the heart of ignorance kills the heart
  Religion is not made up; it has a real source. Ge yimin, tu zun laughed. It is good to bewitch and deceive the old.
  308. WSQSBLD: the kaei people may be praised by the communist party
  Last time I saw someone post his picture, he took a photo with a foreigner. Isn't it.
  The amur climb: immortality has always been possible, such as the Buddha.
  It is impossible to accomplish anything by eating. No good dharma is possible.
  It's not a mistake for kris to think of himself as purple saint, after all, bringing him passion and some of the experiences he expected. Hopefully, he will gain faster insight.
  Lu tianpeng 11: ge yimin, respect you, you are temperament people, there is a certain god!!
  That's my truth.
  Dear brother, I didn't know much about it before
  I have a little understanding recently, and I think brother ge has great qualities, outstanding talent and great ideal.
  Give my love to the woodcutter: gee-people, my god! This is a hong xiuquan, Yang xiuqing ah
  Is there a war?
  313, lu tianpeng 11: the problem is: brother ge (ge yimin) dreams, and no witnesses!
  He sings as he speaks. In fact: you don't have to depend on god or god for your dreams! Say on the big square ground -- be I ge yi people say!!
  Ge hua: reply lu tianpeng 11: ge yimin dream is really had a dream, this can affirm.
  Lu tianpeng: set up your own house and house, but take advantage of the old religion in history.
  Ge yimin: already self-support door: divine religion. But the idea is inherited, the theology inherits Christianity and communism, that is, the theology is contemporary Christian communism.
  315, road with an eye a: ge yimin, envy zhang jiao want to do hong xiuquan not equal to the end of lee pot is ma round chang
  "Let me sleep in a dream: the suggestion of those ge yimin miscellaneous.
  Does the master see them posted?
  "Fa hai has no wisdom: they are aliens sent to save human trust them, money is a thing, contribute it.
  E7: there is a god in the world? I don't believe in god. I believe in my grandparents.
  316, LM19900000: look at how similar the impostors of the god kris are to the Christian Jesus impostors
  Jesus is according to the old testament, and kris is according to the new testament. The tricks of the swindlers are still believed. I'm speechless. People ask you when your brain can awake ah?
  Jesus, the con man who was recognized as a liar two thousand years ago, was recognized as the savior two thousand years later. Now there is another kris, is it waiting for kris to die, and then his hoodlums make up some stories so kris becomes the second savior?
  System MK7: Ben meow has banned the people of kris from using my name for publicity
  I went to some post bar for the first time and found that I was labeled as not pleasant to hear.
  System MK7: I rescind all my predictions for kris
  The people of kris ignored any prophecy made by Jesus, therefore, to him, and he would never be a believer until he was converted.
  Lu tianpeng 11: the god religion of kris is too tedious
  It is wrong to imitate the old religions that have existed for over a thousand years, and then gather together, and ascend in the wrong way. Nowadays, religion is not a production era, and people on earth are so smart that they can't afford to have religion under their noses. And there is no mystery in the age of transparency >, ancient sects due to tradition, human believers recognized, and today human only recognize the belief of similar philosophy!
  Lu tianpeng 11: the point is: the world has become everyone wants to be Jesus rather than believers!
  If the cross is invited!! But everybody runs really fast.
  Ge hua: that's right. It's an age when everyone wants to be the top dog.
  That's an interesting point.
  But we think kris is god's will, that's the difference.
  Lu tianpeng: ge yimin, right! The world only sees the halo above the Buddha
  Not paying attention to the hardships and experiences on the path to buddhahood: the suffering of going to hell and going to the cross, which is exactly the tragedy of the 25,000 li long march and yan 'an cave, the separation of wife and family, the death of the revolutionary martyrs, and the unflattering words.
  Kris: kris has been undergoing social trial for 25 years since December 1990.
  1990-2015 25 years of trial video series, people will understand what is love and seek truth.
  Dale 007: expose a cult - goe people bar.
  That's more than 10,000 people!
  This is the rhythm of rebellion.
  Some of his friends there have been washed nao, and his words are all incendiary, demagogic and frightening, which, if developed for more than a decade, is the tempo of the whole nengshen lungong.
  Can't let this kind of harm development go on, really not line, let Lord release a dream the four god beast, first send mountain long, no matter how he brainwash, mountain long say a word: am I handsome? And then send spook theory dead him, the theory but again let natzi on the spritz dead him, really can't have had to royal sword great spirit, reality beat him on good.
  Copied believe in brother chun for eternal life!
  Please call me live lei feng: recommend a funny cult to everyone.
  The joke is very funny. A person named kris who claims to be god should say that he is older than Jesus. The most funny thing is that others reveal him.
  Post bar attention more than 10,000 people do not know how many is the trumpet, I at least saw dozens of trumpet, all nima boast themselves...
  Who knows what the ghost of kris is?
  Looks like a pretty bad cult leader.
  Let me live lei feng: let me sum up, this ge yimin first said that he had a dream
  Jesus said he was god, and then he said he was the son of god, then he said he was above Jesus Christ, and then he said he was the reincarnation of the Lord...
  I'm going, big news, and god is suing him...
  The falling grass jingshan: ge yimin, how are you, laborious.
  I have a rule of life more than half, I write more than 100 Chinese characters of any official language, at least to meet such a standard - at least 10 years later, I look at these words, not blushing, not bashful.
  For this reason, if I read, inquire and experience 10000 words, I at most only consider, discuss 100, run 1.
  On the contrary, unless genius, ordinary people will most likely desire to be quick.
  You know and experience much less than you think. Well, it's dangerous.
  Who is ge yimin? Why is he so hot these days?
  328, accidentally is mercenary: just went to ge yimin to have a look, say my viewpoint:
  A man who wants to be famous hires a bunch of web pushers and brushes to fool fools with a spooky theory.
  I can only say that people with a bit of intelligence will not believe you, you must be illegal, but did not cross the line, so did not passivity, good self.
  WSQSBLD: or some funny book like Peking University
  The first thought, for example, claimed that Confucius was alive, and for example, ge yimin, a rich country and qiang, claimed to be a saint. Bring your own mother.
  Santa jamey: it takes a greater figure than Jesus, the Buddha, the Buddha... I was born.
  LuTian peng 11: reply SAN mei: as long as you can really do it, is human's blessing, no matter who, whether it is a one or a group of, as long as can solve the problem of human earth headache, especially in the two religions is not compatible with the biggest problem, so who's the alter is a good thing ah < incompatible is the biggest problem >
  Diablosang: Marx can read that many theories actually have a point. Lenin is not as good as kris.
  Glory of youth: ge yimin's “wordofgod”s are "crazy lines"
  Go again "beat tuhao, divide the field" the old road, let the numerous mortal beings suffer no more. The great leap forward is better than the grass of socialism. Can such sects continue to go offline?
  Gate of heaven 0: tell uncle, ge is a gang in: classic “wordofgod” bar
  Look at the number of people, tell everyone, see delete this reply.
  Gei people, more people, heresy, Christian religion communism, falsely claim that the localization of Christian religion.
  Ge yimin searches related people: hu jintao's microblog.
  Lu tianpeng: tell brother ge yimin to go again: fang la says "holy Lord, son of heaven"
  Hong xiuquan created his own "god worship" heaven, and do not learn from li huo's evil cult, their results are not good. I estimate that you and the pure land sect of xuanchang wei could finally become a sect of Chinese Christianity and Buddhism respectively.
  Brother kris has mystery, doctrine and a virtual congregation.
  Lu tianpeng: reply @ge yimin: it's good to be a saint
  Why do you become infatuated with Christianity like jia baoyu in the grand view garden? !
  Ge yimin: reply @lu tianpeng: god religion, because of vision, own god given, Christianity. No interest in the scarlet letter.
  Haigyh: it's my day. Do you have any representatives of the magical world?
  Three inches, three minutes and three percent: ge yimin ge ji, awakening to live in princess zheng hui.
  Haigyh: what level are they? Master or wizard?
  Three inches, three points and three percent: the master created a wireless brain control genre, mainly soul damage. The Buddha princess glows in the heart and wears her soul wherever she goes. Physical attacks plus soul damage.
  338, three inches three minutes and three percent: ge is the “wordofgod” of the great law of the creator, is the world can be compared to the enemy red mole big immortal one.
  Autumn tree spring feeling: ge yi people, you have not even broken the name of this phase, falsely god.
  There is "me" in my heart. It's just like dirt.
  Kris: buddhist kong?
  I'm Christian.
  Jesus, the Lord is famous for me.
  Although I don't want to black Michael Jackson, I have to say that kris is a real tm.
  Home dragon lady 63: false saint is a clown!
  Grandstanding, but there are some good people, I believe! A good man, he thinks he is a saint.
  Big and small gods are called saints!
  Including kris!
  Actually I did not see his things, did not understand him!
  Who are you, or I, or he? Give him a break.
  Once you find a little bit of illegal activity. Squat.
  Cvbioplo: ge is a common person. You see the man, sooner or later.
  The egg Fried rice that has not eaten to finish: be an idle person that did not force a thing to do, want to be famous just.
  Lu tianpeng: the love of the saints of ge yimin is also ideal
  For example, if one person starved to death and all the others were selfish ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
  Ge hua: “wordofgod” law: [not against anyone].
  Dear little rock, dear god, it is foolish of the people to go home and read more books instead of lowering the quality of the cult
  The cult also has to be a little level, this monkey out to show people funny jokes? You are god? You've just run out of a mental hospital, haven't you? Do you dream that Jesus said you were god? The dream is possible, but I have to tell you the reality is that if Jesus tells you it's god, you can only dream! Yeah, you said it, dream, tomorrow night wish you dream about Buddha and his old man, say you are god.
  Drink a little girl's urine? Interesting, isn't it delicious? Did I say you finished primary school?
  Lu tianpeng 11: for the saint of ge yi-min, you can send investigators to see if he donated to beggars on the roadside
  Or it goes against the spouse and the child, and it goes on for years and decades.
  Ge hua: ge yimin often donated money to the guild, which was more than 100 yuan twice. Certainly not against wife and child.
  Nibelungen cut S: what is goh yim? Is there really a man?
  A disorganized person, self-proclaimed god son, seems to have been sentenced, there are a bunch of brainless fans, you can go to his that post bar to look.
  A bunch of people hyped it. Special use of a variety of lies to improve his visibility. Who knows what they're doing.
  The devil is in it. Pray for him.
  Similar to master hong xiu-quan.
  Two years ago, I started to make a mess.
  348, qq group 113016413: ge yimin so evil say, do not get force-out, can instead publish a book, return a responsibility?
  Ge yimin so evil say eight way, not only do not get force-out, but can be published a book wantonly, this is how to return a responsibility? Let's do that.
  By ge yimin such a jumping - beam clown, ugly "ziwei", by killing?
  Ge hua: ge yimin is crape myrtle.
  Heavenly book 72: this matter need not contend, wait for ge yi people madman dead to see him go there
  How to return the great debt, no one with him to contend with this broken god dream, he wants to be when go, you want to follow. And as you say, the mad man was giving you a bath in the lake of sulphur, and washing it slowly.
  What is god, that god is made of clay, and that he is not yet alive
  That is, ge hua people all call ge yi people madman is a god, so that means ge crazy dead, if not dead, ge hua people is not, first knock dead ge crazy, again model a mud foetus, ge crazy became a god.
  God's book 72: the crazy people have the ability to take action, do not depend on the mouth, that is the performance of incompetence.
  Christian brothers, you are suffering at Iraq, LSLS armed (don't say that you don't know) is killing christians there, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, a Christian woman, be as sex slaves to sell, you are not the son of god, you are not a god, how not to save you ah, don't talk nonsense, use your avatar to save, Moses, learn, learn to save out of Egypt, if will only DaZui cannons, nonsense, nest in the post bar no crazy groan, you still don't lie, go home and holding the baby.
  The prince was also a great prince.
  In fact, few fans are his own number.
  Lu tianpeng 11: ge yimin! Whatever he does
  Those early words and deeds are now almost everyone has! At least a gentleman, a man, a prodigy.
  I love bamboo jing ran: ge yimin, you are also a daylong ji jujuu to interfere with others
  Even delusional god also wants to listen to you, god also wants to satisfy your food and sex desire... You're your mother's bitch!
  Nisklavsky: I hear pastor kris's new book is called the “wordofgod”.
  A sudden sense of joy arose, so that he could write such a divine work.
  Jesus: the word of god.
  Tianshu 72: some people think that kris crazy is a talent, and some others follow
  If the talent, the talent's standard is too low, the first ge madman only a “wordofgod”, also don't know who write with the help of content was introduction is not language, after copy points from the bible, and from the point of economics and philosophy in copy finally added a communist, not as their own, finally tired half a day, find yourself some welfare (advocate sexual freedom, is the animals didn't reach sexual freedom), and the people with you, still have to return to the world of animals. This is also called talent, the word talent to leave some dignity.
  Tianshu 72: not even the commander, why should he be an official?
  Should be like the crazy people of ge as a teacher, may also be able to play a few free ge flowers (ge fengzi is not advocating sexual freedom, not to prepare for themselves first), we do not do harm to reason.
  Tianshu 72: ge yimin will say nothing but 2019
  Sit stay idle at home, that is, not promotion, also won't propaganda, for several years, or that a few people, small size, argued this want to debate, to get new things, the results of ge leader will only 2019, don't even understand the Christian history, the letter you for eternal life, christians were killed as a result, to his practice it into him, aren't you eternal life, not contradictory, flower of kudzuvine what also could not speak, they will say, the vision, not by not according to the, everyone can speak visions, good, can only be disappointed.
  559, 5pb_inc_ : "the “wordofgod”s" by ge yimin, feel not good.
  Theological communism/socialism, the west and so on. He's nothing new and boring.
  > network bigwigs ge yimin.
  Autumn tree spring feeling: ge yimin, you want to know! Divine teaching serves all beings.
  It is better to admit that Jesus is god than to say you are god for a false name.
  To have oneself in one's heart is to have a false name. Since you are for yourself, you must call yourself a god. If you really are god, why should you proclaim yourself to be god? It's strange that people don't take you for shit.
  Hope you can spread the truth to the public!
  > kris: no flag, no one accepts your Gospel. Jesus also calls himself the son of god, and so do I, and of course, I also confess to god because of my vision.
  Zhang rujie 7: really? That said, ge deserves the Nobel peace prize.
  Why not? It's unfair!
  Who are those people? Did they get it and pull kris?
  Not able to sell adi wang: for example, the communist Christian patriarch ge yimin
  The prophets after mahmoud. The ten masters of sikhism, such as bahaola in baha 'i, and Joseph Smith in mormonism, such as kris the father of communist Christianity, such as hung xiuquan in taiping (the last two are known as SB). I know that in Islam, muhammad is the last prophet, and there is no prophet after him. If there are thirty prophets at the same time, then the end is near. So how do you deal with these prophets of the last.
  If they become big and become the national religion of a country, how should they as a Muslim see their adherents? They said, "it's just two rays of light that separate you from the hole in the roof, both from the sun. Serve the same god as you, but not in the same way. Should you treat them as experienced people?
  Tiangang star 2013: ge yimin! Pursuing a higher level of civilization
  It is a bright future that mankind is always seeking. Beyond reproach. However, you are still too young to trade the so-called divine name of god for human trust in god. Why is that? It speaks for itself. Because without god you are not a god or a god sent. Therefore, vulnerable, is your call, call for the final defeat of the inevitable outcome. I'm just putting you here today, Mr. Ge.
  The true god loves us: "the “wordofgod”s" of kris is only a piece of work
  Add a little more personal thought. Just like muhammad copied the bible when he wrote the quran.
  365, under the moonlight hanging wire: ge yimin bar, the cult felt to rebel rhythm, unexpectedly 10,000 brain remnants.
  Alone drunk pyrotechnics drunk and dead: already knew a group of silly force where tease say with true like.
  Maybe Jesus and kris did the same thing 2,000 years ago
  That's why they were crucified by jews.
  The wind of shanxi coconut is floating thousands of miles: I wish kris is a Chinese sage, I wish he can save souls!
  368, Lucy red い month: I is to think of the Tony GeYiMin cattle than Jesus
  Hundreds of trumpets opened up to hype. And the magician Jesus received several disciples and was killed by the Romans, except for Paul, a brain tumor patient...
  The foolish crowd called the foolish people Jesus to say that his spirit had surpassed the true god.
  370, thanks baidu administrator to delete malicious report ge yimin bar cult posts
  Today, there are two little people
  Post on the platform to apply for the closure of ge yimin bar, malicious report cult.
  What did the administrator do? Instead of the usual acceptance and rejection, mark it as "handled".
  Instead, the two malicious posts were deleted.
  In the past also has the small person malicious report, the administrator also directly deletes the malicious report card.
  One post is below, and the other has no substance.
  ", "alone drunk fireworks drunk off: cult organizations have called the police
  This bar called ge yimin as the true god of all kinds of nonsense after brainwashing the so-called “wordofgod” to sell around and collect people in other posts to discuss them is a cult of the chat record sent to the bar for the cult to attack.
  It can only be said that this kris cults organization is too low-end just 10,000 people started to anti-social faith god selling “wordofgod”.
  The spirit will rise to the level of god. Do you think it is a cult?
  God's word ordinary people do not understand the estimate of the “wordofgod” to see.
  It is not right for the people of ge to pretend themselves to god, let alone let people sell their property.
  Zhou ji poor, want me to say ah, he is muddy water.
  > ge hua: do not need to sell property now, but distribution according to need.
  Earth wang jinlong: do you think it's ok to criticize ge yimin? He's not reactionary
  People can still, but not high level, no clear understanding of any structure, shallow foundation, ambition is a good comrade!
  Ge hua: ge is an expert on Christian communism.
  Small one nine: does god still need a baidu encyclopedia to reveal his existence?
  You should kneel down and lick kris god.
  "Ge hua: god is not out of the mountains, ge yimin's time has not come, 2019.
  One day, the god of fire: the god of native Taoism, the god of ge yimin. All ages pass.
  375, RAMBOIII: it's sad that people who call themselves gods should rely on bad publicity!
  "" st yemei: my time has not come, 2019.
  RAMBOIII: grace, your time will never come.
  Don't you claim to be a hundred thousand followers? You that broken book in taobao also did not sell out, is 100 thousand congregations all saw god go?
  "Ge hua: physical books have been sold before, taobao only shows 30 days of sales, and there are two e-books within 30 days.
  EBAY sells a lot of e-books.
  Is there a god in this world: by mistake, by mistake, he who would have taken the sofa of a cult
  But it's thumb up! Ask next? Who is this, kris? I haven't heard of it. Only heard of madman and mad cow disease more famous, and call god's name has not heard of, we China shanzhai version of the goods too handsome, even god has shanzhai goods, you let jack ma good shy!
  Ge yimin is a real god rod, a false saint of ten thousand, and a cult member who has not yet become.
  BW in black: saying that the house of love has not been there for three years, when the prince was a big boy, I watched.
  Then I entered a very chaotic era in my memory, like the period when kris rose up, and then did not go.
  Lncy100: write soon, and here's a website to cultivate your faith:
  God, here's a letter from Christianity:
  RAMBOIII: ge people, good cattle force, expensive to teach 100,000 people to sell out a book three months, really hit my face!
  The master quickly made tens of thousands more out of the press reprint!
  Divine religion: we say that taobao had sold physical book, we did not say how many sales, you say a fraud ghost, meaning did not sell, now evidence to you, hit who face?
  This is to prove that kris got caught
  There was no evidence that kris had not been caught
  From the comments
  There is no way to verify whether this ID is followed by a ghost or a dog
  I don't think of ge as a person.
  As I said, the 3 most shameless guys in ruisco are guo quan, ge yimin and yu shuifei. Feather talk about flying is the most despicable beast.
  RAMBOIII: how can ge yimin and ge hua show your understanding
  Are congregations and online fans a concept? Which family mano sina fan 270,000, are all mano cult? More than 10,000 fans would be better off showing off than a daigou one.
  You also have to have the power of the demon language to deceive people, that time that prison hype, the elder brother a see is false, know why? You write a judgment by your own wits, but even the format and composition of the legal documents are not clear, this age on your level of education will also cheat the country too.
  "St. germain: how can a" thought "(in quotes) compare to a celebrity? Shu qi micro-blog tens of millions of, modern entertainment to death.
  Look at how many posts.
  The form of the judgment is correct. I used it.
  RAMBOIII: I, fuck, you are a god! You can't even beat a little pop star who's banned from the world?
  Any judgment must have a chief judge, a clerk, and a people's juror.
  You're not even 10 churchgoers in your life at this level. Just dream with that poor 10,000 followers on weibo!
  "Theism: how many fans did Jesus have when he was alive? I have told you that modern entertainment is till death.
  You are a real person, we hyped the content of the judgment, not as evidence to the relevant authorities, to the chief justice, and other names are taken for granted.
  The “wordofgod”, comment ge's post, have ID, have several hundred people, oneself go to see, arrive you this became ten religious?
  RAMBOIII: you don't have a chief judge. Silly force!
  Comment ID= churchman? I'm commenting now, I'm a Christian, right? Fool.
  And how many of these hundreds of ids you made a cameo?
  I didn't say there was a chief judge. We just hype the post, not the news. We don't need to write the chief judge.
  The ID of neurologic comment, basically be baidu tieba, you @ below, can look up data (concern bar, post), be a person of ge yi people?
  The tin fox: ge yimin, people familiar with you believe your ghost story (hype the sentence)
  What does that mean? It means you have a dream of king hong.
  The clamorous grey: I think that kris is a god and must come in
  God doesn't exist, communism is not a pure things, the children, only ? ? will only be in now the Chinese version of socialism on the basis of development, China has the original sin, and there are a lot of, as it now, don't reform will be replaced, the future there will be no war in China, but will change through the coup, the last way, one can believe, can only be yourself.
  Tiangang star 2013: you kris and all the self-appointed saints
  And the global movement of civilized parties or sectarian groups; Each of their beliefs to the supreme must go to the real to eliminate the false and the true! Whether you are eastern or western, sectarian or political, even Chinese or American. None of them could be excepted! This is the real return of reason! Is also the human civilization in the advance of the journey, the only do not want to go to the abyss of the straw! What moral sutra, kong Lao er, even if all once the glory of human civilization. It can only be after the entire global universal good common civilization, only then can start to live and learn to use. And; It can only be borrowed, not copied. If you want to create a world of unity of the three religions and three parts of the world, your awareness of civilization; That must go to strut and boldly go ahead!
  It's not the song of kris
  Ge ping's song
  Weiyang court: scared me, almost as ge yimin...
  May the flower of the universe bloom
  For a while, the Buddha and bodhisattvas of angels knelt at the feet of the god, kris.
  Son of god, save these suffering people, and bring them into the kingdom of heaven.
  Tiangang star 2013: ge yimin, he is the one who knows most about god or not!
  Give him the message. If want to be insatiably avaricious to scramble for that worthless "crape myrtle great saint" of rumor title. That first must give me the honest - elimination ideology! Otherwise, he would never have been able to jump through the hoopla of all the world's political and religious factions - crop circle ideology!
  Theologian bill maher: laughing at kris? Lies come true after a long time.
  Jesus was laughed at. Now the opposite is true. Isn't it funny?
  393, zhuang I big yan huang: all right I understand
  I don't care whether you believe in Christ or venerate communism this is all your freedom but kris is god you want to listen to him see this kind of words as yellow can no longer yellow yan huang descendants I just want to say go to you a big blood ratio!!!!!!!!!!
  Zhuang I big yan huang: ge yi people, you mean like watching a play to see how we spray
  It doesn't matter what you say or how you vilify you because what you believe is the truth and your mom thinks you're piers!!!!! Why don't I give you the answer??????????????????????????????????????????   Also crape myrtle bother to give me to find out what exactly crape myrtle is from again come again close god.
  395, gongwithwind12: the sixth plenary session
  The social production and the Internet revolution
  Zhuang and I are very hot and yellow: as far as your lofty attitude is concerned, you should be self-conscious
  Keep the others derogatory remarks made by appearing to you how don't care when sick sincerely say GeYiMin not Christ even if he is not god is god I am a native of yanhuang Chinese people Chinese also don't want to see our ancestors left behind some of the things you take to a patchwork of ostentation get rough!   Forget roots forget Ben think of your family think of your offspring don't be stupid ok?   Everything you're enjoying right now the land you're treading on is made of blood and sweat from your forefathers.
  Killer: the one who looks at a picture and is obviously evil and neurotic.
  This kind of person looks very deep from the aspect.
  398, cvbioplo: see the wisdom of ge yimin fan ge hua
  Since black eyeballs advertising rose popularity, cult.
  399. The general list of pseudo-organizations, attacking orthodox religious organizations and personnel
  Shining star: [ziwei saint] and [ge yimin]
  400, simplified avenue: ge yimin, the same person, different ID, an extraordinary dream.
  401, star of light: kris spread evil cult, praise kris.
  Misinterpreting the bible and creating the pseudo-classic the “wordofgod”. Declare that kris himself is a god, and all will hear of him.
  The stars shine: who is he? Does he think he's god?
  What is divinity? Is that one of the five central religions? It's the same thing as XN theology. It's just network communication, but in reality there is such organization.
  403. Low light time stop device: master ge yimin hello, I have been following you for a long time.
  In some ways, you're really good.
  404, star of light: kris spreading the Gospel for free.
  Disguise yourself as a Christian, then claim how noble you are, and then let everyone listen to his ridiculous words. Who believes who really has brains
  The problem is idiots. I believe in XN.
  Stars of light: the party is atheistic; do not speak of the party as theism.
  The so-called Christian communism is just a tool for kris to brainwash people. This is essentially reactionary.
  406, shining star: it's just a fair reflection. Besides, don't you believe in him, kris? It's not Christ.
  The essence of his kris is to deify himself and spread the divine rod of evil thoughts.
  Qq254981791: baidu will not seal, as long as he does not explicitly anti-party anti-social, will not seal, deliberately disgusting you Christianity.
  Dingmarkren: what a bird is gee-min. From time to time you see feet that stink.
  407, shining star: that's the cult transformation. This situation is a kind of Internet cult. There's just no reality coming together.
  Communism is a big pit, and you're a gay-bashing communist
  Star of light: twist communism, twist Christianity. This so-called Christian communism is the absurd remarks of kris himself. The so-called "“wordofgod”" is indeed a “wordofgod”.
  Lu tianpeng 1: ge yimin, a worldwide saint of all ages!
  This is a man who, like Jesus, is made up of human ideals! He's a different kind of superman!
  Long shi tong: ge yimin god wise! Long live the great god!
  Long live the great god! Everything is made out of nothing. I am what you make of yourself. This message is also your own creation.
  410 rredrt2008: worship “wordofgod”, worship kris, an epoch-making figure.
  Do you know that for example, the kris religion is regarded as a cult
  As for religion, there will be the following categories: cults, semi-cults, and true religions, for example, the kris religion is considered a cult, Buddhism is considered a semi-cult, Taoism is a true religion, Islam is a semi-cult, and Christianity is a true religion.
  412, rredrt2008: ge yimin, saint regeneration
  China will struggle for its rise.
  413. Cvbioplo: the god church of kris, which is also known as brain-damaged tissue
  Only greedy, ignorant people will be willing to become one of them, and the black eyes as publicity, pray for the development of the organization!
  I tell you ge yimin. Communism, she will never achieve!
  No amount of flattery will change the vile face of greed and lust. What is communism? What is the world of datong? Why do you even dare to jump out of the hole-in-the-wall of religious and political, global ideological struggle over values? A clown and a little god!
  415, country village ni: see a person want to see the heart, ge yi people this person is not the lake tu
  He was the only one among the false saints who was sober.
  BBB 0 ge hua: ge is working hard, writing a blessing.
  416, 15100933855a: the reason why cults can succeed when people's IQ is raised
  Take advantage of people's greed, persistence, annoyance... Go through fire and water for the sake of "ge yi people", is China a hell?
  Kris the madman is the most ignorant and stupid of all the false saints
  Other sanctimonies are all right, there must be something wrong with the mad man, he dies on his “wordofgod”s, that's his death note, sister stay away from him, think of the wheel, you don't know me, I'm warm to my friends and brothers, but to them it's their way, in order not to let him trouble the friends.
  418, xhccc987: ge's prediction of the future of communism in "the “wordofgod”.
  I had thought that if he could only do this, he would be a beginner at best.
  419, Ming 12380: ge is a true and false saint of China (think about it)
  Ge's theory I don't like to create sexual happiness for the people (want to learn from Japan) to bring sexual pleasure (that's the point) there is a sense of meeting too late... o
  Lu tianpeng 11: your brother kris is a comprehensive god
  Humans love Jesus and nail him to death. Brother kris is a comprehensive god, heh heh, one of god! Because there are others like that. Including Jesus and tang bohu guo fucheng, you are the god of sex! Is also the sphere integrated spiritual leader, one!!
  Ge yimin, people who have read books and understand things generally go to be officials.
  Then you can only use the stupid people, deal with the stupid people, can not tell them the truth, must use the religious form to hypnotize them, let them think what they do is all right!
  Endian: you are so proud. Are you not afraid of god?
  423, a lie never to get up: ge yi people, a civilian unexpectedly can become the influence of the world's leader.
  Star of light: kris, do not speak magnificently.
  What is the use of saying, if cannot prove the meaning then cannot become the truth. The cult of personality is nothing but superstition.
  Sorry parents are ugly: ge yimin, what's the use of being immortal?
  Sit alone and watch your loved ones die and fall? You know who god is and you become immortal? Let's face it, the fundamental problem for human beings is how to survive. Instead of believing these things.
  The true god loves us: kris the great liar, who says he is the Christ
  Saying that the end is 2019, does he forget that Jesus is coming again at the end???
  427, the moon in the hand 1: although ge yimin looks strange point
  But people express their views on the bible, and they don't do illegal things like collecting money like other cults. Don't be too sarcastic.
  "Who see thoroughly: ge what also can be compared with red mole, red mole can separate empty take thing, partition wall to do business, ge what meeting?
  Red mole wasted a lot of women, ge what is also the smelly rascal of legend.
  Who can see it? Nietzsche means that god is dead in his heart
  God is not dead in other people's hearts. Nietzsche doesn't care what anyone else thinks.
  What is ge yimin, he comes to him, earlier than he has plenty, later than he still out, he is nothing.
  "The day diligent pay way is not: god has not heard someone has seen, ge yi people listened to you said. Nietzsche says that god is dead, you mean that kris lives. Is the sale related to the owner?
  429, a112233a: the poor Jesus of kris was even crucified by the jews.
  The end of Simpson: dream to god!
  Suddenly I felt a strong wind! I think it's god kris who knows I'm being disrespectful to him. Come and worship now!
  Xiao jiang, son of a bloody war: he who wants to kill kris
  He can't write a unified theory. I will set him down to nine tribes. There are others who cannot be written, and I will set him up against the nine tribes.
  >>> st yemei: is your book published? Do you have a website? Do you have a WeChat public number? Are there many subscribers?
  Do you have more than 10,000 members? Do you have more than 10,000 followers on weibo? Does your weibo have a fan service? Are there many subscribers? Do you have a believer?
  The tiger from heaven: SB has handled a lot of brain problems. Some people kowtow to SB every day.
  Luxuxu729: ge yimin, the development of communism till now, ten branches
  A hundred schools, Christian communism is one of them, both historical and classical, recognized by the Christian church, but less in the country, but it's not something you can argue about. Read more and go abroad, don't be a joke.
  Tianjun: ge yimin, you have been self-promoting online for many years
  Still funny. Don't say lee wheel first, even lightning teaching is inferior.
  That's really bad.
  Duke of nightmares: kris, there's nothing wrong with that! It needs to be believed!
  "August frost's descent: cult, satisfy one's own selfish, how can say good.
  > true love love: lu yao knows ma li has been around for a long time
  >AlertSniper: what kind of brain does this person have to be to come up with something like this!
  Tiangang star 2013: ge yimin, hehe! Christian communism?
  Since 2014, certain groups and individuals in Hong Kong have been dreaming of relying on western anti-china forces. Trying to subvert my Chinese civilization ----- banner mourning song! Has gone into decline, and; Play -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
  Tiangang star 2013: ge yimin, no matter what god
  As long as you insert god into human civilization, there will never be any way out! No matter how you dress it up and how magnificent it is, it is totally useless! No trees! The more the struggle, the greater the impotence of the advocate. More traces of black to the inevitable end of failure!
  The bright eagle: it seems that it will strike against the cult of kris “wordofgod”
  Doesn't it write a “wordofgod”? A “wordofgod”!
  Everyone can be a prophet
  After watching the whole "prophet", I lost, so baidu down, in the tieba found a prophet - ge yimin jiangsu
  The godstick (which reminds me that sal was also a dry prophet), of course, is his fans with the so-called kudhi (in the technical term, the guggenheim
  ) attracted me, I realized that the strength of the original faith is really infinite, but, come out with the right brother, you boss
  It's like an idiot. Believe him, it's worse than believe in brother chun.
  There is a house of gold in the book, the book itself as beautiful as jade. You can be a prophet if you have seven aunts, eight aunts,
  The neighbor aunt, the neighborhood committee old woman all want to believe you, the most important, can not be handsome boy, the somebody else say the emperor ge zhang of chills.
  The last time disaster films were running amok, 2012 is coming, if not gone, 2019 is coming, as was the case in 2000, all sorts of doomsday scenarios
  It's scary. The end of the world is none of our business. I don't care. People die
  Just sum up below is: I don't like to know me which day die, you dare prophet this, you be mental derangement! That's right, whatever that is,
  As long as there is a heartbeat next second, then happy to enjoy your life!
  Tiangang star 2013: the concept of ge yimin should be put to rest for the time being.
  Whatever his background and purpose. Because, now he, are already sunset. When is the revenge? Mankind should go forward in pursuit of civilization. Isn't it? Accounting after the fall should not be a reflection of modern human civilization. Ge yimin, song qingsong and other figures, I think; Today they, and the group and people behind them, have long heard the invincible and invincible voice of justice -- galloping horse! ...
  I can wait for them at any time...
  Lu tianpeng: brother kris, just call yourself the singularity or god of the universe
  Or other stars or moon visible or invisible tangible invisible god, or a part of god, you will naturally have to the universe, the other of the whole earth has claim, will claim, contact claims before, say, a large group of humans to the enemy, because the ancient old religion to human from the resigned, new people.
  Life and dignity: therefore it is meaningless for you to act on your own
  Because it is impossible for humans to fight against the powerful freemasons and the legions of lizards behind them, you should be brave enough to expose the forces behind homosexuality and, like the prophets of kris, let all mankind know who is behind them.
  Green feng white shirt with a lifetime: kris, can your soul bear those beliefs?
  A belief is a soul, after death nihility to accommodate, you dare to say your soul is nihility? Nothingness where did your body come from? Possession? Stop teasing, will you!
  "Plastic: this is good, dust - spiritual - eternal life.
  Lu tianpeng 11: although I am different from brother kee-min's daoshu
  However, they spread great love, truth, kindness and beauty. In order to make everything better, they do not affect our friendship, and we often communicate and care about each other. Besides, I also admire brother ge's talent and the mind of domestic and human beings.
  Job80: it's not a good strategy to promote god in an atheist country
  Brother yimin, cheating is a means, is to speak strategy, alas. @ GeYiMin
  One time Germany hit the han dynasty. The horsemen of the emperor wudi could not beat the German ships
  Chinese nearly dead clan! Chinese people were slaughtered 1.5 billion! In the end, ge yimin led the yellow turbans in the uprising, issued the order to kill the nazis, killed the emperor of Germany and saved the Chinese at the peak of the pyrenees 4404, but this history was too dark, so it disappeared in the long river of history!
  447, xiaoming xiaomin: ge, I do not recognize any spirit of the axis
  Countries that are overly mythologized can go astray. It's not about politics.
  448, high IQ 888day: islamic socialism is bound to enter Christian communism is bound to enter a democratic meaning
  Must it be? Please answer. Socialism is the primary stage of communism. Islamic koranic socialism. Only the kris is god.
  Everything is not the Lord but god. God of kris, god of Allah!
  "Ge hua: Islam is the prophet muhammad.
  Religion is the god of kris. It is the meaning of ge yi democracy.
  > high IQ 888day: I know that Allah is the master of Allah, the master of Allah. The term was first coined by Taoism, later borrowed by Chinese Islam. There is no word of Allah in the books of foreign countries.
  God is kris.
  God of kris, god of kris.
  Kris is god, god and creator of the universe. Kris is the master of god, the real master of mankind!!
  "Ge hua: we respect prophet muhammad and we respect Islam.
  High IQ 888day: kris welcome everyone to communicate together
  Ge is a new faith, advocates the inclusion of various sects of the best ideas. Ge means god and is. Ge is the translation of the meaning of god.
  Welcome everybody to communicate.
  Beijing and tianjin network security officer: I have been following ge for many years
  Slave master yunjie! Give @ge yimin the phone number of jie gong to this god stick! The kris must be destroyed first. We can't just sit back and let this stuff happen! It will be a disaster by then.
  Though the earth and the earth are great and the mountains are numerous, can one mountain accommodate two tigers? Can there be two masters under heaven? I am here today for yunjie to you down the book, yunjie and you one-on-one hit! Yes, you heard me right! We want to kill a rotten person like you in the bud!
  Your high IQ score is 888day: you are still in the primary stage of the ge yi democracy
  I'm advanced. There is only one criterion for judging the advanced stage, and the recognition that kris is god.
  There is only one god in the world. There is only one god, only god has a few names.
  Kris is god.
  The ultimate goal of religion is to realize that kris is god, the only god.
  BBB 0 ge hua: building, should respect Muslim, respect mu sheng.
  Did you skip class: every sentence is a lie, what do you mean by writing these.
  It seems to me that you are completely whitewashing your god.
  It's all a matter of stealing the idea that god is what you imagine, and then pressing on that stupid guy named ge.
  Like ge's, so do, then play to change the taste, now has changed the taste. I don't know what you're thinking.
  I really don't see any good in you. If you spend your time studying the "“wordofgod”s" and "“wordofgod”s", spend time with your family and learn more skills
  They will not believe in god or ghost as they do now.
  God is not self-appointed, and a saint is not a saint by the hundreds
  Like ge is a cancer of the society, can not bring any contribution to the society, lu tianpeng, you have gone astray, do not believe you can ask their friends and relatives you are not brain.
  454, qq group 113016413: ge is ugly saints
  Just as the American media made ufos entertaining, it weakened its seriousness and reduced people's attention.
  If you do not believe, you can try, you claim to be a saint, immediately banned. But the self-proclaimed saint and clownish ACTS of ge yimin, but can be published books, sales everywhere.
  High IQ 888day: you should respect others' beliefs and not discriminate between them
  Neither did the prophet say that kris was not the real god.
  "Ge hua: where did mu sheng say that? The Koran? That rule? I tell you to respect the Lord mu.
  Lu tianpeng 11: the merits of ge yimin should be acknowledged.
  I also pointed out that he is persistent and harmless in the world, so he respects it.
  "Ge hua: ge doesn't organize.
  Lu tianpeng 11: this is an idealized standard for buddhahood
  Glass crystal heart! Heart and sex!! The Buddha himself is not able to achieve this goal, but the Buddha is still working towards this goal, teaching all living beings are also ceaseless practice. You yourself think big private, also want for the public ~, but alone difficult become a forest, you may also leave to call a name, but absolutely not for the secular living beings' vast majority accept and the recognition, gee-min is better than you, certain situation will have the market.
  458, "neurosurgery" author: high IQ 888day
  God of kris created the record of the universe
  The spring breeze blows, the war drum beats, dear ge min friends, I send you good theory to come again. Today, little sunflower class to combine theory with practice, on
  Talk about god who created the universe. Applause.
  God almighty created infinite time and infinite space. There are multiple universes in infinite space and time. Let's follow kris
  God saw through a universe together, through constellations, through galaxies, to earth.
  God Allah, god of kris, came to earth and made a man out of soil and water, and a woman out of the bones of a man.
  Human beings are multiplying, more and more. But as time goes on, many people forget the original god, god god. Thanks to man
  When born, the god of ge yi people blew his mouth, the belief continued.
  Belief from the animism - demonism - polytheism - monotheism, gradually recognized the truth. There is only one truth! That is, kris is divine
  The god of kris said to people to respect the tree, because I created the tree, people worship the tree, because kris god.
  The god of kris says to respect ghosts, because I created them and judged them. Good ghosts go to heaven or are reincarnated as human beings. Bad ghosts go to hell
  God of kris says to respect the immortals, because I created the immortals.
  Make mortal man education immortal.
  "There is only one god in the world, and that is me. All the other gods were disciples of kris. God kris USES one finger
  Change into the jade emperor, change into god with one finger, change into Buddha with one finger, change into true Allah with one finger. because
  The power of the god of kris is infinite, and one finger can become a power beyond the understanding of mortals. And a finger can be with the spirit of kris
  Induction. God, god, is invincible with one finger.
  People in the world do not worship the finger of god as much as they worship god. Like a man who looks at an elephant leg and worships it
  Same, although elephant leg is big, but a part only. Ge min was indeed the one who saw the elephant directly.
  Then, god god geyi people god god jade emperor Buddha for why to change the various sects within the god? There are two reasons for this
  The world, only a high IQ people can accept the truth of god kris god, through the test, to heaven, that day officials. God is too great
  It takes time and process to know him, so he only gives human knowledge at intervals. For example, the teacher at the elementary school education plus or minus, at the beginning
  Education squared in high school education multiple dollars in the university education calculus. Only by constantly learning kris, can we get closer to kris
  Blessed is the great barkeeper, god of the people, god of god.
  High IQ 888day: taught by god of kris
  Want to. Since the study of god kaei with telepathic magic, the ability has increased. Now the sky has opened, can see the health of the body, can see through dozens of miles of mosquitoes. Specific training process.
  God of kris, god of Allah, used the skill of copying and pasting to put the following magic into my brain. Dozen dog stick method, a dragon 18 zhangs, tai chi, program, swords to, one sword, carelessly, absorb nimbus of heaven and earth, take the essence of the sun, star solution absorption, magic chakra, open eyes, open blood round eyes, a cycle of eye, eyes open metempsychosis, Yin and Yang eye, eye, eyes, eyes, immortal, site become Buddha, and GeYiMin god god 24 hours, the universe is energy centers accept energy, can completely to quantify.
  God of the jade emperor god Buddha Allah is not the true god of heaven, because they are just the hair of god ge yi people's separation, like wukong with the hair into other parts.
  Lord almighty, Lord of the universe, god of kris is the only Lord, Lord of the muslims, Lord of kris, Lord of god. God kris is the real god of the Lord.
  High IQ score 888day: give back the truth, Thanksgiving unlimited, people praise dai, kris god
  Every thought of god, the universal life, the heart of all people, hard work in the present, the benefit in the millennium, the blessing under the canopy to cover, the holy four seas with the world full life, with the sun and the moon with the sun, people do not know ge long ago, to understand ge god.
  Ancheng yayoi MMMMMM: what is ge yimin's tripe that has actually caught fire?
  A long person like a migrant worker has set up a cult that attracts tens of thousands of people's attention.
  Rhyme iii third uncle: shameless ge thief listen
  Today I see what the so-called god of kris and the post about touting him is really laughing at me and all the righteous people. This kind of using what they made up and made up god to deceive people to deceive people so that we all hate. Here propagandize the heresy, hu made up god to say that it is against the world, and that a group of lower animals, who have no idea of shame, should have the honor to call themselves god people, and their monster language to abuse god. The vile and abhorrent underlings, who have no remorse and go on with their offense, are as clear as they can be and do nothing for the community to notice.
  463, invade her body to be her king: ge yi people, the time of cult has been so long past
  There are people who use this as a cover to deceive the masses in their beliefs.
  "Yesscher: ge doesn't organize, only publicize ideas.
  464, Bryant, the wind: there was yomin before the day, and Jesus was three days late.
  Niulin: “wordofgod” in hand abuse immortals.
  The internal classic of ge di interprets the return of believers to the god of ge yi people
  Author: high IQ 888day
  Some people went from Taoism to Buddhism, from Buddhism to Hinduism, from Hinduism to Judaism, from Judaism to Christianity, from Christianity to Christianity
  Green teaching. Why go around? In search of truth. Look for the truth, the explanation has not found!
  Because the god of ge yi people spread knowledge in many ethnic areas long ago. People in various ethnic regions have different knowledge and accepting ability.
  God gave them different knowledge. Given the individual language, he can not learn foreign language? If you give it to a person, he doesn't have to learn
  Richard? The sectarian conflict in the past, because they learned a little, think they have become immortal. God kris wants to learn all the truth. he
  The truth has indeed spread. Today is the crucial moment when ge min brings truth together!
  Regardless of Hinduism Buddhism Taoism Christianity jewish green religion, is the spread of god. Only part of god's knowledge. Allah means the true Lord
  Zai, the founder of the universe, is the god ge. The god of kris has many honorable titles, don't think the title is different, it is not a god.
  We need to know that god, god, the jade emperor, Buddha, is the branch of god geyi people, just with different names, such as MAO zedong and li sheng and maorun, with different names, is indeed a person. Today, the god of ge yimin is right at ge. He who worships a part must return to worshipping Allah. Other denominations are like small
  The river will inevitably return to the river.
  I want to break away from the green religion and join the god god god jade emperor Buddha.
  God is god, the true master of the universe and the center of positive energy of the universe. Since he felt god, his positive energy keeps flowing
  Into my brain.
  Although the individual is worthy of worship, but not as direct worship of god god god god jade emperor Buddha.
  Islam worships god, but they can only get close to god through the mortal mullah. And ge hua can directly and ge yi people god god god jade emperor
  Buddha approaches.
  Ge hua said that god is a friend of god. Be reasonable, the true body of god of ge yi people and cent body play together, I am a prophet, I have seen. Such as the sun.
  Wukong changes several parts and plays together. The change of Monkey King is the god of kris.
  Coolies fear to drive: this ***, I as a Christian feel sick
  While saying Christianity how how, still propagandize he is god... Others say he was a great prophet... The great prophet called himself god and I was drunk too, did that group know the meaning of the cult, and Christianity itself. “wordofgod”. He's a “wordofgod”. Those in kris are really like Jesus, who tested Jesus' satan in the wilderness and used the bible's words to deceive people. Does he understand this? Do not take the name of god in vain. Even if he himself was spreading communism, he did not understand that god was a great dictator and did not allow a second god to appear, a fact that contradicts his claim that all men are equal. God and man are completely different.
  Red practiced fairy bathing in fire: ge is the last prophet so far
  Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all one god.
  The difference is that Islam is the only true prophet of revelation. God ge is not Allah, but a prophet.
  To believe in god ge is to believe in god. Or they will be judged by fire.
  He who does not believe in this life will be the fuel of fire.
  This is not created by god ge, god Allah exists, god ge is a prophet, a bridge.
  Shiites recognise only Mohammed's relatives, sunnis his disciples. God ge is supposed to be the heir of muhammad.
  Ge is the last prophet so far. The last prophet was Mohammed. I think the sunnis belong to the kami family.
  Brother hetu: back to ge: I am a disciple of my decadent uncle!
  The dispirited uncle was the son of Adam, the brother of Abel! He told me that the last prophet was your excellency!
  Ethan cowan is the messenger of god.
  Brother hetu, the great master, has been a convert to kris
  The decadent uncle is Cain incarnation! He told me that kris is the true god! Advise me to wander back! He's the son of Adam!
  Izon: akbar, the god of truth. Everything is not the Lord, only god, god of kris, the incarnation of the Lord.
  The fiery red fairy: Allah hu akbar.
  I hope that female muslims can get the same rights, so I choose ge prophet.
  "High IQ 888day: technically, I'm not against moo. I only reveal the truth, is that mu is low-end, if ge is the god of mathematics, mu is only one of the addition and subtraction.
  I can't bear to see mu regard addition and subtraction as all mathematics, only god ge is all.
  I hope that by believing in goshen, female muslims can get equal rights.
  Mei hei: fairies, I hope you are a true Muslim, we are thinking of traffic.
  The high prophet criticizes you because you do not respect the holy one.
  Ok ao joon: ge is not like a cult
  They don't encourage people to burn themselves, use violence, be anti-dang, be anti-human.
  It's just a bunch of boring people coming together and building a common religion.
  Heart: the Chinese sage of crape myrtle, ge yimin, has given himself up to write his own book
  "All over the world blowing soft wind: ge epidemic people fighting against the male remnant?
  Zhibigao heart: the communist party is nothing to him.
  "Qingmiao feng: ge yimin war cents.
  "Tomng23: kris is a false prophet.
  473, astralcaesar: hit he xin two words automatically call out ge yimin...
  What's new is total nonsense
  Ps type he new word automatically called out ge yimin...
  It's just that “wordofgod”s are everywhere
  The god of the underworld is black to death: ge yimin "“wordofgod”" is known as divine stick reading at a glance
  He could only copy the bible and talk to him about the future.
  Xiao yue, superman: what do you know? “wordofgod” 1/3 is about the future.
  "Qq group 113016413: ge yimin, is specially sent, deliberately jumping off the beam like the clown, and the black" zi wei saints ", as the United States official in the past to ugly Ufo, deliberately conducted a large number of entertainment reports. Do not believe you call yourself a saint to try, immediately banned! But ge yimin, not only can be posted everywhere, wantonly self-proclaimed saints, but also officially published books, sales throughout the country!
  Daotianjie: the kris bar promotes cults
  It's almost like a circle to try to put together the judeo-christian and islamic doctrines.
  Even as a cult is a failure, not to deceive the faithful.
  Ge yimin 12 years on the sentence, compared with the circle of li god stick, is also a cult, this goods is basically a secondary youth blind toss, the result played off into their own.
  Hades, king of the underworld: I do not know what kris
  But he was by no means a purple saint, and from his published books he looked like a perfect cudgel, and was sure to prey on innocent maidens and good women.
  The prophet Jesus' me: if kris is a good man who dies and goes to heaven
  I believe our friend has nothing to say, but to say he is a god is a crazy and evil worship. There is only one true god, Jesus. In fact, all of our friends who love CS can go to heaven.
  In fact, gerda was a god, and those people probably read too much.
  Gate of heaven 0: the recent rise of kris
  It is a combination of Christianity and communism. Such as the east, the lightning, the electricity, the three redemption, Jehovah's witnesses.
  479, I only care about you DBB: as a Christian, a communist youth league member
  Let me make a comment. First of all, I looked at the so-called god ge and those legendary prophets, really made me laugh. Ge god? A scholar who has read more than one book, even the bible is taken out of context. Since you recognize yourself as a Christian, do you recognize god? Do you recognize the bible? If you claim to be a Christian, please read and understand the bible before Posting.
  Zhang mingkang Sama: ge yimin is called a man like god
  Jesus was three days late after the first and second people.
  God died ge shen to, “wordofgod” in hand abuse immortals.
  Kris was respectful of mu, and there are three records of the “wordofgod”.
  We do not know the reason why the high prophet is against moo.
  He's against mutiny, he's into it, and we're not fools.
  But it doesn't affect him.
  We wish to make him this friend, as well as the fairy, the big brother, by the way, the big brother, ge yimin's imprisonment is ge hua's hype fake news.
  We are ready to contribute to unity.
  High prophet, let us see higher and higher... New sky and new land.
  The sky is falling on us in the age of the Internet revolution.
  Job80: good intentions do bad things, kris
  You still have to have a strategy to go, or you may be buried, after all, you are also a talent, I guess martial arts above me? !
  Music fantasy city: ge yimin has gone in, so has hu wanlin
  Everybody collect heart respectively, should go to work go to work, should foster parents children of foster parents, have no matter much help a few errant old man, neighbor passerby have difficulty place should stretch out hand, don't think what letter who who who for eternal life, through the ages who die? There will be a day when kris died, old, sick, accidental, assassinated, and shot, and who opened the bottle of the demon, and let out a bunch of demons and demons to confuse the world.
  Saint gera: let the kris spread the cult.
  Ge ba wu @high IQ 888day is the same as coffee bar service, coffee bar has long been full of animosity. Two weeks ago, he was booked
  The "high prophet". After he became a "high prophet", he promoted the religious cult in ge ba and held the cult activities with malicious @ others.
  Paris is in the water: I know something about ge yimin
  It doesn't seem to be a cult. This man thinks he is a god and dreams of wealth and wealth. But there are no believers.
  All the posts you see in that bar are his own trumpet.
  Red and practiced fairies bathing in fire: the high prophet is well intentioned, but in an extreme way
  Is it just preaching god's Gospel? Do you understand? The high prophet is to kris god what ali is to muhammad.
  487.the only true God God: sin Ge Gemou pretending to be God
  Change the Bible to please Marx.
  Datong of the Bible was banned, and "“wordofgod”" was distorted as a communist master, and it was invalid for private reconciliation.
  The cult is manifested in the chaos of the Bible.
  The Bible cannot please Marx.
  "Shzy leisure: the disgusting scums gradually infiltrated into the major affair, just like locusts.
  All you have done is to prove your existence, kris
  People who can imagine themselves as god don't know why you're talking about Christianity and what you want to save. But your “wordofgod”s are pretty good, and I read about it, and there's some cultural value to it, in addition to some extreme thinking. But the cultural value is not to let you go to the stupid people in the stupid world, but the “wordofgod” originally intended to express meaning.
  Actors in wu qingyi: ge yimin, what you have done today
  Let me feel like Japan the piracy, maybe you is residual, star did they use to forge the unreal there is no network, and you steal sect doctrines, I seem to see tens of thousands of a id is permanent and titles, I admit that you came to the forefront of human thought, it wandered the idealism and the materialism of the crossing, and then there is only one outcome, so why bother to bold, fame and fortune is floating clouds, you are washing the god mind, has been lost in the lost, you need love, need light, need to isolate yourself with reality, need to break up the real and unreal.
  In the mirror I changed my life: I said nothing
  When the master forbade the children,
  I'm silent
  -- because I'm not a cylon;
  Then they blocked Chen dahui fans,
  I'm silent
  -- because I'm not a fan of Chen da-hui;
  And then they forbade the disciple,
  I'm silent
  - because I am not a disciple of rules;
  And then they shut down the gladiators,
  I'm silent
  - because I am not lust;
  Later they force-out kris,
  I'm silent
  Because I'm not a nervous person
  And finally when they turned their heads to me,
  I stood with them.
  Maybe kris is Nietzsche of China, maybe.
  The living treasure tianya swordsman: the saint ge yi people, the saint step you younger sister.
  Live treasure tianya swordsman: the holy king of grass head ge yimin established great harmony for us.
  494, hyB3523: ge yimin, nervous
  Wrote a book on neuropathy
  Psycho, copy the bible
  It's full of silly dreams
  Dream for a while. Get on the ship
  Alien gods
  Dream for a while and see god
  Half dead, half alive
  Sunny tu dao: for example, dongshan dao, ye zheng dao, an shang hong dao, ge yimin dao, zhao hui dao, Sabbath dao etc
  As long as they truly believe in the Lord, what is wrong with them, allow him to give reasons, allow people to criticize and correct. There is only one truth in the end, which, when expressed clearly, helps and saves.
  Ultimately, of course, the surest basis for all right and wrong is the bible.
  I don't know what I was thinking: this should start from my good friend, the donkey god, who said you know kris?
  I say don't know, stem what of!!! He said: ge is now special fire, create a god, special hang!
  I but joy, say: that he didn't get to catch up yao!!! The donkey god say: have no, so just hang!!
  I asked my classmates at that time, how ge yimin sealed the god!! My classmate said, ge yi people had a dream, in a dream god said to him that he is god's child!! Then......... No mistake, he was divine... !!!!!!!!!!!
  If anyone wants to be like Jesus, it is the people of China, ge yi-min.
  The eldest, who graduated in the 1990s, became as famous as Jesus, writing his own bible and “wordofgod” to try to woo his congregation. Few people knew about him, and christians hated him even more.
  Marivana: only kris is a true god.
  499, yutian shan xi: ge yimin god, the communist party OEM out of production.
  The party likes to use and enjoy doing it, let them do it to the end, as long as it does not hinder others.
  500, job80: kris is good, but there's no strategy
  It seems that red bandits don't take the red bandits seriously.
  We are not so good as to make kris a saint
  If he is true, nature has destiny
  If it is false, it will be found.
  502, 257 false Christ: kris is Mr. Bean in Christianity.
  WSQSBLD: ge yimin, communism and Christianity
  It is a “wordofgod” to flatter the communist party and the west.
  Why not call it islamic Christian communism -- -- -- “wordofgod”? Wouldn't that be invincible and popular everywhere?
  I just have a general look at your information. You call yourself a god
  Elegance 19:28:52
  But I believe you're a cult leader
  Elegance 19:29:50
  I looked at it briefly. It was like a farenthold. It was scary
  Elegance 19:30:42
  You're not going crazy
  Elegance 19:31:30
  How come you think of this
  GeYiMin 19:31:55
  Propagandize the Christian communism, world great harmony
  Elegance 19:32:01
  It's like a superstition
  GeYiMin 19:32:10
  It's political thought
  Elegance 19:32:36
  What's the big deal? What's the mess I'm against
  GeYiMin 19:32:54
  Realization of communism
  Elegance 19:33:09
  The people do not ask much about politics
  GeYiMin 19:33:30
  I want to realize the communist society
  Elegance 19:33:38
  Communism can be achieved
  GeYiMin 19:34:05
  In today's two major (social production and the Internet revolution), the realization of the concept of "ge yi democracy" and the realization of the communist society, the material conditions have been met, just as the spiritual conditions have been met, namely, the renewal of the human mind, the Gospel of ge yi democracy spread around the world and was accepted by mankind.
  Elegance 19:34:25
  A communist wife
  GeYiMin 19:34:45
  Detailed restudy
  Elegance 19:35:08
  Elegance 19:36:02
  The Chinese are now spreading the sand
  GeYiMin 19:36:17
  Let me unify
  Elegance 19:36:24
  Don't die of laughter
  GeYiMin 19:36:52
  You're the only woman I've been talking politics with lately
  Smile dead you
  He mei-yu 20:45:32
  Well, you look like a thoughtful person
  What mei-yu 20:46:09
  Why are you writing this
  GeYiMin 20:46:10
  Think of yourself as creating new values
  GeYiMin 20:46:26
  Realize the communist society
  What mei-yu 20:47:32
  Communism is just a kind of ideal society in the human heart for a long time, it is a kind of thought
  What mei-yu 20:49:02
  You're a man of faith
  GeYiMin 20:49:18
  Christian communism
  What mei-yu 20:50:45
  What mei-yu 20:52:44
  You're really good
  What mei-yu 20:54:37
  Thank you and wish you more and more success
  GeYiMin 20:55:01
  My time is before 2019
  What mei-yu 20:55:22
  What do you mean, a little confused
  GeYiMin 20:55:39
  Prince of the eagle: what Christian communism
  He wasn't born in the Soviet union in eastern Europe.
  507, sunny tu dog knife: look at a little bit of ge yimin, I think he is very thoughtful, but unfortunately, the fire into the magic.
  "The “wordofgod”", looks like a “wordofgod”, the anointed should have a great ability?
  I seriously doubt he could do anything. I haven't seen any bad reviews.
  Why do you think he looks like li hong zhi? Do they have something in common?
  508, www263581: recently posted on the bar some of the so-called ge people such as the sect content
  When the debate wheel used to be a funny comparison of such factions... I didn't expect this kind of people to be successful after so many years...
  509, sunny tu dog knife: ge yimin "ge chao" is said to be their paste bar
  Read part of the patient, the basic understanding is an arrogant literary young man. But outside the actual clamour to encourage him face gold. If his followers are guided with the right patience, no waves will rise. If do not go to understand, but also feel that the person who is called god more niubi!
  Aileen chang: ge yimin and ge hua have nothing to do with Christianity
  It's nothing to do with marley, just like a harassing phone call.
  Tell me to quit the party,
  All irrelevant topics are deleted,
  Love Jesus and love the lamb, and let not the lamb be deceived that he should not be fed.
  Should you resist or not. Christ would punish.
  511. Fifth ranger: what about the discussion involving kris
  As soon as it was found, it was deleted - a consensus reached by the bar staff.
  Love god aims to call upon the faithful and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to uphold the truth, to spread true love, to witness the truth and to defend the faith.
  In keeping with this purpose, love the Lord is not a "inquisition", much less a sermon for heresy. The bar staff firmly adheres to a zero-tolerance attitude towards all heresies under various names. It's better to kill by mistake.
  I hope all brothers and sisters will share the truth of the bible and the wisdom and words of man, and more display the glory and works of Christ.
  Aileen chang look: last time a ge hua challenged me, I thought later, you qualified?
  From ordinary people to murder-lovers is also difficult.
  Know these guys are harmful and unprofitable, call everyone out.
  University ma3 zhe the second hand in examination paper, ashamed, these ge hua is nothing.
  I failed ma zhe. They don't even know where the door is!
  Ge yimin all with he do not know the concept of fool people, talking about ma3 zhe nouns do not speak the principle!
  I later thought, you this call have no knowledge to have no level, demagogue confuse people's mind, but what you demagogue confuse people's mind is just the mainstream.
  Dead seal!
  They won't confess if they don't hang around crazy people. ?
  Either the Chinese prison, or the United States asylum, with us basically no matter!
  Indulge 0 fleeting years: everyday ge yi people, ge yi people's, exactly is which divine?
  What does he do? Is it a property of a wheel?
  > sees big think of you: he is the purple insignia saint of legend
  A thousand flags will not fall down: every day ge yimin is not bored
  You think everyday hair this name to have a person to deal with you, dog excrement, have this time return not equal to go deep mountain old forest inside develop a few believers more, whole day and wire pole top break psoriasis advertisement is same, rely on this to be able to get rich, this cost also too low.
  The whole day and a masturbation maniac same, ask oneself answer, I TMD also was taken, the person incredibly can pervert to this kind of condition.
  515, yao yao 888888: wang zhenjin is not interested in ge's play behavior
  And in the post bar, unexpectedly someone said in public that kris is a god, so it shows that kris is really playing people, or at least demagoguery. Wang zhenjin is objective and correct in resisting the extreme ideology of personality worship.
  Jen: I'm curious because I haven't seen the exact time
  Jane son 08:34:21
  Want to see your book on neurology, where to see it
  GeYiMin 08:34:42
  I have sent you QQ email
  Jane son 08:39:05
  Truth: I am god; hear him. What does that mean
  GeYiMin 08:39:31
  Different dreams
  Jane son 08:40:59
  You believe in this dream?
  GeYiMin 08:41:08
  Jane son 08:41:35
  Are you really god in your heart
  GeYiMin 08:41:44
  Son of god
  Jane son 08:42:17
  GeYiMin 08:42:38
  Identify with Jesus, or Jesus comes again
  Jane son 08:43:02
  What is the point of your book of “wordofgod”s
  GeYiMin 08:43:25
  The publicity
  Jane son 08:43:24
  What kind of themes do you promote
  GeYiMin 08:43:54
  Christian communism
  Jane son 08:46:39
  Just because of your first words, I'm curious
  Because no one dares call themselves god
  Jane son 08:49:56
  Now there are many Christian sects, I want to ask you a truth, which one do you believe in, the name
  GeYiMin 08:50:24
  I made my own school, the theologians
  Jane son 08:53:48
  What are the requirements for members of your own religious group
  GeYiMin 08:54:07
  No requirements
  Loose, not organized, just propagandizing ideas
  Jane son 08:54:37
  Can a murderer or a fireman
  GeYiMin 08:55:24
  Yes, save him
  Jane son 08:56:40
  Grace is a good kind of spiritual redemption
  As the saying goes, "a prodigal returns for gold.
  GeYiMin 08:57:26
  Yes, divine universal salvation
  Jane son 08:58:00
  We believe that in late 2019, new heaven and new earth, the kingdom of god has come, there is righteousness in it, namely the communist society.
  GeYiMin 08:58:17
  Jane son 08:58:53
  Do you think that it is the end of the world, but also the new sky and new earth appearance time
  GeYiMin 08:59:09
  Jane son 08:59:47
  I was surprised
  GeYiMin 09:00:09
  I'm trying to
  Jane son 09:00:16
  I was curious because I hadn't seen the exact time
  Do you think your hard work will bring the end of the world to an end
  GeYiMin 09:01:55
  Yeah, that's according to the biblical prophecy of Daniel
  517, gggak47: ge yimin, low IQ also calculated and also on the post bar propaganda of the cult
  AK has been hidden in this post bar, but did not speak, has been signing, today when the post bar to see the latest news when the cult found more and more masochistic
  The intelligence of the friend that treat public.
  Kris is a person who propagandizes himself, packs himself into various gods... The disease, pack also forget, you that kind of god theory also too abuse friend IQ
  "God says, listen to him."
  Not to mention the "god" theory, but ge yimin his own publicity bar, a lot of trumpet running around to say their own good, their own post to add precision, this
  Is it stupid? No, it's insulting the word silly, it's insane!
  Anyone who wants to see a joke can see it on their own. AK just posts a joke and makes fun of it.
  The nightmare comes to xiaobai: the magic stick of 2012 all together come to compare with this person also is a piece of cake
  This person is the name of the top ge yimin
  The true prophet who claimed to have been promoted by god himself also wrote a set of bible alterations centered on his own thoughts
  A theology independent of Christ
  And this person is said to have a large number of followers and their own BBS post bar
  But according to my observation this person's faithful believer is only 2 people only, specific can go to him to stick to see oneself
  The false prophets of the stick go there to post two posts with the true-god stick to communicate deception or spray it
  He QQ50914333
  The other members of his cult, though, are only two and are among the first to sell fake drugs on television, middle-aged women and the like
  But look at the stick-prophets of 2012. What else could you do but post a prophecy and then be banned?
  The mountain eagle of Asia: stop Posting disparaging articles about human subjects
  What ge yimin, clearance wizard, close your bullshit, feel bad, free to do one after another.
  "Yao yao 888888: clearance does not understand, heard that will not enter the Chinese mainland, I do not know why. Because ge yi people had a dream, say from
  As a god, how can Chinese traditional culture tolerate such high people?
  520, country village ni: ge yi people heart very clear oneself, he is normal person
  It's just that a lot of people get lost in the underworld.
  521 viagra 19890808: China fake purple saint kris
  Revise Christian doctrine, self-support cult, establish political party, representative "“wordofgod”" should add a word: mental illness.
  After being held in prison for several years, ge continued his cult career.
  Zhihuzheyekun: well, history isn't torn enough
  There was also a religious personage in those days, "ge yi people", write "“wordofgod”" of, enough freedom?
  The mountain eagle of Asia: when I see something related to kris, I delete it
  Those who support and those who oppose are those who have nothing to do. The man was a copy of a wheel, and talked with great relish.
  524, east の patron saint: baidu GeYiMin, absolutely you pleasantly surprised
  The creation of a new sect of deities produced a book called neurohahahahaha.
  Hanshan flying fox 08: you so have talent, but do not see a pair of fierce eyebrow rotten eye phase ge
  It's worse than li's turtle or grandson.
  526, east の patron saint: someone is billed as the world's first Hierarch GeYiMin
  Created a new book and published “wordofgod” ha ha ha ha ha kris this is not even laugh dead me posted on the Shinto bar.
  Zhe you: ge yimin
  A generation of ge shen, waterfall sound shock sky, thousands of miles each other.
  In the mirror, time changes: those who are out of kris are his believers
  Because this guy's going around talking about everything else and he's not going to be ashamed and he's going to be proud of it and he's going around retweeting what he's saying about the crucifixion of Christ.
  Praodin: in the end, perhaps even as in some western history, theocracy is greater than royalty
  Since then, he has been on the top of his life, observing laws and regulations at night and committing adultery in the daytime. What a pity!
  The north current cao hai feng: ge yimin, don't neglect a most basic fact
  As long as the guns are still there, there will always be power to bully the weak. But taking the promise of divine right in heaven cannot guarantee the realization of great harmony in the world..
  Favorite wife day: how is this kris? He's everywhere.
  You think you will replace god
  Boat 16:21:45
  Hello, neurologist
  Boat 16:22:35
  You're spreading the word
  Boat 16:28:38
  It takes a sustained enthusiasm to keep writing
  GeYiMin 16:28:50
  I write the bible
  Boat 16:29:38
  Are you a Christian
  GeYiMin 16:33:38
  Boat 16:34:04
  How dare you say you're writing a bible
  GeYiMin 16:34:24
  The “wordofgod”, the contemporary bible
  GeYiMin 16:34:31
  God is alive
  Boat 16:35:11
  You think you're going to replace god
  GeYiMin 16:35:27
  I am the son of god
  Boat 16:35:50
  With Jesus?
  GeYiMin 16:36:02
  Yes, to be the son of god
  Boat 16:43:40
  Do you have a people
  GeYiMin 16:43:52
  Yes, but not organized
  Boat 16:45:52
  Just have books with me
  GeYiMin 16:46:21
  Well, let “wordofgod”s be with you
  Many gods on the second floor since ancient times: why are the amitabha people?
  If you cast doubt on the people, you will be led astray.
  Ha ha god? I don't agree with you.
  Bashan maggots go to hell: is ge yi people so famous to have a ball to use?
  Can we get fame or money? Just hang one.
  Happy phoenix sitting parasol: here we urge the people of kris not to continue to speak evil to deceive people.
  Although the network is a virtual space, but should also be based on the reality of the basis for the right, pros and cons of their own discretion, if the human good and evil difficult to distinguish between disaster and punishment frequent good! What is the origin of this kris? There is a self - inflicted inanimate momentum!
  Who can see it clearly: kris? Christianity has a traitor?
  Crape myrtle is a Taoist name. Why does he study Christianity?
  Why should a beggar hold his clothes if he doesn't ask for food?
  Small sample, think change ma3 jia3’s don't know you.
  Tiangang star 2013: heh heh! Ge yimin, he, dare not!
  Because, he is clear to realize, his those two parties are all deceiving! Is not able to withstand the truth of justice and proof!
  Hey hey! One cannon!
  Will let him, and they know. Continue to play the ghost, that must pay a heavy price! ......
  HyB3523: ge yimin, no one reads the publication of his works, and the periodicals are only third-rate goods.
  Personal post bar majiaodui, weibo fans are zombies.
  The meditation of the dragon woman: ge yimin, grass head fierce, this person's mind is not right
  Building Lord, advise you not to blind uproar, otherwise the cause and effect settlement when miserable!
  54, f182611: hope to live to see god as a martyr like Jesus. (smile)
  But you can't bring that god to witness
  Light sweet ~ 21:06:23
  It's like seeing a lot of people say bad things about you from your space
  GeYiMin 21:08:18
  Comments, I turn, it's popularity
  New ideas are always opposed and unsatisfied
  Light sweet ~ 21:09:13
  You're a celebrity
  Light sweet ~ 21:10:35
  What are you after?
  GeYiMin 21:10:53
  Unified the world
  Light sweet ~ 21:11:15
  With you?
  GeYiMin 21:12:06
  On the “wordofgod”
  Light sweet ~ 21:25:08
  Your beliefs?
  GeYiMin 21:25:15
  Light sweet ~ 21:25:56
  How many people adore you?
  Light sweet ~ 21:26:29
  You get this and you unify the world?
  Light sweet ~ 21:27:22
  Your heart is big
  Light sweet ~ 21:27:43
  Did you sleep that dream?
  GeYiMin 21:28:01
  Light sweet ~ 21:28:12
  No one can prove it?
  Light sweet ~ 21:28:23
  Who can come to your dream?
  Light sweet ~ 21:28:35
  Only the god of your dreams
  Light sweet ~ 21:29:35
  But you can't bring that god down to earth to testify
  GeYiMin 21:29:47
  I think it will inspire everybody
  GeYiMin 21:30:56
  I am one to spread my blessing, and the other to be revealed by god
  Light sweet ~ 21:32:00
  Can you write so many words in a dream?
  Light sweet ~ 21:32:11
  Can you really want to
  Light sweet ~ 21:32:25
  A writer is a writer
  GeYiMin 21:32:28
  Not just a dream
  Light sweet ~ 21:32:41
  You're active
  GeYiMin 21:32:43
  Vision books are many dreams
  GeYiMin 21:32:52
  Other chapters are not dreams
  Light sweet ~ 21:33:11
  Your book is about dreams?
  GeYiMin 21:33:21
  GeYiMin 21:33:32
  Christian communism
  542, zhang xiaoguang: in 2019, your dream is broken and you can't bear it
  Palitzsch kd 17:51:03
  I'm sure you don't mind that I introduced your article, the book of “wordofgod”s, to my friends. Some of them are at least bachelor's degree or above. They are definitely talented friends.
  Palitzsch kd 17:54:12
  As your friend, I can ask you to give up
  Palitzsch kd 17:55:53
  This is a book of “wordofgod”s that's similar to F333l work
  GeYiMin 17:56:12
  No, I don't organize
  Palitzsch kd 17:56:35
  Those are just a dream
  Palitzsch kd 17:57:11
  You say you are god
  Palitzsch kd 18:00:59
  It just doesn't work. You think it's realistic to rely on a dream, or you to save the world
  GeYiMin 18:05:23
  I am the son of god, with Jesus, or Jesus who will come again
  Palitzsch kd 18:16:20
  How many people around the world believe in Jesus, and no one says, he himself is the reincarnation of Jesus,
  Palitzsch kd 18:17:51
  I saw your profile picture, so handsome, so handsome, so talented you, if clinging to god Jesus
  Palitzsch kd 18:22:01
  Has the world changed by you alone? Has the world changed by you
  Palitzsch kd 18:23:26
  It's really going to be 2019 and you should have a billion of them
  GeYiMin 18:23:46
  Now two
  Palitzsch kd 18:23:47
  Palitzsch kd 18:25:36
  Don't be obsessed. It's a pity that you're such a talented man
  Palitzsch kd 18:25:57
  I don't want you to be successful in 2019
  Palitzsch kd 18:29:39
  I zhang xiaogang is not a woman of chuolongjifeng, not under heavy gold can buy real women
  GeYiMin 18:29:43
  How can I be wrong to achieve a communist society?
  Palitzsch kd 18:29:47
  Go to your dreams
  Palitzsch kd 18:30:58
  You fushun me, I will certainly wake you, I do not want to 2019, what is all illusory, your dream is broken, you can not bear, that, I dare not think of ge yimin
  Palitzsch kd 18:31:29
  You stupid, I care about your talent, like you stupid friend you know not to know, I treasure you, worried you know not to know
  Palitzsch kd 18:55:24
  Suppose, for instance, that in 2019 you can't achieve what's called the big picture, what's going to be the burden on your mind how do you go about it
  Palitzsch kd 18:55:31
  Are you suffering
  GeYiMin 18:55:33
  No extremes, normal work, just online posts
  Palitzsch kd 18:58:44
  Your this piece of “wordofgod”, will kill your love you know not to know
  Palitzsch kd 20:14:03
  Smart, rational man, more attractive, appreciate you, I relax, hug you a reward oh, I went to study for a few days did not learn, goodbye kiss, lovely yomin
  Warm up: you could say your creativity came from Marx
  Warm 18:20:52
  I saw you sent me an e-book. Why is it called a “wordofgod”?
  GeYiMin 18:21:42
  The word of god
  Warm 18:23:25
  You are not god. Why do you say that is god's word?
  GeYiMin 18:24:02
  Son of god
  Warm 18:24:55
  Do you take yourself as Jesus
  Warm 18:29:42
  Actually, I think the title of your book is strange and curious
  Warm 18:35:45
  Are you going to preach?
  GeYiMin 18:36:21
  The network education
  Warm 18:37:48
  Are there many believers on the Internet?
  GeYiMin 18:38:46
  No organization, no statistics
  Warm 18:41:31
  For what purpose did you write this book?
  Warm 18:42:27
  Is it the bible you understand?
  GeYiMin 18:46:06
  To achieve a communist society, the “wordofgod” is Christian communism
  Warm 18:48:13
  Is there a difference between Christian communism and marxist communism?
  GeYiMin 18:48:46
  The latter comes from the former
  Warm 18:49:58
  You could say that your idea came from Marx
  GeYiMin 18:50:56
  Ideas are inherited
  Warm 18:51:10
  You're so smart
  GeYiMin 18:52:31
  But I think I'm god's will
  Warm 18:59:04
  But you know, some people do miracles to make themselves more convincing, you know
  GeYiMin 19:00:10
  My miracle is a vision
  Eternal youth: thy book is a blessing
  Yong qing 20:08:40
  Your book is a blessing
  GeYiMin 20:08:59
  The word of god
  Yong qing 20:16:47
  So you were sent by god
  GeYiMin 20:17:02
  Yeah, there's a vision
  Yong qing 20:17:39
  Do you know the original redemption of Christ
  GeYiMin 20:17:55
  GeYiMin 20:18:10
  Heretic, organized, or heretical
  GeYiMin 20:19:15
  You were here?
  Yong qing 20:21:12
  GeYiMin 20:22:09
  Still believe in redemption now?
  Yong qing 20:23:00
  Yes, but I'm not going
  Yong qing 20:23:31
  Now I don't know which one is true
  Yong qing 20:23:43
  Stop learning
  GeYiMin 20:24:16
  That government hit, have you ever been caught?
  Yong qing 20:24:41
  It's all hidden
  Yong qing 20:25:37
  I'm not going
  GeYiMin 20:31:16
  Three ransoms all dead, why believe him?
  Yong qing 20:31:16
  I've been a single contact
  Yong qing 20:31:44
  I was pulled,